Hello. Hi. Sedan. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can one second. Hello. Yeah, we ready to go. Yeah, you ready? Okay, so I just would ask you a few questions about your recent visit to Bombay. Are you cool with that? Yeah. Sure. Okay. So my first question would be during war time of the year. Did you visit Bob day I went around August of 2000. Okay. So you went around August 2. How was the weather like during your visit? It is it is quite Pleasant than calm. Like it was like it was a pleasant day. That's it. Like not much happened. It didn't rain or it wasn't too hot and stuffy nose. It is a warm day it is decent. Okay, so would you suggest going during August itself, or do you have a better time in mind if somebody else has to lose it? Yeah, so I've been a bomb way like only twice won once in Jan and once in August so during janitors like the Weather was quite preferable. It is it like they were cold breeze is flowing by stuff. So I don't know I prefer going in Jan because I prefer going around going around places with make you cold weather because that makes the travel convenient and you can enjoy more that's it. Of course. Okay. So what are the different places you visited during your trip to Mumbai? Yeah, so I went around this place called Toby got which is the biggest out. Laundry in the world and then I went around the Bombay see like the classic see link and then I use mainly therefore I was mainly there for work. So I did this contract with her skating company. So I was there to shoot more of the skateboard stuff so I couldn't visit a lot of places but the only two places where I went was these two and then I went out with my friends to a club three in the nearby and then we were just shooting the whole time. So I was in the skate park mainly Okay. So how far how long were you there in Bombay I was there and we really only two days. Oh, okay. So could you tell us more about go be got and these two days itself because according to be like there there's a dhobi ghat even in Bangalore, but why is it that the Bombay is like really famous all over the world? Exactly. Exactly. So every every city has their own laundry area because not Many lik people be two people these days are like too busy to get all of their own things done. So they obviously have people to get that thing get that particular thing done. So like we have maids and stuff similarly like to get get the laundry done rather than you doing it every day. You can just give it to the laundry and they get it done for you and give it back. So every t as you told has their own laundry, that's that's right. But then no the one in Mumbai is the largest outdoor laundry in the world because what happens in every other city is If they have their own place, but then they work and they function differently. Like everyone has their own go-to place or everyone has a different thing. It's the same and also but then population that's that's one of the key factors Mumbai is heavily crowded like everyone knows yeah, so I'm not many people have that luxury to go to crop top a laundry area where in like they charge you for like every hour you're there and get all your clothes. A different way and that's not that affordable for a normal man. Also so usually for going to the dhobi ghat we're in like you have proper label doing all that stuff and it's done quite nicely. That's what people say. I've never experienced it. So it's affordable and it done on a cheaper rate and plus it's the outcome is pretty good. So why not? Okay. Yeah. Okay, so you stayed there for two days, right? Could you explain from Dave and starting from your travel and stuff? How did you get to that place where you do stay in stuff? Yes, so we we landed and I checked into my hotel. I went there. I kept my stuff and then the first day I didn't have much to do the first day. We were supposed to shoot in the night and I respond in the morning itself. So okay, I kept so settle down and we went to the as I told you to the ceiling tiles with the dhobi ghat. We just like chilling and like we just we just wanted to get the vibe of Mumbai and Like I've always heard of that place, but I never quite got the time to explore around and understand that place. So I have a I have like a lot of by also just because like I'm going to travel and photography and videography and stuff. So like yeah, I know a few people there who've been following my work for a while and even I like their work so like we've always stayed in touch over social media. So when when I told them like I'll be coming there. So those guys made some time for me. Then we explore around we got like some videos done. Click my life only for my personal thing and then we explored at our own we got some shots with editing for a wedding and then I had escaped skating work. So he went to the skate park there was extreme incredible skateboarders that okay. Well, that's exactly the skate park located. Huh? So where exactly is the skate park park located, you know the place or the yes, I was It was it was it was near Versailles. The place is called Versailles. All right. So this skate park is located near Versailles. Yep. Okay. So could you before getting into the skating's of could you first explain to us what exactly the Bombay see link is Baba really silly because because I have never been to that place and I'm pretty sure many people haven't so what exactly is it? Could you explain? Yeah, so Mumbai is adult is most corner from there because everyone knows so it's connected to the Sea directly. Those days are based on the west side by side is heading home base on the best most side of the country. I'm sorry. We're on the west side of the country and it's connected to the Sea. So like as like most of them like most of the people have seen like pictures of Bombay with the CIA and the ones with like with the sea on one side and running crowd on the other side. Like that's usually the kind of picture with boat is Bombay, right? So where the sea meets the city there? This like they had they had like this walkway kind of thing where I'm like people can just walk by and just click experience the beauty of Mumbai properly. It's just the most scenic place around Bombay, which is like very well portrayed and shown to they call the tourists and the people who say that itself. So