Hey Chris, can you hear me? Thanks for taking time. And of course, yeah and everyone who is listening us. Sorry for some technical issues. We got little late to get started. Okay, Chris. So Chris as we all know right? It's not easy time being bogged down with what's happening in the present scenario, right? And how is affecting everyone. So it's important for all of us to keep our Spirits high and keep looking ahead right and praying for the future. So, so wanted to Discuss with you the creative ideas. How is it goes to feel given the times right how we can continue to train but before we get into that if you can take few seconds to share more about you to the audience if I may, yeah, I'm originally from England and came over here about 20 years ago, and I've been coaching since I was about 16 17 gone through all my coaching qualifications to be level 3 High formers code. Yeah, pretty much the day where i'm now a full time coach within a youngin Cricket Center where I coach with an excellent team there. Yeah and loved every minute of it love being able to give back to the game. Thanks for that. And for the audience when he sees I'm here for some time. It's in Melbourne, Australia. And yeah now been open for 20 years. Yes nice Chris. So Chris if she can share with the folks, right how you're keeping yourself engaged during this law lockdown period look I think is a cricket coach. There's there's never a there's never a quiet moment. It's it's a 12 month of the year roll. I'm he's got play, you know people people to look after to coach you're not just as crooked as but as people, you know, they're athletes nine months of the year and then the other three months athletes and people and the other three months of the year you managing people you're researching trying to upskill yourself, you know, helping players manage that recovery from a seasoned regenerate their bodies. Yeah, it looked at there's a lots to be done. That's what that's a stage of the Year. We're in here in Australia both two or three months of offseason training wise at the moment lots of walking lots of stretching lots of letting the body recover because I you know, I still play as well as coach but even from a coaching point of view doing there lots of throwing exercises just so that the minute we can all get back into it when you know, when we get out the other side of what's going on around the world that yeah that my body is ready to go as a Mhm. Okay. That's great to hear Chris. Oh Chris as you rightly said it's still some Fitness working on the fitness is the key right now. So can you check on the routine your suggest to your players in this time when it is off season in your part of the world and being locked down, right? So not have access to many places. What are the kind of regime or a team? No, maybe player the case of encouraging people to go and play their winter sports. So it's very very different this time around you know, and those that would normally go in a gym they can't so it's just a case of people getting some basic equipment and it's not a one fit Fitness isn't a one-size-fits-all. So, you know, we've got to be very very tailored to that and you know, we're building programs as we go because we wouldn't We have full groups or all our athletes looking for Cricket Fitness. They normally be playing Aussie rules or soccer, you know, Indoor Cricket, maybe that you know, there'll be lots of other stuff they be doing so it's pretty pretty unique time and we'll probably learn a lot from it. But you know for most of them, it's just keeping up a minor workload and whether that's walking riding a bike Thera-Band work throwing programs. Yeah, it depends on the individual. We sort of tailor it to the individual. Okay, so but still any specifics you want to share Christ rather than doing nothing some few generic things. The players can do especially in the home and from a context not just from Australia. But India as we are completely locked down even can't go out at this point of time. Yeah. Yeah, so I mean, that's it. So I mean, that's it. So that's it for us in Australia. It's it's hard but it for a quick either going into a season like they would be in the UK. Maybe in the u.s. Yes, we've got to come up with things to do and you know, it's a case of you know, if you've got a bat and something you can hit stuck in a break stuff and then there's a batter, you know, you can do lots indoors, you know, I've seen recently people have been I think some of the yesterday we have something that we put around a cold drink here called a stubby holder and which is like a rubber are these to give item to keep your drinks cool. I've seen people hitting balls off those in the last 24 hours, but you know even like a toilet roll tube, you know, that could be used as a batting T. You can use all sorts of balls or make things into balls your tennis balls foam stress balls wiffle balls, which is something that comes from baseball heavy balls, which are the sand fill balls which we tend to use in cricket for power-hitting, but they don't travel very fast so they could be used and very very popular at the moment would be on a string and whether that's hanging from a door frame from a tree from a clothesline from a shower rail, there's no matter what it is is there's lots of ways to be able to safely practice in there in a confined space and you know, you don't necessarily need a bat you can use I've got players that use we use a towel where you're holding the towel with with your idea Top Hand so your left hand for right-hand batter and that tell might be over your all over your back shoulder and moreover your neck in sort of your back top of your backswing position. And then if you you know, if you then use your left hand as you would in the downswing of a shot, you know, you can swing through and and hit the ball off a tee or off a toilet roll tube or you know a small soccer ball off the floor. You can really work on your top hand doing something as simple as that. Okay, that's great. So I think it will really help re so we can definitely share it. The audience later. So if you are able to record some of these things and we can share with wider audience of how you do some of this interesting stuff while staying in door. Yeah. It's pretty easy pretty easy to record that sort of stuff and for people to practice it with with the device that you know that we're involved with here with the stance beam because you don't need you can with the stance Beam on it on a bat. You can set up a drill and it