Okay, guys, how are you? Happy evening to one and all and I'm totally your horse here but one more topic and today's topic is that we are losing billions of ours and money on social media. That's for sure. That's how it is happening and I let me tell you one thing. I literally mathematics but still today I'm here with some statistics and calculations like how we are wasting our of thousands of millions of hours. On social media and other apps to so we can just have a brief about it. It's more or less like a fun topic to have an understanding. So as weak as you all know the time and money we spend on social media is shocking and that is the reason I'm having this topic today according to the statistics people spend like 1.15 billion hours each month on playing games. Do you know that isn't it fascinating 1.15 billions? That's not less. So games ranked second behind social media activities when it comes to the time of spend on devices as per the survey. So if we calculate that in such a wave on average, we spend two hours on social media apps per day. Which adds up to like five years and four months over a lifetime that means we are literally wasting our five years and four months over lifetime in your entire life are literally wasting your five years four months for social mediums. So if you do the calculation that is it what we can understand that how much time we are wasting on social media apps. Jackson hundred head of nice topic. Thank you Jackson. And as we were saying in case you're wondering that you can actually fly to the moon and back to Earth for like 32 times with that amount of time which are wasting in social media apps is it is not just the time that we are losing but still we are losing a lot of things. So social apps gained millions of dollars from us every single day many of us don't even spend a dollar on like a dollar or like to on mobile apps multiple dollars or multiple apps. So just imagine that how much money is social media apps are gaining because of this you might be just scrolling through Facebook. You might find an interesting t-shirt and testing jacket hoodie for yourself. Just click it you buy it. That's how social media is also making money from you. Isn't it? Many of us don't mind spending a dollar or two on mobile apps. That's quite a simple, isn't it? Like a couple of bucks? So that's not a big problem. But for instance one of the top grossing games in the App Store, which is like Pokemon go like pop G they earn like 2.3 million per day and this is just a list calculation guys 2.3 million per day when like when comes to the Candy Crush or some other famous games. It's 1.1 million per day. Now you're probably a little concerned about the time and the money that you have been spending on apps. So it will be like a good idea to look into like what is happening and why it's happening and what can we do about it? Isn't it guys are you accepting co-host? I don't have a problem with having a co-host. So don't donkey you can send me requests. So if you having some other equations will be accepting those two, but they if you want to join me then you can. So as we were discussing about like what about how much we are losing and what we are losing so this will be just giving you an insight about what is happening in our day-to-day life with social media apps and that the Game feature play. Oh, yeah. Yes. Well our ago. Let's have a word the Frog. Oh, hi, John. Yeah, we spend a lot of time on our mobiles because we feel bored easily. And our phone is to Handy, isn't it? Hi Roger. Hey, dr. Amy, or how do you pronounce your name? By the way, it'sa me or it simulator? I yeah, E.E. Me I am employ great. It's nice to meet you Amy. Yeah, I feel the same rag about you. Oh, well, I'm awesome. And what about you I'm being fantastic as usual. We're asking very from well. I'm from Noida and your profile is interesting story teller anchor and what is the other one? I can't see that money. Well, you have to discovered by own. No problem by the time it will appear again at the footer. Okay, so that's journalist. If I'm not wrong, of course, you got me right just wonderful. Wonderful. So you are the person of a media. Yes, of course. I'm from the really media. Okay. So, where are you from as I Mentioned I'm from Noida a part of you P variate sent to delians here. Mmm, that's great. That's great. So, how long have you been using over doc? Oh, if you talk about this application, I'm not really active on here here, but I created my profile months ago and here this month. I bought a new phone. I thought like let's install another application which will not take in a hamper my storage. Yes. Okay. So what do you have to say about today's topic ragam? Of course, I would I would definitely you know, love to tell you and give my opinion against this we are losing a lot of you know ours and our money on social media ours, which is our time equal to that time equal to money. This is how you sense it, right? Yes, if course and I am totally agree on it. I used to you know, waste my time on social media. It wasn't my knee Devon I was Feel like to spend more times on social media doing nothing just like a few posts commenting on it with no reason this regard. We spend a lot of time on our mobiles because we feel bored easily. And our phone is to handy. So