Hello, guys, how are you? All I hope you must meet doing in your life. If not, then keep improving your life. Keep making your life better. So guys, let me tell you a story when I was in high school. Our teacher wanted us to write an essay. But because it was supposed to be a longer paper. He gave us a one whole month to finish that I was a massive procrastinator back then and since the deadline was so far away. It was a we were given for one month to complete that so I didn't even think about starting writing it. So instead I decided my time was better spent playing video games using Facebook and listening to music and doing other An important stuffs so days passed and the deadline was coming closure. It was coming closer and closer, but I had not written a single word because I had one month to complete it. So about two days before we had to turn in our essay. We had to We were supposed to submit. So I realized that the deadline was so close that I I might note able to finish it finish that essay on time. So at that time I went into full panic mode. I became Super Active hyperactive to complete that as say so with only two days left. I had only two days to accomplish that that sa so I started writing with pure Focus fully focused because we had only two days. So finishing that sa became my number one priority and everything else were became secondary only the finishing the essay became my first priority. I didn't think about video games or anything else whatever extra work. I had to I I had to do I just kept completing my essay within two days all of my focus. I was on that ASAP only thankfully at the end. I managed to finish and submit that essay and to toward top it off. I also got a grade somehow and it was the plus. I got B+ grade and then so this was the story and now let me introduce you to the Parkinson slow. Like what is this low? What can you learn through this law? So this law says that work expands so as to fill the time available for it completion. So this might sound a bit confusing but let me explain this low with some examples that what does it mean and how can it help you? So for example, if someone gives you one week to cut the grass of their Lon so definitely it will take you a whole week to do it because they have given one. Week to cut the grass and if they give you one month to cut the same grass with the same loan definitely it will take you one month. And if they give you one year to do it, no doubt guys. It may take you one whole year to cut the grass of that Lon of the same Lon. So essentially the more time you have to complete something the longer it will take you to finish it as simple as that. And the less time you have to complete something the more likely it is that that you will complete it in a proposed time. Whatever time you were asked to cut the grass but if a goal or a task does not have a specific deadline time, so it will most likely never get done. You will note able to do it on time or maybe you will not able to do it ever. So whenever we have something we want to accomplish complete in our life to achieve something whether it is an essay for school or cutting the grass of Lon we make the mistake of thinking that more time. We give to ourselves to complete something the better the end result will be but it is not like that guys. This is the wrong thinking we have in our mind. So however more often that not Most of that time is spent on procrastinating and only a small portion of its spent on the thing. We want to achieve only small very very less time. We give to to that particular work if we have so much time to complete it. So if someone gave you one month to cut the that same launch grass, it would probably take you twenty nine days before you even begin and simply because you know It could be completed in one day you you know, you could cut the grass of that lawn in one day but 29 days you the old days went in procrastinating the work and you become you might have become lazy also in those 29 days because you know, you have more than enough time before you get started. So the same thing happened with with my high-school this the story I told you guys most of the month was spent on doing other thing and only a small portion of the time was spent on writing and other part went in or doing unimportant things if I was given a week instead of one month to write that same essay, so I think I would have finished. It in one week only because somewhere I knew that the essay can be done in one week only. So you can think of a deadline as a fire? Okay, let's make it more easier for you guys. You can think a deadline as a fire when the deadline is far away. That fire is small. Okay, you have to consider it when the deadline is far away means you have assumed a long deadline. So fire is small so it doesn't threaten your life yet because the fire is small. So that's why you don't extinguish it. Right away. You don't want to extinguish the fire because it is very small. But instead you focus on the other things you should you should focus on it. However, as the deadline gets closer and closer that fire gets bigger and bigger. So what eventually happens is that the initially small fire has got so big because the deadline is closing and that your whole house might be it burned down because fire is closed coming close and it is becoming bigger and bigger and you now obviously don't have a choice but to extinguish as fast as it possible so that that definitely extinguishing the fire becomes your focus and we're when your house is burning down you don't procrastinate and waste your time on an unimportant things you have to do something. To save your house from the fire. So at that time do you check your emails? Do you play games or do you do any other work except a saving your house? No. No guys. This is the power of this low when you put deadline definitely you focus on that particular work only and those things that usually make up a huge part of your procrastination becomes secondary and unimportant. So instead extinguishing extinguishing that fire becomes your number one priority because guys you have to save your highs house and the fire is getting bigger and bigger. So in other words because your deadline is so close or because the fire is so big you prioritize your tasks much better. So you can't afford to procrastinate or get lost in ambo en important thing details like most of people tend to do. Okay, they never focus on their work they which they have given deadline to them. Instead you are fully focused on that fire only when you have given the deadline, so the Parkinson's low is important to be conscious about from the time management perspective. It is telling it is just teaching you how to manage the time and how to get the works done on time. And if you know something can be completed in a day. So guys I strongly recommend you don't give yourself two days to finish it when you know that a particular work can be done in one hour. So never ever give that work to us. So it might make you lazy or you might think that giving yourself extra time will get you better results. But it in many cases it is not guys. Venue when you know a particular time particular work can be done in a particular time. So never ever give the extra time to it. However, as I have pointed out most of the time is wasted on unimportant things and the end result of shorter deadline is actually often time better because you are not distracted and you are you have greater focus when you have deadlines on a Ocular work and you have a greater Focus. So you will able to do it in a great manner also. and you should be reasonable with the timeframe of the deadlines so let let come on the main point also when we talk about deadlines so you have to be reasonable with the time frame of your deadlines don't give show so shorter and don't give too long deadlines to your work if you know something will take a week to complete don't set the deadline for tomorrow okay also don't give a shorter deadline to your work It should be reasonable this may sound obvious but it is something people do when they first hear about the Parkinson's low. They usually they go wrong with it. They do mistake when it you know, we talked about time. So however, you can still try to push the limits of what is possible and maybe you will find some shortcuts shortcuts along the way when You will have given the deadlines to your work and worst-case scenario is you get some work done. Okay, this here in this low the worst scenario is also where you will get some work done. But you need to give it a Polish now. Okay to make it better whether your deadline is too short or too far away. It's still better than no deadline guys. So remember remember this main point which I am going to tell you. If there is no deadline your goal will probably never be achieved. So if you don't have a fire that's getting bigger. So please guys make sure you create a queue you get a deadline for your work and and considered that deadline as a fire. And so add as the deadline comes closer and closer means the Fire gets bigger and bigger and it might burn your house. So before the fire burns your house, you have to save your house by accomplishing your work on time. So I hope guys you might have learned something from this Parkinson's law, which I have also discovered from the internet. So thank you for listening to me. And if you have any feedback or comment you can drop it down and I will definitely read it or any suggestions for me. Thank you so much for listening to me. We have a great life.