Hello, good evening. I hope you had a fun day today. So since it's Saturday, I had this Saturday. I had missed the episode on realizing you my show. I thought of doing it today. Today's topic is time management a basic thing. We have heard a lot of sayings Proverbs like a stitch in time saves nine. Calgary so hot. So basically I want to focus on time management every every one of us has 24 hours. But how are we utilizing our time? Are we investing time or are we spending time when you talk about when you talk about investing time you? Something productive with your time, right? You are learning a new hobby or or you are learning some skill or you are practicing something which will help you help you in the future spending means okay, you laze around you don't do anything and just time pass and the time and and after a few days you realize it's obata time. So, how do you how do you maintain a discipline of utilizing 24 hours that is what I will be talking about in today's open Talk. So if you have any questions, please do please do comment with your question. And so time 24 hours in 24 hours an adult requires 6 to 7 hours of sleep. Remaining it in us if you are a student you have to attend attend college. college or school then you go. If you are a working professional then you have to attend office for nine hours. But even those nine hours at the workplace. How do you how do you spend those nine hours? Do you spend improving yourself or working towards your goal taking that extra step towards your goal or do you just spend nine hours in the office and and the day is not productive at all. What do you do? So I would like to know from you like what what any questions you have about time management like I will tell you. I read in off especially if there is not much of work much workload. I engage in self learning courses I enroll for self learning courses which are available online. So that what happens is that in that time in that time. I'll earn some extra skill, which will help Advance my career. and I believe I believe that 24 hours is enough every day. If we spend like two to three hours on our on our passion or on on our purpose of life. I think we will be taking one step every day towards towards our goal. Like what happens is when you are times we are confused. We are lethargic. We are lethargic or we feel lazy. Like what should we do? I'm not feeling I'm feeling bored feeling of boredom or arises when you do not have any objective. For that particular day. So in order to in order to beat that boredom, I would suggest that make a to-do list of what all activities you can do. So we have a so we have a caller on line genuine. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hi. Hi. What is your name? What's your name? Yeah, my name is Sean what your good name and they become okay, very nice. So today's topic is time management. Everybody has everybody has 24 hours in a day. But some people use it use it to achieve their goals. Some people invest some people invest time some people waste I spend time. So while in which category do you think you are? Yeah, of course the everyone should be utilized their time in a proper direction so that the goal of their day would be Achieved. No, so I'm asking which category do you belong to do you invest time or do you spend time? No, actually I'm invest time. How how do you invest time? What do you do? Yeah. I actually first of all I am at Job holding person right now. So first of all eight are getting a I got engaged in the eight are in our company and after that after that, I am also preparing for some examination. So and my passion right now. I'm also be a learning period in Guitar. Also, I like to thinking very nice very nice. Right and I'm quite fond of giving missed work out in the gym. So there are lots of and also I have to study along with along with it. So are these all these all these all the things that I have to do regularly, right? So I made some proper plan. I mean City proper you can see the What routine routine right? Yes, yes and that I follow regularly in a better way so that I can achieve my D Target all the times. Yes, very nice time management. The first rule for time management is discipline. You should have a routine. You should have a routine about how will you spend your how will you invest your time? Exactly copy that You are investing time and you are also pursuing your passion of learning guitar and like you are you are balancing your work and your passion also, that is very nice. That is very nice. So question. Yeah, I have Cyril have same question to you at how do you expect to spend or you can say invest your time in the D? Huh? So I am also working professional. I am working for an IT company so Nine hours. Nine hours are spent in the IT company doing my professional job. And after after the nine hours are over. I spent time in pursuing my hobby, which is which is either theater or writing very nice. Yeah. Also, I want to don't I don't think I have I have and every day and every day I I do so I could Tend to learn something new like I enroll in some course self-learning course. