Today to all of you. I hope your weekend has started on a good note. Today today's episode is an is a half an hour episode on the sense of entitlement in layman terms. It means taking for granted. So I will be discussing about what is in entitlement and what are the types of entitlement or the behavior behavioral symptoms many and times we believe that things should happen to us because We are of we have a certain stature. And the society that is nothing but entitlement. Why are you taking yourself for granted or taking others for granted? So so the the first the first point is you expect the same rules that apply to others shouldn't apply for you. For example, people are struggling. To make their lives better, but you don't have to because you have everything in life. So that is a very wrong attitude. You also have to work your way up in life. Nobody comes with a with a silver spoon. You feel massively put upon when other people ask you for small favors, but expect that when you ask people for favors. It's not a big effort. Could you expect other people to be more interested in you? And what's on your agenda that you are interested in them? And what's on their agenda? Basically, this is a this is a thing. I have seen among amongst my friends as well. Why do I think that my dreams my goals are more important than anybody else? Or it is as if as if other people other people are wasting the time. Whitehall Next you disregard rules that are intended for everyone's comfort. For example when I am watching a movie in a theater. I should I should respect that. It is a public place and not talk loudly or not answer phones. When I'm watching a when people have come to a theater to watch watch a movie, but how many people care about it? No, I have to take the call. If you have to take the call, please go outside the theater and then then talk why are you disturbing others by taking the call when in the middle of the theater? Next point is you inconvenience of others without thinking for example. You cancel appointments or plans or change plans repeatedly without even informing the other person in advance. II bet this must have a video as well. Why only is your is only your time important isn't the other person's time important? What do you think if you have free time the other person should also have free time. It is very wrong. It is very wrong with you. This is a very pleased be empathetic. If you have given if you have given time to people and you have an appointment, which has been scheduled well in advance, but due to some reason you have to cancel it. Please inform the other party is in world. Respect the time value the time value your time as well, and please didn't become better in planning. Next is you think it's okay to upset other people. Like I have I have when I tell people that I like I like to keep I like to maintain a peaceful environment around me people say that is that is bullshit. I'm like, I'm sorry to use this language. But that is what people say, like making peace making making a peaceful environment is not my responsibility. Why should why should I people have questioned my thinking like that? Question people have questioned me. Why do I why do I strive to keep and maintain a peaceful environment? And why do I why do I take care of whether people around me are happy or not? I'm like that is a basic courtesy you can do why should you cause discomfort to people around you as it is said you become as as it is said that your actions also have your actions also have an impact on the society. However, urea however, you act or whatever is your point of view that matters. You just can't be be casual about it. Next you cheat in environments that are based on reciprocity the best best example of this is social media. We will we will ask a lot of questions on social media, but we don't bother to answer anything any other if somebody questions us we won't bother to answer. Les If you have asked a question, that means you have some knowledge about the topic then please share your view also, it is never it is never a one-sided conversation. Don't use don't use social media as a novel as a platform to create a biased opinion. You if you have the right to question, you also have the right to answer questions. It can't work one way. next is next days many a times when we are working in a group. We think we are the best to lead the team why? Why do you think so, have you proved it through your actions or do you have any do you have any quality which makes you a leader? Do you believe in teamwork? I don't think so because you feel you are privileged enough. That you are you are not and nobody else should become the leader of the group. Why? Why have that kind of at an entitlement entitlement is nothing, but but that is ego satisfaction. Because you sir have a certain image of yourself, which you which if the if the society or if if your friend or family opposes. If your friend or family opposes, then you are not ready to listen to other the the other perspective at all. You are not open to other perspectives. You are not open-minded you think only your Viewpoint is correct. I am saying so I am correct and I am saying so you should do this this why. If I can if I can give tips I should be able to listen to other people's tips as well. Why is why don't I express empathy and why don't I see Merit in in somebody else's activity. Why is this kind of arrogance? Why do we develop this kind of an arrogance? That okay. I am the best have yes, I am the best this phrase is important to create motivation in you when you are in bad times, but if it becomes a reason for your arrogance, then it is not good because you can't trample you can't stamp other people and then climb the ladder you can't do that. In life in the in the struggle of life. You need the support of at least few people. You can't you can't say that I am a I am alone Explorer. Yes, you have your own