Okay eyes, very happy evening to one and all and welcome to dr. Davis one more podcast. And today's topic is Warren Buffett secret to success by. Dr. Amy and I welcome you all and I'm really happy that we had this one more podcast here. And this will be a short one. So let's keep it sweet and short and when I'm referring to Warren Buffett a you we all know that how successful investor he's of all the time, isn't it? So that is what we are going to discuss here. Let's wait for a couple of minutes so that if we can see any listeners would like to join, isn't it? Okay, so I don't think that we have to wait a longer. It is a small topic more like Jay very nice topic. Thanks Jay. It's a short topic. It will be done soon and I hope you will try to understand what I'm trying to say here. So critical thinking skills are essential to success guys. Let's just get into the state in the point critical thinking are essential to success any kind of success. Okay, successful individuals are thinkers and they surround themselves with thinkers. Consider Warren Buffett, that is the reason we are discussing about him today. He is known as the most successful investor of all time and by his own estimate. He has been like 80% of his career reading. That is why I love reading to because most of the successful people read a lot. They literally read a lot either what happens guys. That is what happens when you want to be successful. You need to learn every single day that will be leading you to the successful journey in your life your to towards your passion career. I'm so Rob. Let's have a word with syrup. They just sort of wait for a couple of minutes. I'll be having a word with you. So but what would what makes him so successful is that he isn't willing to be a passive recipient of what he reads. It just doesn't take the content directly into his head instead instead. He scheduled time to evaluate the information he gets as a guest. So like a to form his own sites this may sound like counterproductive, but we Taught to work more sleepless and Hyper focus on the things that directly pertains to our goal. That is what I used to do. I'm still doing that. We call it as like being productive perfect and those like him find thinking reading and contemplating more productive than taking meetings and so-called do working. He actually puts use knowledge and knowledge will help him to gain the success. So before we can just get into further in-depth, let's have a word with Sora. Yeah trying to connect it's out of here. We are connecting with syrup. Hello doctor. Hello, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? I'm from India to I'm from Hyderabad not. Lynnie is Mei. Mmy. Okay, so I'm an English tutor motivational speaker and an author. Book or less understanding women is easy. Okay, so can I ask something? Oh, yeah sure how to motivate people how to motivate people you want to motivate people or you want someone to motivate you or you want to motivate yourself? positive thinking yeah, you don't have to go through like all the steps how to motivate yourself. First of all start having a positive thinking for whatever may be the situation. This is the first step second question how to be positive. If you want to be positive then understand one thing whatever may be the situation is try to think in a good way that if I have a problem then I should be thinking in a good way that okay. I will try to solve the problem. I have to work on this I have to think on this instead of What do we do with that? Oh my God. I have a problem. What I'm going to do. Now, we start to think negative. I'm completely dead. I'm done. I'm finished. My career is done. These are negative thinking but even you are in tough situation and you still think the okay. I'm in a tough situation right now. I have to do something about it. I have to think of something. I have to make something that it will be helping me to solve this problem that is positive thinking but someone said to me that if so positive hints comes he's already who said that that's not possible see to relax your mind to focus your mind meditation is important and that in turn will help you to think positively but meditation thinking positively are not directly connected to each other. It's an indirect reference. Still positive thinking a has to be in your conscious mind not in your subconscious mind until and unless you actually accepted consciously Hawaii going to utilize it subconsciously and meditation is more or what related to your subconscious through your conscious. Meditation a boost to your positive thinking but just by doing meditation, you can't get positive thinking. Okay. So you tell me that he was saying about my on positivity on motivation, but how to motivate another people that is what same thing. You have to tell them you have to inform them that if they are having a problem in life. It is facing a situation. It could be a tough situation could be a small situation, but they have to have a mindset of problem solving. That yes, I can do that. I know the problem is stuff. I shouldn't lose the hope I should be positive if they start thinking at least that will be an initiation of positive thinking if they started from the negative itself. How are you going to do that? See for example, you are trying to run a race. Okay, and there are other other races of very much experienced and you are the two one hit there. And even though you have some