Thank you. Thank you so much for we are live. I know I know I can see that. Let's start with that main topic today. Yeah, so so like traveling first of all, I would like to know how do you prefer traveling solo or in a group? First of all, I would like to tell you that traveling is a very much important for me. Like if you are having a job if you are stuck in somewhere, so every once in a while, you should travel you should get out of that particular case, which you're going to daily and daily and daily and just using up your head and just stressing your life. You don't need to stress your life. You just need to travel once in a while and personally for me traveling solo is much more important. Okay. So how often do you travel for me? I prefer to travel once in every month. Very nice. That is very nice because we because I also have share the same opinion that traveling traveling is a is a great therapy and traveling also helps a person develop develop mentally and physically because what happens is when you explore new places. And you learn about new places new culture. I think you grow as a person. Yes. Absolutely Deva Katta. I completely agree with you on this because personally for me traveling is like meditation life. Yep. I'm getting off if I'm going continuously on in one job and I am if I am going outside that job, so I am remembering that here there is lot more than that what I am having right now in my life, correct? There's a lot more what I can do in this huge world. It's a huge world are lots of possibilities. Correct. And if you see if you see covering the whole of India will take a life end. There are so many beautiful pay places, which do not even feature in the itinerary of a package tour of a what do you say or designated package tour? Because those are very unpopular places. So what happens when you go like I also prefer solo traveling when you go when you travel solo you can explore more places. Yes, that is true and along with the places you can explore new people and new dialects and new cultures. That is correct. Yes II Conte I couldn't get you. Can you repeat please I was telling you that for personally, I feel that if we are going solo and you are not going with your known ones. If you are going with your known ones, you will just be talking to them and just going along with your group. If you're traveling slow solo, you will be interacting with people you have to interact with people when you are going solo corrects. I get absolutely web because I can recollect. I can recall an incident. It I had where I had gone to secrete bile elephant camp in shimoga that was in the my month of March. I had one like it was wholly I we had holy holy vacation at that time more two days holiday for Holy. So I had gone to shimoga from Hyderabad and I and I met so many lovely people there and I stayed in the jungle Cottage. It was a very nice experience because in the jungle car Cottage only two or two or three families were there but we had fun interacting with each other like in the in the evenings we used to go together hang out together it it gives you a chance to meet other people and and celebrate diversity. That is true the bigger and let me just ask you one question. What about the mosquitoes in that jungle Cottage? Obviously mosquito was a problem, but I will since I am a Solo Traveler. I already otomo stays in my kit bag and I was taking enough precautions like wearing Star Socks and there is a there is a special kind of otomo's which has come out where you just put it put two or three drops of the lotion on the clothes and the mosquitoes will not come so it will so that is me that you are very keen on. After of traveler, yeah first before I back before I pack my bag before anything. The first thing on my list of items is that oh Tomas if I am her traveling solo Oh, yeah decent magicians would be also the yes, it is first is like help I take care of my health apart like what things are required to protect. Health in a new place so all kinds of medicines and and Odo mass and also sanitizer. That is true. Yeah and maybe go personally for me if I am I will can travel all day but when there is a time to sleep, I just need that Comfort lie, if I am sleeping for just six hours. I need that Compass lie. I can't manage that in the jungle Cottage experience. I can't do that. Actually, I also used to have the share have the same opinion about a jungle Cottage. But when I visited securable jungle Lodge, they have very good. They have very good Cottages with like proper beds. Like you don't have to you don't have to take a sleeping bag or something. They have proper rooms as well where you could like it is it is a wooden wooden hat where you can stay so they have those kind. If you want to go if you want to stay in a camp, you can stay in a tent as well or you can stay in a cottage also, so I do die. Yeah, so I chose a tent but there are Cottages as well. So you and since you all are in Bangalore, I think you must try and go to shimoga. Once it is a very nice elephant elephant Camp. Yeah. All right. It's like elephant Camp. Okay you we can see more elephants there, right? Yeah, elephants are primarily like you will also have an elephant Safari. Yeah. Okay, they have teamed elephants also. Yes. Yes, they have damned elephants also and they get day they take you for a for an elephant ride early in the morning like at five o'clock. Yeah. This is very bad. I call myself World traveler and I have never seen an elephant life. Oh, what is this? Oh, don't do this then. In Karnataka, there is another Bundy poor is also their Bundy poor National Bundy poor Forest. You can go there as well. So the Karnataka has a lot of wildlife sanctuaries where you can go. Okay. I person I am personally from north of India and there is also Corbett National Park I have been