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Everyone should be learned every day in every spare step of the life. Also. I want to add something because in the day while you are doing a job as well as to pursuing your hobbies, or you can say the person so you must have a list of the things that you have to do in your day. So first of all discipline is quite important. Also, you will realize that after you will manage the things in the proper way. I mean in a proper discipline way, then you will feel happy from the inside. Yeah, I can achieve these targets from a timely manner and finally I get I'm going to sleep and the next day you will against means to Frisk you will find refresh that ya neck sure previously. I'd have done this type of things. And today I have to do the same thing. Then you will feel confident from the your inside. This is a very good thing to be a discipline means guy. Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much. I will be taking another caller. Thank you so much for sharing your views. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Have a good day. So so I am taking yagnik Patel on call now. Yes, Ashwin a you can join you can please call. Hello, yagnik. How are you? Hi, I'm good. How was your day? Very nice. So tell me I am also having a good day. So tell me how are you investing time or are you spending time? Why are you confused? Okay. Okay, that means though in order to invest time. First of all, you should have a to-do list like what all what are things you want to do in a particular day and you there are short-term and long-term goals. Okay. So what what are the short-term goals that you want to achieve like in a day or in a week and just when you start your day just Study this down. What are those goals that you want to achieve in a week? And how much effort do you need to put in in order to accomplish that goal? Okay. Got it. So in that way what will happen is you will have a disciplined approach towards time management, and you will be everyday you will you will feel confident that you were taking one step closer to reach your goal any other question you have. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and me. Okay. So we are connecting with Sai Krishna Ashwini. I hope I receive your request to join the call soon. Hello? Hello sigh Krishna. How are you? I'm fine. How are you? I'm I'm also doing the so you tell me whether you are investing time or you are spending time. Actually. I am spending time. Okay. Well, why aren't you investing time? What is what is it that Stops you from investing. Is it because your goals are not clear or you lack discipline? No, no, actually, I'm working. I'm working as a mechanical engineer and oh, come on, man. Okay, so that that is spending much time in sight only. Okay. So how many hours are in the day? Do you spend at your workplace maximum 8 to 10 hours and spending their it's okay. And what is the traveling time from your home to the office? Come home to officer 15 to 20 minutes to travel from home to office. Okay, so if we take to way it is like 40 minutes. Okay, so not 10 hours plus 40 minutes. It is for 10 hours 40 minutes is your work time. Okay. Yes. Let's say 6 to 7 hours. You will sleep for six to seven hours. Correct? Yeah. Yeah, so that becomes 17. Then you are left with 7. Ours. What do you do in that 7 hours 1 hour and go for Jim. Oh, very good. So you are you are investing time know you are investing time because spending time means you are not doing anything productive that is pending investing means investing means whether you whether you have whether you are using the time. A productive way or not that is investment. Hmm. Thank you so much. Actually, probably I am investing only but not only remaining six hours. I'm wasting so you can you can pick up a hobby or you can you can learn learn something new. You can sign up for an for a course online or you can Custer if you like traveling you can just travel around the city. Yeah today I am going to go. But some activities the meaning time and I'm right. Very nice. I'm very happy to hear that. Yeah. Thank you. So, do you have any other option? No, no. No, I can help Okay and present time book from last year's. I'm working. Okay, so I'm going to go for The Prado now. I am writing next month. I'm going to book a spot is so very nice. All the best all the best for your entrance. I hope you get selected. Okay, I'll I'll have to go take another caller. Thank you so much for talking. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Nice to talk to you. So we are taking preaching on on the call now. Hello. Hello. So as I said, everybody has 24 hours. Hello breathing. How are you? Hello good evening. Good evening. So today's talk. I'm fine. So today's topic is the time time management. So do you have any questions thoughts or or do you want to share your review about time management? Yes, ma'am. Laughing definitely. I think I want to say what steps we should put up to time management. First of all, first of all you need to do is design a routine. Like you have to desire and deserve did decide what are the things to do on a daily basis, which will help you which will help you reach your big ERG long-term goal we could see what happens is. The day if if you are spending spending time, that means you are not doing