Hi guys, welcome to yet. Another open talk with me. Today. We have as our guest again. Mrs. Mary Berner, so we have talked about her interest in gardening in the last episode. Let's hear a bit more about it. So today we are going to talk about kitchen and Terrace gardening. Welcome. Mrs. Bernard. Hello Namaste bad news. Gardening we share mother, okay. Nintendo born silent rest we have known he'd been to Junta. Can you tell us some gardening early interest takes that I do ma'am. Do you do harder during the prayer not for behold? I lay in a pool with the new nana. Nana. Garden No baggy and renew bad arguments in Cayenne Oceania. But your boobs are they bury our money and renominated I didn't do wish her all over the money to other cargo or moonman a Monday on the door that automatic through and read new ally in it Lila and any to and tournament Ee up again and again tomorrow if you do and rain and rain and pin new locket. Dead air how nanta who Molly hunger 192 and the July through the none of the Nano explain Marley and not gonna get a visual clue. No De La Casita de Matteo and reading the Connolly near Uno one dos Santos. Had test that idea in an odometer get a girl who are really beautiful any more gum or more tidy and other one the rehtaeh T 1 Anda guilty and Cartman dunant or seed a notary who got a lie. I do. Give it to take them and then the question I'm a nationally upon Valium ungodly in an accident and you know. It's sienta budala Hunter and she do it. Okay, sorry. Be doing none of it We Can Make It Bun do more with the new National policy Bundy Christian really know Hanna girl and I had better speaker. Dr. Curie had believed eco-hula. Even and give it Donna. What did you see Monday night's events. Okay. This is spoon or how do you define gardening sell pot? Elaborate mathura? Anybuggy non here. They couldn't agree on the measurement of he'll see me hacking gardening and camera. I don't do a lot of other collect garden and the gray now Lama vinegar. Undo Sound area at my window. I do a chip. She'll be conductor. Now total curriculum and I don't want to be really really early. I do nominated water diliman second mod. There are 1000 BC Shakti. No Hondo Andante moderato thirsty cantilever know when the laundry t as what this was shot a security and voiceover would cut at the end of the number. Tradução de identity mukhtiar gotama my name on the door tomorrow tomorrow the chemically remove our structure - ooh, so there are would be particularly kind currently attend decide. What do you aim to do Nancy? Michael good actor Of Galicia model. Ooh Santiago de Le he gave party Martha Horizonte. Aw3 Hotel manager Amano Sue. Adieu. Adieu named Mikhail are 1000 do So New Garden start, my garden is start Marlo the came here in Animal Health again. Mookie number K Guru total amount of the community barbecue Manawa get a home at gmail a even realistic. Intubated and remarkable numbers are equally LOL and pollen Ellie to T12 Andre. Parinama. Shoonya, Bramble audacity. Rodella. So I figured I'd get a gorilla be cool again beta and know the K now spawn this a big number now art and Rekha Levi said Ali daughter gauri can collect one do you want? Sewn onto Martin would do and of course the daughter got in a no Sadness the helmet the Madonna Nanny other Jamaica karna nomination ten-4 know. Okay. Now he got gardening go start mardukan tomanche a eenadu preparation Mar Becca, if any preparation is really required preparation. And the any Le the monastery to prepare model the K1. Do we even do my hair? If I'm glad to get here, you'll go to window Arctica where we were still.