together. I've seen little bit deer species and little bit of I think wild dogs. I've seen otay her tiger was not able to see and I'm not that much of Courage has to face a tiger you understand one Arava. Whatever that is. That is nice. That is nice. I'm personally much more into meeting new people not animals. So so what has been your most memorable memorable trip so far and how about since how long have you been traveling? For me, I've been traveling from the age of three. I remember I was being I was in Taj Mahal at Taj Mahal in Agra. So I also have a picture at that time from that time. And from that time. I have been to West Bengal side. I've been to Jammu and Kashmir. I've been to Kerala. I've been to common law do I've been to Gujarat that both area. Yeah, yeah, so there are a lot of memories lot of people around there. I was being with my family of course, but now I am much more keen on traveling solo. Very nice. Very nice. They did it then definitely I think a few few like-minded people like us we should plan a trip soon this year only. Yes, not this year this month. Let's let that that did that Still soon let's cancel the Valentine's month and just travel that's a very nice idea. I was say and I would like to share another experience that I would like to share another experience. I had gone to Amritsar wagah border with my friend with the just the two of us had gone. So we had gone to go jelly. Bug we have we saw the we saw the Volga parade during during Independence Day. Yeah, so we got during that time. It was it was and I must say I must tell you go. What do you say the golden temple is fantastic fantastic if you want like if you want some if you believe in me meditation and spirituality Golden Temple is the best place. Cause they are you there's the gurbani is playing 24 by 7 and you can sit at in any place in the in the temple. There is no restriction. Yeah. I was just thinking about the jallianwala bagh is you might have got the sky scares, right? Actually actually when when we when we were I are reading the inscriptions on the wall about and I am also a history student so I have read a lot about Out janaballah bagh Massacre, and it was it obviously it feels very bad seeing that what happened and when we saw that well where so many people had drowned because in order to save their lives from General Tires fire firing the whole the whole episode was like in front of us like we we could see which we could visualize what must have happened then I'm just getting this care. So the of just hearing to you I can't imagine how much gas you have gotten just looking at it. Yeah, obviously because everything is written on the wall and it was written it is also written that like so many people were had died had jumped into the well and committed suicide and and the way General Dyer the cruelty shown by General Tire. Oh my God, it is very terrifying. Mmm. That is true. And I will do also like to reply a on the comment of yes, I see the Fantastic. He said that business G. I am from with dragon. I am from Madrid and as well, I am from dehradun but I have lived in poverty grovel as well. It was near Pabo and go recall. There was a place named Goldie Hall in the body good while it's a district in uttarakhand. It's a good wall. Okay, it doesn't the guy garhwal Brett Barrett. Okay, correct. Correct, correct. Okay, so guys share some some experience about poor boy body girl. Look good one. It's like and you can see our two or three more towns of from bodygard wall because there are more Hills over there and yeah, the cities are lying there and you can see this straight. Light from those cities like from for example from Bangalore, you can see the cities which are 10 to 20 kilometers per hour. Yeah, and that's very good. Even from dehradun. You can see masuri and from Missouri, you can see dehradun which looks amazing. It's like a river of gold golden river. Yeah. I remember I remember visiting to the advancements virtually when I used to stay in Delhi. I had gone to their own much. Serene and it'll the whole trip, so it was like a one-week strip and I think I think it is a wonderful place masuri and the Whitewater River Rafting Whitewater River Rafting is ready. That is true. That is true. That was in rishikesh. It was never real. It was before really what's happening. Yeah. I've been to that place around six times. I have done they're opting six times and I feel always feel the thrill of having that. dropping experience and I she seems very enthusiastic. He said that what about the pulley? Yes are she's I've been to securely and I have been to participate as well and it's a boom call also fully. Yeah. So police midway between the city of code you are and what we call is the party good wall. Oh, that's very nice. So, I don't know what kind of for North Indian I am but I'm not being too similar as well. I'm so sorry. Traveling here, but I have been to parts of India but I don't know still many more parts are there to be discovered from the my head TK. TK time is there time is not running away. The time is running time is there but it's running. What's the mean? It's about my life. I don't want to be that elderly person who says like I was so young at that age. Why didn't I do this why I don't do that. So I would like to ask you as a traveler as a the what are the three things that you take care about this one? What are your three priorities before before she dueling a trip? For me personally, I always learn like to plan a trip. I will I'm never into the egg unplanned trip or the best shape. I have never believed in that for me attending a trip is much better because you should know if there is any uncertainty how you can face it. For example, I was in go and I had to book a reservation for trade from go to the deli. I never prefer players. I just always Stripper