problems physical problems like health problems, but if you start thinking in the beginning of the risk, oh my god, there are so many other people who are greater than me, so they will be definitely winning. That is a negative thinking but at least okay, there are very much experience people. I'm running along with them. That means I do have some capacity in me. I will try my level best that is positive. You see thinking doesn't mean if you have the positive thinking that will be helping you achieve something if you have negative thinking just think that you started the race would take you thinking you will not give your full potential in running. Will you give that? So what I repeat again I said if you have negative thinking in your mind and you start the race, which I was discussing about when you give your full potential to run properly no, no you can't do because you can't focus but if you think that I'm running with some good people, I think I can do something then you will be giving your full. Yeah it is it doesn't even in the race is a secondary thing forget about the result. But at least you are giving you a full. Yeah at is it how we can have a positive thinking and that is the same thing. You can motivate others. Also. It's very simple. We don't have to complicate it. But while having positive taking one practicing positive thinking you should meditate and that will be helping to boost it but just by meditation you can't attend positive thinking. Yeah. So what is Julius my age? I'm 60 years old. So yeah, I'm very old can't you look at my profile picture? Do you like 60 years old? It is not you. I'm 27 ask me anything about yourself. I'm so far and I'm a student of this year first year, but sort of that is what you are doing. I said tell about yourself. I didn't ask. Where are you from? I didn't ask. What are you doing? I said tell about yourself. I'm a student visa for sure but short of that is what you are doing. That is your your education. I'm asking tell about yourself not about what your study. I am talking to you now. I didn't ask. What are you doing now? I said tell me about yourself. What you want to ask? Yeah, you have to get it now try to understand you don't have an identity for yourself, either you're connecting your identity with your hometown, either you're connecting your identity with your education. Either your can agree with you your identity with something which are doing but who is Surah try to understand that one first. Once you're clear about yourself, you can see the arms or oh and I'm pretty much confident in doing whatever I like or you can say, I'm sorry and I love to learn new things. See this is what keeps Just page specific unique appearance does all of these things what you want to say. I want to say that very sort of sad entity student means that is what you are doing. If you're telling your hometown that is the place where you are from. Yeah, but who is store of actually you can say that either. What is the specific unique thing about you? Okay. I am asking to you who is image? Dr. Amy, I'm A person who keeps on learning new things and in pursuit of happiness. Okay. So what should I say about me that is you have to think for yourself sohrab thing for yourself at least give you a higher time to think about yourself that what do you want to achieve? And what is the your characterization that will make up the point? It's very simple. So so this is the additive identity. No, that's not identity. That's that's your goal. So what is my identity if someone anyone asked me what is your tell me about yourself? So I am asking for more. I am telling you about my cup qualification about my address full address so he suffered so it is completed. So how can you say that? What is solve? What is sold Miss? I'm not getting what you want. Yeah, I won't understand because you have never thought in this way whenever we ask this. Kitchens, it is was a question asked to me by my main inspiration. I believe one person our boss is I and he's my inspiration. He motivates me to do things. So when I first met him, he asked me tell about yourself then I started to tell him that the education which I perceived the place where I'm from he clearly said that I am not asking the details are the things which you have done. I'm asking about tell me who you are. See that is a mindset which you should have if you're not clarified about who you are so I can do anything. The world so this is done. Do you really believe that you can do anything in the world? Yeah, you have to believe that with the bottom of your heart then only everything is possible for you. If I try I can do. Why if y there is if we actually want to know motivate me? Thank you. So why if yeah you are seeing right? Someone say only think everyone think that I should do I should do but no one do so. This is the point. I am also thinking like yeah, but you're not doing YF is because we're thinking we're not doing why it is coming because they're learning but not applying why if he's coming. Explain how these how can I word is I'm asking to that is my first answer positive thinking start with the positive thinking you were right. So but how to be positive arms. It is not so understand one thing if you are going to ride a bicycle you can ride it but I remember the first time when you try to ride a bicycle Now you can ride a bicycle. Yeah, but what happened? When you first try the bicycle first time when I