Welcome back to Doctor you miss one more podcast. And today's topic is Transcendental Meditation TM a KTM. And yeah, we will be talking about the Transcendental Meditation and step-by-step method possible how to do Transcendental Meditation Soleus guys. And yeah, let's wait for some people of listeners and this is going to be a short topic. So I'll try to end it like within an hour. So yeah, I'll be getting started in Just 2 minutes. Let's wait for some listeners and then we'll get into the term. Hmm. Yeah. Okay guys, let's get into the topic and Before getting into that what Transcendental Meditation is we all know what meditation is right this have to put over like maybe you already know how to meditate but do you know how to do Transcendental Meditation? So that is a reason why we are here today. So you can say that meditation was first developed in India many years ago around like 5,000 to 3500 BC it quite some time to become popular in the western world. But today it is celebrated as a therapeutic tool to easily. Stress anxiety depression and addictions in the past years ago. It has also been recognized to improve mental performance and it's consequently became a multi-billion Dollar business. So it when we are when we think about and we will talk about accreditation. We usually think about what's called as mindfulness meditation, but do you know that there are seven different kinds of medications that are being practiced all over the world. What are the different types of meditations love kind? - meditation body scan or a Christian meditation mindfulness meditation with awareness meditation Kundalini Yoga Yoga Zen meditation and Transcendental Meditation. So over the past decade the Transcendental Meditation take ATM has become extremely popular scoring a staggering 5 million followers that practice it every single day. You may have also heard about the benefits of TM & bonded. And we should be wondering about the liquor. What is the worst one of all about sodium is a type of like Mantra meditation that has become introduced to the Western World in 1950 by mahara. She Mahesh Yogi, he taught the practice all over the world for 40 years to spray it is but it's movement like touching from anyone from politicians to The Beatles. So today many celebrities like generation film Hugh Jackman and again Ellen degrees. Begin receiving end of the behavior is okay and Howard Stern publicly say that G and change their lives. It does the / the popular movie director, if you know about him like the David Lynch included a foundation to help spread Transcendental Meditation around the world. So these big names is certainly contributed to the success of this practice. But the main reason for the popularity of the tmesis Simplicity if you have tried to meditate in the past, but you couldn't stick to it for a long time and then you can Experience the benefits and then guys, this is what we have to learn about Transcendental Meditation, but this will be what will be helping you to get it built in this podcast. I will try to highlight the main difference between like mindfulness meditation and Transcendental Meditation and buy some people like one type of one type of better than that of the other one. So I will try to explain how transcendental organization like teaches it students and allows you to go get a step-by-step guide like how to do TM on your own So generally meditation was mine mindfulness meditation so we can differentiate between both of them. Like what is what what is what and why so guys if allowing the content then please share your love hit the heart button which you can see in your testing column that will be able to achieve with advice and you continued every single day. I love you all. So two one beep singer high-minded saying, how are you so to understand by GM is unique. We need to take a step back and examine how Let's meditation books. Okay, all the other types of meditations use a similar mechanism to the mindfulness, but except TM. So I'm going to describe only the difference between the two types of the sake of the Simplicity. Let's not make it a difficult to you. Hi Monday were saying how are you? So mindfulness in current popular culture encourages the cultivation of like non-judgmental moment to moment awareness both during the practice and in everyday life in Raonic on high gear icon. So we all experience a multitude of thoughts that distract us from what's in front of our eyes Okay, so maybe we are thinking about our to-do list or like simply hearing the sounds of a song brain back off. Memory, in any case we tend to spend more time in our head that in the present moment. So with mindfulness meditation by repeatedly to returning your conscious awareness to the practice to the present moment. We are able to observe our anxious or depressed you towards to the patterns. I'm doing fantastic Monday playing thanks for joining with me guys here guys, please share your love with the heart button, which you can see in your text in column. I love you all. So let's have a bird with the Mandeep Singh. connecting with Mandeep Singh and then we'll be having a word with appear too. Just wait for some time so that I can have a word with my lip singing time and dancing. