Gee, I'm Angie. Good evening, Miss winning. Guess what Matty go up casa? How many parts are too but he has already hello. So we need thank you very much for the doing this podcast with me because you are already somebody and nobody knows me here. So I was looking up to this podcast and thanks a lot again for having me here with you on this platform and we will be trying to discuss and trying to tell people about our roles are contribution in nation building how we are going to With and request you to start with something to start with the V the people as the topic suggests as the constitution of India also starts with this the V the people of India, so when we the people is there, so I will request you to kindly give a idea about what we are going to talk and there's a call already and I'm declining right now because let us first understand what we're talking about and then we'll be probably too. Taking the calls. Mr. Ritter has joined. Thank you very much. Mr. Auditor for joining GI L request you to please give a broad idea about what we are going to talk today to the all the listeners who are already in present with us. Okay. First of all, I would like to welcome you I'm Angie thank you for you know, initiating this particular podcast and giving me a chance to actually do a podcast with your not many people know. I'm Angie is a wonderful writer he is He's a lawyer and he's more to what just looks okay. He is like you can just keep the keep exploring but apart from that. He's very good with such topics also and coming back to the topic today. I think we the people itself says everything in nation building or the nation. What is a nation nation is its people Their strengths it's what they are watching what they do and how they build it. Okay, we speak about everything about a Nation about how a nation has to be what it has to give to its people and everything. But I think today we are basically going to talk about what we as the people of this nation can do. Only reveals to build this nation and take it to where it has to be and look at it in such a way that Nation comes first. So coming back. We need your very well very well put in the broad aspect of the topic which we are going to discuss today. And I'd like you to start with something very innovative ways of how we can contribute in nation building in the how we as citizens of India should take up this task upon ourselves to do something because everything cannot be left to governments to do anything can Left for elected representatives are bureaucrats to do for this country after all this country is ours. We is this exactly but as you have rightly mentioned that we are the strength every country strength depends on the citizens. So what do we citizens should do these are give a wider aspect again. I request you to continue and then I will give a broader than what Constitution says about our duties as Citizens. I will tell that also but today I would like to you to start with it that what are all This should be our role should be and what we should actually do and first of all what how we should actually tell ourselves that yes. This is our task our job to make this country better. I think the basic idea here lies a mangy in understanding one fact that we live here. We are born here and more than anything. This is our land. Okay and just like a baby grows in a house and knows that this is my house. This is my family and I have to be a representative of this house. We have to understand that we are representing this particular land. Okay, no matter what what we have got today. Is a huge sacrifice of a lot of great personalities, they have done great things for us to be here right here today in this particular aspect, but we have a plus point. We have better opportunities in our life that we can prove up to it, you know we can add to it but it's not necessarily, you know easy for everyone each one of us to go out there and do something great, you know. No, every time so in our own little ways as the citizens of this country, I will give you a very simple example. I'll not take a country in whole. I'll just start with a very simple example that in our everyday lives. Okay. We have a family there's a head of a family there is other family. Okay, but each one's role is important in that hose and that is when that house becomes stronger just the same applies to the country every citizen matters every Action matters whether or not you're educated whether or not you have the power whether or not you have the money, but you have a character where you can contribute a little okay and that little will grow up to a level one day. If each one contributes a little like there's this Hindi saying that goes bones bones a cigar band. I have every little contribution counts and that will take us to Greatness. Okay? People can talk a lot about what our country can give but I think as Citizens we have certain duties. Okay that the first and foremost Duty I believe is to respect our nation rest II totally agree with the duties written. Okay, but apart from that what I believe is first you have to respect first, you have to accept the fact that this country is yours and when you start believing I think that it's my country. You will start, you know, taking care of it like that looking at it like that. The pride will build inside. So I think each little way right from maintaining cleanliness to vote. You know, I think these two things between these two things. There are so many other things that come maintaining the security respecting the national anthem respecting your country your people your Or prime minister the people that you have elected electing the right people to put up their each and everything matters and with which right? So when he has you were right he's saying about this. I'll just give a very short glimpse of what our constitution has to say about the fundamental duties because we have already talked about fundamental rights because we have already been the receivers you already want - we want this from the country. This should become this is my right. I shall have it that's fine enough, but right what we are to give we have to act as a giver also to take something because exactly giving is equally important as you have correctly said that wounds has our advantage. Little contribution makes it but for most what is our constitutions is what every citizens Duty towards this nation is I'll just give this is just a two minutes talk. This is enshrined in article 51 a of the Constitution if nobody has anybody can Google it and can find it out that the constitution of India the prime book are grunts gemara in those 10 cups. So the first article 51 Ace is the fundamental duties that it shall be the duty of every citizen of India. It says umber a to abide by the Constitution and respected ideals and con institutions the national flag and the national anthem as you were telling reddish and follow the novel ideas, which inspired our national struggle for Freedom see is to uphold and protect the serenity unity and integrity of India D is to defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so, then he goes to promote Harmony and spirit of common Brotherhood among The all the people of India transcending the religious linguistic and Regional or sectional diversities to renounce practices derogatory to the Dignity of women, then F goes to value and preserve the rich Heritage of our composite culture G goes to protect and improve the natural environment including the forests lakes rivers and Wildlife and to have compassion for all living creatures H goes to develop the scientific temper humanism and spirit. It of inquiry and reform and the last one not the least one is to safeguard public property and to absorb violence. There are two more which were added. I will tell that one is true to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and Collective activity. So that the nation constantly Rises to higher levels of endeavor and achievement. This is very important and the last one goes the cave which was added by the eighty sixth amendment in 2002. Who is the parent or a guardian to provide opportunities for education to his child or is the case may be to the ward between the age of six and 14 years. These are the fundamental duties which our constitution has framed We the People means we only made V. That means our forefathers are writing at how our nation should be. They had idea key excuse coca come gonna do they have given a broad aspect of the duties of what the country needs and What every citizen should perform however, these are not bend a tree why these are not mandatory because this was expected out of the country. This was expected out of the citizens that they will honor that whatever actually happened the freedom which we have god with such a huge amount of struggle by we constantly under depression operation and colonization. We have what we have done that people who have sacrificed for it. We will definitely uphold all the integrity and the Dignity of others. And again, we will definitely do our duties but somehow we are not doing our duties. Now after having said so giving a broad aspect of all the duties what the citizens should do actually for the country. I am Ryan I right now requesting we need you to see you are small details of as you were saying that right from maintaining the cleanliness to right to vote. Everything is there that there is a duty also right to vote itself is a duty also to vote. That's right duty to put right people at the right places, but I'd request you that whenever we talk about this we see mostly students as Ryan. There are some people who are in job and some professionals are here with us. What we should do. We means the students the entrepreneurs the people who are into their jobs and the businesses what we should do what the small things would you suggest that we should do? The words this country to make this a better place to live from making this country to making it a nation as somebody asked me on the other podcast. I told him he asks like a country or Nation kafir. quite old just like McConnell government over K. GG. Well, what do we have to do to make this country into the nation what we can do give a small small small things small small small hints how we can do please go ahead with this. Okay, having given the fundamental duties and the important broad idea about what we are going to talk about today Emoji. Like I have already said everything matters every little act matters right from cleanliness to voting now. I have put these two things as a parameter y I'll tell you because voting is very important, you know, and as Those cleanliness is important. Our prime minister has been taken taking huge steps for cleanliness. Now again, I take the same example of the house. Okay, so it is responsibility. It is a responsibility now for like you said, what can the you to do the college going crowd what the entrepreneurs can do what the job doing crowd can do now first of all, I think understanding our nation is very important. Okay, we have studied our about a country in our school in our colleges, but we have not studied it out of Interest. We have studied it because we were asked to study we had to study not because we want to study. Okay, first question marks. Listen, exactly. It's like you have to study okay, whether you like it or not. You had to know the subject but this subject. These subjects were imposed in school. Why because we had to understand our rights and duties but we we didn't take it in that way. Okay, but when you're talking about the you today, I believe that we are somewhere distracted in a world where we don't know a basic rights and duties as Citizens and these are the people who are the future of India. Okay. These people are going to take the country from one level to the next level. Bit by bit. Okay. So right now when they are educating themselves or to be very precise, they are acquiring academic qualification for their professional life. Okay, I