a 40 to 1 good evening. Mini G. We are live. Good evening. I'm Angie. How have you been? Open gate how you open the module gold and let me begin with apologizing for not being able to do this yesterday. I had something important came up in my way. So I hope people are not offended. Especially my gosh does not so we go down this so we need G we are headed today again the second time and I'm very thankful to you for having me with you during this podcast and we need he's known to everybody and we know we need you can speak on any topic any given topic for hours and hours together because she has all the equipment all the knowledge and all the learning which he has already which gives her a Village over others, it makes her Winnie. So we are going to her listen or some good issues some good psychologies and some good things from Vinny G. And that will definitely help you guys and maybe it could give some good things to me also, so we are starting today and the topic today is the things you shouldn't ask This is a very wide topic and there are hundreds of things hundreds of questions, which you actually shouldn't ask so we will try to find out such things which one should actually doesn't one should not go into that path. And what should not try to explore certain things and when the things which one should shouldn't simply ask there are certain things and When we discover this that what are the things we shouldn't ask we will definitely unlock so many possibilities so many chapters of philosophy and so many different avenues that it will give you a very very very very very vast idea about many things. So stay tuned and we'll start with Vinny G and a little top Singh Is joined us welcome. So we need you. gee So I have taken this topic randomly because there are so many things every wire how we're should not be asked to everybody means what I get a general perception is that there are certain things which you already know the answer off and you simply go it for the sole purpose of Confrontation for the sole purpose of fighting for the sole purpose of purpose of ego satisfaction or something like that. So these kind of questions one should never Which should I mean she didn't actually that it's going to harm somebody or it's going to put someone in such a position that he is going to either make a false reply to that or he may be not comfortable answering these questions. So, what do you Absolutely. I'm Angie. I think there are so many questions in our life that we just ask randomly at times. You know, there are people who have curious. I don't know out of nowhere, but you know, every individual has his own there is a comfort zone where you can answer the question or not. Okay, or asking certain questions can lead into arguments and stuff also at times and Yeah, I think there are certain set of things that you cannot ask at all like no matter what how cool it sounds. so hello. Yeah, I'm listening. Right like there has been a saying that never a school girl her age because no matter whatever the ages she's probably going to lie about it. Yeah, I totally agree with this because a lot of women don't like to you know, actually tell their age and I really don't find the logic behind it like why But yeah, there is the saying and actually, you know, what happens when she even if someone wants to tell their age, but because of this saying the woman just holds holds herself back like okay, there is a saying that woman does not want to give her a doubt and you shouldn't be asking so we have a caller of energy already won. Mr. Cookies joining us. That's so shun. Yes. Hello. Good evening. Good evening, sir. Hello evening. Hi inaudible to both of you. Here. You are. Yeah. So hi Vinny. Hi, I'm Ann. How are you? Both doing perfectly. Good doing good. How about you? Yeah, I've been good, too. So yeah, thank you for having me another podcast welcome so mr. Giant he said what do you think about the things that you shouldn't ask Okay. Well, you know, I believe there cannot be any, you know precise set of you know, a precise list that you know that you shouldn't be asking to anyone you you go in conversation with but the thing is that different things might you know make the other person feel differently. That is the thing though. You just cannot have a precise set of that. So in general I would just say, you know anything that might make the other person uncomfortable or feel not so good. So yeah, that can be the that Those can be the things or you know, the matters that you shouldn't be talking of talking about. Any Radiance where you have felt that yes, I shouldn't have asked this and they relate to something very bad. If you put like to share among can you be I don't know be both of both of you are sounding you know, very low or as a church speaking way to you know, inaudible how it okay. I'm asking if you if you could share some experience you had with the not ask asking a thing, which you shouldn't have asked in the first place. Would you like to share some experience? Okay, I guess I'll have to go back. I mean I just have to take a memory really back because you know, as of now nothing like that is striking my mind, maybe it half it used to happen a lot many times because you know when I was in back in call back in college back in Hostel. So, you know there were things, you know associated with you know, with every single boy over there. If you know this person is not comfortable you about this thing and this person might not be comfortable with this thing. So there were things I and there were quite a few. No, I don't I don't think if I should be sharing all these over here because you know quite a few were like, you know, I shouldn't be saying saying these over here are discussing them over here though. Yeah, there were a few things but something that I can share over there like that sort of thing is just not striking moment. That's the thing. Perfectly fine perfectly fine on the thank you for joining in and we'll definitely exploded even I'm also excited to you know, here's here, you know reviews and in fact, you know what the other person have to share. So yeah, I'll try to stay in the comment section. So yeah, okay. Thanks a lot. Okay. Thanks so much. Thank you. Okay, so I'm on okay Benny. Thank you for having me. Thank you Sean. Thank you for connecting with us. Finally see the current screen or window now. I really like it. That's good. Let's welcome buddy be yourself Ashwin G or she should have G. Yes. We have Ashwin online with us. I assure you and good evening Michelle. How are you? I am fine, sir. Okay, that's just as you mentioned topic. I say in terms of for a female. We don't ask age at any point of view in our life at any phase we can say Della. Okay for men you don't ask first crush. Okay, why so why so I will I will justify with my stories? Okay. Yes. Yes, please Ernest Coe life. I'm in high school and I just asked my one of teacher. How how how much is your age? I asked her and she just punishes me. Okay, so you this one part this is one part. And another thing is like one story with my name one of my close friend. Both of you. Go ahead. Mr. Smith. Mr. Ajit Singh has just given the solution of such kind of questions. So before you are going to ask anybody even though it's a teacher or somebody a girl or woman. When you asking, uh, first you give her the chocolates as we need hiko. The binary DNA chain, so you give the chocolate then ask those kind of questions. You may not be punished at you may not get an answer. But at least the punishment part can be avoided. Okay, I will oh I did. Yeah because she'd be happy with the chocolate, isn't it? Okay, one of my close friend I can tell like my much Abreu. I asked this question is bro. Tell me about your first Quest then he is crying a lot. I think I guess like a 15 minutes. He cried after that he told Oh, like I lost her at age of 6. Six zero six year of means he's at the age of six and here and like things he had tough question Ted of 6th St. Stolen. He cried in front of me like a man crying if means like a first time I seen like the person he is at age of 20 he cried because this is called mirth could understand. Yes. Yes. Ok. Ok, Marco dart board. This was a new to me. Thank you for bringing people. Just want to brag about it depends again if you talk about my father. Well, she died when I was in first class itself. Wow is owned by joining school. So it is painful. So if somebody asked me what my first crush so definitely may lead me into this believe me. I'm not crying right now. But yes as hence I proved that means you have pain but not dead Okay so much of pain. I can show you my dear friend Hyacinth. What what what else what else makes like a i in my free time? I do like the right side is and even I can tell but at my part-time I'm not like a professional. These are like you see the erroneous of my Sherry and you will get that he ha ha this person only done this side. You will get it now anything else you want to add up to the list of things we shouldn't ask you told you I needed topical men that age. Yeah. Okay, but think okay. I'm not getting like sir Ian comment section. I will do something if another call is don't waste time. Oh, no, no, no. Please be in the comment section and I will definitely love to hear your comments. Also like you have given the topic another, you know place where other people are seeing is saying that my first crush always makes me smile, even we both sometimes mild together. That's also an got it. That's so sweet. Thank God. You're not laughing at each other for some stupid things. It's smiling. Perfect. Yeah. Thank you for being with us. Yes. Thank you. It is my am glad to have you I advise will in the comment section. Shivan Shivan tiwari is joining in so guys. Okay. Yeah, let's see what he has to say about the list. This isn't a very good evening. Thank you so much Barry. Good evening. Both of you. Hi. Thank you. Thank you so much giving me a chance over there hear what you have to say about your things one shouldn't ask I think. Okay, in my point of view in my experience, there is no things like that. People