priorities. You have your own priorities, but a true friend will be there for you in good as well as bad as well as bad times when the friend criticizes you and when the when the friend points out your weaknesses or your bad points. You should not feel offended and just break the friendship. You should remember that even in Good Times the friend was there and was supporting and celebrating with you. Many a times it has happened in families in amongst family members if you have siblings you and you feel you feel I am I am left out. Nobody cares for me. Everybody cares for the other other sibling. Why why do you have why do you have such kind of a feeling? Why can't you balance? What why don't you feel grateful? Whatever you have got in life and II must say something when you start looking objectively at other people's lives. You will see that you have lesser problems. Because nowadays what we call a problem is is a is a trivial issue that we tried we tend to exaggerate. I may have I have I may have scored less marks in my exam and my friend my friend X might have scored more than me, but the teachers favor me so I have been in an aura that I cannot get less than my friend. Why have I created that impression? It is a very negative thought. If my friend has put in more effort than me, obviously he or she will score better if I have a if I am just I have not put in any effort just thinking the teachers favor me so I will get good marks. It's a wrong thought and many a times what it happens is we feel we feel very cheated in life when something goes wrong in life in our life. We think we are used. We get so used to our kind of lifestyle that we are not prepared for the for the unknown. We think nothing wrong can happen with me. I am I am I am blessed. It's a very very arrogant and very negative thought yes, there are good times and bad times in everybody's life. If you are going through a good phase. That doesn't mean you become proud about it or arrogant about it. If you are fair if you are successful, if you are going through a successful phase don't get it into you. Don't let it get into your head. Be grounded stay grounded. Okay, you have achieved success because you put in the hard work you put in the right amount of effort and time you invested you invested effort because of which you have achieved success. Nothing. Nothing comes nothing is served on a platter. Like I have a like nowadays like nowadays. We have an urban middle class. Which is which how many how many of us believe in doing charity from? from our hearts Do we really think about serving the society? No. We think that is that is ngos. That is the ngos responsibility. Why? Why do you depend on somebody else when you can be the change? If anybody wants to join join the call, please send send request. I'm ready to take requests now. When you join the call, please tell me what please share your comments on. What do you feel about the sense of him entitlement Vicki Creator? If you are still listening, please do share your views views. So entitlement can be cured. It is just you have to develop you have to develop the sense M. You have to develop the theme you have to become more human. but I would but I would also say then don't don't be harsh on yourself. Okay, we have our own on we are connecting with our own now. Hi, darling, how are you? Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Your voice is not clear. I just might be use headphones. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Just wait a second. Hello. Yeah. Hi. Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Darren. Okay. Yeah and District Court, very nice is presenting as a junior. Okay. Okay. So so what is your thought or your opinion about entitlement or do you have any question for me? I'm not a queer questioning anyone just want an answer from you that I'm agitating while speaking in front of judges and the all that's what I'm want to ask do we like my I think my vocabulary might be weak. That's what I thought as to know so C. So the the topic that I am discussing now is entitlement. So what you are talking is about what you are talking is about public speaking. So I will appreciate if you join some other open Talk which deals with public speaking? Okay? Okay, because I don't want to digress from the topic. So to all other. Yes, definitely definitely for for public speaking. King and schedule a different open talk with you. Thank you. Thank you. So Mr. Justice small word of caution for the listeners. I don't want you to digress from the topic. If you have your views on entitlement, or you want to understand more about the topic, please please send request to join the call or first you, please share your views in in comments section, and then I will take you on call. Hello Arjun. Do you will I would like to talk to you? If you have your I would like to hear about your opinion on entitlement. Would you mind joining the call now? And Ricky King Creator, please. I wouldn't I would be happy if I can get a chance to talk to you on this topic. So entitlement as we said taking things for granted. Many a times we unknowingly take things for granted because we are we are so used to getting things without demanding for it. For example, parental love parental love parents shower their love to us without before we ask for anything parents understand and they fulfill a need. But does that mean that they should continue we shouldn't give back our love? What about our role in that? In a parent-child relationship it or in any relationship. It is a two-way if you are getting care and love from a person it is your it is ethical that even used. Even you show that love to the person otherwise, otherwise, it is cheating. And why do you think that you deserve everything? I don't have to do anything for anybody right I should get this this kind of an arrogance is very dangerous very dangerous. when you start believing That okay. Nothing