that's how you should go with the like seven inches phone. So you will not feel like to make it handy right guy. It is handy when it comes to like, I don't have to move my to the sofa to turn on the TV and watch others, which I can just simply swipe on my screen and I can What do I want? That's how I'm saying? It is Handy. Okay. I totally understand that and see the main thing is that why people are sticking on their phone because they don't have proper proper work to do if I'm not wrong because when I got pressure I'm talking about the work pressure. I got to assign them. So let me tell you something about me. I'm a freelancer, right? So for me, I'm I don't know job. So once the one I whenever I get the assignment I go for it. And I do that so on the movement of like a weeks or for five days for a week. I don't use I don't even see my profile of insta and Facebook. I just go randomly and like I just concentrated on my work but later on again if I talk about the rest of two days. Raghav your voice breaking. raghav I can't hear you. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, maybe inaudible. Oh now I discover this why you were not able to hear me because meanwhile of our conversation, I thought let's save some battery from the phone and I lock the phone display, huh? Okay, is it yes. So allow me to be yes is cut in please great. So what I was explaining new that I by profession I'm a freelancer. So for a week if I talk about the whole week. I don't do work. I do work for four days or five days a week right unless I don't complete my assignment. So once I'm done with the assignment meanwhile of assignment, I don't look at my phone even apart from answering calls, but then with my assignments, so I Again, the same Raga who is stick to the phone kind of a gravity of cone Israel. I don't know what kind of forces, you know, letting my phone down from a high hand. So as a conclusion what I found that if you have others things and you know something to do with you won't use your phone. Yeah only if you're focused about your work, then you won't use the phone for see if I talk about my like when I do my stage shows, you know. Go on as a anchoring. So on the moment, I can't do that. Right I can use my phone. If I do use my phone that will hamper my business, right? Yes. So phones is still in my pocket, but not on my hand and I work I use that so so basically what I felt with my own experience that if you have no work just like a free people literally Free People teenagers youngsters, so they mostly they often use phone. With just like an excuse of using dictionary, excuse of searching something on Google, you know, yeah, definitely even if you have examination students do tend to use a mobile phones in middle as a break and that will continue not as a break but break for the studies itself. Of course, like I never use my you know exam mobile phone for my age when I was in my school as and on something because I don't think so. We I was familiar with the phone. Hmm, and if I'm not wrong you sounds like same Yes, you're not wrong great. So this is how so how can we prevent Humanity to not use the phone in a most of the things web series. I watched about the phone and the harm things. Hey, if I talk about something these is recently I was the movie named hacked in Hindi and that was showing a how careless and blindly we are storing our data on. On Cloud store and other social media platform just to say we are just so sick of show off. Yeah, we are we are providing lot of our personal data online Just For Nothing. Hey, let me tell you something as this is an open top application what I'm going to tell you listen, very carefully. This is it should be you know, one of the important information if you don't know that last time I got an assignment as I anchor, you know, sorry. I haven't to keep my voice. I went to give a media War, you know to provide the media voiceover on their advertisement. Okay, I won't reveal the company name because that will be so confidential and I don't want to ruin that meanwhile of you know, talking to the production manager. I came to know that they're my the person you know, the thing about their the particular company Alpha right? For example, there was a particle company Alfalfa had an advertisement. They gave me an assignment to give a voice. I went to my voice. Meanwhile of a lunch break. I had a conversation to the producer producer of of. Alpha and they said like, you know raghav how much money we are paying on to promote our product on social media. I said like no I say like we pay one person detail as 125 Rupees to Facebook. I said, are you kidding me? You want five rupees for one person prep complete detail. How do you get a chance to tell me what you get as a detailed when you pay that higher amount of 125? The moon raghav we get our product is costly just like our product prices start from 50,000. Right minimum price of our product is 50,000. So what Facebook does with book store our data? Yes, whatever you do suppose and the person explained me very beautifully how Facebook store data is it like Facebook has a data which school you had passed out which college will University you did what you did in your you know graduation and post-graduation. What are you doing right now, which companies worker you are and