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. So where are you from and obscene and I'm from India to where in India? Punjab State and you and job stick. I'm from like Telangana State Hyderabad. So one lip sync. How long have you been using open job? I'm straight now. No, I'm asking. How long have you been using open Talk FM? After few days 5 days ago 5 days ago. Okay. So what do you do? What do you pursue you said your student? Right? What do you pursue a bachelor's degree? Wonderful. Wonderful. So what did you do? Yeah, I have I'm a motivational speaker English tutor and I'm the author of book called as understand a woman is easy. Can you can you repeat it? I can't hear you. I said, I'm an English tutor motivational speaker and author of a book understanding women is easy. No, no Monday Monday. Let me tell you one thing. So I think this is the first time we are having a word so never say that my English is not good. Okay, say that I'm a beginner. Okay, don't use the negative words because you had just started learning English. So once you go through it, you will be you'll learn it better. That doesn't mean that your English is bad say that I'm a beginner or say that I am I have started to learn English, okay. Never use the negative words. Yes. I can I Just Give It 2 minutes. Let me have a word with money then he'll speak with you. Monday you don't have to call me sir. You can call me Amy, or dr. Amy. Hello. I said you can call me. Dr. Amy or Amy. Don't call me, sir. Yeah. Yeah something I already told you. I'm an English tutor motivational speaker and author of Book understanding women's easy. Let's talk about to pick at least his Transcendental Meditation. Do you have any idea about meditation? Don't do it. Yeah, so better you stay online and listen to me while I'm trying to explain Transcendental Meditation, which is very helpful for focusing and select positivity you speak Yeah, okay my dip thank you so much for joining with me do follow me on open talk and do share your love by clicking the heart button, which you can see near texting column. Yeah. Yeah, bye. Take care. So guys do follow me on open talking to hit the heart icon, which you can see new testing column share your love with me that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating and it every single day. So as you're discussing about like a differentiation between like Transcendental Meditation and mindfulness meditation, so to understand by GM is unique, we need to take a step back and examine how mindful meditation works. Okay. So all the other type of meditation could use a similar mechanism to the mindfulness as I have previously said that isn't it. So in simple words, this means like noticing your thoughts and learning to let go of them by shifting. Ting the mental focus from the thought to something like to the movement of your present Yeah, so to better understand this concept you can imagine your mind like an ocean on the surface via you have like waves of hides and shapes different heights in different shape, but deep down there is nothing but complete comment Stillness. So you two words are like that. Your thoughts are the Dave's here. This is all I am seeking for about mod not working dog. Try me. It's all sigh. Okay cycle. I'm not going to say your full name. So Transcendental Meditation is completely different when compared to other type of medications. We have seven different types of mutations. So we are only discussing about Transcendental Meditation and it is like taking an in-depth journey into your brain so that you can have an experience of that one. So do stick with us here till the end of the topic you might be finding this helpful. Who knows, isn't it? So in normal life, you would swim above the waves of your mind trying to face them head-on. Sometimes you can climb them ha and swim swim through. Okay. So sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the power and end up drowning or feeling beads in a by the strength. So mindfulness meditation is like having a surfboard that allows you to write those waves effortlessly the more you practice the better you get at surfing and the easier it is to become to like a Is it becomes to manage your thoughts too? Sometimes while going through this process people may eventually get to a state which is like a complete mental Stillness. This state is the second state of the meditation of transcendence. So now let me tell you about like how Transcendental Meditation will be different when compared to the mindfulness meditation. So once you understand the difference, then we can get into the procedure of like how to do the mind for Transcendental Meditation. So let's take the same example of your mind being like an ocean. Imagine having a submarine instead of as a surfboard. I'm going to stick to it. But if it doesn't help me I'm going to lose myself. You will not be losing yourself stick to yourself and try and try and try and sooner or later. You'll be finding your answers. That is what the humans are made to do. Be positive psycho be positive. So I in the previous example where we were discussing about like mindfulness meditation will come to Transcendental Meditation. We are using a submarine instead of a surfboard imagination you do this don't have to take a surf board a submarine. Okay, just like a submarine can safely take you to the depths deep or deep inside of your minds where it's literally calm and peaceful. Now, I think that I have your attention. Let's explore how Transcendental Meditation books if the goal of mindfulness is to train the Any conscious awareness when the goal of p.m. Transcendental Meditation is to go beyond the tricky process. If you're able to do properly this can be as simple as a medic continuation of the flow of mindfulness meditation the vehicle TM uses to reach the static is the Mantra itself. So you can even call as at the Mantra meditation is the dirt Transcendental Meditation. If you come back to the example of the ocean now that we have our submarine, which is the mantra. We