anything productive. But if you are investing if you are investing time, that means you have an end goal attached. Okay, you have an end goal in the mind and every day you are working towards achieving achieving that goal. So you have to first decide what are your short-term and long-term goals and accordingly also also list out. What are the challenges and wow. How much effort you have to put like, for example, if you have an entrance exam in the next month? Okay. How many hours do you need to study you if you list down if you make a list of how many hours you have to study daily then it becomes routine with you, right? Okay, welcome that way you can you can create a list of activities that you will do on a daily basis to use your time effectively. Thank you, man. Thank you. Thank you so much. I will take another caller. Thank you. So we are connecting with Suraj now 24 hours. Hello Suraj. Hello. I can't hear you Suraj. Can you talk loudly please? Okay the time audible. Yes. Yes. You are audible. So good evening problems. Okay. Yes tell me. Okay. So I have the problem like in past I have initiated so much things to do right but end up doing nothing. Hmm. I have that problem. I have that frequent problem. Right right from the past, you know, I pump up lot of things, you know, okay, but and nothing like I end up doing you know, I think I don't even finish the things it's really me and and that thinks keep on. Sing with me over the time and I'm hated, you know, I recreated much like I've done that much in that time. Yes, like Mission would be quite good. You know, I think is happening not you know, it's in chain, right? It's sinking. So what can I do for that? So what you have to do is break up your break up for your list of activities into short-term and long-term goals. So what happens is like short term if you if you you are preparing for an preparing for an interview, correct? So the short term short term goals will be first is preparing preparing your resume. Okay, II will be preparing for the doing research about the job role. Third. Third is third a third short-term goal will be research about the company. Okay fourth will be fourth will be just do a market markets. About so these are Market survey about the other other companies what they are offering. Okay. So these are four goals, but the bigger goal is bigger goal is appearing for the interview. So what happens what about the things going wrong with me or the time right? Like if I'm studying right someone would interrupt that kind of that sort of thing over happens with me type, huh? So you have to be you have to be very very strict about that. That that when you allocate time for studying for set, the timetable is not efficient what we said, right? We do we have that courage to set the timetable and like, you know, you you have that timetable you have their time management in your brain, but it doesn't appear physically, you know the photos even the 40% efficiently efficient. We can't get we can see me gone. Yeah, so for that Is don't keep it in the mind write it down write it down make a make a timetable for a weekly basis on a weekly basis that how many how many chapters are you going to study or suppose your exam is like there is there are two months left for your exam. Okay, and if if you have five subjects now, you have to allocate time to the toughest subject maximum time to the toughest subject. Okay, and the least time to the easiest subject? Okay, so now suppose in in in our day if you are studying for Save five to six hours. Okay. So what do you do? How do you divide that Sixers in into various subjects that you have to decide according to the difficulty level and I would suggest when you when you create a study plan. You just paste it on the All like if you have a study table, if you have a story that certain things I do right time table, you know, I that attachment over the world of that time management that gangs are done by me but you know when there was a time of, you know doing the things that stick to it our self. Sometimes we have to be strict with ourselves. We have to analyze because what is why are we studying? We are studying so that we get good. Marks in the exam. Why do we need? Why do we need good marks? Because we want to achieve some kind of a carrier. Okay? Yes. So if you keep in order to motivate yourself to maintain the discipline one thing is also like, you know how to get that confident back like Fastback. I have that confident like whatever I try to do it happens, but now like from that past to that present I do have Lost a lot of confidence right? As I said earlier that I do, you know, don't do that thing overall. I finish it doing incomplete. So then you know that affected my confidence level two so happened is in in that kind of a in that kind of a situation. First of all takes take a little break take a little break from the usual schedule. Just analyze just analyze what Went wrong. Why couldn't you follow the follow the timetable? Do do a self-analysis about right down right down the pros and cons advantages and disadvantages honest with myself. It is my problem. I know the solution but I'm not able to you know, utilize that solution. I'm not even have to be true