Coming on to the big basket Journey. What motivated you to join big basket? And how did the journey happened big basket again? This was when I moved out of a taxi for sure my conversation with my mentor Sanjeev. Sanji was on the board of big basket. He said big basket is good company to work for why don't you come on board didn't haven't had a head of HR. They were looking for a head of HR and I met the founders found from with the founders. They were amazing people as well. They were older than much older than Raghu and a premiere. But as I've always said age does not matter It ultimately is about you know, do you have the energy or do you have the entrepreneurial Drive? Are you a tickle? Do you are you fun to work with? Are you building a great company? And I found that they were committed to building great company and I thought I should come on board. What were your key learnings and still what are the key challenges which you face while building the basket? So I think the biggest lesson I learned from Big basket was from the founders particularly was that times will keep changing. They will be oscillations at some point of time. They will be a lot of focus on growth investors will push you to burn a lot of money and grow the tide would turn very quickly and investors would ask you to make profits and ask you where is the money the founders were clearly aware of this because they were old enough to have gone through these Cycles in the past. So they built a very frugal business. They did not waste money they did not In money, they ran the business very optimally so that was my biggest learning. I think when you're building a business run the business optimally don't get carried away by the latest fad or fashion or Trend do whatever is the sound thing to do do whatever however a business is to be run. So I think that was very critical as a result of which we are likely to break even also very soon. So we might possibly be the first e-commerce company that would break even as a result of this approach. In terms of challenges, I think we work with the large category of blue collar Workforce Blue Collar is really a term that we use to describe, you know are people who work in our warehouses delivery boys, and we have a very large army of these individuals. So getting their loyalty getting their love getting them to work for us, you know with middle optimal attrition is a big challenge continues to be a big challenge. Because this category of Workforce will switch very quickly. There is a lot of competition for people at the bottom of the pyramid Swig. He's hiring in big numbers who motto is hiring at this point of time. I think delivery boys, especially bikers are in hot demand. They are in as much demand as the best tech folks that join companies like Google. So I think hiring and retaining this category of Workforce motivating them to be as customer-centric as we want everyone in the company to be glad Mately, they are the last faced with the customers. They interact with customers or customers see big basket through them. So how can we get them to be customer Centric and how can we get them to be loyal and those are some of the biggest challenges what are the key processes? If you would like to share some three or four which you have implemented at Big basket and which have hit big basket scale rapidly. I think you know in terms of processes. I would say you should build some. You still or fundamental processes which will help you? Scale? The foundation should be extremely strong. So in terms of foundation, we have something called prevention of sexual harrasment a lot of startups. You must have seen cases where Founders were involved in harassment. They were other senior employees in big basket. You would not find a single case like this for the simple reason right from the beginning. We created a policy of prevention of sexual harrasment communicated this across the company and we have women not just in corporate women in cop Operator typically well-educated they're aware of their rights. And if they are has they can easily have recourse they can approach people outside big basket, but we have women working in the warehouses as Packers. They are people who come from backgrounds where they're used to being harassed. So they would never even know that they need to complain even those women have been made aware of their rights the day a woman joins the a Jarhead in the region in nasik, wherever we are in in Kochi could be in Kolkata could be in Pune could be in In Lucknow a woman joins within 24 hours. The HR head would meet her tell her about her rights. Tell her what record she has give her the phone numbers of internal complaint committee members the region business head would meet her so they are well aware of their rights and we have been in situations where a couple of senior people were involved in harrasing women. For example at some point of time when lady called me and said I want to see you from the tone. I realized that it was Very important. So I said, why don't you come down right away. She was in tears. She was complaining that the head of the department was involved in harrasing her and the head of the department that function that the guy ran was very critical for big basket big baskets ability to scale dependent on that function being able to deliver and the head of the function was accused of this. I called two key Founders and told them that so the hacker and hurry told them that a complaint has come we will investigate this. 24 hours, we will take a decision and very likely I mean it's very likely that we might it might be true and we might have to let this person go so they took less than 15 seconds to tell me we should do the right thing. We investigated found the person guilty let the person go so that single decision created such Goodwill in the company every woman and big basket respects the company for the simple reason that we took some of these very tough calls in one of the Region's we Had HR head was involved in harrasment of his own team members. This came to our notice and this HR had was in the region where it was important to politically interact with people in that area. He had connections with the unions. He had connections with political leaders. We almost thought that we can't run the region without this person, but we took the call to let him go. So some of these calls I would say created great Goodwill and build such a strong Foundation. I think this is the most important Was this if you ask me that helped the company scale there are several other customer related processes. There are several other logistics related processes Warehouse processes, which are very very important. But some of these people related a very foundational and very Elementary because get us four to five co-founders. How do four to five co-founders bring Clarity of purpose among themselves and in decision-making because we have seen in many startups with the large teams in the Co-founder conflicts somehow DX relates the startups. So the way this works is I would say is that the co-founders are a bunch of mature people then I think this is not likely to happen mature by mature. I really mean you need to be self-aware. So for example, if there are some issues or topics that I don't understand and I know I don't understand then it's a great place to be in because then I won't feel that I should be involved in decision making on these topics. So I think all the five Founders have big Guitar very self-aware not all five of them may be equally competent. They will be some people who are more competent than the others not all five are involved with every decision. There are about two or three founders who maybe Corps who may be involved in every single decision fundraise and everything else and the other Founders are dead playing their respective roles. As long as you are self-aware. I don't think you will have conflict self-aware means you know that I don't need to be involved in everything. These are my limitations and this is what I will do.