would urge the youth to find out and understand what your basic rights are first because we as humans, you know are more interested about understanding arrives. Okay at the same time. Take some time and understand what are your duties? I think Duties are put in such a way a mangy that you know, these may not be told to us. Okay, you know, it should come naturally to us like when you know, right it has to come naturally. Okay. So then the basic idea is you live in a place to keep it clean as you are Beauty if you keep it clean you are going to be the one who's going to enjoy it. Okay? Okay, if you want to dirty it you are the one who's going to face problem with it. Okay. Secondly, you have to have a feeling of building it you have to have a feeling of making it a better place because when you won't be that there is someone who's going to be there? Okay, every little every little resource in our country is a treasure. Okay, we have everything there are citizens. This right from the place where it's hard for them to earn one meal to there are citizens here who just lavishly waste meals? Okay, so we have both okay, but if we become a little bit more conscious about our duties, okay, how we can put in and how we can do things like basic things. I'll talk about basic things and not talk about great things. Okay like There Are Places Cases where there is no electricity Supply they are not getting why because we are, you know, we have the provision of getting this particular. How do I put it luxury? Okay, some people are not getting it because it is not. In their reach. Okay, but since we are getting it, we are exploiting it. We think we have it in abundance right now, but we don't okay, just that way water. We are wasting water in our country we have resources but we are wasting it. Secondly we are exploiting our rights like when we get a particular I'd like right to speech we speak at our nonsense. Okay. We think we have the right to speak, but we don't think about it. We have the right to speak the right things and question the wrongs. Okay, so these things we forget so as normal humans, if you look at things among G, I think you know very well written the Constitution is so well written okay that it can be understood in layman terms, you know, everybody can understand it, you know our rights. Okay respecting each other when we start respecting each other as the citizens, I think. Maximum of the problems will be curtailed down. Okay, we don't do it. And that plays an important role because we no matter how different we are in color car shape size, whatever. We are all together into this and this is our house. I mean this entire country is our house. We are a family no matter how different we are we have to take care of it. We have to maintain it. We have to build it. We have to contribute little by little okay now coming back to the coming to the to the entrepreneurs now, These people are in power. These people have got the money. They have got the reach they have got the ideas. They have got the team's okay. So these people can efficiently reach out to such people who are not getting the information the proper opportunities and the proper guidance. Right. So these people are in such a place where they can provide everything. So if I think there are so many industrialists in India, like they are rich richer richest like the world is talking about them. Each one takes a little effort. I don't think there will be poverty in India. If each industrialist takes a little effort to do a little I'm not saying that you guys have to Take your money and spend it over people know don't do that. But you guys can educate you guys can guide people you guys can create opportunities to the people who are not getting it and who have the talent and I must say your mangy India is one such place where Talent is an abundance. Nobody can disagree to that. The world is looking towards us, you know, the world is looking up to us in this matter. Okay during the lockdown. We were telling about the lockdown piece. I during the lockdown. I think you Indians have been the most creative people who have spent their lockdown creatively on a very lighter note people have you know, invented things people have found new ways to get out of their houses and not get infected. So I think we I think we have the brains to do things. But, you know, it needs to be channelized. And if each thing is channelized in the right direction, I think our country is going to be somewhere that none of us has thought about definitely we need to definitely from what you have been speaking. I have just gathered a few points you write you started from the electricity. What we should do. I will tell all the people who are listening to us can do one small thing which we can do actually in our houses. Right? Don't leave the lights on don't leave the fans on check. The motor is on or not. You just stop wasting. To the Felicity. What happens is I will tell you a small example. What actually happened when I was young at my house. My theology. He used to scold us today are Punk a future tutorial. I'd feel guilty toward the Earth know there is a there. Are you right bunker Nikita time lock the switch off purple. And when I grew up I said ye are passing milligram a Bill Burr wrong. Why should I be concerned? I am paying for it, but then came this idea of nationalism into my mind then I hot this is National wastage. Come on. This is not that I am basting in many, that's fine. But how I can Do a dude some little contribution to the nation is I am saving say one unit of electricity even that is enough because that can go to somebody who's actually in need of that that can go to somebody who actually deserves it. You know after this Modi government's now the electricity problem has been curtailed a lot. It's not write a post or pre 2000 for error. There were about Twenty Thousand Villages, which didn't have the electricity. Well there are there were remote areas right now. Also we are Using certain