to yourself or Suraj you have to be true to yourself. See you cannot cheat yourself that try it from past six years. That's a means. Who were the same situation? Hmm one more one more thing. You can try one more thing. You can try is when you get up in the morning just close your eyes for five minutes you tation great meditation. Do I won't even say meditation. It is just like remind yourself that you have positive vibes. Yes. Yes see it. It works is many people think many people think it doesn't work. So You people but if you do it, honestly, and if you don't cheat yourself, it will have it will have a positive effect. And when you start studying when you start studying that time also just close your book. Just keep just meditate for five minutes and say that you will you will study. Well this subject. Okay, okay. Mom that's really a wonderful world like I'm so much privilege to talk to you and it's really a good work. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. Thank you so much. All the best all the best for your study. Thank you. Thank you. So we are taking P casing in online now. Kunal is Granada is asking does meditation help you in concentration. Yes, it does definitely because see first of all, you can't as I told Suraj you can't cheat yourself. If you are honest to yourself that you want to achieve some goal. Nobody else can stop you. Okay, we will Peak at single joint. So we are taking another caller. Hello money. Hi. Hey, how are you? I'm fine. So today we are so today. We are discussing about time management whether you are investing time or whether you are spending time. So I would like to know which category do you fall into spending them? Okay. Why don't you investing time? What is the challenge that you faced in investing time? I I'll just tell you what is the difference between it okay between the two terms investing time means you have a long-term. All and you work daily towards achieving that goal. Okay, like you take one step closer to that goal, but spending time means you are just doing it aimlessly so which which category do you fall into it now? Tell me. Hello. So Colonel you can you can join the call. I will give you the answer on over call if you want. So Donna asks run a ski that I am I am I am doing job and along with it. I want to improve my English. How can I do see in the in a job you have eight hours, but you can't you can't focus only on your job for eight hours. There are times 15 to 20 minutes. You can give grammar grammar tests online or you can you can watch YouTube videos. teaching English and at like I I'll tell you I'll tell you a small example. I am in Hyderabad. I want to learn Telugu. Now. How do I learn Telugu? So what I do is I Take 5 to 10 15 minutes break in between my work schedule and I'll I watch YouTube videos which are which are tree where the Libyan Telugu is taught easily. And what I do is I learn five sentences every So we have we have got up joining with us. Hello. So Crona a chronal if I if I answer your question, I had been meditating for the last 10 12 years. Yeah tiger of I got him. Hello Madam. How are you? How are you? I'm a little fine. Hello your network. I'm from at work is not clear. Yeah, yes. Yes. Yes. I'm from AUP. Yes, and I'm a small shopkeeper also. Okay. So today they're got of today. We are discussing about time management. So I would like to know how do you invest time or do you spend time? I think I investment to my time when I go to free and when I joined on this app to improve my English and I don't waste my time machine very nice. So what do you do in your spare time? What do you do in your spare time? And what I feel when I feel it when I free and Then they didn't see was sorry there. I am at myself, and there is a problem you attend the customer will we'll talk later. No problem. Thank you. Thank you so much. So Grinnell has asked a lot of questions. Yes meditation has helped me because it is nothing meditation is nothing but introspection and telling yourself what you want to do in the whole day. It is like introspecting and it is just spending time with yourself. So I think meditation helps meditation helps if you do it honestly without any bias and with a free free mind. So we have raghuveer Kumar. Hi, Debbie, cakes are video. Yeah. Hi. How are you? I'm doing good. What about is the vika? Hello. Yeah, so I today's topic is time management. So I would like to ask you whether you are investing time or spending time. I was spending my time also, but I am wasting my time as well actually. Okay, how many how many hours do you waste? I think I wished it on five to six hour in a day. Okay, that was thinking that's why I was thinking to join the call. So how can I use my five to six hour? Okay fine. Just working in a company, but I have it on the pipe to six our work but I spend a 9 to 10 hours in a office. Hmm. So how can I utilize my dude 5 to 6 hours in an hour phase C. So 5 to 6 hours office office. When you are in office, you can build your skill level. Okay, you can learn something new. Yeah, that is correct. I you can it do its thing. Yeah, how can I because the my manager is sitting next to me also, so he will be watching TV watching this to me. So K and so I think