will record that that shot you play and it'll give you You give you lots of data and lots of information that shows you that you are practicing your drills in a confined space as you would be outdoors in the game or Internet session or in a sidearm session or a bowling machine section. Okay now perhaps you brought that up. So we get a more detail into how you are inevitably using that at this point of time Chris, but in terms of Endor, So a few things can be done with the song music my friend Vicki news. Can you hear me? Okay, great Sharon. Chris was specifics in terms of endo. Right? So few things can be done in door with some equipment but a lot of folks may not have something those unique equipments to train at home. Yeah. So what you feel even with the ball and bat which mostly cricketers have right? Yeah, the things they can try endure especially from maybe improving their stance or Doing some muscle memories drills, right or Shadow practicing so one or two key things to practice any short into a mirror into a window, you know, you can look into window and see your reflection in there and the important thing with it though. He important thing is moving is that those drills are done correctly. So I you know, if you can video yourself with the phone and get feedback from a coach, you know, there's no point hitting. Shadow betting a hundred shots the day if you if the shadow betting you're doing is incorrect. So, you know, so there you know, you still need to reach out to your coach or your or a coach or somebody that you yeah you trusted and at the moment we're having to do that remotely with everyone, you know via video files via Zoom meetings stands beam, you know the app We just all having to find a different way. Yeah, so very interestingly. I think these Technologies becoming our savior in this point of time bright kids started their school lessons from whom you using the zoom video. A lot of Fitness classes are going on and same wave for the cricket coaching as well. We have seen a lot of coaches using like a WhatsApp call to Zoom to a lot of coaches also using stands beam. So yeah quite a lot of uses of Technology at this point of time Chris. Yeah. Yeah, that's it is important still be able to connect with the between the connection between the coach and the athlete. Absolutely. Okay great. So Chris specifics on because you have been trying strands being for a long time. I think around 12 months. I think you must have a hundred of training. I was with Stan's beam, right? Yeah. So yeah. So how you you feel in the current situation as a coach? If you can give you ideas that may help others as well coaches as well as players how you are leveraging stands beam in this situation for the remote training with your place for further remote training. It has yeah, it's been super because it's the players can they can practice at home in their driveway? In the backyard or in the hallway in their bedroom and they can get data from soon as that. They've got on their bat and it hits whether they're hitting the rolled up. Yeah full of tape or whether they're hitting a tennis ball. It's showing me they can link me to that session and it's showing me you know, how fast their hands are moving now with the data. I've built with the players over the season and well over the last 12 months I can see If they're practicing if they're swinging too quick if they're swinging too slow, you know, because if they're not swinging at their normal match Pace back swings not moving at this the normal match Pace the bat speed then it sort of not good practice, you know, there might be D training themselves. So, you know the data we've built over the last 12 months is has been amazing and extremely useful and insightful, but now it's allowing me to connect with the player in a way. That would not be possible in these current circumstances. Oh, that's that's great to know Chris. So you mentioned a lot on the data side of this but as you have been using video as well, very intensively right prior stands beam as well. And now the way we capture the videos as well. So how how you seen just the videos these Auto videos. We are capturing how those have been useful especially in this current situation of remote coaching. Hehe? Yes. Absolutely because I can see I don't have to look at data and then look at the Audio that sent separately to my phone or to my email or sit there watching Zoom. I can actually get video, you know LinkedIn and stamped with that data and look straight at it and they can they can move their Camp. They can move their device into different positions. They can yeah that I want to see their batting from the angle and yeah, it all sinks in and it's you know, it's all there for me. And I can you know, Annalise then on my software and and give them feedback, you know, basically instantly. Okay. That's that's great Chris. So before we wind this Chris any any other things you want to share with players in this tough time, right what you message you want to convey right? I think I think I think I think it's you know, I think it's not just for cricketers think it's for life in general just a very positive. No, no, That will all little kid out of this on the other side. But also within the Cricut, you know with it within sport. You keep connected with keeping count contact with your coaches, you know, it's not just a coach player relationship. It's people-to-people relationships that that we build as coaches and you know, just not seeing the players is is difficult not seeing they're not connecting with their parents, you know for us as coaches that that's I mean, we know that with the same for the players and and the parents and partners as well. So yeah, I think I think stay positive and yeah be very focused on what you want to work on with your coach and keep on doing it find a way good. Thanks for those insightful words Chris and just to share with everyone. Chris has been kind enough to volunteer also to help the players other players, even who are not training with him and If you are any part of the world, even if you don't have a stance team, but just can record your videos and send to Chris. Chris is happy to spend some time with you and help you continue to train and help you improve your Technique. So we have a post on stand against me advice from Chris. You can write their register yourself and get the excess and time with Chris. Yes, I am. Looking forward to it. Thanks Chris for your time. Have a great day. Y-yeah. Thanks and have a great one. Bye cheers.