problems, but and then you said about water we have to save water not give a very very small thing what everybody of us can do very small thing. See what you do is once you go you get up in the morning. You have to brush your teeth. You just just don't simply on your tap and do the brush take a glass have a beaker fill it with water keep it aside and then brushed your teeth. I am sure if you do it on a A daily basis within a year you can save that much water that you can give this water to at least a hundred kilometers of land. This is the water save so very small contributions as you have correctly mentioned right from the electricity to the water very very small gestures. Very very small changes in your life, which you wouldn't make that is going to actually benefit the entire nation as a whole and Obviously who is going to benefit as you correctly said that other governments of I Reagan Joseph I Cup Final is Kamala. Appel nation is getting better. If you are building this nation bit by bit in your editing on a daily basis some something good into it. You are giving something or the other end to it at the end what you are going to get you are going to get the benefit out of it ogre if you if you say that okay promise. I promise myself. I'll have a small disc been in my car. Not just going to later on the road. What you're going to do. You will have clear roads your have a very clean roads for yourself because you are the person who is actually traveling on the road and your fellow brothers fellow citizens only so you have a small disturbance keep it in your car, whatever garbage up to litter. Please put into that. There are enough dustbins government is doing what it has to do. And if you see in your area that come on there is no dust bin. Come on air. It costs only seventy two hundred rupees. He's by it has been keep it in keep it somewhere. Well, it should be your duty. I know a person I don't remember the name. I will find out and I will tell you he is a retired engineer. What he does is he has all this but jury Roadie and cement always in his car and wherever he sees that there is a patch in the road wherever the he's he's going Haggadah or guy. What he does. Is he repairs the roads and he's very famous if you will. Relate the repairman you will find out who he is dedicated. His life is rest of the life after his retirement to nation-building. I don't say that. Okay, you give up everything and go to start with nation process. But at least what we can do as Citizens right now, is that small changes in our behavior on a daily basis small changes in our lifestyle we can do a lot as you correctly said that we are there we have people who are wasting food. We also have people who are food deprived so What right now we have developed a very innovative ideas. I myself on the part of Roti Bank. You might have heard even the Prime Minister Modi has said about routine Bank to this the constant surprise started in Delhi, and I'm one of the founding members of that in Geo and I'm currently the vice president there. So what we did was that we what we did was it started with seven people of us. We were seven friends and we thought that they are so big her be applied if in fact karate why not we shall have two three chapatis for One who is in need? We don't take stale food or something. But our Colony after different magnitudes quesada, then we joined the schools. This concept was taken to schools. This concept was taken to our W is and this was like that it started increasing and increasing and people started getting ideas from that and from inspired from this idea. What actually is been done brow Roti bank has his presence or different different root T banks of started throughout the country, especially after modiji is explained in its bath. And now from that they're developed another another idea. Now the community fridges are into picture. We also install some refrigerators somewhere that you go put in your food and somebody who is in need will actually go and take it. Nobody's questioning him. He is getting a self respect me Econo predominantly Caucasian. These are the small things very very small things. I don't know. But tomorrow you may do something that could become a national propaganda tomorrow. There were some people who were cleaning Rivers this satguru is started, right? On its own they are cleaning. There was the clinic cleaning small small small water bodies, but how the people are going to do it. They are going with each citizens participation with everybody's participation because we have to collectively this is a teamwork. This is a actually a teamwork if we will team up against all the problems of our country is facing. I think if we started teaming up, I'll tell you one thing you first make yourself aware do your part in the I'm building. Then you go for Each one teach one bus Apple PC or cushioning karna said of Upon A has passed a cognate covid all day. If you are able to just make changes in the lifestyle of yourself and someone connected to you to people if you are making so I think if this change starts this Chain Reaction happens, maybe within 10 years India could be a superpower. So we have to take this responsibility. We have to take small small changes. We have to make me Be talking about this we have so many callers in the list are not taken. We need your free to take anybody and I'd like to I will request you to please now elaborate something more than what are certain other things is worth saving water saving like to the what are certain other things or the financial part or on the taxation part or whatever you feel like that are small small gestures should be there too, which should inculcate into the nation building Financial part. I might not go that that far but I will start with something with education I think education is very important whether it is in a form of academic qualification or educating people to behave in a right away. Like, you know, there are certain people who come from different backgrounds