wrong can happen to me I deserve this. It is a very dangerous thought. Even when you feel even you even will when you feel elated about yourself even extreme extreme positive positive feeling about yourself is also bad. When you think that nothing negative can touch you? Or you will not be influenced by negative negativity at all. That is also wrong thought. In this world anything can happen at any time at any instance. it is just how you Live each moment and how you deal with each and every moment? Nothing is written in black and white here. Your heaven and your hell is in this world in this present life. If you do good things you are in heaven. If you do bad things you are in hell. You have to choose. Where do you want to be in? As they say if you as they say if you if you commit a sin if you are a sinner you will end up in hell you will not end up in Hell your life today will become hell if you are a sinner or if you are a criminal. Then your life today becomes a hell. If you if you get if you get pleasure by hurting others, you are already committing a sin. And I feel and this is my viewpoint. I feel human beings are the most dangerous creatures in this world. Right now. The two-legged animal is far worse than the four-legged animal. So I would like to hear your views on entitlement or any experience that you faced on this issue. Okay, we get a request to join. Thank you. I'll be shake for sharing your view. He says human beings are the most dangerous. Yes. We are because though her highness man. Hi Mom. So what is your view on the on the topic? Well before I could give some VIPs on that. So I'd like to pose some questions to which it will it be okay if I go with some small dogs, okay, I will see. Ever see how much I can handle it shouldn't be a problem here. Yeah, so so so the basically the topic is about how we take things for granted and how we we don't practice the sense of gratitude and we feel we are entitled and we deserve this in life many a times. We also asked this that why are all the problems with me? And why is my friend so happy? We don't we don't consider us as our challenges or Life as a valuable experience. Okay. I'm so sorry for the interference. I asked you would it be okay if I speak on small toast? Like if you can tell me something about yourself very exactly are from what you do. I know the topic is something else, but I'd like to know something about you so that we can go to the next stance. So basically so basically I am I'm an author I'm from I'm from Hyderabad India and I am an author country. I'm working for an IT company and I'm also a theater artist and I have read I've recently my my recent title, which is the mind game is has been well appreciated. All right, so I wish you all the best and I also congratulate for your old articles and all the words. published All right, ma'am. So yell, let's go to the topic well, to be honest. I don't have a must reminder that obviously I've done my masters in Psychology, but it doesn't mean that I can speak everything about it. So I hope that there can be a staged platform where both the ideologies can be shared and maybe we can reach those some point where we click this, right? No, but that since you have studied psychology, you will be understanding human behavior, right? So if you if you Throw some light on why a take care Esther tell the listeners about the difference between egos who did it Super 8 and ego. All right. Well, I just put everything under one umbrella so that people can understand if I speak. Yeah, but it ego and super-ego. It will be quite specific. So I just want to have people in a general perception about it. So I want to put everything under one umbrella so that they can understand. Obviously they know it maybe it is an attempt of small attempted to make them realize what they know. I'm just putting it in other terminologies, I guess. All right. Nice. Very nice. Please. Go ahead. Right. So basically human beings, you know, whenever we talk about the human beings physically we need we have a specific determination for that. I mean we cannot put everything under one umbrella as far as the human being says concerned, okay. I mean, it depends upon the time-space. It depends upon the geography or demography depends upon the cost relation cost folkways Norms everything. Okay. So then only we would be able to understand human beings and what his attributions are all about and what his or her towards are all about. Okay here the success of you know, most of the human beings what they do is that they just compare their life for the others. Okay. That's the biggest mistake. Text they are doing they just look at the people those who are able them. Maybe they have got lots of money. Okay, they have got extra why can fly for lavish life and they think that oh my God his owning a lot of money and I just want to earn the same thing. This is the ultimate cause for the Lords of frustrations, which human beings are going through. Okay. See I'm not against making money or something like that. So I'm not under estimating the importance money money is all Money is always important factor. But the thing is that money's not everything and you want to know how rich you are. You just drop the tree or from your eyes and see how many hands reach to wipe that teal that tells you how rich you are. Okay. Yeah, it's not that the money there are some people they have got lots of money the buildings cars, but do you know what they know they have no one to share with? Okay ultimately. Ali they will have lots of distractions no other day one guy came and he asked me sir and total failure in my life. What should I do? Okay, then I said or variance it steady is okay. Do you have for enough food three-time food mill? Yes. He said yes. Do you have shelter to live on he said? Yes. Okay. Do you have a bike or wheelers the right on he said? Yes. Okay. Have you studied do you have literacy? His