prefer bus or train or were always so I was reserving my play at a train and the the company the traveling company said that they will provide me the ticket. But okay, I have the reservation of 10 or 10 o'clock in the night and they are providing me the ticket off 6 a.m. In the morning. Okay, and that was very much more because also I had the hotel and they were telling me that you need to check out of the hotel. So I had no place to live. So I went to the train station and as clamp there a church. Okay. Yeah, but imagine that been happening to a female. How could have she done it? But I feel like always the planning first. Okay second and secondly for me a just letting everyone know who whom can who those can help me in my search uncertainity. Like if I am, I'm not telling them I'm going to displace and they're not even aware like he's been to this place and he went missing. So I just need to tell the or close ones like I'm going this place if you know Don't hear about me into three days. Just let the police know. What do you do? What do you do see like now we have mobile phones and also the traditional STD is not system does not work. What will you do if if there is no current and your battery is out of charge and you don't even have a power bank. How do you contact? Yes, Dad? Is a very relevant question because even if I have a power bank, I might run over out of the battery because of just clicking the photos again again. Yeah naked in one hour. I will click thousand pictures. So in that situation, I might need a person who is capable of understanding my situation like I'm in a emergency and I really seriously need help. So those kind of people from out of 10 people there are two or three people who are readily available to help us and I always valued those kind of people. Hmm. What putting someone else priorities before you to help you out and I've always known yeah, and for me what I do is I always I always have a Nokia 1100 phone with me Nokia 1100. I will say that that is only for emergency will simple or simpler. At least it will be a calling. It would be a calling device. If all the users who are who are born after 2000. Let us say you that it was a full moon named Nokia 1100 endurance. It hurts so much what we call it durability you can just throw Stone. At it and it won't break. Yeah, that is that is the fun fun part of it. Yeah, and we guys didn't know about the warranty. Yeah, and all right now, yeah, so I have been using Nokia 1100 for the last five to six years so far. So so it has served very well. It has heard very well and Ashish wants to know Ashish wants to know about the rock candy traditional food. Tell me something about it Abhishek. Yeah, she is. First of all, you are from the pulley. I know that - why do you want to know about this food out - you should speak yourself. Now you are the best one to talk about that. Correct? Yeah. First of all, I would like to tell you about he personally you the week I would like to tell you about the food of record definitely all the dishes which we have our Round India. We just create more of what we call delicacy or cream add. Hilly ingredients. Like is Ali potato. Like there's a hilly spinach. There's a release vegetables VI had more of them and the most main ingredient is the source of oil. Okay, let's go all is always used. Yes and the curries and Milwaukee Roti one Vicki what we call Mom Vicki wrote a very famous in North American region. Oh, very nice. Very nice that it's this looks like a very Sumptuous meal. Very good II when I go to track under there do next I should try this out. So yeah 1 Q 1 you once you come to throw honey, you just Let me know I will make you visit all the places. I know a lot of places there. Yeah, definitely. I will I will draft the itinerary after asking you yeah and same goes for you they because when I'm calmed when I come to your place you let me definitely definitely even a even West Bengal if you happen to go to West Bengal sometime, I will tell you all what all places you can as a traveler. What will interest you. Yeah, so yes, well life like to share one of my Experiences where I went solo for the first time it was it was Kerala. I had gone to three places. That is Allah Allah P. Alipay Monitor and one more one more place. I don't remember the name, but I remember Ali P. Alex alappuzha was the best for me because alappuzha a I got down from the pain and I again first of all, I did not have any hotel accommodation. I had gone untuned so I went to I went to a local local Lighthouse local residents house. They were so warm and welcoming and they offered me traditional traditional Malayalam food Malayalam cuisine keralite cuisine. That was like so I sent such heartwarming. So from that time onwards I Don't plan my itinerary unlike you so I prefer to go to a place just reach the place. Yes, obviously, I do my research by my initial research about the place and what all are what are the what are the amenities forts where I can go and seek shelter if there is any emergency and so I take that into consideration also also what are many many places which are available on the internet you will be you will be able to see much more if you interact with a local person. Yeah. Yeah and also they Rica I was just asking you about the regarding the place you were talking about Al arabiya alappuzha LEP and I think because I was planning to go there last month, but I was not able to pronounce the name. So I was talking about a loop URI. I was referring to a less. Go to allegory. I can't pronounce this name. So I will be having a fusion. Let's go to my new room. So like careless and we also went to Tech event OT we also made so they're in OT. I stayed again in a cottage and we I went to I went to the Chocolate Factory and the tea Factory tea Museum. The tea museum is they're