who are not taught at the start who you know, don't get the opportunity or the kind of education that they should be getting the mindset. The mentality should be created at a very early level. They somehow are Deprived from that thing. Okay, because sometimes what happens is people coming from the below poverty line or people coming from an Abra background where they don't have somebody who can talk to who they can talk to because I just I'm just referring to one incident which happened yesterday. It's about the suicide okay of an actor so that thing actually hit me and I think when the people of a country are mentally strong only then when things go better and things like that don't just happen overnight. Okay, it starts from a earlier level it is there and the back of mine people like you and me people who are into professions where they can talk to people like the we have the asset like this is the acid that when you can talk to a person you can change their mind. Okay, people have certain mentalities now coming back to the education point or not just schools now, there are so many other people. Who are they? Right from education. Okay. So like you said about the Roti Bank the there are organization like a Columbia if anybody has heard people volunteer to go into the rural areas and teach in their free time. So I think most of the people here are well-educated like even if you have plush to education you guys are good enough to teach someone the basic. Okay. So if you have people, who are you know that Domestic help or anybody urge people to learn to read to understand like with your ways simple ways because that way you what you are doing is you are creating an idea in their mind that they can do something and when you start changing people's mind positively the crime rate considerably comes down because of the minds of the people are calm, you know, they don't get on the roads and do things that they shouldn't be doing most of the time. Okay it is A rare case that people are psychotic and do crimes that is very rare. But in the normal, if you go to see in a normal scenario people get onto crimes when they are unhappy with their lives if they are financially unstable mentally unstable. They are not getting food or they are not getting certain rights. They are not getting respect that is when the crime and everything starts. So I think educating is resting. Secondly the financial part what you were talking about a monkey. I think the government has been taking amazing great. Initiatives to build the nation the bill to build the nation when it comes to the industries like the Prime Minister has created so many opportunities for the rural people to do great things. Also, they are giving opportunities to young entrepreneurs to do great innovative ideas. So I think now and plus they are also finding. Okay. So now there is no particular. You that you have to do something or you have to have a particular eligibility. Even if you are in your college, if you are into a certain area where you think you can do great with the same study profession that you're doing at the same time. If you can start up you guys can take that time and start investing small small start building small ideas and doing great. Now I would like to highlight one point here. Like there are a few groups in my city who have taken up an initiative of planting. Okay plants they go. They plant plants to in places. Now, what they do is they adopt these plants like kids. Okay, they plant a tree somewhere and it is named after the person who has adopted it. Okay, so that person takes time and goals and water is it nurtures is takes care of it. Okay. Now it's not possible for everybody to do that. But whoever can do it. They can you know actually contribute to it. So basically are you know, we are Sway trying to bring back the kind of resources that we had and bringing back will be a trying to reverse the kind of climate. We had at a particular time. Secondly, I would also like to talk. Well now that I have started talking about the environment I would like to also talk about the usage of vehicles. Okay. Our youth is totally depended on vehicles. So if you guys can ever skip your vehicle and walk to a particular place and do it just do it. Okay. So these things use public transport you guys are paying the taxes you are building the nation. Hello. Absolutely. I'm saying that not only this public transparent share cab, you know, the people are Excel conditional is you have to share the cabin. You can reach anywhere right is actually getting better and better these days. So exactly go you should switch over from using a private vehicle to Lynn's shared cabs. You can do at least small small gestures. That's what we are actually talking about. Right? So it also saves money and at the same time You're getting a companion whom you can talk to so I think basically that is also what is required. Okay, if you think in small terms, secondly, I'm Angie coming back to the thing that about financial part tax is very important. People miss out on taxes people try to skip taxes and at the same time people who are not paying taxes should get a little bit more responsible about how they are using the public property and public property is one great issue in India, which we have been facing like, you know, it gets destroyed every now and then and people have to understand that if they have to, you know fight back to the government. They are better ways to Okay. So rather than you know just be correctly pointed out something which is actually happened in the last few months, which we witnessed that there was a huge damage to the public property done by right against the government but UK government has brought a very good feature of Caveat Emptor over the to me borrow. It is the property of the nation's we collected properties the properties. Buddy, so everybody should respect it by a plague our cash Isa told Elena. Oh, no, you should be aware and there are people who actually don't bother