On how to first time Founders were raising for the first time this seed or Angel wrong here approach Angeles who don't have any lead investor as such so typically, I mean we're an open platform people can come register their startup profiles as I mentioned earlier in the podcast that we have people who come to fundraise. We are people who come of companies who come to hire the talent and there are people who come to launch their products. So you have a mean we're completing the whole slice cycle of an entrepreneur Journey so you can create a profile. You can create and you can contact Syndicate leads at your own free will and he or she will decide to reply to you given his personal interest areas. We need we've tried to be as transparent as possible. So that Syndicate please explain what they're looking for some Syndicate Eliza looking for more experienced opportunities or mature opportunities. There are some were actually happy to take a precede back on your idea state. So we list out all of this information. It's up to the entrepreneur and actually we want him to him or her to show the hustle that they're able to convince. Buddy of that idea, right? It can be through a one referral can be through using Angeles. And once they have a Syndicate lead was built the conviction then he or she can decide to send to get that opportunity on the platform and we get involved in actively then and what's the success rate till now, we've had I mean multiple opportunities come to us every day because we're in platform and I would say that any Syndicate which gets listed and mandated by us is typically I mean the success rate of 90% in terms of closing. But that being said we don't accept every opportunity that comes to us because there is a cost attached to running this Syndicate and maintaining it for the life cycle of this investment. That's typically 7 to 10 years as a start-up matures. So we have a certain cost attached to it. So we don't want to invest in Opportunities or give our infrastructure to Opportunities which are not able to deliver that outsize return or even like a successful return in the future and we don't want investors on our platform to also blindly follow opportunities. We want to curate it slightly. That's driven by a few things like social signals social signals could be that an experienced top tier VIII see the investing in around or experienced group of angels are investing in your arm or it's an experienced operator who's a Serial entrepreneur doing the second or third Venture so it can be a whole bunch of plethora of things that we look for in Venture and how many startups till now have been funded through syndication the last one and half year we've done 60 Investments actually is with technically the most active seed investor in the country and these companies are actually experienced. I mean run by experienced operators as well some of them and we're not driven by state sector size. We've actually done companies Like Glue to go a coffee third wave Coffee Roasters. We've done some of the fastest-growing fintech companies of last year. Are they open? We've done a meal cooked has new company called you look bikes which is micro Mobility company. So we've really gone the whole wide spectrum because we think that people want to invest in coffee as well people want to invest in fintech it well that I mean India is a diverse Nation are wealthy people want to invest in all kinds of opportunities and we want to be that That they can access to such opportunities and how do you ensure that these startups? Let's say if they are raised from a Syndicate of 20 angels. They communicate they receive a start-up updates or so board meeting updates. What I love seeing is that in the list is India's India's venture capital. I mean, it's a software moment of India's venture capital and given that we were tech company built from ground up. So we I mean venture capital and Angel Investing is traditionally been an opaque industry where people Operated their own free will but we want to bring more transparency into the system as startup should be able to see that who is Syndicate here backers are and you can contact them at your free will if you want to take advice or guidance from some of only a specific Angel you can ping him and then you can of course regularly update your metrics on the platform. And these investors will be updated. It's in the best interest of the founders to actually update their early investors because they're of course the people who help you connect with VCS open doors in terms of hiring maybe business. As well, so it's I mean we can educate the founders and we try to facilitate this using technology. How big is the TV you have right now in India, we remember four member team. I am responsible for LP and fundraising. There's Parker was doing investment operations discuss issues looking after investor relations. The Shiva who is joining us to do business development and Nathan is responsible for improving our product and driving our product changes. And what is the minimum ticket sighs to be honest? It's fairly. Ranged with lowest check Sighs and scene from an angel. Come on. The platform is 3 lakhs. The highest we've seen is actually close to two crows as well from one single person. And what's the minimum and the maximum Syndicate size that has invested. I would assume the average Syndicate size is close to 80 lakhs. Our median would be around that itself and that is going up depending on how mature the opportunities are. Some of the we've actually the largest Syndicate we've done is a million dollars in literally three days as well. And that's because it has a much more mature. These are depends on the stage of the company and the co-investors in the round. So you are doing seed and series a deals as well. We've done a series be with Fidelity as well. We've done a series be with tiger Global as well. Our companies have been raising follow-ons from Falcon has Matrix Omega rdst, tiger Global who's who of the Venture world? So we've maintained quality and our investors are really happy with that that their money is at least being marked up and some of them have actually presented in presented and exit opportunity as well. What is collective which is a very popular Syndicate on AngelList. So Collective is actually a venture fund. So what happens is now, I mean, if you look at a flywheel perspective, we've been getting amazing opportunities through words Tech enable Scout Network syndicates, and these people were doing great investing in getting us great opportunities. Sometimes there was a friction in the mind that hey we want access to immediate guaranteed Capital. So at least if I bring a D2 AngelList, I know that there is a chance of success. So and then we had institutional Is left it on timeline decision-making Cycles. Like they have an investment committee to satisfy internal approvals to take they said let us give you some Capital it's it's applying bullets. I mean they've given us the capacity to manage. So it's a proper Venture fund and they've given us the capital and now we're giving that capital in turn to The Syndicate leads so that whenever somebody brings the opportunity to us, they know that the chances of success are good because Collective will guarantee them up to 1 crore for one investment. And how many Investments Collective has done till now we've done five investment from that some of the LPS in that are some of the best experienced investors and entrepreneurs a company can expect and what this means for the company is that if there is even a 50k check or a hundred K check from the collective they're coming in front of all the best experienced investors entrepreneurs all at once some of the LPS and people who are involved in the collective or didn't even fill flip card. There is Rahul method DST in of Rosa Falcon has all the partners of Matrix kalari be next. Of record 3:1 for Capital because Das kapital we've got some of the largest family offices of India as well and they're excited about the opportunities in the pace of investing. We're bringing to them. So not only the financial upside with just the information upside of being connected to the Venture World Behind the most active Tech investor. Is there upside so you are on one of the ICC members. Yes. I am one of the icy members in Volta on behalf of AngelList India. There is Nick O'Mara whose x Sequoia flip card and pine Labs then you Got pankaj and who is investing through 500 startups in here before?