are able to slowly reach the depth of the ocean where there's nothing but calm and Stillness. okay, so in there in the depths If I Lose Myself, I generally abuse people just letting you know, so in that case I co abuse me if you are losing yourself And that there is a state of like a restful awareness where you can tap into the source of energy thoughts and creativity when we get to these depths we experienced a profound state of rest and let go of even the deepest stresses. So the benefits you can see that the beneficial effects of the Transcendental Meditation happens spontaneously, but not consciously when you are able to reach the state of transcendence through those who like regularly practice Transcendental Meditation increases The mindfulness and a very deep relief in stress. So when it comes to like the TM teachers which are with whom I had about they emphasize the fact that mine has a natural tendency of going into the Tranquil State. Unfortunately, the mind also has a tendency to always look for what's interesting around. This is why with mindfulness meditation having its focus on actively observing thoughts. It is harder to lean on this tendency of like the brain one to settle on to keep tranquility. So now the question should be like, how do I get to the state of transcendence? But guys when the question arises the answer is also very simply by chanting a mantra. Yeah, what does a TM looks like? We have to understand that one. You are the only person I'm following here. Thank you for that cycle. Thank you so much for having a trust and belief on to me. If you feel like that of like no help to your stomach any point then as you said when you lose your views people so let it go on me. Before we get into like what exactly a month ra is and how it works. I want you to get an idea about what a standard Transcendental Meditation practice look like. Okay, all that is required to practice TM is to sit and have your eyes closed. That's it. That's it. You don't need any particular pose of Porsche surely surely be in a row. That's for sure. Girls Ghana, how are you? So in a quiet room with a comfortable chair that will be helping you to facilitate the process. But once you get a grip of it, you could do it anywhere even while sitting at your desk in or or even a bus. That's for sure. So, how could I when did I came to know about his Transcendental Meditation? I was in one of our like a faculty meeting and my inspiration my he was the country had of our branch and he came there and he was telling about the Transcendental Meditation to I was So much inspired and bought the thing that runs in the meditation and he was explaining that this is not the meditation which you normally do. So I started to research on that one. I started to work on that one. He literally said that Transcendental Meditation can be done anywhere right now in this meeting to so that is what made me that is what made me think about it for you guys. Just a second. So I started researching about Transcendental Meditation and guys. It is literally very helpful for me, and I hope if you do it properly that will be helpful for you to guys. If you are loving the content and please do share your love by hitting the heart button, which you can see near texting column that will be motivating me to come and some passing the content every single day. I love you. You see that lady hearts. Are you texting column small one sweet red color one. Just hit that down. So now now that I have told you that what do we need to undergo? What do we need to do for like a transient limitation having a place to sit with like being alone and in a combat zone. So now let's discuss about devotees and Mantra. Okay. I'm under eye setting but a meaningless sound not meaningful sound meaningless sound. There is no real secret behind the Mantra X except for the fact that it should have no meaning and it should sound positive people tend to get Too caught up with like what guide what type of Mantra is right for them? And when I had a bird with like the Transcendental Meditation teachers and they all stated that that the more we don't know about our Mantra the better it is so this goes back to the fact that our mind is always making mental connections. If you try to chant a word that sounds too much like a bird. then that we know that the meaning of we will automatically create the word to images images to sound sounds to smell smells to memories and Hello. And so chanting or totally meaningless word will be helping you much better and it is easier to lean into the tendency of our mind to get into triangle state. Psycho. I have this habit of like continuously speaking and I do that every single time and I don't know if I'm losing some points to which I have learned previously from all the trans and meditation teachers, but I make sure that whenever I say a point I try to say it in a straightforward, but I hope you are not reading any book. I do read a lot of books if that is the question. I do read a lot of books. But if you asking that if I'm reading a book right now then no. So it is a very simple process. I've been practicing meditation for like 3 years now so I can speak about it at any single time which we can feel better. But still I have many doubts regarding Karma and Instant Karma, which is been going on. So I'm still researching on that one. Okay, so shall we get into the topic? So what kind of mantras can we use most of the mantras which I know which I use are the very simple very example one very basic one. It is cream. Sherry Inga Emma, but when it comes to the meditation Mantra, we all know that ohm is a very famous