accordingly they assume your salary and that is it what we discussed yesterday to it is all about machine learning. I mean like it systematically organize your design such a way. That was funny. Yes, and Facebook is storing your profile no matter you. Okay. Let me give you example more deeply you had one cup of coffee in coffee. Cafe coffee day notice that cafe coffee Day event in your profile and he keep on adding. Okay you then you had a again a drink a cold coffee in Subway or I would say, you know Starbucks. They capture those moments as you upload your Facebook Hey Hey, hashtag Cafe Coffee Day. No, it's a real brother easy-peasy DZ. I'm a sister and all by myself. I worked in like Infosys and Wipro then other on some like ethical hacking departments to I will be revealing the names. But so I have an idea about these things which are happening in social media for sure. BSI I see I'm not from the technical department. So I surprised when I was having a conversation with producer, you know production manager. I was like really Facebook is capturing that amount of moment. I had just one idea where you studies what you do that all Facebook is capturing those Starbucks and others like stuff and storing as their data to showing you relevant advertisement or selling your contact number or like email ID to the others. Wow, Dana, then. How do you think Facebook is making money? This is how I've got like my face. I thought Facebook is making money just to showing you advertisement not capturing your data and selling directly to the other person without your information. Let's keep it like this. You're a Storyteller and anchor right? So my just think that you are looking for a mic OK you're a guy and you just searched about that mic on Flipkart or Amazon. Okay. Let's see here. Done. But when you go to Facebook next time you will be finding the ads regarding the mics, which you have sourced. Yes. What is the connection between Flipkart and Amazon and Facebook that you are able to see the products which you browse into some other websites and that you are looking at Mania social media here. So CD is All About. It's not even just about capturing your data. It's about how widespread your data is. Oh, yes. I see. I as I told you I was aware of that like sharing, you know sharing details from here to others but I had no idea like our details is being our data is being sold for 125 rupees as it like literally are 125 rupees for one. I really need to upload some stop box & Cafe Coffee Day event. Otherwise, I won't be able to you know, you know precise myself. Because if I talk about the according to that price variation my price my Facebook profile data is somewhere around like 25 rupees or twenty six rupees. Not 125. Yeah, how can I go? That's a wonderful discussion which we had with you here today. And I think I should move on with other colors to we have in like seven other waiting. I'm oh my God, he's always happens with hi Akash. Where were you? Hey, no problem the violent. Take care. Have a wonderful day and you can be some other time. I'm to and Ragga. Yeah, you're a Storyteller. Right? Of course I am and then if you have time they do join me tonight at 11. I'm trying to go on with this Horror Story telling today Horror Story. Yeah, I go with a but no problem. I love to listen that 11 o'clock, right? Yeah, I would be loving to have your feedback. Once I go on with the top don't lie. Don't lie. Okay, cool. No, I'm not lying. I'm just serious about it when I say, oh sure sure 11 o'clock 11 o'clock shop. Yeah. It's other Storyteller then that was the first thing popped into my mind. Yeah, this guy can just help me with this one. I miss my aunt. I'm is Sil silky and and rather than we're on me listening. Please tell hi to them. Okay? Okay. Nah hi to cute boys auntie and brother Thun Thun where thank you so much for listening to me guys and cute boys. Good guy. Go. Goodbye the to me here to very good topic made. Hopefully you make it interesting. Not just a story hash out, man. Okay. I cash I'll try. Level best as I have dude every single time. So as we were discussing about that, why do we use mobile 0.5? I'm ready. So as I said that one of the reasons is that boredom and we always have this multimedia magical device called as Mobile in our pockets. So we just take it out and we just start doing some random stuff online. So Bodum doesn't make us happy and it's natural that we want to get rid of it. No matter what isn't it and impulsive behavior. We can say like that but such as playing with the phone is our way of doing that to try to avoid border. So our firm provides us with comforting space for like boredom, but endlessly is crawling might be like mind mind-numbing. You can say that in such a way. Yes. Goodbye. You can just settle the story once I'm done with the topic here. Hmm, but it's better than doing nothing, isn't it? We just can't stop the reason why social media app seems so attractive is that they give us the excitement We crave when we are bored. That is how they organize the data as we had a discussion, right? So depending upon your data they will be providing the data which is interesting for you. So we don't even know that how much time we are wasting unknowingly. So but do you know that a playing with the phones can't really our boredom. Its