don't like to ask bus, but in my in my experience, I have one thing that I am never asked anyone this is things is knowledge. I don't like to ask knowledge because I love to observe while a club to listens people knowledge. I don't like to ask. What do you have? What do you do and why? Are you this kind of knowledge you have I love to listen. I don't ask how how much knowledge you have like this. I understand. Let me have on a given particular topic. You don't want to people to ask direct questions whether you you are bit of observant category. So you shouldn't ask what you can observe if I would put your words in the correct value and that's a good observation. I could say that you shouldn't ask which can observe something I need. They were asked knowledge related knowledge in knowledge. I'm not talking about information data and understand. I understand totally understand brother Vinny G. He is knowingly or unknowingly brought out a another aspect to this talk but he is saying that you shouldn't ask the things which you can observe easily. I could say the right certain amount of knowledge or things concerning the certain specialization of people who are actually talking. But we are talking here on open door. He may not ask simply come and ask me any tell me. What's your qualification? We need this ROM. He do this or this that he's not asking with LaRhonda. He will observe it and he'll understand so what do you think about this Vinnie what she missing? Yeah. I'm busy. I'll give you a give me two minutes. I'll just get back onto this. I have to be on mute for a while. Yeah, yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead. So Shivan you have done a good thing High studying. Hi Charlie R&R in all of you are welcome soshim. Anything else. Would you like to add? Yeah, I I want to add some things if you give me son so actually a actually in in my point of view whenever we are asked like these question of where do I come from? And what do you have? What do you did in your Your past so at the time somewhere BR we are trying to trying to just be are trying to do you're trying to just like he has a lot of you has only that kind of particular things and how much respect he want when we ask so people people people become a low people lose your lose his self-esteem. When we ask these kind of question without asking these kind of questions. We can make a interested successful and a Fuller conversation like if I am making conversation with farmer and anybody else, I'm not talking about doctor engineer any actors businessman and if he has a really great and over were Beyond thinking big thinking so definitely I will get a lot without asking without asking these kind of things. Hello Angie. Well, I'm sorry I had to go. But I do believe that you know, just like some said that there are certain things that you can observe and then it's not necessary to us. But apart from that like sometimes I think that that there are some questions that you know, you cannot wait without asking and Li you have to ask it comes to learning purposes when it comes to process for Brazil when it comes to us. Place where you are both wire knowledge or you are you know, maybe there's a relationship. Do you want you're talking to a person and trying to take it ahead like.you know you want to know that person definitely places where you feel like asking questions, but since have to be on tonight time you do today and I No. Is it okay now? Yeah, it's perfectly fine. Okay. Yeah, so I think she will was him something. Yeah sure you are saying right. I would disagree about the farmers in the doctors with all had to be treated equally and farmer who isn't proud out to be a farmer. I think he is doing best for himself. He's not satisfied. What kind of a job the status which you are saying of the people that comes from within you know, I am a nobody I can be everybody. So these things are there you you shouldn't always ask why it's a good point. Sure. He's actually a deer. Okay. Okay, you can actually I use heard as you guys heard as you said I would lie like about my feedback earlier as your last sentence. So actually what happened my dear friends sometime these kind of things happen on any professional any they are interview is going on and any particular thing because we are learned these kind of things like if you learn this book, I learned bun-bun mantra. Gee table Khajiit and horribly car like that and horribly GG Beno Bleak lose and lose of like Ben and so sometimes when we ban, we you will say it like that. I am disagree. I'm ugly so like that we have like that thing's be everyone is stay and sit on a database like we are view are not till now and now I am we're so we between the both of you have a six When You observe Look like six but when I see that 606 look like 9, so I'm not saying you are wrong. So actually I am right so you are also right. Thank you so much giving me thumbs over there. Thanks a lot. Thank you for quiet of philosophy to grasp six four six and nine Allah, but it was good. Yeah. Thank you Joi joining and actually, you know, this concept is very much into action like people Look at different things in a different perspective, like, you know, it might be the same thing. But the way you look at it also matters, isn't it? I peed actually it matters everything while I read somewhere that nothing is good or bad. Your perception makes it so so that's perfectly fine with me but goes and I will come a Krishna Jeannie gwbl, sir. Be yourself was trying to call in. So please if you are here you can call it now and we can take your call it took awhile with The last caller ID algae. So back to the things one shouldn't ask we have been talking and we are the colleges have been telling us a few things and you shouldn't ask them a woman's age and a man's first crush as put by one of our college. So I like there's a saying you don't ask a woman's age a man Suede and a student's percentage qk it hurts. Okay. It's a it's a funny thing, but I'm not really sure but yeah you I think people should not go asking for people's percentage unless they want to tell you tell you about no and this is for the students like, you know, doesn't matter actually like in the three C's yeah, he says that what you want now, I should go to start the result in his ears strength not place it so kind of things. Is yeah. Yeah, I'ma Do What happens? You know when you start asking like to be on a very serious note. Okay. Everybody is on a different level when it comes to academics. Okay, but you know, there are what happens is certain times relatives or friends and family get on to such a level that you know, they start asking stuff, okay and comparing things and you know getting onto the nerves of people to such a level that it is it is unacceptable. Especially I said it on a very funny note that a student's percentage. But otherwise, I think these things some somehow affect the people the back of their mind like, you know, when a comparison starts happening. So basically I in my life. I think the question why is very difficult to answer for me like why and whenever somebody asked me why this is like you covid metallic for an instance is somebody said ask you something and you say no you deny a fact in the here or you know, so then the next moment the question comes why you now when you say when you say no to a certain thing, so I don't think it has to be justified with why you know, so I completely agree with you when IG and now I'll rephrase the phrase used by you. You said you covid-19 with I'll say her que pasaba. Thank you. God so exit are certain questions which are easy to answer and Us at certain things which one definitely ask for the sole purpose of hurting somebody exactly like I'll take somebody comes up right now is I'm Nick yukia podcast a bike qkm, execute Kia my knowledge enhance gonna again. So Sega Why you say? I mean look, this is unending questions with you can go on and on and on and at the end of the day, we will say by Eric Carle. We are it's gonna cost ya because the people come with a sole purpose sometimes which they have in their mind is just K. Humko. We have to just do something to antagonize the other person that's there in people's mind sometimes so one should we do you want shouldn't be So many things means as you correctly pointed out man's wages once unit ask why I think Emma Come on argit, Mommy. Come on. Oh, you know how I'm going to take care of myself and my family that's my purse unless and until he's asking you to make a pasta dough and then you can ask him like how much it nagamma later so that you are asking a question for a security. Okay, even the merry peasant they by golly, you know. So there's one all the yeah that that's absolutely correct. And this is what I've been telling people of and I give lectures on lending of the friend alone often say this thing that whenever somebody comes to the don't you have to for your financial security you have to ask why Komatsu kitamura to show me exactly. Let's take the onesie. There's one question in the comment section area is like don't ask me any how she got the star exactly. Please don't ask because I don't know how but this time good personality of scotch books as well as and talk together request except. Okay, okay. I am going to be are you doing I will need to put evening. Hello? According to me like a if I I need a pie have to get the answer of this in terms of cost boxer open talk. Okay, you talk to a level below. What is generally also what are the things one? Shouldn't ask one shouldn't ask what are the things we want shouldn't ask age age of the other person. Yeah. Okay, so I have to to give the list okay it age and weight if you are doing a like if you are a collector of the person through these kind of formats and if you're asking that how what is your weight? Are you fat? Are you then? Are you afraid how do you have or not? Not out of question. So yes, okay, what else about the profession maybe sometimes it finds some people like when I ask them what you do brother, I mean to say like sometimes they take it like that. Oh my God what he's thinking