head. Yes, then I said, oh my man, you just look at the people who are below you. I mean, they are deprived of all kind of basic amenities. They are being you know, they are facing the atrocities. They are being deprived of Human Rights. They don't even have the firt. They do starve. The starvation is the factor there. Okay. So look at those people and you will come to know so I just told him see your ideas your dreams. Is everything is completely different than others some people come to me and say man. I just want to speak like you I just tell them see you cannot speak like me. These are you can speak better than me, or you can speak less than me. You cannot be in par with me? Okay cut every individual is unique his qualities potential so seem like it's just like you are putting one tree and there are cockroach. I mean crocodiles tiger elephant boards everything you're making them stand. In the line and you're asking okay, you climb all of you just go and climb the tree. Let me see who climbs first example. Yeah. Yeah, it's like that only I mean it cannot happen. Everybody can't do that. So we have to identify very saw potential area where exactly we fit in so we need to realize that that's Altima thing then only we can go ahead with our career. Otherwise, you know, what most of the time parents they pressurize the see their peer groups even Now it is, you know the students they take up their course due to various reasons most of the time they do not have interest in that only because parents are pressurizing maybe for their spouses or girlfriends or boyfriends or for the campus. Now many other factors, they choose the course and three years four years. They study nothing. Yeah, and when they come out it's they are completely unemployable. They're not employable and the end of the huge mess. Okay. It is happening now with is, of course they call mizdow. Still it is a major factor affecting at Wellesley. So this is a reason I'm telling most of the people see you are unique. Okay, you do whatever you want. You identify your core idea then you do on that safe. For example, some people they don't work. They don't like working in the office. They don't like that office set up. They just wanna work in a open atmosphere. Okay. So such kind of people if they like doing work inside the office then they can do it. Okay, right. So, you know, it's very simple. I'm a calm and I'm a farmer. I have some calls with me. I take care of them. I nurtured them. Okay. Yes, so I fetch milk out of it. I sell it in the market and I live in a forest set up right very nice. Yeah, I all around flash green ambiences breathing fresh Hops and growing the way to table and eating. It by myself. Okay. Yeah see it's quite difficult, you know for the people who look from outside. It looks very cheesy and comfortable it is not but for me, it is cheesy because whatever I am doing and just liking it correct. Yeah, so people whatever they are doing. They have to like it then only they would be able to do it effectively accurately precisely other words. They did right very right Point made where you because that is what I was telling that you you need to have that empathy and the feeling of gratitude that it's okay. Whatever your life is. What are you doing to make your life better? Don't don't don't see whether your friend is doing better or not. What are you doing to do to make your like suppose my day-to-day is of a certain pattern? What will I do? What do I need to do? So that my tomorrow is better. Absolutely. I think I think that's kind of a thought approach thought process and that kind of an approach towards life. If we adopt. I think we would be more peaceful because right now what has happened is power is corrupting power in various forms power in various forms V8 monetary wheat Authority within Co in the corporates, whatever it is corrupting the basic basic quality of gratitude people are not Actual for what? They have got I'm not saying I'm not saying that you should take die aggressive approach and think and be contented with the and be lethargic or lackadaisical about whatever you have and so that you will not work because what I feel is I I would like to hear your views on this and I smell that if you you have a certain period like there are only Lee 15-20 years when you can work actively because you will be healthy. You will be healthy. Your motor skills will be sharp. Your motor skills will be sharp. You can you can experiment with various. You can experiment with various jobs. It is not it is not necessary that he liked you like people can explore farming agriculture. What is what is the harm in it, but people will not go because they will say it doesn't pay money. And and I can't I can't work so hard why if you are a young person what is stopping you from working hard? Exactly. Yeah. I mean that's so that's the correct point which you have made most of the people they want to see themselves Rich overnight. Okay. Yes. I mean this see the people around them. Maybe they are class members of the businessmen. They see the think that all these are the businessmen they are living extravagant life lavish life. They have everything's even I want to become like that but they don't know the torment which they had gone through in their childhood. Maybe while developing those business. Okay? Yes. They don't know you have to go through that. System out that stage then only you would be able to enjoy all those things. So it has not come over the time. I'm in overnight. Okay doesn't happen like that. So it takes lots of commitment, you know, I will tell always I'll tell to students or I know the candidates that oh to start a business. It is very easy. Okay close it again. It is very easy. But what is important is maintenance sustainability? Yeah sustainability. That is A important say for example. Now if you decide that I'm going to do yoga for rest of my life. And you start it off