and who are actually doing these anti-national activities. I would term them International because you're damaging the nation's property. They should be booked. They should be actually find and they these people should be actually tamed and trained to yes. This is the nation you are living in it. Respect the nation and its properties. It is your property also, and if you are going to do something, so if there are repercussions to that, I think we should take calls also now if you permit me yes, please please I'm Angie, please go ahead and take ol Grill quiet for a long time. He has been waiting. Let me connect this to the page three four people have already gone. Mr. The page. Welcome. Hello, Angie Halloween easy how you both are doing? Hello the PHD. How are you? I'm great. Thank you for asking. And on sometimes I do agree with you both but on sometimes I don't like if Universe saying about financial sector here are some final sectors are growing rapidly. But in rural areas like you were talking about Kate Industries are very good. Like the some government had did something for the ruler areas. It is like they have done it but on a very small scale and you talked about mudra yojana I have In the consequences of mudra yojana, I have talked with people who want you to get the loans or more through your generosity body. But the Arma 3 modes are yours now and who took them and would get it. So their formality list is very long. So some people are not able to fulfill those formalities. So this is kind of a barrier still they are facing because they like if you want a bigger loan, you will get it easily. If you have a property for a mudra loan. They they need like they need a thousands of like not thousands. Literally. I mean, they need so many documents some People are fed of from that thing. So it should have been easy for people to get access to it. This is the first issue with the upper Hanuman three mood record shows in a day is recommended for the people and many of those are many of those will not get the full money because they some people will two commissions out of it like maximum you can take is I think one leg 15,000 20,000 and I have seen people giving bribes to like 30,000 to get 120 and they will get only 90 Okay, so the busy you're absolutely correct in what you have said but actually what we do is we are not debating where the specific and you have grown. Very good. No, I'm getting into your brought very two very good points. You are saying that yes, we should do something about it, but I will tell you what happens with the yujin is absolutely correct. There are documentation is required and people are not getting that much people are not benefited which actually should actually benefit from this kind of schemes. But having said also take draw your attention that when we talk that many people have not got this opportunity to get benefited from this there are hundreds and thousands of people who have actually got this unaffected. But when if there is there is a part of the issue is I have seen the reports. I have seen the reports. Actually I went to the financial state so I have seen the reports 70% of the Dead. Has been given on the name of p.m. Would record shows in is not been returned. And those were to the families of the officers who had issued those loans. So what do you do? This is the issue. This is what I'm telling you actually people who needed that are not getting the loan. This is the main issue. I'm not saying they are known as the issues right now. I understood what you are saying is that yes people are not betting but you said 70% I'll again stick on that 30% which use forgot to mention 30% lunar there who benefited now? Now let me test they have they have yes, there are people okay. I am doing 30% Let me go for 20% 20% people have been affected. But if we say that yes, this is a scheme where only 20% of the people have benefited so it should not be implemented. This should not be there. No government is doing I'm saying no no, no and I think I'm Angie Angie. This is this is what precisely we are talking about today. This is precisely what right we are. Thinking about that. We are not to criticize the government. We are not to challenge everything put everything on the government. What are we going to do supposingly you say are now mr. The patient's telling me that he has got to know that 70 percent of the loans have been distributed to such and such a what did mr. The page do for I have filed idea is I have already filed idea is I have only done my duty sir like to interview in this Yes, please. I am just going to this thing's of mr. The Vicious done very wonderfully. He is file the idea is now we should be is what you should do. Next is you should file complaints also against the people who are actually the information which you get then you should go to Media also, and then you should do whatever I mean what yes to do it and that is precisely our point today that Yugi. I'm waiting for the results of RTI. I'm waiting for the results from earlier. This is what we are telling people that this is not a the role of the government to do everything correctly. We as citizens have our duties so you have fulfilled the goes up for you have chosen our government it is so simple we have I was in the government. We are not talking about the material. We are don't know circle like I'm saying it. Yeah, I'm Angie I'm saying the same thing. We have chosen the government. So it is also our duty to correct the government if some that are going wrong. It's also our duty to do what I'm trying to say. Absolutely. Absolutely. I have setting those people know I say sorry. I'm cutting you that I am sorry to say but there are many government schemes are just like advertisement which highlights the government initiatives. I mean not much gain on the ground. I agree. Yes, mr. The page continue now Nietzsche carry on with increasing the pH corrupt media. What can you expect correct? They go to be very own. Rest in this world. There