about me. I spend a lot of time in these kind of format. So does he think that am I doing any kind of a job or not or do I have this amount of time to spend over here in this kind of format? So I was like I uh, Okay, that is what I shouldn't ask on that person. So what is your recent experience? What are the things which people shouldn't have asked you what they ask then kind of okay, if I if I have to if I tell put this so let me think first off give us a short description guys. Not as what personal level you think. Anshu, G people should not ask you personal level like what kind of questions people have what what what offends you yeah. Yeah people don't ask my full name also. Yeah, man. Should I go with you on that? Yeah, and you know why cause for me like some people are they were asking for my photos? I like to send me a picture. I want your picture and this and that and there is another kind of thing that happens here. Like if I provide them The photos. Oh, they can also create a fake ID with this transact on the disk cleanup use the others, you know, like I don't know what kind of a person but still I do have a lot of hitters over here. So for me, it's like my picture. Dodging Little League. Hey be hon. Hi. Yeah. Hi. Come on with that. I'll be happy covid turkey vulture. Suppose kuroki of my Bulldog Kima exercise Carol many decorative to covid exercise character called. So those Nails go for to the card area was so then the hosts a came. Yeah. Mm Cara Lee County Board of Education doctor. Smallville Yeah, buddy. Yes, because saying something one should definitely not ask the surname thing, which is proven it in our society basically ending quietly cost of the person long. Yeah, true Nick exactly. What I've been talking about this topic. That one shouldn't as the things which actually put some the person answering into such awkward situations, which he couldn't be comfortable talking to or which ours with the sole purpose of antagonism and technicians in somebody or with the purpose of hurting someone or with the purpose of finding out. Out things about him which could be used against him or for having a favoritism kind of things. So yeah the things which we are just talking about general idea of the things when I shouldn't ask as amount you just brought up that one shouldn't ask the profession or the pictures and from pictures. I will ask her something. I remember one thing if because I keep forgetting things so I put it right now. We're only selling will definitely take now there are people I find asking for Pictures he module as far as your picture is concerned. That's fine by but there are there are people who ask pictures from girls and not appropriate pictures and believe me if anybody listening here is up to such kind of a task soap. Do remember this thing. There is another doing the same thing to your sister or your cousin. He's asking the same thing. So you should think before asking anything with we are not just limiting a topic to questions we had I saying the things which you shouldn't ask there are certain things which you shouldn't ask someone to do someone not to do someone commit to do and if there are certain things like this you believe me. There are such that the tit-for-tat technology works as on today also and it will keep working so far as the Earth will sustain. So be ready for whatever you do jubu give ocado game. So sometimes and we are the only one here. And we are the only one was responsible for whatever is going to happen with this in the future. So up. We need to think about our actions that you are applying right now. So then only will be able to have a good future. Otherwise, like without such a some job neck would be cardia taker some make about my our key Partners abroad capacity. So yeah, yeah. Connect and firstly I'd like to apologize for keeping you on hold for some given. How are you? I'm good. I'm good, even though your relation with Vinny G. You had to wait for such a long life. For me, there are so many things that people should not ask to or some of them you have already mentioned that that woman's are not asked about their ages. Like but nowadays the woman's are too much during. Okay, they are telling their ages and hold but the men are also they're not going for that. Okay, they're not telling there is actually till now and they should they should ask. Okay and apart from this. I think that if you know, the other person don't like to tell about their secrets if you know you have observed you have talked to somebody and You observe that this Person don't like if I'm talking about this certain topic, so I should not ask that person asked about we should not discuss it is like it's privacy if you don't want to discuss about that, so it's okay. Okay, and these have the like things if we are taking care of them. So we will we can sustain our relationship in a better way. All right. Yeah. Absolutely. He said Character or what? Would you like to add? We asked the things and culture on achille? That's okay. Like when you're in the friend Circle and stuff, but then when it gets onto a bigger level where you cannot handle it, then it starts getting rid of like but when when it comes to Friendship, you know and your friend also know that a he must must be enjoying at that moment. If you are teasing and you are asking the same question and he was be enjoying then it is only then it is okay when it is on serious note and like it opened it for you should not ask at that time. Exert here. We come she's Jesus. We should never ask someone. When are you getting married? Right? Absolutely G on a very serious note that is very important because these days everybody's interested when the other person is going to get married like in a society where we are we belong to me baby like, you know when somebody cross A certain age people are like okay when you're getting married and then run it once that person gets murdered. When are you going to have a baby dude? That's not your point. Okay, that's their life. They got a plan it according to you, isn't it? So, yeah Polly to understand that stuff right one writer also been married so long and people ask me why you're not having a baby. different question What are you don't get that's a different question. But when people fall outside start asking another question. Yeah, the problem is that people don't ask questions people come up the nation's next exactly what that is. That is where the problem starts dating true. It's radius. Yes. Yes. Yes shouldn't be around your and if somebody says Is no and on and people will start suggesting the ways to know. Oh boy. Yeah, that's what this is common after every question. There comes a bunch of suggestions directly sometimes and which first he's not requiring these he's not looking up to you for questions or help someone but again you were asking something even poking people unnecessarily. Link up. Yeah, I can't hear anything. Did you drop out of college? Why didn't you go to college? I think there's one more question like you are friends with someone and people keep asking you you guys are dating you guys are dating you guys are doing things like you if you see the compatibility of someone and everybody's like, oh you guys are dating so dude, if we are dating you will know like and what is it? Anybody know exactly why should anybody know if yeah Vinnie marry me if I'm not wrong, but Rahul Gandhi will be the next prime minister. Oh Mary Mary Mary Mary was there I was like, there's some other word, but forgive me if I'm wrong to come but to just read. Yeah. Yeah. On true absolutely, correct. That's what we're talking about is going to be the next panelist is it? If I prefer the days I hold on diesel engine. I am telling you the the day Rahul Gandhi Susan as the prime minister of India. I'll be the first person leaving this country. Oh, believe me. The day is never gonna come. So I think so. This is this is this is the catch Krishna is like Winnie marry me if I'm wrong, okay. Oh Giggles now, let's get battered. Okay, let's get married tomorrow Slade you silly. So yeah, so yeah, I would like that has the right way how to ask a girl to get married. Okay, like we can, you know, ask if you marry me you marry Rahul Gandhi. It's not already married and had and I you know been into marriage I would have definitely followed your principal today exactly. This was It's not has given given out the secret like every boy is going to do that right now. Yeah. Well, this is the question you should be asking. Something like definitely you thought about that they are or due to some experience previous experience. What happens is the correct reason why I choose to do this podcast was I had a shop in EG doing a second podcast in a row with on Angie, you know, and Vince come on with the Onondaga hemoglobin or hematocrit new podcast and I said was that I asked Vinny on the very same day method then how to get you to do to podcasts in a row. Okay. Give me the formula. He said huskily Poochyena be you should have asked first within 30 seconds. I generated the request. Immediately after that so then I said there are certain things which one asking also I would have rather gone. It created a request rather than asking on a podcast that give me the solution to it. So from that very thing this entire topic and I wrote the topic that there and then the thing shouldn't be asked this is yeah. So now you have Sabbath it to my you have sabotaged my entire. Show which was I intended was true on a very psychological and good things and I would move my stuff. This is precisely what I wanted to tell you that there are questions one shouldn't be asking because it can do, you know a great harm people like already did to my show but it's done. It's done we're standing is joking. Okay, you should comment ask why are you doing this? And I do come 10 minutes earlier. I told something specifically that someone might come up and ask about this question Gadget or You know, I have not heard about that. I will but you're not a common question and you know, everybody asks, you know, whenever I have any topic and you know a