Hi now let's talk about fundamental partnership. What motivated you to join a fun? So this is clearly my association with Sanjeev Sanjeev and I go back to Dutch days for the last 17 years. We worked together and we can always complete each of the sentences. We understand each other so well and at some point of time when he was thinking of starting fundamental along with Nunda nilekani, both of them asked me if I would be interested in being a part of this especially the people Side of things because startups in startups and in organization people is a very very important component. So they were looking for somebody who understands people issues. Well and since I've been in this space 17 years in startups, so they thought that I would fit into this and for me, it was fun as well exploring new territory doing interesting things and that's how I became a part of what role do you play in fundamental partnership? So I play multiple roles. So for example in all the companies that I've worked for The placeholder for me was HR which is people but then coming from an engineering background and having done an MBA. I understand multiple things. I understand Finance. I understand technology. I understand marketing so many of these companies I did multiple things besides people so fundamental as well Mike or rule is about people which is pre investment you evaluating whether you know, the teams that we are to back other right kind of teams the founder Dynamics Are they capable of building a great organization? Do they have the tenacity to go all the way are they capable of hiring people who are better than them for instance. So evaluating the team before making an investment and also looking at the organization structure are they structured correctly other thinking about the business correctly? Are they solving the right kind of problems is this is the scalable is this team capable of scaling and growing it making it big so that's what I do pre investing and post. Ting I help them with people issues, they might have questions they might have questions about structure. They might have questions about you know, how to deal with how to build culture how to deal with people who are not performing how to deal with people who are performing but not aligned to culture. So all those kind of questions they might have so I help them with those kind of things post investing. What are the three key things when you are evaluating a start-up in fundamental partnership the people issues which you check for like it. All three are not met you not invest for us. Is it the the hitch the team should come across to us as easy to work with and ethical. They should not you know hide anything. They should be very easy to work with in at ethical. That's I think the simplest way to describe it. They should be very honest what they say should be what they mean. They should be very transparent. They should be able to say, you know, I don't know we don't know and we don't have an answer to this. We are discovering this along the way being very truthful. So in the conversations, you can figure out whether they are truthful. They don't have to have an answer to every question so they should be easy to work with they should be willing to take advice on things that they don't know well and they should be honest. And of course they should be addressing a large enough market. They should have the business savvy to be able to solve problems. Just ask me the people side I said, they should be honest and transparent and easy to work with so on a holistic view you invested in Museum travel time triangle. Yes, what motivated the entire fundamental partnership to put money behind these is a vision to make them ten billion dollar companies in future. Yes. Absolutely. So intention is always, you know, be should potential of you know companies that we invest should be a billion dollars. So in both these cases we thought that that potential exists and farm easy. You can already see is demonstrating tremendous, you know traction, you know, Big investors are lining up at this point of time. So the farm easy. In fact, our investment is already more than doubled in less than a year and a half. So travel triangle to we are seeing good traction. So poor in both the cases, we found that the founders were passionate about the domain in one case the founders knew the farmer business extremely. Well, they were involved in that business in their early days as well and they were passionate and we knew that they were onto a great idea. It wasn't big basket for Pharma it The pharmacy was something like that and tribal triangle to we found the you know found is very passionate about travel. Very passionate about giving great travel experiences Unique Travel experiences for travelers, and we found that they were willing to work with the existing, you know, travel agents. They were not bypassing them. They were making the existing travel agents Partners in this whole thing and we believe that both these ideas were great. What are the other markets is fundamental partner. Ship investing in right now or is looking to invest in 2019 2020. So we are looking at multiple opportunities consumer internet is one broad area. Then we are looking at B2B and we're also looking at content but in all these three, it's typically Marketplace related. It's not product-related. So for example consumer internet Marketplace could be you know, Urban travel. It could be any form of urban travel are several companies which are you know doing bounce for example is into urban travel the do scooters. No, I'm sure you know that and travel triangle for example falls into this consumed in Internet Marketplace retail could fall into this then also be to be also transaction related Marketplace. So basically a Marketplace but in B2B could be in consumer internet or in the content space as an angel investor, which companies are you an investor in I have invested in companies like rocket IAM, which is run by stage and anurag Ugh then also invest in best doc absolu absolute was a founder of delivery. I think he was investor in your company also Siddharth. Yes, he was he was there and he was a part of big basket as well. He helped big basket build the express business. I've invested in his startup is best doc also invested in a startup called Ginny and another one called unfound. And what's your ticket size is while you are investing in these Dwight ticket size is about 15 lakhs. It's a small very small tickets. And are you an active angel investor or because you knew these Founders very well. That's why Universe. I am not an active angel investor. I invested because they knew these Founders very well. So that's my entire approach, which is that I should know the founders very well. So that's the only ring after that. I don't really bother for example. I don't in Sister the founders take my advice if they want my advice they take it they don't want my advice. They don't take it. So I invest money and I see myself as just an investor. So I give my money to people I know very well.