of no use we think that we just to avoid the modem via using the mobile phones, but instead that is not going to do that. We thought like playing with phones could keep us busy and happy but this is a research. I don't remember Amber the name of the universities something regarding the Temple University. I don't I don't really know about it. But they did this. What do you say that the research survey on like our phone actually eats our patients as well as self-control. Hi Eric. How are you? The more time is spent on mobile apps the more easily. We feel bored. We also end up getting like more impulsive which means like we become less able to register our phones. I want to tell a common funny story short story short your but. Once you are done with the topic we can I will be having our time so you can just tell your story. I've been loving to hear your story. So the more time we spend on our mobile phones mobile apps mobile application social media the more difficult it is to register. The boredom is as simply will never be killed. That's for sure. So so what keyboard we can we do about is like challenges as not to check your phone during idle time. Okay, so as we are discussing with we were discussing with like Raga right at the way he said that he don't use his mobile while he's busy but when he's not busy he tried to he don't even try to but he's completely stick to the mobile phone. So just that that's what I'm saying challenge yourself not to check your mobile phones like during your idle time. Okay. You can also try to train yourself to be patient. What are you doing, baby? Are you preparing for your exams? Yeah, okay guys. I have one of my roommate here restlessly trying to study that to using his mobile right now. He's a wonderful example right now. I'm doing the same right now. No Sarah. I don't believe that I am doing the same right now because the only time when I use my mobile phone is during my podcast and my phone calls. The rest of the time I'm very much busy with the books. So I can see my friend. His name is Lakshmi Anaya Papa and literally he's using mobile phone right now to prepare himself for exams and I can see he's using social media to at the same time. So see this is how we are completely attached with the social media and applications and the mobile phone devices which are using and literally wasting our time. So for instance challenge yourself like not to check your mobile phone been waiting for the bus on a cue one of maybe like you getting it like some Cafe Coffee Day be comfortable with a little boredom. It's okay. We are all human beings. It's just a few minutes, isn't it? So Sarah. I'm just telling this so that everyone can have an understanding that how much we are addicted in social media apps and what we are losing see even if you are waiting for a bus, you literally check your mobile for nothing. You have to just wait for two minutes, but instantly you put your hand in your pocket and you take out your mobile higher China. How are you? And you start browsing something which is of no use but you have to do that. Why are you so addicted your mobile phones your application social media that you have to continuously browse. Whenever you feel that you have some free time while we aren't bus. We do the same thing either listen to the music. That's a good thing. But still when you're using the social media for no use why do they have to do that? Yes, Nathan there are advantages and disadvantages, but I am speaking about the hours. We are losing. Why do we believe that we will not be able to survive without these gadgets? They are becoming a part of us Colonel. Let me tell you one thing. That is the reason the phone is very handy and it is like filled with ton of application which we can do like we can't do with that other devices. I can't just literally open my laptop while waiting for a bus. I can't just literally open my laptop while I'm in traveling which I can do simply with my mobile phone. So the adaptability and the compatibility with the mobile phones is making us addicted to it. So that is the reason it is becoming apart if you can understand many of the listeners, you can just tally with yourself with the point, which I'm doing right now while you're sleeping the last thing which will be in your hand. Is your mobile phone and when you wake up the first thing which you touch you touch, he's your mobile device looking for notifications or some messages or you are just going to the WhatsApp or maybe like social media insta. This is what we do, isn't it? I mean, can we just check your heading and average person leaves 87? You'd like 17,000 hours. Let me just not billions of hours. How do you lose billions of ours Akash in that case? I'm not just referring to a cashier. I'm just referring to everyone. I'm referring to a community who is entirely losing billionaires of together. Electronic gadgets have become an inevitable part in our lives. Yes, Nathan they have become but it should be like more of like an advantage and which you can be useful for us. Hi, Isaac but what we are doing is that literally wasting our time whenever we have a bit of time. What do we have to do that hide your social media apps your games in a folder on the last page of your phone so that at least while trying to do that you might be avoiding