person or two per se, you know, they must ask about this question that why have you kept this topic today. And what is the reason behind this? You know? Yeah, you know sending good. Absolutely. Correct. I will tell you are two kinds of people asking questions one who We're curious to know exactly what is the reason why something is happening the second one who think they are over intelligent and they somehow wish that yes. Let me prove my superiority to the person who's doing it. So kind of people one who'll be actually genuinely concerned and would like to share their experiences or whatever knowing that why this topic has come up your IQ was a asking me that what led to led to us to keep this job. This was not genuine curiosity to know and so that the input could be used to point. But there are certain other people who might come to us and who might simply say hii re quebecois topic is a better the year of little yellow reflective. There could be some person like that also so you can encounter two kinds of people but again both the people are driven by the basic human tendency to be in nose. She used to be questioning everybody. This is a totally perfect and totally normal, but that that's what you've been talking about. That's where to find where you actually learn to draw a line and special m-theory. What I recall his point was entirely different but here is topic. Tommy's talk we gathered was there are things which you shouldn't so what I need. Like suggestion that first person like if you are going to stunning spot or if you're going to win his podcast you first observe the doing it and once you are going a bit when you are either with I think that what is the name of the character? And what is the kind of person that person is then probably start asking questions. Yeah, correct line of thing from You should observe what is the intention behind this why he's asking this question either it is sarcasm or either he wanted to know that why it is right is like this. So it depends on the intention of the person who is asking the question naturally and I don't know we need GQ mute behind and now My dish is going somewhere. So we have come across such experience in your life where you ask somebody search options with you think you shouldn't have asked or you ask somebody something things to do or not to do which you think now you should have done is there some these are what I have asked a question and I should not ask with our eyes. Part B our Facebook. Okay. Well, I don't like when person asked me about about my picture it is the same common thing and you know, then when people ask me is it your picture and I asked I told many times a lot of the people that this is not me and you know the girls like for the security reason they cannot keep their own pictures on their profile. I'll so this should not be as informal question. But you know, I don't like that when people ask me about that and yeah same when I asked you and I ask you the question why have you put the these topics? You know when after asking this I was just feeling that I should not ask you about that. Okay, you guys sounded like you were having fun, but I wasn't column. Sorry. Okay, you know, I don't know why I thought I told you that. Yeah, coming back to the top and see what happens. You know, sometimes people ask for certain questions just to make others feel insulted. Like people might know what they are. Sometimes it even depends like how people are asking about somebody's emotional current situation like, you know, somewhat sad and then stuff sometimes people tell us, you know what they are feeling. Currently, okay, and what is their mindset but people keep on pestering the other person to tell? Okay. So I think when it comes to such questions, the privacy of the other person has to be respected. Like we said we discussed, you know, ask the question what dating asking questions before Congress about age of stuff at the same thing where they come near to the mic someone's mental stability also matters like, you know unwanted. Only my people might as times ask certain questions that might trigger some parties someone's emotional stages like, you know sometimes so that person might be thinking about certain things and then it might make its worst. So I think when we ask questions, we have to be really conscious about what we are asking and people should not ask question for the sake of it. Like, you know, how hard he can Conversation covid on at the wall post a job people have to reach to a conclusion when when you're talking, you know, it has to be what do I say the quality doesn't matters rather than the quantity like Kabhi Kabhi local applications. So that shouldn't happen Okay, it should be you know, you should be conscious when you're asking questions. He ugly go Cafe. Laura is questioning and it really matter. Cool your marks marks coffee locally disturbing Point totally agree to it. Don't ask me my mathematics marks because I had barely got 33 when I was in 12th is passed. Don't ask me this because it hurts. Somatic honors people from mathematics honors and then return the talking and other this don't tell nobody asked you and you are you told by your own self? Yeah. Good night. I do all these people forget. A question. So yeah, that could be something something ask me. My mathematics marks. No, I'm not going to ask you. I'm not what you know that could hurt a lot of people, you know some Ira so we are not going to officially people like me who just barely passed not exactly. Yeah, so certain things which show which shouldn't ask not only questions shouldn't a certain things to ask people to do certain things and people like not to do stupid things. There are certain other things also certain questions like see when you know, somebody smoking. Okay, you know, the other person is smoking like don't go and actually while you smoking because yet it's a choice because I've seen a lot of people key upon a path is a cancer of the okay tell me more so I have seen a lot of people see it's a personal choice. Okay, if somebody's if something is not you are not happy with it. Just move out. Okay, like essay questions like white. Why do you smoke? Why do you do this like Sometimes people are some people sometimes people asking some silly question, you know up with garages. Actually. I was I was getting onto that intelligent. What do you mean? It was a message? Karta Hai? Hello. so members a little there's a comment from a listener and kisses and some people ask about Kiba to be a bit of a total total and one should Didn't ask but yeah, we were talking very good things and is so how people are actually super questions one. They don't know there are seeing such silly questions for example is another silly question, which is Yeah sadaqa. Jariya and you know the playing by sort of clean is re total. Kids are asking such questions then it's okay. Wyatt If a grown-up is that questions, then it is something really unless you are trying to Sweet to someone else. So that is the differential or you are trying to shift to Agra or darkened in a mental hospital. Yeah, but yeah, maybe explore that in Agra. To be yeah standing activity program Enoch Powell. He orbit exactly. This is why I don't go and try to you if you don't go on the type because Surrendered, huh? For example, there was a joke about Lady by subject. Hello. They named me the don't delay again Diana later to reach our neighborhoods and you know, sometimes you're there. There are certain things. What what is the stupidest question that has been asked up Ko? Stunning tell what the stupid stupid stupid you have been asked and stupidest question. You ask someone you have asked. Let me think. All we have left. The command from Somalia people are even ask. Can I ask you a question? We already did correct. Yeah. So much logic many times what happens is people randomly not to spark a discussion long a profession give a as a volcanologist there and like don't ask a question. If you cannot relate. I mean you cannot stay in that conversation as a music and I like a we go because we Coco email data just relatives are there or without Casa del Rey? How about you guys are okay and or calf is already then I start talking about a graphics and they have no idea. They're like, okay good. Okay, so mostly as I get as a question of arranged happy about school late nagar Palm as a political conversation actually journey, and I just I if I ask Krishna like or with our life might as well read and then he's like this team a yogurt ice either cut out. I'm like, okay, there's no nothing. Oh sometime news that it was cancer was one morning all but we are doing the same thing. These are questions which normally come up middle of people normally ask but Let's go Kaplan. So next time you get offended don't go below as methane can click on evaluate a log in my research again the plan them telling you, you know, it's not just you know. And sometimes you don't have the you don't know. Certain things are you simply but look, for example when I ask my wife, okay? What a schematic test model don't ask. How did you do it Earth? Why did you do it? So before asking the question is in this analog the Pelican a Peloton low-fare below. So you should think is correct retaliation's any other ago, but the Bagram air policing on how you have to assess Abarth apart when America and believe me a wider aspect I think mangy is It's topic McAfee teaser at the addressed don't ask only questions. Can Lobby don't behave in certain way also like model of yeah, the pictures are there are people on this is there are certain things which you know people this is a very common game these people playing is too thin air. Oh my God. Yep, that there's they ask such stupid things. Sometimes. I'll tell you what I had a client who's a friend also. So he was playing this Pretender with somebody and he's got it there. He was in jail in Mumbai. So he got it there that okay, what you do is you get up right now and spill the water at on the entire floor of your room. Okay that Module accurate and the that was a ring and there was some serious damage