is nothing who or what cannot be corrupted? Yeah. I have to put it simply if you get a chance to to get get a good money. You will take it in a heartbeat. You will note even think twice to if you get a good money, you will never even think twice to get the money. So it's not about the government. It's not about the media Foundation. It's about the people who are running the media actually, correct. The there is a big difference. We say low cushioning Carta log. Phone is cocoa and Ankara. We the people who are running the law. We are running the police station. We are running the code rooms We the People responsible for everything actually if you if you think about this now, we are the people. Yeah who are responsible for everything? That's what we are saying that he as the people owe everything to us. This is the time we should not simply say that government is not doing this is not the time. We should simply blame the bureaucrats. This is the time when each individual of this country each citizen of this country. Be always this to this country. He takes up this Duty he takes up some time. He gives they devote some time towards the nation building as your correctly. Do you have started the RTA process you this is the actually thing which we should do. That's how we are. Mr. The pages are wonderful classic example for what we are talking about today that whenever you see something wrong you go and pushing it. We need to USL you I was I just wanted to say that like, you know, the pastry said That there are people who are getting mugged for, you know, trying to take motor alone trying to take things. But before before we got on to this topic, there was something that I said like educate there are people who are trying to get loans and start a living out of it. Okay, they are trying to get out of the zone that they are stuck into now. They don't know whom to question because they don't have the necessary qualification or the necessary information. So what can be done about that? People like you and me who do have the access do have the knowledge can help such people. Okay who are not who are not getting the help we cannot help it. See you cannot do a hundred percent the PSG what what we are talking what what we are talking about. Is that one person that you can contribute which can create a change no matter how small letters it will be counted. Okay, like when you said there are people right leg Please complete this. Okay, there are people who are missing out on loans. They are paying bribe. Now they are praying paying bribe because they have a dream to get out of that particular poverty zone They want to do something big for which they are taking a chance what chance they are taking is if I give this person so much money it least I will get this money and I can start a living. Okay, but for such a person if there are people like you and me now you have too much information about this particular. Alerting the mudra. Okay a person like you if a person like you guides the person, you know, dude, if you talk to that person, he's going to take money out of you you go this way. Okay, help him fill the form. If you can do that little thing that they create a big change. Okay. I don't understand the issue that government can only release schemes now the prime minister or any Minister cannot come personally and help you. Fill the forms because power you know the population right? If we were in a country where there was a very less population where the prime minister or the other ministers could you know, freely go like I think Yugi is doing a court. Okay, he's doing it for that little thing. So he in his own little way. He's doing something. Okay. It is not about a politician. It is not about anybody. It is about the people and who are the people it's us. Okay, and if we cannot change these little things then there's no About you know questioning. Okay, the government has given there are these numbers. The numbers are all be there. I'm not saying you're questioning. I'm not thinking questioning but things out we are talking about the change that we can create un million creates people who are here. This is what I'm talking about. We have you ever been to an NGO before like have you ever been to NGO? I have not gone to ngos, whatever charity whatever whatever happened. I have done it personally. I don't think I have to depend Organization for it. But yes some pockets they take it take it you have to do it for NGO but I'm seeing listen to me what I'm saying. Do you know what they have to do in the ngos to make children's to read they have to give them greed they have for the food if you if you're not complete this chapter, you will not get to eat food. So do you know the problem is people don't want to get educated. This is the main issue people choose not to get get educated. This is the main. You actually correct see the pastry Base by again. I will say you are again telling the problem which everybody knows. They tell me show you how we are talking about. We know the problems. Everybody is well aware of. all the problems corruption have hair or Pele btr's vehicle load manic Bendigo Sonata men who seek out the Watergate scandal scandal Equal you have to be cool on the we are only motive for this today's podcast is how we can help in nation will be can't do it how this I am Gathering from you is that you have to be vigilant aware you file the idea is if the about and I tell you my my parents I'm a very nosy person. I tell you I don't think you get it. I'm a nosy person. I told you what happened in my area where I live in Punjab there was or Robot, like it was a Road in a tour bus stand like it when it rains. It was kind of become a pond every time so I filed RTI when I was 21, I filed the first RTI whenever I that it was not called RTA. It was a complaint it in without Hodor to to our musical authorities and my parents were afraid that someone will do something to me. If I do something like that. This is the main issue people are afraid