a bit of time to get to you those things like Mutual mute. Try to mute your notifications. That will be giving yourself having a time for yourself for some time at least stop once definitely stop. Once how could you how to say this in a proper way like stopping once to be a might be helping you to start it feel a bit harder to avoid the mobile phones because we are so stick to it. But if you don't start doing that, I'm not saying that completely avoid the technology. I'm not saying it's completely avoid social media. They are helpful. They are educated. They we do find educational content. We do find interesting content, and we do need to enter. Jane ourself from time to time we are all human beings, but that it shouldn't be an addiction. That shouldn't be like no good for nothing. Make sure that you're using your social media apps with a conscience of that you're using it for good a benefit and for entertainment without losing your more of time into that. Yes Colonel, you are right. We should use them as tools but they have become distraction. Yeah, it depends completely depends upon us that how we are using. And and this one more big disadvantage of the social media is that we lose our friends more of like I would like to say the contact you don't even have to go to your friend to meet. When you can just simply text him. Hey, man, what's going on? He would be like, yeah, I'm doing I'm fine. But does that create any emotional contact between you and your friend? Try to understand give some time to your life, which is a real one. Don't go to the virtual life. See virtual life is a life where we only show what we want to show but what about the true life which are having right now, so don't get addicted to the social media apps. Do you use them? Do you use them? They are beneficial but don't get addicted. Don't get like completely checking your mobile. Whenever you get the free time the word what we do the first thing when you come back from like college, we come back from the office which is drop our bags. We just stick our for this. Find we take out the mobile phone. But if we do that either you have to play again or either you have to do something but still try to understand. Why do you have to do that? When you are back home just relax refresh yourself spend some time with your family have some healthy dinner and a try not to use your Mobile phones. Don't even touch your mobile phones when you're like Having dinner with your family. So Sarah. Do you really think that we don't know the bad effects that useless efforts of using mobile phones and social media and we all are familiar with pros and cons of this thing. So nothing going to work until and unless we start from started from I yes sir. That is what I said, isn't it? And this is just a basic informatics, which I'm trying to do once again. All all all of you do know that isn't it then why are you doing this? Even though you know that consciously even do you understand that you're wasting your time still you are doing that that means you are literally addicted to do these things. If you don't start acting on to that one, then that means you're not going to do anything apart from that. I'm just trying to put a word that have the things are going on which are already known as you said, but what are you going to do about it? Are you trying to avoid it? No, you're not. You're just simply going to use your Mobile again and again, A white doll. Let me tell you. What about you. I you I used mobile a lot and nowadays. I am using it a bit more for conversations on call and apart from that these days. I am only using my mobile for open top and for conversations on call about on that. I'm not checking my social media and I'm not checking some other things too is been like long time and after a long time, I just picked a posted one butterfly pick in my insta. Apart from that I'm not using any kind of social media for a long time. It was really hard for me to get out of the mindset to use the social media again and again, but I think instant messaging apps are okay, right Marshall instant messaging apps are really okay. If you use them for like just messaging not just for like wasting time. Why do we have to text like ours of hours of time with no context at all? Is it off like some useful conversation to you? Is it like of some emotional contact with your friends? He selects a my entertainment zone for your friends, and that's fine. But if you are just Simply doing that because you're feeling bored. Then that is of no use. Actively explore for more interactive activities than go beyond your phone. So you can do this. This is much easier, isn't it? Try to find some activities for yourself instead of using your phone blindly? You have to realize that you have a life outside of your Facebook Instagram blah blah blah blah blah and Candy Crush is not the only fun thing which you can do on your phone but G is not the only thing which can make you feel energetic while you're doing the things go out with your friends and talk to them instead of posting on their walls read books in stuff, like checking Instagram stories. You can do a ton of things. And yes, you all know this from the beginning but while the are you not doing that? People want change but they don't want to change. Yes Anna. That's an absolutely