I'm just using the company. Hello. Yeah, so see when you this is something you need to talk to your manager when you have any food pairing. Yeah, I am but I think raghuveer has dropped current you can join the call now. So many people think that office using office resources for self learning is a bad thing, but I don't think so provided you take permission from your manager. I think that much of transparency and that much of transparency should be maintained between an employer and employee so that you tell you tell the you tell the you tell your manager that you are you still using your time investing. I'm in learning something new and you are not just watching movies on on YouTube. So I think it is all about perspective. If you if you can communicate your perspective to your manager. Clearly. I think the management will not mind if you use company resources to build your skill set. So do we have any other question? See discipline is very much important in order to in order to manage your time. Well, why discipline because discipline gives us a set routine that we follow and it also helps us. What do you say it also helps us maintain a balance between our personal and professional life. So we have another request. From Covey very nice. I like the name. Hello. Hello. Hi. What is your name coffee? I tried to open the vodka. Yes, yes. Yes. Actually, I had completed my btech in mechanic. Okay, right now I'm working. Okay. So how what do you do to invest time and freedom invest in our free time? Myocardium? very good Very good. They keep a so-so Covey so listeners I want to tell you that coffee is investing time because he's teaching his taking tuitions. He is giving it back to the society giving back to the society is doing a noble Deed by teaching children and preparing molding our future generation. I am very happy that you are taking tuitions and you are helping other children. Like today, I'm fine with Rock and so right now I'm working. Okay, so many poor children who have no money. So best in three times, I'm teaching a lot of so massive that clove abroad comes or awake had of course are correct. Yeah, it'll do some co-parenting Behavior up could copy of knowledge. But an apparent to Hyderabad. Thank God. So medical or a colored line operator. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. So we are joined by Jordan. Hello, Jordan. Good evening. Very good evening, ma'am. How are you? I'm fine. How are you? So, I would so today's topic is time management. I would like to know from you whether you are investing time or spending time spending time with all the I'm in real estate business. I have no my done my graduation. So right now I'm look after. Darby - so okay. He has been in real estate business for many years so that the moment the market is going very slow. So we are just we are just killing the time nothing more than that because hmm already gone from the market economy or paralyzed. Oh my God. So so yeah it do you have any questions for me? Yes, how we can you know how we can you know manage the time? This is really because I'm real sturdy nurse or nothing as I told as I mentioned you we are just killing the time nothing more than that. I'm an amen. This is how we can manage the time, you know, I would like to do something else rather than stay in that Venus because I I'm looking forward to finding exploring the new things. Yes, Jordan. Yeah. So yeah. Yes, I am an author as well. So and I'm what an IT company as well. So so I would I would just like to tell you that see the carrier options carrier options and switching your career is not a very not a very challenging thing, but you have to prepare for that switching for sitting your career. So what you can do is since the market is low. Now, what you can do is you can Can learn a skill like digital marketing or or you can you can take up an online course, see now? There are many online courses which are free which will which will help you build your skill set. You might get ideas to revive your business as well. Thank you. Out of here might be you know, what we call you come from it sector your professional be a lady being a professional might be know about the the news are really really very absurd news are going on the you know, that news channel. The every business is going down for yes. Yes. I know my mom. I'm following this closely as well. I'm but talkative guy. I can't sit. You know, I can't keep my mouth shut. This is a big issue. So so what you can do is so what you can do is you Can you can record YouTube videos you can create a channel of yours where you where you can share your experience in the real estate industry. What are the what are the lessons you have learned? Because see, there are a lot of and you can also you can also spend that time networking with people or over LinkedIn because what will happen is LinkedIn also will help you connect with more people from your industry. They can give you ideas. Out how to deal with this pressure and they because they are also going through the same pressure the so you might be able to brainstorm. Well dreams are but I have noted those people are really cope with such kind of, you know tough time in real State though. Those people already