to the property and he had then he said came here Miska carbohydrate questioning Guru look up at the palace was energy the devil in his breath. Are doing such nasty things means like the jumping of the roof jumping into well, they're doing so many things which normally one should I come a gimmick that you don't know what's going to happen next? So there were in the short short short clips of people who died on camera. So there were so many things so many Clips together. Somebody blew a light. So how much money I have to go now? So it's nice talking to you people. Thank you. So connecting with us telling it was so sweet. Right now your conversation but I am Gathering is a recovery through glue. No, no, no. the TV here comes the Sedition part I thought Nick Nick like are you going to sing a song can we ask this you shouldn't ask this yeah you shouldn't ask this but if you will ask this question I'll ask her post-nominal couch you can directly requests her to sing a song that's what you want but you ask this question noted oh so yeah so we are back to the top we have gone here there that had and there are certain things wound one should not be asking the other person to do or not to do there are things which one shouldn't ask someone to do like I'll tell you what few things are like I said a up Heather Headley Oscar named Elaine traffic and you get caught by the police station don't ask him give Uncle who's Lydia Cacho do huh if you have done it own your mistake give the fine and swear that very moment you're not going to repeat it not only do it exactly because we promised ourselves that we are going to give some amount of time from our podcast to nation-building so this is one message which I want to give to you don't do this don't promote corruption at the very grassroot level where you yourself are responsible for making people corrupt so if you have done it own it if you are not done it and the police person is harassing you there is a proper procedure of law to get it done with absolutely I'm Angie I totally agree on this point like again there are many questions okay like job nation-building keyboard are your two let's talk about it like you know some people like are you with BJP are you with Congress I think this question in the first place divides people okay if you are in a group you're talking and unless you guys are actually talking politics don't pitch in this question because automatically whose group my foot pads are here okay questions when you question asked questions which could have a positive impact like you know hey you know there was this bill passed what what do you think about it rather than asking like you know this party was supporting a certain thing do you think that is right like people usually don't ask do you think it it is right people generally give a statement you know that is wrong okay okay but I think when you have to ask question ask constructive or Proper questions, which can you know end up into a positive response? Okay, like if Quagsire, okay, if somebody is angry don't go and I'll let wasn't how goes okay, I guess some things like you can see and watch and learn, you know, yeah exactly observe. You don't ask them. True, right. This is Shahrukh Khan posted on it and there are certain other things also, which we should take care of before going ahead with the these things like what we do sometimes when we are Somebody as you correctly said earlier also many that you don't ask people who are in a position where they don't want to answer or where they don't want your you just don't force yourself on them because emotional forces also kind of, you know stress which you are giving to the person if he would be in a fit State of Mind. He'll definitely come to you or to whoever he or she wishes talking about things, but don't ask people. Again, and again the same very thing as a cow, hooyah. That's how covid a kabuki Acuity house NASA. Can you make some people relive the entire trauma again for no reason at all again unless or until you are a psychologist or psychiatrist and you are a counselor with you. Somebody could actually help but unless and until you are not such person don't simply ask then, you know, people don't people ask that your Authority leads to ask but curiosity is a Dangerous term very very dangerous term Curiosity has if Curiosity has given us electricity of curiosity has given all the inventions to us all the disasters also the result of curiosity only so I'll give you an example if you have seen the movie. I don't know you have a which movie that was the ox that Manoj bajpayee is Character he played and he said he used to people and he used to subdue take the support from bhagavad-gita now going Martha Chanukah Martha, Ximena Geeta Geeta Malik. Hi, so, you know curiosity leads to learning and learning could be the it's open to interpretation mean sometimes you may even do certain things which can lead to disasters for people means all the terrorists what they are doing in the name of religion or What the their understanding of the misinterpretation of the books but I can say that does again the result of curiosity only so curiosity is something which one should be able to strike a balance on curiosity should be limited and limit can only be set by individual exactly. Awesome. There is currently a straitjacket formula for everything. Everything is so vast in this. Entire universe. So whenever you are asking somebody to do certain things or you're asking somebody not to do a thing or when you are asking certain questions from somebody you are the person who should evaluate your questions your suggestions before you put it to the other person because I'm not saying her cheese may have no Source their energy. There are certain General discussions, which can go on. You can ask questions and then and there comes a time when you easily get to know that yes, this is my limit and I shouldn't cross it. I should stop here. Right? This is the point. This is fine. When you start a line of questioning and you will easily get it to any person you talked to if you have a bit of the brains, you will definitely understand that. Yes. This is the point where I shouldn't cross the line and this is enough. So I shall keep my boundaries are here only and I should talk with in my boundaries, but supposingly you don't realize that issue and you go on asking sir. Other things which are out of your control out of the boundary, which you should have seen actually that might actually lead to some problem. So there are certain things which you shouldn't ask we have been talking very widely. We have talked about that. You shouldn't ask about the physical appearance. We shouldn't ask about the cost. You shouldn't ask about the profession marks means it's good suppose supposingly. I'll tell you one very small thing. You know that one of my Relatives is very brilliant. And he's always been a Topper in school. And when I go and I us and there's HUD sibling or his sibling and I asked him who's not good at studies. I asked him a check if the number I got shot. They repented not laid out here to meet me like her go. So you somehow poke that person to a certain point. So these are the things which functional tasks we need G please right? it might create a bad impact on the true Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, we need you bad impact to your sink. Hello here. We need you were saying about the bad impact. I'm Angie your voice is breaking. Am I audible now? Yes, yes. Yes. Yeah you think about the bad impact? Yeah, we're seeing about the bad impact the example that you gave I was just supporting that example and like, you know, when we usually ask a question to like there are two siblings and one one is doing really well and the other is maybe not really well in studies like People tend to ask the question the example that you gave I think that will create a negative impact on the brain of the child, you know, the suddenly subconsciously that trial might just start eating. It's simply for no reason, you know, it might create emotional Warren its brain and which could damage that child's childhood. I think we should ask questions which are important. I think like when you ask certain questions, it should be of value. Okay? Like the other person should feel good that you asked this question. Nokia after that it should Make a good difference in the other person's life. Like Mosaic is a valve which is out there on a very personal note like a are you know, what is your real name? What is your there is what is that was that? So you guys are my coop not real name born out of a multiple a mandala Cadena de geste Mancini kaha. Nobody hides identity. People are trying to play safe because of the the world is a virtual world is a funny World. Okay information can be misused one second. when we ask questions about emotional things like you are someone about dating you asked about you had a breakup you had a you see people having fights you ask them at her catwalk you does it make any difference to you is it going to affect you know like why do you ask hello muscle in it why do you ask hello simple so second part is questions Jeff important to me we have to place yourself in that place of the other person should be on gonna be so while this is a pool try to apply a popular place karofsky Gourmet Place yourself in the shoes of the person and ask that question and just feel it look as if he loga obsequious is a valkyrie crisis situation and then put that question ahead Q KK o te Ika bar important for the sake of asking it but Joe bundle your bandages situation may hedge on combined set her boham calculate nahi Kar sakthe Hai MP camera it's a while longer looking ugly side with both bleach he's okay okay so whenever we ask a certain thing a question maybe or we are asking something of you know sometimes people you know not just questions I'm Angie bit low gonna expect a coffee cart or say like you know Ki are pecuniary Amelia you know that expectation thing okay so yes expectation is good to a certain level okay understand the Situation's of the other person to develop