virtual guys. Let me repeat what's an acid once again people want change, but they don't want to change that's really some aspiring words we can say so because that is what's really happening here, isn't it? So when you learn to appreciate and enjoy the interesting things in the real world, you won't go back to your phone that often anymore. That's for sure. Just try to realize first of all try to understand try to learn how to appreciate your life try to appreciate the things which are already in your life. Don't leave a virtual life. Do you even know that there are games where you can live a virtual life you can have a job. You can have a career you can have a family and you can have a children to online in a virtual life. See the games of such conditions. Why would you do anything apart from that to come out into a real-life about outside of the virtual life ask yourself? Do I really have fun playing with my mobile phone or like am I just bored? Can I just do something else instead of having a great time? Just think about that once so that is the least thing which I have to tell you and that is what I have put my point here. So guys if you have any other points and do comment, I would love to hear from your side because this conversation is a bugging one last year. I was like completely sticked attached and I was like a mobile phone was part of my life. Not anymore. Dr. Amy. I want to give you an unsolicited advice and which is don't tell people what you know, keep them poor. Why do you feel like that? Sauna, then what is the use of me coming to open Talk? Simply waste my time listening to music or some doing some crazies other stuff. It is about I'm not just trying to give any advice to anyone if anyone is looking for advice then that to go here and open talk. Then they can just have one more clue which is of my open-top. I don't want anyone to listen to me if they don't want to hi Daria. I don't force anyone to do the changes in their life. I don't want anyone to become positive unless and until unless they feel so I'm just putting my words straight. People don't follow us they follow themselves. If you believe that sinner, that's your perspective. But why do they follow themselves when they don't have a straightforward path to understand themselves because lack of path and lack of understanding then what do they have left to do? Anyway guys that is it for today's topic. And if you have anything else, would you like to share with me then definitely and so now you definitely have some kind of and unique perspective towards understanding of humans people and their choices. So I appreciate it a lot. You should know the reality. Yeah, but the hiding yourself from reality just so that others don't want to understand what they need to be then how could I suggest that it is a reality? We are all still human beings though. We use social media before that. We have social here are social animals, isn't it? And anything else guys so dirige in that case, we already done a podcast on procrastination. What is procrastination mean by here? You are just literally pushing the works which you can do now to tomorrow to later to have after half an hour after one hour. Why do you do that? So we only had a discussion on this one like not once three times straight. You can just look into my other podcast you'll be finding those podcasts on procrastination and procrastination is no big deal. You can just hand it very easy to have that. Do you want change who asked you for this? Sona as you have the right to express and ask the questions which are asked me right now I have the right to do the things which I feel right do I need to answer to the question only when they're asked I have the right to put my point whichever which and whatever I feel like So dirige first of all start working with the research. And as I said, we have some small podcast not the bigger ones not not like for two hours. We have some small podcast on my podcast on my profile. You can just have a look at the procrastination and what we can do to avoid procrastination. And in fact procrastination is not bad until unless you are getting your work done on time. But if it is lacking your performance, like if it is a hindering your skills to grow then that is a problem apart from that if you're finishing your works on time, if you're able to get the things done on time, even though if you're procrastinating then that means you don't have to change anything. So guys this will be the end of the today's topic. It was frustrating Myself by procrastinating what I need to do. Yes, my dear data. That's what I said. We have a small podcast which is already done. We can just look into my profile and you will find it there. It's a small one. Be able you said, please people want this and all will take care. Nice. Is the Met You by as you / Sonata? Have a wonderful day. Take care. So guys thanks for coming here. It's a wonderful podcast and a wonderful conversation by Sonia and I really had some good talk with raghav. I had some like a few debatable points, which were like very unique from Sanaa. There are start tossing the fine. Yeah, so guys, this is the end of the podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. I love you all. Take care. Have a wonderful day sayonara stunning of dr. Amy. Love you.