Chocolate Factory is there so there are a lot of Kerala is a wonderful place and you can also stay in a houseboat in a house. That is yeah that is like you can stay in the island on a houseboat. You can hire a houseboat and stay in it. So that's the that's a wonderful place to go. Yeah, and personally for me today because I went there for seeing the sunset. It's so lovely just sitting there for half an hour where the crowd Unless you just wait and sit there and just see the view. It's so nice. Yes, the backwaters of Kerala fantastic it is and yeah and one one place where I wish to go. Is she another and and go like take a take a tour of the Dalek. That is that is one dream. I have yeah. Okay, baby girl. Let me tell you there are two three numbers one is for another drywall, which is situated. Dated in District of body gravel in uttarakhand and one other one, which you are talking about is in Jammu Kashmir. Yeah, I'm gone for at least twice when I was in Delhi. Yeah, we Delhi 2001 but was not much distance. So hardly a seven hours drive another seven to eight hours with breaks. So so we used to go like I used to go by with I generally travel with less company. So maybe one or two friends so not more than three people go. Yes. I personally if I am traveling with my friends or are known ones. I just like would love to To travel with the one who are really excited to travel in that trip. It's not like yeah, what will happen is I will not be able to use internet. Oh what will happen to my calls. I don't like those kind of people. Like what I say is if you are going on a holiday try to enjoy the experience of the holiday couldn't think about what you are list out. I at least at least live in that moment at least leave it that moment and That moment and try to try to the try to sort that out and live that experience. Yeah, once I went to go and we were trying to go in the ocean and one of my male friends said that I will get time I come on seriously bro. It was just go back to where you came from. You don't know you because because what happens is what happens is that that if you have if you are already scared about and if you have already made assumptions about the risk that you are going to say, then there is no there is been there is no way to explore the place right you and you will be so scared that you will not explore any Clips to the fullest. Absolutely. And also the week apart from this like we plant we can accept any talk request from our users just type in your comments like what topic you regarding you want to have a talk with us and will surely connect your call with us. And as you will telling me that you went to Kerala, I I went to vishakhapatnam. I went to Jet I use Tome that I use or Center. It was in Kerala only and there's something called period National damn. Yes. I went to that place and it was very night. Correct. So you are a you are your office is in Bangalore. So and Attica how much of Karnataka have you explored till now till now? Karnataka are not much because Bangalore itself is very big. And in order to get Auto Bangalore, you have to spend six to seven hours of your life to get over a loss. I'm stuck inside my home or just nearby my home if there's a mall if there is a museum if there is a park. Yeah, so that is it. So if I'm planning to have a trip every month once in every month So that's what's normally goes on so last month. I went to Kerala and this month. I am planning to go to her Telangana Hyderabad very nice. It's all so I think we have a question from Sunshine. They are asked Sunshine us that what is the most adventurous destination that you have traveled to so I I feel I I won't call it a adventurous. But it became adventurous because of the experience. We I had I had gone to Sri Lanka. So that was along with a woman's with a woman's Travel Group. Wow club with Wow Club. I had gone to she car. It was a lovely experience but there was some places where I had gone alone. So that was adventurous because I was like just using Google Maps and and touring the I was using Google Maps and touring the city. Yeah, that is true and sunshine. You can also connect to a this time we can accept your request if you want to and anyone who wants to talk with us right now because just now we ended our personal talks like our or Coral or personal experiences. You guys can connect u.s. Right now. We will just accept your calls. Yes. And I bought from that I would also like to answer this question like sunshine hours does the most adventurous trouble for me all the travel all the situation I was being in maybe Call It Go a call it Kerala where I was not able to pronounce that name Allah Pooja. Hi Libby. I love Pisa is a better way a better name. Yeah, I'll be okay. So that was a place which I was not able to pronounce and I cancel that trip. I just made my turn towards visakhapatnam. Very nice. I also have another adventurous experience where when we went to see came when we went to see Kim Jong talk and we went to the Nutella pass. And the event during I went with few of my college friends and we experienced a hailstorm there. So we were like actually sliding on the ice in it. Was it for it only has four degrees school and it was December time. We had gone during Christmas Christmas New Year time. Oh, yeah. We had a I still I was sliding down on the ice and I was like I may fall of the cliff and of the somebody the rescue team would have to come from time is also yeah. Yeah. Oh hi baby gun from coaching. So I thought I must first of all they that maybe this caliper are you can simply say I love P if you read that. Yeah. How was your experience with Kayla? Kerala is fantastic fantastic State and I think all the place of the cities that I visited say starting from KU Nur starting from Alla p2t to munnar and I feel one thing I liked about the city