the left the market Only You peoples are remaining in this market because of that would people don't think so. This Market will will flushing and next few coming up over the next few years because unless more these in is on the you know, that being a prime minister. He Market can't be there is no chance to Market will be flourish. So that's why you know, but that's why I'm in right now. We are low, I think so. I have to switch somewhere else so their famiiy. Yeah. So what you can do is what you can do is you can just find or you can just find out Online courses free online courses. What is the what is I want to be? No, you know, I want to you know, I want to be a teacher kind of like that kind of oh, so is it you think so that I haven't had that much capability. I really and specially, you know, I'm come from be calm my dad back. I've done my graduation become but this is not my favorite subject. But anyhow, I have done it and yeah, so I would like to To be you know, teach like an English kind of subject. So do you think I'm I haven't had that much capacity to definite it. Definitely you start applying you start applying and what you can do is when you have when you are in the when you are in the office, what you can do is like like now you are attending open talks. You can talk and work on improving improving your communication skills work on Improvement, or you can also go nowadays. What happens is that what the the school's the school's also take experienced professionals as teachers who have who have industry experience so you can try and apply to schools as well. So see in that way you will be spending if you will be investing your time. Yeah, exactly orbital lot, but I'm so if I say you mean to say if I invest some some their ideas or in any other screen so I can see I can earn the money and as well as you know, I can look after them. It's definitely definitely you don't have to ignore your business. You don't have to ignore your business completely, but you can invest that time invest the spare time bye-bye going first. You can you can checkout options of teaching options near near your area in your city. You can check out what are the options and nowadays a lot of Line advertisements are there or you can just go around around your area for like half an hour 15 20 minutes just do a simple recce. Suddenly the cold one question of strikes my mind the question. Is there like a look at our population is a hundred and one point forty billion population we have so yeah, so things like another Congress Congress was the first party of the India. He was a you know that time he was here. Isn't that time he had a monopoly in policy. So they see his party you do you think this party should have you no control over Indian populations or time management if they should they should have, you know cap focus on the time and there is even otherwise unless today we didn't face this kind of the situation. What do you think we go? Yeah, I think the lat please see I think I think it is. To be unfair on our part to try to blame somebody else for our for our wasting our attitude of wasting time. It is not right for anybody for us to because he is this kind of this kind of a problem. It is a problem. Now that the market is not doing well, so we are jobless. But what can we do when we are jobless we can we can build our skill set or we can we can volunteer somewhere in order to To utilize our time meaningfully. So I think we have to look for options rather than rather than thinking about what did not go, right. so yeah, so I am taking a CO in to end the call now. Hello. So just just a word of caution. I am word of notice that I will be taking last two colors for the for the evening. Yeah. Hi. Hello. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm also good. Yeah, so so today's topic is time management. I just want to know whether you invest time or you spent Everybody has 24 hours, but there are few people who invest their time in doing something productive. So, how do you invest your time? Like if you want to do something very good, then you just have to organize your energy is there's no such thing as time. I think so. Okay. Yeah, but even to organize your energy you need to spend that time, right? Yeah. Yeah, it takes time. Yeah, but but according to me like the most part most of the peoples are talking about time management, but according to my perception is like every human beings is a combination of time. Energy first. Yeah, you combination of time and energy is but you can never organized or manage time, but you can organize time but you can organize and manage your energy is so energy is very important. You can never it is very it is like impossible to manage or organize time because time is like not controlled by humans. It controls by something else. So your energy is control your energy hundred percent control by yourself. So if you are denies or manage your energy is then you can achieve some things of be a successful person in a very big way if you know how to organize your energies and if you know how to manage your energy is there's no such things like that management. Okay, very nice. Very nice Point made see the so an energy energy management is very very