don't know that how to ride bicycle that time was asking. Yeah, first I fall from bicycle. I'm not because because you didn't practice it because you didn't clear it at that time. Now you don't How to think about riding bicycle right? Yeah while you're riding bicycle you're not thinking because it is now automatically built inside you because if you practice it now positive it is also same thing. You have not tried it. That's how your bit confused. But once you start doing it slowly slowly it will become Adam attic and that will give you a successful mindset of positivity start thinking positively slow take it slow. You don't have to rush it but it doesn't happen to anyone. Everyone says you are right you are right, but after a long time everyone forget about this you are saying I am motivated by you but after about two Run three hours. I also forgot about you. Yeah, you're learning but not applying. So, how can I yeah, I'm not today. I'm apply I will I will apply but after two days two days, I will forget about these things because you think about what what you think about the result. What happens is that you now when I say that you have to be positive you'll be thinking about what will be my result once I become positive and looking for that result. You will try to be positive and that will be discouraging you instead of doing that try to be positive for one day. If you can't do that try to be positive a half an hour, if you can't do that try to be positive for one minute start slow think in a different angle because if you have never done that is the reason it is stopping you from doing that. All right, start thinking about okay, you didn't even try you didn't even try and already was saying this negative things see everyone to like this what we think about other. Why do you have to think about others think about yourself? Yeah, but you have to think about others. Are you have to think about yourself always try to be positive for one day just believe that today is the day I have to be positive in the same way. You have to think every single day today. I have to be positive. If you can't do that. If you can't be trying to be like leave our day all by yourself, then there is no use you have to be consciously Focus towards it determination, but you do How can you say that a person who surround in negative things and be positive? So in that case do one thing go to my profile and check my two other podcast one is toxic people and the second one is Energy vampires. Okay go through these two topics, very small topics and you will understand how to avoid negativity. But yeah, it was saying like sort of sort of your drawing accumulate not of information in Salinas time. Do you know what will happen you won't do anything? For now take my suggestion and start thinking positively and do this for 7 days and get back to me again. I'll tell you what to do next. Okay, we'll do it step by step from Tomorrow seven days. You will be positive make sure you have to do this thing for sure and after seven day you will come back here and you have a war with me. I think you got a good motivation motivator. Thank you. I'm also inspired by you. Thank you. That means a lot. So guys if you are loving the content then please do it the heart icon which you can see in your texting program that will be motivating me to come up with some positive and fascinating content for you guys. I love you all. Yes, sir up and I have to continue the topic. So have to let you go. Now. If you have any other further further doubt, you can just can't reconnect with me. Once the topic is done. Okay. Have a wonderful day. Yeah, thank you so much. You connecting with Dave jewelry Chaudhary - Audrey. Is it about 3 or is it Dave Chaudhary? We tried to connect with doves Audrey. We were unable to connect. So let's continue with the topic as we were discussing about like critical thinking and why why critical thinking as a skill? Is more likely to make you succeed? So this is the question which will be we should be having in our mind critical thinking guys is involves am like a it was being able to process information independently and to think clearly logically and reflectively it is the ability to engage in rational thoughts and to understand and establish a connection between ideas in essence. Let me tell you this is the essence beautiful assets of critical thinking I am to practicing critical thinking am not an expert in critical thinking it is a bit difficult task to get it done. definitely So critical thinking is the ability to reason simple as simple as that what is critical thinking it is an ability to reason it is it is about being an active learner rather than a passive recipient. So what can we discuss more about this topic? I just came up with the topic, but I don't think that I have a lot of information on this one, but I think critical thinking will do the work. We have power over here. Let's have a word with Peru. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Amparo. Hello. Hello, I borrow how are you? I'm fine. And what about you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. What is wrong? I'm from India Kerala a of umbrella. Yes. Yeah. Well, it's a beautiful place. So you're an engineer. Yes. I am doing my civil engineering civil engineering. Yeah, that's weird. That's great. So how long have you been using this application only just Two weeks two weeks. Yeah. Yeah is easy just two minutes. I would love to have a word with you. Don't go anywhere. Yes, Peru. Hello, can you here? I'm here. Yeah, I can hear you Anna. Where are you from? I'm from Hyderabad but item in Bangalore. Okay. Are you a doctor? I'm a doctor. No, dr. Amy is my shot is my nickname. Okay. Okay. I thought you are a doctor. Please don't think like that. I'm a doctor of Life issues. I liked your photo flat. Excuse me. How are you said something? What do you say? I liked your conversation. I was hearing. Oh, thank you. Thank you. I know how long you have been used this. I've been using this like one month now, okay. And what is your reason behind using this application Peru? Actually, I had downloaded an application called English house and they suggested me to download this app upon the dark so I don't order. Okay, that's good. That's good. That's good. So in that case, I really welcome you to open talks family. Okay. Thank you. This as a community, I believe opened up as a different world. You can find here musicians. You can find artists you can find storytellers can find motivators. You can find the person who teach you accents. You get the person who can teach you English. There are so many people here. Wow, that's nice. Anything else would you like to ask me Peru? Actually, I don't know what to ask because this is the first time I speaking someone who is it. So, I'm the first person you called. So that means the title time you use this application. You will never forget me. Yeah, of course. Well, that's that's really a wonderful thing. Yeah. You were saying are you you are you at home? Call me set up the bangle. No, add in Bangla. I'm staying in a PG. What do you say that I'm staying in a rented apartment? Okay. Okay. And do you have any brothers or sisters? Yes. I have one younger brother and my little sister. Okay. Actually, I have a twin sister. What ha ha ha and a brother. Oh, wow. And do you have it beds? I have two pets one is my cat. And what is my dog? Okay, I have in my home. Also, there is two dogs route to enter key. Nice names names knew you shouldn't like them. You shouldn't like them borrow. You shouldn't like them. You should love them. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I'm an animal. Yeah, whenever we have two pets one is always mischievous. And other one is very good. Good enough. Yeah, that's true. I know this. I know this happens in your home. Definitely one is very mischievous won't listen. Do you always playing always doing crazy stuff while other is very calm listens to you and we have well mannered. Yeah, and the other thing is a brutal the other one. He saw he saw each other. He's our Toby assault. Okay, um, he's a dead thing. So Andy, the other one Jackie's so younger. He's only dying man sold. So there is a difference. Yeah, I did. In teenage group. Yeah. Okay. Okay part of that's a wonderful word having with you and Jerry waiting here. So let me have a word with her and the topic will be done be here when the topic is done. We will discuss topics. Yeah. Thank you borrow. Thank you. So guys if you're loving the conversation then please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your text in column that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating conversation. I love you all. So let's have a word with ZZ. Hello. Hello. Oh my God. Hi, John. Okay, I'm doing fantastic. I'm really happy to see you here. There is no secret to success. It's like trying to what you say that bring a curiosity. People to understand that which is a already inside them. They're not recognizing it. That is the secret. Okay. So if ever you said that there's no secret to help because there's no secret that whatever you need. It is already inside you but the way you think about it is not happening. I said about critical thinking critical thinking means it's yeah. Yep, if you're going to specify anything within us that is Be helpful for us to be at the specific person. So what definitely definitely is easy if you want to really know the secret the secret is critical thinking. Okay Wham is it is critical thinking critical thinking is ability to reason. And if you start reasoning then you'll be you'll be having a thought process which is very clear logical and reflective. So once you are clear about what your thinking and your logical about it and your reflected towards the ideas, which are popping in your mind that is a positive mindset which will be helping you to be successful, isn't it? Yeah, and as easy, I have one doubt. Hmm. What will the sad baby? Oh my God, what are you doing? This my profile? Come on, I'm just trying to let go I was I was in a bad situation where the yesterday I mean two days ago. See you are my friend and I can't see my friends sad upset. So that is the reason I'm asking your soul find a person who should fight remember. Of my dreams, which is a really really waiting for it for a long time. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I think you know already about my situation before like yes. Yes scholarship you remember? Yes. It's my friends. My friends. Actually they had their white yesterday. Oh my God. Yeah, and it was really hard heartbreaking for me. Yeah, definitely. Well, I'm still here. And like my mom told me that it's okay because of the situation going on in the world. You know, there's a lot of yeah, it's okay is a word is truth. It's okay is about to shoot but the thing is that we understand the pain deep inside how it feels it's not that we can't say. It's okay we have to be But I'm just thinking that you know, my family is getting old and they don't want to make them feel that I'm not loving them. So just imagine I even too low even it's not what I want to be. Yeah that is it Z that is it Z BV if we have this tendency of trying to satisfy others and doing so will we get lost ourselves if we don't find ourselves anywhere? See that is the reason I did engineering. I've become because see you in the beginning when I joined engineering. I was an analytical Department a little girls and electronics department. I was not happy with it. Then I took a chance I wasted my six months. And again, I started my career from the beginning and I took Computer Sciences and I was like pretty much happy. I don't want anything else and by doing so know my family was like bit upset with the thing of me leaving my electronics department and going to computer science has become They had this belief that computer and it is going to crash then why did I had to Computer Sciences? But later on when they saw that I am happy doing her the things which I like they were happy to the only reason was that I was trying to satisfy them. I was trying to make them happy but keeping on doing that I was making myself sad deep inside and where is my true identity? Yeah, it's not easy for me. It was not easy for me to let go my friends and I used to be so pretty nice. And today I can see I thought to ask you but the beginning I thought itself if I'm going to ask that means already tons of people have asked her. That means they should be literally upset about it, but I couldn't stop myself from asking now. Now they asked me and I can't even yeah, so did he let me tell you one thing very clearly life is life is all about ups and downs and you know it very clearly because you are a person who learns from experiences so I don't have to tell you this but still you are more into an emotional Zone and try to add a practical taste to it and trust me. Everything will be alright, and you'll be doing wonderful. You don't need any suggestions from anyone you are literally doing Wonderful, and you are awesome person. Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay. So is there anything like other people on the Queue? Yeah, I mean like I did try to connect with adapt Chaudhary. So anyway next time not going to take a call. I have to finish the content. It is a small one. So I thought to finish it in half an hour, but my discussion with my listeners keep on going. So I'm so sorry. I don't really want to speak with you. If I was busy. I would have told you that ZZ. I'm busy. I will talk to you later, but I wanted to speak with. That is that is a typical. Thank you. Yeah, I mean no way. Yeah, you are my friend. That is a reason and I know that if I'm saying something if it is hurtful to it in the definitely will be replying back to me. That is the reason I love to speak with you and have to speak with Jane urine on enjoyed. These are few people who understand the things which I put in straight way. Yeah. I really appreciate the people that you mentioned here. So anyway, hmm. I'm actually studying. Now I was reading and I am going to open the application and yeah, try to Luke who are the people who have to put God. So I saw you I said that maybe I will try to join with him die. Anyway, it's really good to talk to you doctoring me. I hope that we can tell ya. I'm really I'm really happy to hear that from you. I'm really happy together. When a friend says that you go to see if that's really make money. Thank you. I'm actually listening you think a while ago, but I just posted because I'm going to talk to you. So anyway, just enjoy your podcast and I hope they will learn from you. Thank ya and have a wonderful day ZZ start your day with a smile. I believe you have wonderful smile. So start your day with a smile. Whatever may be the problem. I know you can face it. You are a warrior woman girl your involvement. You're awesome. You're awesome. That isn't admire you a lot. Have a great night. Yeah. Same to you. Thank you. Yep. Bye. Take care. So did you do you have to be as I tried to convince him, but it is not connecting. So let me let me let me let me let me lift this get to make one more out of points. Then I will be taking open. So it is a tradition within an hour or half an hour, but still so critical thinkers always question the status Q. I'm repeating what I'm saying. Critical thinkers always questioned the steps Q. The status quo is the current state of it the day that thing it sees is no it's how things are done. You know, you have found it when you hear the phrase like we have always done it this way. I'm gonna make sure I say he cared a that's what I'm trying to say. It is a process but critical thinkers. Ask questions like I don't do it that way. How can you make it? What are our other options? I'm going to give you an example. Mindset of that critical thinking and set of rays ability to reason so the next point or like the next you can see. So if I break the critical thinkers in down problems warrants and see the subtle connection between them if they have a big problem, they will turn to segregated divided break it into smaller pieces and if you connect with them so that they can find a perfect Bond where they can solving the issue so critical thinkers loves to test the boundaries of the issues critical thinkers