Didn't have been a recent wave of d2c consumer startups building in India. Yeah, and getting accepted very well is AngelList only investing in Tech startups or the done a lot more actually not just take as well. We've invested with DSG consumer Partners in a plant based personal care product called Errata. So I think I mean there are Syndicate leads to believe and I also believe that India's now becoming more and more aspirational, right and the middle class is growing and people are getting higher spending a paucity see the restaurants. I think probably five years back. It was not common to see restaurants being filled up on a Monday Tuesday, but I was surprised when I mean few years. I mean like couple of months back and you go out for a dinner Monday Tuesday Wednesday, or as busy as any other days for a restaurant, so that is just a sign of how things are progressing people are becoming more outgoing people are willing to try new experiences and products. So the foothold of these traditional band which are advertising on television are going down you're seeing Instagram Brands Instagram influencers being created all the time and that's Is what is exciting because these are more Discerning customers. They want to actually get a bang for their buck. So amazingly to see France will be created. So we've invested in Errata with we're doing a to three more Investments which will be announced shortly. So we're investing in one company were week. So it's everything basically you'll see social commerce. You'll see fintech you'll see d2c Brands. We've done a space satellite manufacturing company. We've done a gene manufacturing company. We've done some of the best coffee chains like Utica third wave. So it's a whole wide spectrum. We want to support entrepreneurs. Come whatever me so is your investment thesis that angel is pop down like you look at sectors and then you decide with startups to invest in or is it bottom up? It's actually opportunistic. We want Syndicate leads to have the conviction behind an opportunity and then be able to give us a thesis on their particular conviction of why they're investing in the opportunity. That's what we invest in at least from the collective. We want to be super convinced that this lead is the one who's actively going to help the company built a successful. Race and also even in the future to be actually believe in conviction of The Syndicate lead with the founder more than anything else. So there is a process where you have a ball with The Syndicate lead single guys. I mean, it's all driven by Tech Muse internal tools are to drive all of the process. So it's fairly streamlined. You have woven many Founders like from baar m'baye 26, we have grown 5200 extensive invested. Yeah, what happened special in terms of Market opportunities or those Founders, this is The founders they know what they're doing and better than us. Actually, they've really matured faster. I'm amazed at how I'm amazed and surprised and delighted actually how these Founders are maturing and I mean, I mean, I'm glad that they allowed me to be part of that Journey as well. And how does Market play a role in their success? I mean, of course you have to be right on the macro call as well. You might be a great entrepreneur were supposed to choosing industry which is just not right or which is too early or too late for you to enter Then things will of course probably not work out. So it's easier to micromanage things. But also you need to sometimes ummat as an ordinary. You can be passionate and have your blinders on what why you're doing the best thing in the world, but just maybe zooming out a little bit that you're choosing the right industry and diving into the right. Space Also is I think a crucial step. So people who worked out work in that industry. They've done well, and they took a good judgment call and things worked up. And at Angel list, how do you think with the USS discharging us team of Engineers has a role to play in the Investments you make of course, they've been not in the Investments actually to be honest. They're fairly hands off in our operations as well. I have a weekly call without Global CEO Kevin and he's been a Guiding Light, right? He he's given us insights about because I mean Angel is started in 2010. So there are a lot of learnings which happened across these years how the market evolved how the Walt so we were of course borrowed the product we borrowed that Playbook of how things work. And now they've given us a I mean given that we've been investing in India for one and a half years. They've told us that go build your own Playbook and that's what is exciting that we've done. What worked now, let's see what can work next for India one of the most important factors which investors repeaters timing. However, investor you identify the timing of a product is right timing of a product is right, I mean It depends to be honest. I wish I had a good answer for this. I I mean our job as investors is not to predict the future but actually see what's working in the present and see if that can scale to the Future. That's the thing. I mean people like to glorify themselves that they are predicting the future nobody's predict in the future to be honest. You can see that what's working in the current times in scaling up. I know the coffee is doing well. So that's probably going to do well unless just generally India as a nation stops drinking coffee so things which are working now can scale to the Future. That's what we look for and it can be anything. It can be there completely tear or it can be like a Gin Company exchanger in Sons or it can be a anything so you just look for signs of that in the