survival Ortho and Java expect quarter and Rocky are Portugal approve of the Sol photo just cut off with a pie don't put don't pressurise the that person you cannot prove energy absolutely do you have raised wonderful issues are wonderful points to concern and there are certain things Jew how many Puccini Chiang Rai that we have already we'll talk about it on a later time But as we need you said that yes, there are things which you shouldn't ask you shouldn't make somebody feel uncomfortable about in the best thing. What you could do is replace yourself before asking a question ask yourself the same question and if you are comfortable answering even then the salmonella may not be perfectly comfortable. Yeah, but still at least you have some basis some basis to ask but in kind of question about the global kind of things, so we harnessing learned experience why I want to learn identity. What do you say? I'm Angie I didn't get it energy. Please help me explain what we found is triangles. We harness trying to say that identity kissable Putin has a better apis, but this experience kissable just Arecibo up now Podrick octavo some Joe rather than a summer janaki's condom. Karaoke. Yay importantly. Warp cacao revoir focused on local airport record revoke our panelists who important I guess we can that is what you're trying to say. And so if this is what we on and you're like trying to say I will say my one thing I will tell you many copy Klein Kathy this copyrighted don't you know it that we are the Cash book I think we are the Servants of our preconceived notions. So what happens is that in the back of mind, we have preconceived notions about each and every thing in the world, we have some set patterns. We have certain things which with which some certain yardsticks are already there in our minds with which we picturise somebody with which we make a sketch of somebody that how a person should be or what kind of the shall he possesses or what kind of things he or she has so when you go and when somebody asks about the identity what he's actually looking forward is he wants to know he wants to grab a picture he wants to see what's the face he wants to see Nam he wants to see the surname he wants to see an affiliation and A1C combines all these personal details he makes an image of the person in in his mind and from that image he starts judging that person yes yes yes a bath and then this can again beat into two aspects I'll tell you why one aspect is that once you judge somebody and then you will say now yeah the me it's talk about Casa Cora how does this how is that even possible the other is about Kirby the then there are other type of people who actually would Characterize you who actually will fit you in the yard sticks, which they have the preconceived things in their mind and then the they will observe what you talk then they will mix all the together and then they can give a very positive outcome of what you actually are or what you really are so that can add up to your personality. Somebody could actually really give some help but to a larger extent people are not capable of judging people. I could say it's not that they're see. If as far as I go I come from a legal profession. So I deal with save hundreds of New People's on it on a weekly basis. I beat a hundred or thousand people in a month. So when we as lawyers or some people like psychologists are there laws, there are certain people who are god-gifted who have kind of sixth-sense. Also, there are certain people who would give a look of your face and they be able to read a certain things about you this is my actual kind of science basically but this science is not known to everybody so one but people just trying to get the hold of the identities of people they're basically trying to fit it in the preconceived notions of their own to finally judge a person carry a case I have sies ahead and then the result is not of that app of a positive outcome I would say so yes you shouldn't be asking all these questions if you are actually interested in learning from somebody getting experience from somebody then obviously you should avoid this thing this should not not even avoiding this shouldn't be your concern supposing I'll tell you one thing very short example I'll say to you yesterday I had pocket Paris so I asked him what are you doing this in she said in my career or right now is the right now this Then for these that I said, okay, let's go and do a podcast she agreed and we did the podcast together and interestingly. I spoke to her I think eight or ten occasions before also and yesterday I spoke to her about two hours or something like that, but I didn't ask cassey. Ho I didn't ask what your age or what's your profession? What's this because I know she is a great singer and and she sings very well. So I did two podcasts with her during the last week and a couple of occasions. Now, this is precisely our point which I am I have lived in practically which I must say that yes, you don't need to know the physical appearance or the background of a person from where you can get something good. So you need not ask you to not worry ask all these things. So I totally support your point. That yes, you don't need to know people. You don't need to see people to make a perception about themselves because I was but but he's over there. The other day we need is somebody was asking. Yeah. Thank you for joining and I'll just count you in with an amount of energy the other day. We were having a podcaster you were not there and people were asking our community to catch a long time. You are the most talked about person in the podcast in the cash box. And if you don't know, let me tell you so Then they asked me I've given you James upsets our galaxy I said I was because many of our season here. All right. So the thing is the thing is I never asked G. Well she from I learnt from my observation. She's from Bangalore the much empathy conversation. He had and it is she I never asked when EG that okay, what you do? Where are you from? How old are you this that there's a because I know you are much talked about person. I heard you. you have you possess a good knowledge about things you talk to things and then that made me come to you to have a podcast with me as if they buy I never asked as it's a bike a by up Calcutta who conquered I learned so many things about your personal friends from Talking observation and I don't ask I am not as I think maybe one or two people I might have asked out of curiosity but again then that was when Andy was there so what point it was raised is absolutely correct that you don't need to ask these questions however these are relevant or not relevant this is an entire different story but there is no need if you're getting something go ahead and get it don't fit somebody in your mindset what the picture eyes in your own reserved views about a particular caste Community Color complexion raise whatever so go buy these things so Been spooked speaking of a lot and we have Canal when sorry with us. Welcome home gonna show you how are you? Good? How are you? Yeah, I'm great. Actually, I just have installed the app and send you the request here and I'm very happy that my request is accepted by your work. Okay? Yeah, welcome on this application. First of all, thank you. Okay you're talking about Today we are talking about the things that you shouldn't ask like you have joined this application. I may not know really what to ask you. But would you like to say something about the topic that we are talking today? Yeah. Yeah, absolutely because as I am a student here in the college, so I also seen some of the people who just judge. Okay this guide about the The boys in the college. I pipe I pound some of the some of the you can say issues are with them because they are just characterizing the person they just abuse them. So I feel very bad because they they I don't know why why they do that because maybe they don't have a topic. Like to discuss about their because about the people or maybe they are jealous about the person. I don't know why what kind of behavior is that? So that's why I'm here to join you because that's very relevant topic with me. So being people and all that's why yeah, so actually yes judging and everything happens a lot in every other situation, but they we are just trying to question the questions that people ask like when people stereotype stuff your people try to being judgmental or people out of curiosity are so many things to someone that might actually hurt them or hurt their feelings or heard them you know current thought process okay being judgmental is absolutely wrong and I agree with you on this point and being I think we have to be more curious Reyes with ourselves like rather ask questions to us and like why am I you know judging the other person rather than asking questions to somebody is like you know why is she behaving in a certain way why is that person are very good clothes why is he something yeah yeah yesterday that you can just join with the join with them with the good times are good conversations exactly because this thing I mean this judgmental thing can't do Cantor give you some you can say some more pleasure because instead of that having with the good conversation or group good friendship with them it's a better option to do right absolutely absolutely rather than judging people I think having good quality conversations is better yeah right thank you Colonel thank you for connecting with us and I'm not really sure like what is your intention of installing this application but I hope you get what you were looking for yeah absolute make better use of right yeah all right so thank you for joining us this evening you have a good evening yeah thank you thank you thank you I thought you was supposed to say something please come back I thought that ended that that's perfectly fine and just because right now he's joined recently so people will be asking him questions you might have a yeah I was supposed to ask what is your intention for joining this particular application but then I'm like no we are not was to