with the one week. Okay Sun salutation or something like that you go with one weekend gradually, you will lose interest in that you'll be like, oh my God, it's not my cup of tea. I'm not going to do this. Yoga anymore. Okay. Yeah, even the students also something thing sometimes think this time I'm going to come first to my class. Okay, then she or he starts reading reading reading and after. Week there will be no. I don't want to read like this. This is not my cup of tea. Let him come first. I don't bother about it. Okay. Hmm this what happens usually I mean we make up resolution and we carry on with that but how long we carry it that matters commitment involvement possession all those things matter? Yes, we don't commit. Yeah. I think I think that passion for commitment is dying. Because people have so much of options nowadays. It is very easy to switch. It is very easy to switch careers nowadays. So even if you don't like it, I'm not against changing careers. But at least you see whether the whether you whether you are fit for that career or not, but is given at least give it one or two years and then C times. Yeah. It depends upon many factors actually depends upon the Project's carrier. Have you tried many factors are there but some people they randomly keep on changing their career and at the end they will loo. I mean, they quit all the jobs and they will sit at home and they would say no man. Nothing is there in the office. What is there? I don't know how to do that. So I would like to know more about you. Where are you from? And where are you from? Well, I'm from state of Karnataka which which part of Karnataka the southern part of could not catch. Actually, okay. So, how come did you get an interest in farming? Well, actually I already craved for the nature since my childhood. I had a great passion for it as to work in a farm. I still love anymore. So okay. I still have lots of birds in my house. So even ice to keep the honey bees as well. I love with yeah, I love the way the carry the nectar and pollen and their porches and making the Honey by Fanning it is Amazing process. I was just mesmerized and stunned but the beauty of that. Okay. Well, that's the reason yeah, I already developed that passion. But only for the sake of the formal education to have the better understanding about this Society. I went to the colleges and I posted the master degrees Yeah, I do have couple of Master degrees but only for both not for my profession or something like that. So after that year, I worked in abroad for a couple of years. Okay, just to have some exposure that's it. Nothing else, but I always wanted to come back to the nature and contribute something for the nature and I'm doing it right now. And I mean I do have rabbits then I do die reforming I do have the honey bees and I plant the saplings. It's amazing to contribute. I mean to listen to the nature to talk to the trees to talk to the plants. It's very nice. So I just enjoy amazing. It's amazing to know you about you and I really appreciate and admire what you are doing because it is it is not an easy decision to take to follow your passion because obviously you you of you will also be facing your own unique challenges as you said, so obviously I hope people get inspired by you and you continue to be an inspiration to us and maybe a few of us a few of our listeners actually think about building The Agrarian Society yeah, it's okay if they are really interested then obviously they have to come back to the agrarian society because we have remained The Hub of consumption now we are not producing any more. So we are trying to depend upon some other countries. So that should be curved which you grow our own and you know, the vegetables and fruits are being contaminated though. And Palette is also very less. So we are going somewhere else. I mean we must understand the demography and geography of our country. It is suitable for agriculture, so we should be in That okay. There's the same time. We need to have concern towards the environment after 20 years and 30 years of kids kids should not ask us dad or grandfather what you have given to us. You have given money everything. But did you give a fresh air? Did you give us a fresh water? So they should not raise that question to the ancestors, right? So this is our huge responsibility to sustain our environment to preserve it to make it better. To live on very good guys. I really appreciate your views. I really appreciate your views. Thank you so much for such a lovely conversation. I look forward to having more conversations with you. Thank you so much. I would have to end and the: sometime so, thank you so much. Well, thank you so much David go for your admiration. So I rented my sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Shall hope to get connected some of the time. Thank you so much. Thank you. So I think we had a lovely conversation about what how how to develop your passion and how to find your true calling and basically the objective of this talk is to understand that nothing comes free free free. Nothing is given to us. We are born we are born whichever family we are born in. We are privileged. We should consider ourselves privilege if we have all if we have the resources to fulfill our basic necessities and if we are able to study if we are able to achieve whatever we have done. We should be grateful to for it and ever become very arrogant about your present life. The arrogance arrogance is just it's just Island killer you what if you lose everything that you have today You have to start again from point zero. So why why nurture the qualities of arrogance Pride you should you should be happy that you are working towards finding your purpose in life. Thank you so much for being patient and listening to the talk. See you next next week on Saturday. I would be discussing about time management. In the in the next episode. Thank you so much.