monster, isn't it? The most common Mantra and is his home itself and when it comes to the Transcendental Meditation it is not Advised to use the ohm because it has a meaning and these can to do spiritual values and that will have a tendency of taking us to of different thoughts and images as we have previously said, isn't it? So that is the reason we want. We don't normally we don't use home apart from that any Mantra works fine, but when it comes to like the chanting of the Mantra it should be like so And we have we can go with the kitten in that way in which against like serum. It is also the same one, but you have to let yourself go in a slow and steady Manner and welcome to like so whenever whenever you chant the Mantra it should be going with your breathing alone. and same goes with Inga that So we have to take a the same step of which you are doing, but when comes like the Simplicity, I believe that cheering is the simplest one. So and you should try to vary the length and the tone of each letter of your Mantra itself because the way I said cream and you can stretch the key here and you can decrease the amount of our you're using here and you can increase the am which I do normally does and because it gives like a humming sound which is very helpful for me if psychosis embossed your personal mantra. Psycho. My personal Mantra is Kira my favorite one the most simple one. So when it comes like different mantras, I will tell you one thing guys month has are not what it is important here. It is about like the it is just a meaningless word, which is helping you to take your mindset to remind you to a different value where like a you are literally into an ozone depth inside of your brains. So like if you're trying to do like TM on your own, you'll notice that the Mantra you choose the mind to too much of a real work, so there's just go pick another On in the same way, but if you're even saying that Karin and when I am saying this cream again and again so many times and if I'm Erica, I'm connecting that Mantra bit some real-world objects silver people. Then I should change my mother to something else because the main photo of having a mantra is to Let It Go So definitely that if you're learning this DM from a teacher then they will they will choose the mantra for you on your own first meeting itself. When the media for the first time they will give you giving you like a questionnaire and you have to fill out the questionnaire and then they will give you the Mantra to chant with and then they will be like giving you that this mantras are better for you to chat with. So what does the but the point is that is TM the right fit for you because we have seven different types of meditation when it comes to personalities. So for medium works like magic and I do believe that GM is in a wonderful day because I commute a lot so that time I just plug in because I use it and I plug in with my mantras because I change I can't chant these mantras loud out in a bus isn't it? So I just plug in my earphones and I just listened to my mantras and I try to make Did while I'm commuting so it's like I even I can't tell you that nobody can tell you that if GM is better than any other type of meditation everything works differently for each individual and it's our duty to try and discover new things before judging them. the definitely guys if you're if you're if you're trying for like a mindfulness meditation, if you're trying for like love and kindness meditation, then it depends upon the type of personality you have and we don't know that which one will be having you to get a hold on to that one. I have a sensation in between my eyes. Third eye mostly When I visit a spiritual places. Why I have a sensation in between my eyes third. I mostly going to visit us spiritual places sukumara. How do you describe it as a third eye. Like what do you feel at that time? Let me know about that one first. Guys, if you are doing meditation from the beginning answer then I highly suggest you to try TM on your own with if possible. Try with the teacher the same goes for the people who that who are new to the meditation to but what in the case I would recommend start some mindfulness meditation and I would like to suggest even an app for you, which is the headspace. I started doing Mantra and I'm feeling sleepy. Now. This is how it works psycho. When you chant a mantra it should take you to a calmness arrest restful State. Maybe you are feeling rest now restful State. Maybe you're in a restful state. But if you're literally feeling sleepy that means you have to have you should have more focus on like doing the meditation. Bucket name, please. What is the name you're asking for? Could you just repeat your question? So guys DM can be quite tricky for beginners without having the proper guidance and Justice me. It's like a costly business too. But when you start doing mindfulness meditation, you can take the next step to go to like a TM to go the application. It is headspace. I have tried the headspace and it is wonderful headspace. I used it to for like a I have this sleep depravation problem a lot like a couple of years ago, then I tried head space. I just have to plug in my headphones and listen to the conversation for 3 minutes and just focus. That's it. It works good. It's good for your sleep good for your daily activities include for your focus. They obey the instructions are given in a slow way along with the mantras. The headspace does a wonderful job. But the thing is that it is a paid application to so you can only use for like, maybe like a week or two. I'll do an economy fastener. Yes head space