ask questions so basically Joe be intentional I just hope in ko ko application vote they drove oh don't worry this is full of surprises you can get a number of places so people come with different perspectives and people are definitely going to get what they're looking for what I see a lot of people ask me the question like how did you get on to this application to do come from Buddy Tao did you come come from here come from there but you know the thing is keep me going on this application was totally unintentional like it was just out of curiosity would you like to share the story like you want me to share the story now I've said it has several times but again the application were right I got a comment of a person like you should go and you know speak out these sure he's on this application so I'm like okay narrator Guru but then when I got here like people had so many questions Like when I started my first part people came and started asking questions and then curiosity then again, like they were asking the right questions. So is he I think questions are amazing. Okay, so they can either make or break the conversation they can either make or break the person okay true. So I think somehow I face the right questions and that is why I stayed here for a longer time. Yeah, there are some advantages of being girls. Nope. You are windows right now. It's not about the goes. There are a lot of girls who speak here, but they don't get us same questions that are asked to me. But anyway, let me State my words. There are certain advantages of being Vinny. okay that that sounds better but that was actually complement you should have taken the nation and he is thank you very much I'm very bad at taking compliments like everybody knows in here like you know whenever people praise or give compliments and like I just kind of get conscious so but I really appreciate and you were very very late there's no Killer by some punk to mix I remember the story what actually happened earlier you should listen to the podcast you should go through the comments by Krishna and then you will realize that doing to podcasts in a row is not important asking the correct question at the correct point of time is more important at Lee and then retaliating it with a Google TV go to get attention easily but when what got is respect toward that is so much to say yeah that's exactly what I said advantages of being winning you know thank you thank you thank you yeah exactly like I'm yeah okay let's not make it all about Finny yeah go ahead things you would like to add to the list but we shouldn't be asking see I'm Angie basically we should not ask people personal questions like their relationship status right now okay or if they are dating unlike the Dipper I beg to differ or doesn't do you get to the status you cannot do you know you cannot make your next move so please remember whoever is totally disagree with me on this aspect let's debate on this no no I wanted to thank you for should bring is let me tell you please cut it is it is very subjective okay it is very subjective now you know you cannot just meet up us and like okay or update Kuru you gonna do that leave when you get on to get into a friendship like you get start knowing the person eventually you get a basic ideas whether the person is dating or not okay and if that person is giving you the freedom to ask certain questions only then you can okay okay so like out of the blue quack bulky have good relationship status game okay that should work I agree so from I've been knowing you since last two months or something I know so is it time we should ask because we never got to know it does justifies the part the things you shouldn't ask it's like it I agree to her that if you don't know when he likes is he said you should defer like analogy is he joined today only and he comes in and he just asked me to watch her relationship status I've been hearing you from last 15 minutes you fond of you so that would have been inappropriate I totally agree but yes as you correctly said when you see when you are in to a kind of friend's home kind of thing like and it is that I am the then many people are the device is there Krishna is there now I think we have earned that much freedom to ask you such questions what do you have to say about this I think it depends like you know I'm Angie I have always been really open asking you something would you mind reading the comment and answering to that I don't fit in the English or the right choice of words but are you dating someone is much better than boyfriend ticket to Morocco exactly that is the right question like you know are you dating someone I don't know I think actually the past you know he's not asking a question it's not a question it's like he's asking which which way is the right way to ask this question and that then he's actually asking that question also that whatever is the right way you answer it he wants I don't know English so can you specify that with yes are you asking he saying that whatever way you choose both out of the both because I agreed to marry you do it you shouldn't be asking these questions he is not asking yes Obviously he has to decide the union he can't take my side it comes to this point. I'll also take when you say no and actually the thing is what you normangee. See it's very tricky question to answer to the question in any case in any case I'm married. So anybody else you want to ask please? Go ahead. I don't know. What no. The thing is I'm Angie, you know answering such a question on but you know application is like kind of difficult. Okay, so yes could hurt a lot of people and no also could hurt a lot of people so it shouldn't happen that way so I probably wouldn't hurt and no. No, I got a lot of people there are many people I would like to say that I'm very happily married to my lady love from the other country so I'm not dating telling you guys what we need yes suggested right now they don't ask openly on open podcast go to telegram if you want to ask ask a personal question and why it has to be personal she has given very good reasons because certain people think that they are fortunate enough certain people think that yes they are going to be fortunate enough so the calcium would actually eventually you know break many hearts at the same many hearts at the same time yeah I don't want to be the person you know I don't want to be the person remembered for doing a podcast breaking hundreds of hearts together in one podcast so I will refrain myself from this question and let's take the topic and I agree that person's position shouldn't be asked because I mean it is absolutely correct on a very serious note that yes when you asked certain personal questions you actually might be your intentions might be very good but I don't know how others will react to it so when there are so many people and when the terminology of such question is already termed as personal question so it should remain now what I personally feel it should be exactly platform so when you you know it happens again on irony which we come across we coming on a podcast with a hundred people listening and you ask can I ask you a personal question oh my God a solo give each of you a personal question when you already know this is a personal question so what a personal question you don't ask a person in a proper public platform yes and that will be the last time doing the podcast with this will change everything reaction with no no I'm not going to risk it all behind I'm too intelligent to be that so no no absolutely not I think I see a asking dating questions asking personal questions see if you guys might ask any question but if I want to lie I can lie in any which way I might just say I'm single I might just say I'm married how would you know how would you find out because you guys don't know what so you guys need to know a person to a certain level to to you know understand that answer okay I might just say yes I'm dating someone and that person is not on this application done so you guys can accept it deny it doesn't saying it so don't let you break your hearts break because we needed an example she's not actually telling example it just just to make it even if I see even if I say no you how would you even know how would you even find out like if I was dating someone and I would say or no okay I'm not dating so this see a virtual world is a very funny players so I think ask the right questions you guys know what we must ask her questions related to that when he's answering certain questions regarding the topic ask her that when he is giving certain knowledge ask her that ask her well what's the source of a knowledge base is getting from like the other day he asked me yesterday like how do you multitask how does that happen so that comes to me naturally I have been doing it for years like he asked me the question like you are singing so and at the same time you are replying a comment too one so how do you do that yeah that's a pattern has already asked you to sing a song and Nick is also asked to sing a song I just Overlook both the comments because I wanted to talk that's why I've been selfish lately I'm so sorry or the Dubai and Nick by and there's a comment for me could you please read and the most often asked question do you have a BF exactly in II think everybody does that okay do you have a BF like you might have a beer but how does it even matter to you okay so if it does then yeah hot though but I don't wanna Mark I gotta be yeah I think that's a question yeah ninjas you know yeah and tell me I'm Angie question mark what is this I think he's talking about his previous comment that will be the last time doing podcast with her that will change everything reaction whatever I'm not taking any risk Lois I have just 20 I don't want to take a risk breaking up with Vinny on podcast will me me or why much as her mother please come on hey come on call me ChaCha okay this is this is also a very intellectual person I came across from the time I joined and he was the person who actually did some meaningful podcast on cash box right people