yeah it is that's it does nothing fancy about it. It's just like a walkway around the sea across the city itself. So you have the core Pleasant Breeze going by all this all the while and you have like people walking around and exercising and stuff like doing that all day to day activities. Okay the so is this is the ceiling The Edge or there? Is it similar to the one they know pondicherry or other beaches in bomber they are there is a does the kind of the most famous beaches juhu Beach, but then I don't know I didn't quite like it that much because he gets to overcrowd it. Yeah, just too overcrowded so you don't get the essence of a see basically, but then yeah, there are beaches for the sake of Bombay, but and I don't prefer going the elements just because of the crowd. Okay. So back to your skateboard shooting session. So what exactly did you do over there? What exactly did you do over there? Like what else? Could you get to see because some say somebody visits the skatepark just you know for an evening of fine. So what exactly can they expect over there and stuff? Yeah. So I've been skateboarding for like almost seven a seven or eight months now and I'm like a pretty basic skateboarder. So I am plus I make videos. That's my primary passion. So I do that and so just because of flick my art of Making videos and photos and like basically creating art so many many people have got in touch with me just so that I can shoot with them and they we both can have the community understanding and get put complete content out together. That's the main motive. So a lot of brands have got in touch with me for the shooting such stuff. And when I like that concept, I wouldn't I wouldn't mind shooting it for them on the price of my pay obviously. So I've shot for a couple of Brands this year and plus like Every brand is connected people have connections. That's networking. Yeah, I had been shooting for this one Skateboarding company in Bangalore itself and like this all my work. They were like they kind of like did I guess that's why that's why they sent my work to the Bombay team and then they had they had their competitions coming up and stuff. So they got in touch with me asking like what I be interested in shooting for them itself. And yeah, why wouldn't and plus I was free and those two days also so I Someone want to leave an opportunity like that. And yeah, so they got my they got me hooked with the trip and I again I went there with my voice we went we shot some stuff and yeah, that's about it. So was it like how you see it on TV? This is the skateboarders were there like really high class, but they also beginners Learners were there. No, no David supremely talented the people who've been training there for like over ten. Years, they were literally flying in are doing G flips and dragons and stuff. They were damn experience. I mean, I still agree. I'm just a beginner. I can't do any of those clips. I can just like loaf around with the skateboard here. That's it. That's all I can do because that's not that's not my primary thing. I just do it for time pass. There are people who like dedicated their whole life to this art and they the pursuit with that heart and soul. I just like capturing their emotions while Of in that flow State doing all that. Oh, that's what satisfies me. Oh, yeah, that's good, man. Okay. So since you've been to Bombay for more than once like you told me visited Baba twice, correct. So what have you been have you tasted all the food Delicacies over there? Have you tasted the famous formula bomb? Obviously, like I didn't I didn't eat that much been like the fancy restaurants and stuff. I just had like a lot of street food. That's that's about it. But yeah, obviously, I tried a lot of street food. I tried I tried what about Look, could you tell us more about the street food because that's what people are generally interested at these good. So that's what about the street food you had. Yeah, so I obviously had what about I had like I had like, mr. Powell if you know, that's it. That's the thing in Bombay. Yeah. So there's a thing called missile bow. It's just like a lot of power but it's like a sweeter version of it with like more of the flavorings and stuff then. I had like a lot of seafood man. It's just a casual street food with you would eat on a day-to-day basis. And then yeah, that's about it. I had I had like what Masala Puri basically the Casual stuff. Yeah. I love see what his it's just like a basic thing. But then it was in Bombay style. That's it. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So that's my last question to you would be what how much is the budget requirement for a person to visit Bombay and stuff because If you could cover like almost most of the famous places of Bombay within a day itself. So let's say two days itself. How how much do you think would be the average cost for one person? It also depends on how you go and the way you want to see things also. So I'm mostly the run-and-gun kind of guy. So I just like I want to cover as much as possible because I'm going there for the experience. So like I just do it like I want to make the most of my day. So I just like visit as many places I Do as many things in a day as I can but I'm not everyone's like this. Also, some people are like kind of chill and they want to explore in the get wild get the vibe of the place. It also depends on that, but then I got my whole trip covered. So I have no idea how much it costs tens. So but like for in the regular person, I guess a trip within like five thousand rupees in rupees would kind of bead peaceful to get the whole trip done you will by traveling through train and not through flight. Obviously. He is your flight half. Of your budgets gone in that itself. Yeah. Yeah with I got around thousand rupees to reach and like thousand to come back plus you have 3000 Rupees to like go around use the local transport. Don't worry like classic use it or quotas for use local trains. The local trains are correct super cool, but it's super crowded. But yeah, of course Bombay, so that's about it depends on the individual as well. Oh, okay, so that thanks a lot for spending your time. With me. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and Bob way. Haha. Cool, man. Yeah. Thanks, man. Take care. Yeah, cool. Thanks. Bye. Bye.