was that everybody has a bungalow. I'm like I have like Good night. Everybody has low level low level burglars. There are hiding hardly any Apartments it is so nice to not see high-rise buildings. You haven't been to coach in that might be because they are they doing started doing it cutting on Pinay. Yeah, so we are seeing we are seeing it a lot. Oh, yeah, but the places I visited a lie PLP and Moon are I think Greenery is still there. They are and they're I don't think so that even oughta cover or even OT. I don't think so. They have high rise right now Monday not not so much as other Metro cities have yeah you are because they are all of ecologically fragile places. So they take like routes to to protect those things. So that might be one reason why you're not seeing that much high rise building over there. So tell me which part of India. Did you see a most wonderful people? Well IID I didn't get your question who are those wonderful people in are like you have been to various states in India, isn't it? So whom you find the most wonderful people apart from each region has its own culture and each culture has its own speciality and I think people in it India are very warm and welcoming like the places. I have gone to even even if you if you eat I have also gone to I have also been in haryana Google people people don't like to settle down there. But even there I have met some few few good people. Also, I think good people are there everywhere in the I think Indian culture is a mix of warmth and welcome hospitality. Which comes in our cultural background and we are hospitable. We are hospitable in the first go so I was like I have also stayed in the Northeast. I have also stayed in the Northeast and there were very warm people see what we see in news and all some of it is fabricated. Correct? Yeah, but that is not the that is not the real. Real picture of India real picture of India is people are still warm. Yeah. So yeah, even though you you diplomatically skip my question. Yeah. I don't I don't I I will tell you I will tell you guy had gone and brought up in a ditch defense background. So I have I have literally traveled the whole of India since being in my father was in the Army every one and a half years we used to shift. So if If you ask me to select which area was most warm and welcoming that will be very difficult for me to judge because I have friends from all over India. Sometimes that's questions aren't they are very difficult to answer. So we are so what is your name? When are you planning to visit next? But I when I was planning to do it next visit, like now I am planning again in March. I am I am I planned To go to luxury do it and and in June in june-july, I will again plan somewhere in Karnataka. And so Karnataka is one luxury piece one and one more one more place is I want to also go to the moon and do these are three places that I have taught listed for this year. Okay, and I always Solo Traveler. Yes, I am a little devil. Okay, bye-bye. Like a fish egg said finding like-minded people who will be who will be ready who will go with a free mind. It is very difficult to find such people. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. Okay. Thank you for having me to this wonderful talking to you. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Yeah, bye-bye. Thank you so much Sunshine for your questions. And like I said that this is my question for you sunshine like you want to go you have to go solo and you are you have to meet new people. You don't need to relate on your friends and you have on the other hand you are going with your friends and just knowing the comfortability of Egypt friend. Like I want to. In this hotel and one friend will say. Oh, I don't want to rest in this hotel. Oh, I want to eat this food. Oh, I don't want to eat this food. The missed. Most of the time is wasted on these kind of topics to choose but issues if you are going solo, whatever you feel like you do that. I I have I have once I have faced that experience that was like well very initially when I had gone for a college trip solely like we were like some hundred hundred fifty I what I studied in women's college and we were like a lot of 200 women were traveling together and it was like the main main problem was hygiene of the room. Was one thing that was one thing that we used to keep on having arguments about like this little miss this room is small I wanted the big room. I want to have I want so-and-so amenities in the room. I have like Yar you have come you have come for traveling your come for a trip somewhere. You have to adjust right? This is Lucas is true. It just really if you get if you get a place to crash. - if you get a place to crash in the night, and if you if you get a few few places, which will be a visual treat. I think your objective of traveling will be fulfilled, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think that you enjoyed having a conversation with the sunshine. So that's why I went to mute so I can't interrupt you with no, I see I hope I hope she enjoyed the conversation too. I think I think we have spoken a lot. I think we will do another another episode of travel Diaries food. We can actually make a show and we can know we can plan our next trip. What do you say this is very true. Ooh, and I'm on with this plan, which you have very nice. Very nice. Oh, it's also loo. Keep me in the loop and suggest some places will see if my calendar fit same then we might go trippin. So if you are coming in future into Karnataka, so Bangalore also lies there, this is Amber. So thank you so much. They become for connecting with me today. Thank you so much. Thank you so much the devika and thank you so much, and may God bless you same thing, and maybe go maybe to plan a trip soon. Have a good day. Yeah. Have a good day. Thank you.