important so that you at least understand that whether you are investing time or spending time in order to understand that difference you have But we have the channelize your energy in the right way. I just want to know that can you in spend time or can you invest time you can also spend spend like you are talking like you can is only spend your energy is you can only invest your energy is but you but you can never spend or but you can never invest your time, isn't it? I think so see like I'll I'll just give you a small small example. Okay, we are working professionals work for nine hours. Okay, but but but the whole for the entire nine hours, you can't focus on your job. You can't focus your you can't direct your energy to the job alone. So sometime sometime we feel that we are wasting our time in order to in order to reduce that wastage wastage of time. We can direct our energy to something else which will help us improve as Person, correct. I'll either either we either we pursue a hobby or we learn and learn some new thing. Correct. So directing the energy directing the energy bill will help us invest time that is called investment of time. Okay. Yeah in this sense you are saying right like spending time is not used it is no use of his spending time. If you invest your time, then you can do something else you can do. You can achieve something you can crack some kind of examination. You can be a successful successful person if you invest your time, but if you but most of the people's what they're doing is that they're just spending time is you in useless things. Yes. Yes that that is that is what I mean to address in this open talk. Yes. Yeah. I think that it is all about realizations people's haven't realized the importance of time. They are just they are just like they haven't understood the importance. Of time they have like they haven't understood himself hardly hard. How do they how do he supposed to understand the importance of time? So he liked it he is using his using his body in a very different way of doing this and that without realizing anything that what we want to happen in future. So he also do not understands the importance of time. That's why they are just a only complaining and complaining. Yes, you are absolutely right because focusing your energy in the right direction will help you help you maintain a disciplined approach to organize your time. Yeah, like if you are talking about meditation and the you guide is all about organizing your energy is in a in such a way so that we can able to open the other dimension of your brain. Yes. Yes. Yeah organizing something is very important you or if you organize something like a there are some people who cram their electrical Engineer but they cracked the upsc examination. Like how did it how how is it possible because they organize their time and you can say energy is in such a way so that they can able to do one thing they can able to focus on one thing but people are doing different things and want to focus on one thing. So, how is it how is that possible people's have to focus and meditate like concentration on one thing only then they cannibals to achieve something. They are just doing one thing onto things and they just Just want to achieve one thing like just not like according to me. Yeah, that is why I think that that is why I think we're focusing your energy and prioritizing your prior to the in prioritizing. Your goals is very important and dividing dividing your goals into short-term and long-term. Yeah, dude. Do you know that I just want to ask you very questions peoples are confused. People are confused. When you say when you order the word time management if you order the word energy management then people's Realized and can understood that yeah. Yeah, I can able to a organized or manage my energy is but I can never it is like confusing is that some people say, is that how can I manage time? How can I organize time see what I'll tell you is what I learned that but I'm saying to those people who confuse that there's no such thing as time management and these if you say the simple things like you are full of energy. And like we are full of energies on every cell of our body is full of energies. So if you if you can if you can use the word energy is then the people's can understands what you are actually talking about. Thank ya. Thank you for thank you for making this point and I really appreciate your Viewpoint. So we have to for example, like if I say is I feel surprised while to talk with you surprised. It's a very simple word, but if you're talking I'm flabbergasted while I'm talking with you. So people get confused. What is the meaning of flabbergasted? So people say people should do not be pursue things that they it is like confusions between people's I'm not saying you I'm just saying to all the peoples like they I have I have observed these that is why I'm saying this. Thank you. Thank you for your observation kind of the vision. I have made a note of it and I will take care of it in the next time. Thank you so much. And thank you. Thank you so much all the listeners we have to end. The open talk now. I hope you had you had a good session. Thank you so much. Okay. Thank you.