without space. So learning about your mind is truly a doula a delightful experience guys, the more you learn about the mechanics of your brains the more you can experience personal growth and happiness. I would like to join UV 1 2 3 and guys that is it what I would like to tell you about like there are so many meditation applications available. Well on Play store and on Android store, so what do you have to do is that follow the instructions of those tools that the beginners level of meditation because see if you take any chance of like going to join some meditation classes, that's a wonderful thing, but trust me the enthusiasm which will be having today. If you be going off in a couple of days we have to wake up early in the morning. We have to dress in a certain way and go to do the do the meditation yoga. You might be able to focus yourself for a week. But later on you will be having a problem to go maybe because of Tidy maybe because you're tired. You're lazy. So try using the applications for a couple of days and maybe a couple of weeks and that will be helping you to have a habit of doing meditation. So mindfulness meditation is first what you have to start with for a couple of weeks, then once you get a hold on to this meditation, try Transcendental Meditation Transcendental Meditation to simplified, let me tell you one thing. It is a meditation with mantra. Shy shy shy. Guys, share your love with me hit the heart button, which you can see near texting column that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating content every single day, and I love you all. Some sensation comes and goes in between eyes. I do on a pond and get personal. I started a month ago and I'm feeling sleepy. Now. This is how it works. Is this how it works is the question. Okay, it's your personal mantra. Dolls glad to see you here. Okay guys, just give me a couple of minutes. I'll be back. Okay, guys, I'm Becca. Sorry. I was just having some water. So guys let me tell you about once again about the kinds of the different types of meditation. You might be finding these meditations in applications to and as I said, there are seven types of meditations love kindness meditation Transcendental Meditation Zen meditation Kundalini Yoga breath, awareness meditation Progressive relaxation, or you can even call as a body scan and Mindfulness meditation. So these are the seven types of meditations and I would ask you to try all kind of meditations and see which is suitable for you the most and that will be helping you and I know I'm no one to say that this is good for you. But what I know about Transcendental Meditation is what made me come up here and have a word about what with you regarding the Transcendental Meditation and it truly believed that Transcendental Meditation is is the only type of meditation which helps you to let the things go and look into your Deeper Self. when compared to other types of meditations So guys if you have any doubts, just let me know in the comments section and I'll be finishing this topic soon enough. Wonderful. Okay, so guys share your love hit the hot button. And that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating wanted every single day and I love you. Hmm. So let's wait for like couple of minutes if anyone would like to join us and have a word because It's knowing that case will be adding the podcast. Dunya marry licking well, very bitchy. Banana banana limit each other. So guys thank you so much for being part of today's podcast and the topic is Transcendental Meditation TM. And I'm ending the topic officially now now now we are done with the topic Transcendental Meditation. So now we can have some chicken some casual talk if anyone is interested to have some casual talk then send me requests and let's have a vote on that one. Lovely lovely. Hi lovely lovely. Lovely lovely. Let's see who's so guys if you would like to have a word with me con John with me regardless of the topic. latest Hey, Rocky, good evening. So guys I have ended the topic now we can have a basic to chat. If you would like to have a top award with me regarding anything. You can have a word with me just tell me the request and let's have about of them. If not all the end of the podcast soon enough. Let's see. Let's have a void with Raja rajeshwari sing lovely lovely very nice topic. Thank you so much. Lovely lovely. Loving lovely. If it is very nice topic then please share your love with us share the hit the heart button which you can see in your texting column. Raj rajeshwar Singh Yes, good evening. Hello. Hi, Rocco, Hi, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? Fine? Fine? Thank you for asking. So, where are you from? I'm Rajasthan. Whoo Rajasthan. Okay. Yeah. Hello. Nothing that they were just reading a comment you have ended the topic. I have started the Mantra instant impact. Okay. Okay. I want to know one thing. Do you do any meditation? I do Transcendental Meditation and I do like this mindfulness meditation to okay. Hi. How are you? Yes Raj. Yes, so you you are just just I'm coming coming to talk to you you just ending your session. So I think I should connect to you. That's why you know, I just don't know. I just ended the topic. I didn't end of the session I just added the topic so that I can have a word with you. Okay, Rahul Raj. Yes, please wait for some time. I will be definitely having a word with you two around Raj pore. William Suraj, so how long have you been using Open Tom? Yeah, it's around one month, Jean one month. Okay. Yes. So how long have been using opened on FM this one? I usually listen it but not regularly. Okay. Hi jaanu, yes, but but I have heard a lot of your open Talk broadcast and you you giving lot of information through your broadcast and you have very great knowledge about things and you just giving us a lot of knowledge and information and we like developing ourselves through your motivation. And lot of information. Thank you Joshua. That's so the to nice of you. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. Oh, it's my pleasure. So our Raja rajeshwari. Would you like to ask anything else and I'm like a like to feel that how beneficial is open? Talk to everyone? Yes. It is. Very very beneficial and most important thing is it's free anybody can join it and anybody can do Brock broadcast if we want to share here is thoughts and it's good information. It is very very very useful and beneficial for everyone who want to improve his English is speaking or anything lot of things we can improve through this app. So it is very very good. Oh is it that's really good to hear from you Raj? And I truly believe that is application wonderful and a good platform to learn for everyone and I am saluting a lot of things from other people's here. And so that's that's really good and Raj. Thank you so much for coming here. Thank you so much for being a part. Thank you so much for sharing your point of views. Please do share your lap hit the heart button and do follow your open talk to you sure sure and I want I would like to thank you for accepting my request. The pleasure is all mine. Thank you. and hello. Yeah. Hello may also 9e did I everything I did I How are you now? better but you don't sound like I just wake up. That's just woke up. Okay. Then what's with the Emoji that you are sending while sending the request seems like still you are upset about something. I am upset onion, you know, you know that so yeah. I just I just told you the truth, right? I'm like that's a very casual thing under natural. Okay, I won't I won't do that ever again. Okay normal on their stalks ever again, whatever it may be. just John oh, yes see. No need to know this. I'll do anything for you. It doesn't feel good when you're so dull. Come on cheer up now. Lovely lovely. I'm from Hyderabad. johnno licking my channel Hello. Hello. Where are you naturally show made of us an idea, baby. Dr. Animo Magnolia personal Mi Ami Mizuno like in Psycho Can you show me the me? I have to broadcast maybe he's from the beginning. He's from the start of the topic in case from the beginning then let's go for Donnie and you know, because I'm gonna open up many with Daya announcer 2 to 3 times. The topic is officially done and we can have a chitchat. Okay. It was a gruesome. Hi, Anand. I'm looking for someone in the podcast then he's not here. Then you see what another is typing. I can't a comment. I'm not using hands-free this way. And this thing mrs. Dr. Jimmy. Hi. Come on Andy saying mrs. Dr. Amy high temperature to jaya's it to survive. You are the girl is news reporter. You are a business. Okay? They're not very common. How are you feeling now? Very sleepy. You're not on parole. Just I'm just wake up. You just woke up. Okay? And what time of Joy Chimes his Soldier though? on to make a monitor Okay here it means like how are you right? Yeah, I'm fine. How are you real? Me and I interview her. Thanks for sharing your lives. So guys if you are loving the content share your love hit the heart button and thank you so much for joining. I have officially under the topic. This is just such an interview. Is it to Jonathan? Name used now. John news Sunset a new study of animal a cookie. Good morning now actually. Is Jonathan Goodman about Yokai India? It's 8:45. Okay. What should the time you need? Yeah time qadiani Nira botany night, honey. Nobody it's okay. But are you feeling better now? No, Trilogy. Okay, 50% 50% No, I don't. I don't need to take this. Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure. I go to Boulder the Benedict against Ebola. Yeah. Someone asks named talker. I guess you think Erica there's a broadcast over you might up belief about the sarada America. It's a dog. He's I think he's talking about today. Yeah, God today today today one person do a video podcast against you Anna. Yeah. How do I have labeled you? Okay, same person. Hey. Connor Sona No way. johnno Meghan Psycho you're crossing your limits. so, uhh Which knee don't repeat such kind of words. Once the topic is done. If you are not finding anything interesting you can leave. the second Ocala Do you know Donna? Anyway, I'm going to end this podcast the cello. I'll just call you once I'm done with it and Kirk Arrow Q Bert Askew and career is done. So that is the thing topic though when they have to multiply are you sure now. Yeah, Jenna. I'm sure I was just waiting for you to come here. That's it. Today the topic is done how officially ended. Okay, okay, okay. Okay guys. Thank you so much for joining. And yeah, this will be the end of the topic. And thank you so much for joining with me thousand fifteen people listening. That's so that's so good of you because share your love for Persona of of share share your love with me hit the heart button guys, that will be motivating me to come with some fascinating content. I'm done with today's topic so much. Thanks so much for joining with me. And yeah, I love you all. Please take care and have a wonderful day and be positive and be confident and be challenging towards all the goals. So, thank you guys. Have a wonderful day. Love you all and Yeah. Thank you guys. Ah have intense guy. Bye. It's okay. I will have a word some other time. I have to go now. Take care. See ya. Hello office signing off. Dr. Amy sayonara.