doing stupid stuff like I do but I found Roy they and he came up with certain good topics once I had an interaction with him on advertise judgment and there are so many things which he actually brings up he is a fun to do person also at times and he comes to our category to category which I fall but mostly I doing some intellectual talking and I really fan Roy welcome to this podcast fellow said how are you hi Whitney hi Michelle how are you I'm good I'm good how is your pot going well it looks like it's going great and since Roy is here too it is go it has to be good otherwise Roy you can't find Roy on a bad podcast yeah that'll drive that means something it's something good is definitely happening so Roy I would definitely like you to talk something about the things one shouldn't ask because since you sure a good knowledge okay well when it comes to the life of course we just don't want to ask the other person about the salary which he or she is earning no matter which position there if that is really not good that is not ethical is what I believe in and the second thing is the age people often think that oh you're in this position you're in the team lead which means we're which means that you might be 30 the team lead can be a 27 year old guy to you are just making him feel more older by asking him is age right so you having your own Notions towards the person that okay this person might be 30 because he's in team lead he might be 27 to you know you don't know his hard work right so you are deliberately pushing yourself to believe that he is 30 that is not good he feels bad you don't care about it you don't understand the emotions the person goes through when you ask it of course he will you are asking in a good perspective that hey you are a team leader I'm so happy for you I knew you since 5 years and you're doing it great but the person is taking another way because he feels that occasionally just judge me that I'm 30 which I'm not so age and salary is one you're not supposed to ask in professional life is what I believe yeah I think with HP people compare a lot of lot of time like knowledge is compared with age okay like just the thing that you said the salary and the thing sometimes people like oh you you know so many things you don't sound like you are that old so such questions also like I just got it right now when you spoke about it I'm Angie yeah I am listening to Roy you know it's always good to listen to die because Roy comes up with something very interesting we talked about these two points earlier also when we started the podcast and now yes right token it makes more sense now the other example is great okay so now what more you want to add to the list in register basing podcast of questions is that thinks things which you is a very elaborate of thing but you shouldn't be asked like you shouldn't ask some person to do a particular thing or not to do a particular thing so we'd like you to share some more information about the topic okay I your voice was breaking I couldn't hear I hope I am audible right now yes you are you what I didn't hear what you said because your voice is breaking but I will I will say that I'm not a limiting our topic to questions only we have taken the things which you shouldn't ask me which means the things you shouldn't ask somebody to do the things which you shouldn't ask somebody not to do so the area of you know the rest of the topic is great so you can elaborate your points accordingly I said this did you get me Roy I think that some Network fluctuation so what happens when Roy or know your voice is not audible to us when any of your Kelly or at least in the first part of his I have a meeting yes hello you are audible now okay so yeah what I was telling is in the day-to-day life you meet a lot of people so when someone tells you that I cannot come to come with you for lunch and I have an appointment with dr. don't please don't ask him or her why are you going to visit a doctor what is it about unless the person choose to explain you why she's going right to that is wanting to ask anyone that is X that's personal no need to ask and the second thing is in personal life don't ask anyone the status of the me like you know exactly hello Roy boys is Vanishing in between yes I hope you heard both right okay you want me to explain it again yes please yeah the first one is simple okay the first one is never ask a person how if the person is telling that I cannot come down with you out for lunch or anything whatever the purposes I'm just visiting a doctor don't ask the person who are visiting a doctor what's the issue why are you going who is the doctor what department don't ask him unless the person feels like telling you I'm going to meet Arthur like you know Auto guy know whatever it is if the person likes right they will tell you don't ask them don't bother them with your questions that's not something ethical that's the my life just leave them with that the second thing exactly I would tell is this marriage thing okay what people often do is when are you expecting your baby as soon as you get married and after a few months you could start asking when are we expecting a baby why you want to know that are you giving money for them are you looking after them you have nothing to do with them you are not giving ration food whatever it is why you want to ask personal questions then that is extremely personal ethic know anything cool of you to even ask such questions so don't ask anyone about the status of of their life in it comes to relationship and that too when they're married don't ask them energy weapon are they expecting the baby and what are the plans they're expecting for the baby or whatever it is if they want to they will discuss with you if they're not then you are not that important or they don't choose now they chose not to so just understand it they choose not to absolutely fashionable and don't be a sorry what hmm yes I think Krishna has just mentioned here what happened are you well maybe the right question to ask to show concern I think yeah that'll that would be more precise rather than asking like what happened baby look I didn't say that that's what I hope you didn't hear what I said I explain it try since the network issue was there I had to cut down for the last time okay so there's an hypothetical situation and me and Vinny are supposed to go for lunch now and I just asked her why didn't you come take me for lunch and she said no I have an appointment with the doctor then you hand you can tell that hope you are fine hope you are doing great yeah right be fine that's how you can answer rather than asking why are you going who is the doctor what department can I or you can say that can I stop by can I just drop you or that's one way of you know just showing the humanity showing concern right yeah you can also tell that I hope you're fine I hope you're doing fine everything will be fine by the end of the day you can do like we can tell like that rather than just go blindly ask them like you know which department what happened what problem she might be having lot of problem why do I want to get into that it's person if she chose to then she'll explain me rather she didn't look I cannot come to lunch because and I'm having some issues with my eyes so I was just going to get it done she'll tell me if she wants to if not she won't so just rather tell that I hope you'll be fine or you know you'll do good if you want I can drop you by if there's anything simple so are you asking a lunch he said that was hypothetical he mentioned hypothetical hypothetical issue she's in perfect health from her voice I can gather so if you're if you want to take her on lunch so she's she doesn't want she doesn't have an appointment the doctor that's what I wanted to say something friends can go for lunch too right yeah of course see this is there is a phrase in Hindi which fixes chorky that he made in Korea oh boy diamonds okay we need you we'll explain it for me anyway we need you will explain to you in her little magnesium before that one thing I'll tell you what happens is the way the country which we are staying in the stereo typical lines are there write the questions which you ask people straight away go to that extent like judge yeah exactly did you take her to lunch I start every thought that this is not date I could have thought anything else to write I could have thought team meeting I could have asked her to join with me to meet someone nothing I just write every went for date so this is some soup like you know the stereotypical things which we have in our minds this is something we stopped I guess or else the value so yeah again that very point I made that we are slaves of our preconceived notions so we have developed a preconceived notion about each and every thing and to people being on a lunch mean stick so which we shouldn't we shouldn't be slaves of our preconceived notions and we should come out and we should accept it the things the way they are don't find the hidden meaning in each and everything exactly yeah good point absolutely so right great talking thank you that you connected with us on this topic and it is always nice if you connect us to connect to us again on further discussions to and I'm Angie we wrap this session up with some conclusion yeah thank you Roy once again for joining in and we have been we came across wouldn't ask and like Reggie said like Roy said and like all the other callers and you're all the listeners also participated and told us so many things so the basic thing which which you should come up I'll conclude by Vinny geez observation that once you are about to ask someone A question put yourself in her or his shoes and you keep yourself in the place of the person whom you are about to ask a question and then you ask the question to yourself and probably if you are comfortable answering it only then go ahead and ask certain questions which you yourself already know that we do shouldn't be asking so on this note I'd like to end it good night thank you very much everybody for joining in and we'll have more sessions