dissect issues. If you want to say basic issues and then find a way to systematically solve them by examining the individual pieces of the problem there to apply solutions that create like a domino like a cascading effect till mama know when you base is Domino's one after it one all others fall down. Invaded the problem in such a way and look for a point which one thing or problems will get for along with this solve the issue and the issue call them both immediately. That is how a critical thinkers mindset will be. So let's have a word with deaf children here. Then we'll be getting back into the topic guys. If you live in the conversation the do you do hit the heart icon which you can see here text in column that will be motivating me to come up with them fascinating content every single day. Love you all. Let's go to do it Dave. Hello. Hello, they Dove Chaudhary. Hello. Hello. We are on call with Dev Chaudhary is like 40 music and still now but I have I don't hear anything from him. Hello - Chaudhary. Hello. Are you there? Hi, honey, how are you and a high sod? so I have on my podcast to do guys. So I have to finish this one past. So let's get into the topic critical thinkers. This is the next decade which I'm telling you critical thinkers are sensitive to the loopholes. To the loopholes. I would like to say that in the logic critical thing clear thinkers. Russ recklessly completely ruthlessly can set with Leslie ruthlessly question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting as face value. They will always seek to determine whether the idea is argument and then conclusions represent the entire picture. They do not rely heavily on Intuition or Instinct the test then they they proved they disapprove. All these things will be helping them to come into the Sexes and solving of an issue. We are all fallible critical thinkers understand this and actively work to find the flaws of their own logic once ability to think critically varies according to his or her current state of the mind. So State of Mind does matter - it does matter having a positive mindset will be helping you to get into this critical thinking skill set. Okay, so critical thinkers work to maintain objective. They believe the problem from all possible angles and seek the input of others too who are Adept in logic and reasoning they try to get the solution from the people who are like able to give us a solution that's have word with Ali then I have two more small secrets to share with you that we will be adding the topic. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, how are you? Hello. How are you? You shouldn't be speaking while you're driving. What do you say - I said you shouldn't be driving while you're talking. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Be careful. Once you reach your destination do call me back again. Okay, so thank you. Yeah, have a wonderful day. Yep. Yeah, so guys, please don't talk while you are driving. That's very risky. Even if you are using a hands-free don't talk while you are driving. I think that will diverge your corner concentration towards you attention towards like if on roads so Clickety goes tackle problem with a systematic plan is one more secure a system is designed to streamline and Anna and simplify processes. It improves Effectiveness and makes effort more efficient most critical thinkers used to use at what you say that are popping up. Okay, a top-down approach to problem solving a systematic in the Falls. They also set aside time for investigating. And they do this brainstorming which pushed through through the dim. What do you do mean by brainstorming means trying to rush with new ideas immediately so that they don't tackle a problem without a plan. They will have a plan then they try to get it into the solution Zone. This is one more secret. So the last secret before I end the topic is critical thinkers apply scientific methods to problem solving. Yeah find something weird, but this is very very important. Aunt critical thinkers to do that And how to say that critical thinkers are usually highly method illegal. Okay their method of equal with Oracle Oracle methodical. Okay, so they approach a problem the same way a scientist would and then move pieces of the scientific method contains documents to prove and disprove the hypothesis thinking they're each experiment provides insight into problems and to or Ella Mae autos. So this will show that how effective is the idea which they're using writer might not be useful. They do this experimenting without doing that. It is not quite possible to get the things done. So guys that is the end of todays topic and Trays discussion or like Warren Buffett secret of success, and these are the things why do we use Warren Buffett here just to encourage you and this is the kind of mindset of the critical thinking all the successful people have their have in their lives. So let's have a word with Abdul Hamid before we end the conversation. Sorry guys. We are unable to connect with Abdul Hameed here. So this is the time to end the podcast. I love you all guys. If you are loving the conversation then please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your texting column that will be motivating me to come up with fascinating content every single day. I love you all. Please. Take care. Be safe. Be happy keep smiling and Tata, bye. Bye. See you love you all. Take care signing off. Dr. Amy sayonara.