because they are afraid of the authorities or some people who are getting the Sort of mating making bad roads and everything. So you are getting the point. So there is a there is a chain actually behind everything then it starts with education it start it starts with education. It ends with the corruption. Actually, every everything in Middle is for people to suffer. Actually, I'm Angie. This is the harsh reality. So when someone is dying the are something we're yeah, but what he should do about it, the basically this is artificer Guru. He met a Telugu person if something is getting wrong with you are Item complaint Kuroda romet a complaint Kuro, but you can see that is what we are saying. I basically if you don't mind we have another caller zini serve Lolo sir, made it to America gasps atopic mirror makuu job to master topics many it's good. We needed people like you because you have given a very long time we were we might have skipped RTI, but you have said very Arty is a tool in the hands of citizens as mrs. The patient's file Deltas. If you see something wrong is going on raise the question file the RTI do Something this is what you're talking to how much we thank you for your time Angie. Thank you. Thank you to be she this was the patient who Ted told us. Another thing which we could do is we could for a file rti's file RTI is so we have with us mr. K. Yeah. Yeah. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. So these are like two awesome talking about we people what can we do for our nation. So when we talk about yeah, this is how I this is how I talk is another big Axe and you call it. This is how I talk sir. Yeah. He cannot speak in the other leg accident. Yeah. So when we talk about what we can do, first of all, we have to stop complaining what most of the people do they do nothing at the your hand. From the start for example the take their bike out. They don't beer helmet and they complain about police guys taking drives taking money to well. If you follow everywhere everything if you have if you have your driving license, if you have helmet, why would somebody asked you for money? Why sorry, but I don't see at themselves what they're doing. They don't even look them self in the mirror who they really are, but they're see at this. See other people's faults. They see what their weaknesses is or they know we Indians are mentality. We just start comparing who's good who's bad? It was who's successful and unsuccessful who is good. So this kind of mindset is toxic. It can lead nowhere. So why do mr. Kaiba? Yeah, so when we talk about complaining first of all, we should do every single thing. We can on our hand before jumping to any conclusions. For example, if you see other people taking bribe on the toll or thing, like, you know police guys, please have proper documents and tell everybody to your friends to your family to your neighbors educate them. There's nothing wrong. There is no ego if you Carol helmet people will think you're smart now, it's you're risking your own life. What if something happened and you get like you get serious injury and second and second thing is I want to say that when we talk about politics are the government which is in the power. We decide not like not read most of us get lured most of us get distracted when we see Oh, I know this guy. He is good or whatever. He is. I'm going to vote for him when it's see this bias when you see, you know, somebody so to follow him no matter how good or bad he is. So any change that perception when you when you follow by your heart, you're going to follow something, right? You don't follow somebody because you know him or you know, the party or you know, the symbol or a particular Community now you have to see what is right. What your heart says about following somebody it's not just a Modi face. Now, it's the party or maybe whosoever you think, you know somebody and you know for him for something good do not think that he's my related is like I have some connection with this methyl or those tobia. It's not about that when we talk about positive change, you have to look for positive people as well. True. Absolutely, correct. So mr. K you have brought out very good aspect that we shall change ourselves. What we were talking about 1 million easy was saying that the change the charity begins at home we change has to begin from wherever you are from with your within so when he was actually corrected you have substantiated what we G was at least saying that yes, we have to first understand. This is my responsibility. This is my country. Nothing should come in way of my contribution. No, no, there should be no limits as you correctly said mr. K. So first change is we have to get within yourself and second change. What I proposed was Each one teach one first you change yourself right? Then tell people you go educate like when you said education is the prime thing which you have to begin. I say, I've been very famous for my bluntness. I was giving a lecture somewhere to the students. It's and it is a very funny incident energy. I would like to put it to you. I was invited to write one of the school's so to give a lecture on corruption. So when I while I was giving the lecture I was I started with the telling about the corruption is the figures and how the corruption works and this and that and that English. So I asked them the there were students of the standards is to 12th. So I asked them I asked them. Okay. I have a question for you guys. Tell me have you any one of you ever asked that the money which your father is earning from where he is earning this money. He's getting fulfilled all the demands of yours. You are getting the news to a cricket bat. You are getting the basketball. You're getting new shoes. You're getting this case. You're getting your music classes. You're getting your tuitions. Did anyone any student of you ever ask your father what he is actually doing to seek a brigade of passion in a car and they are as expected. Nobody raised his hand. I knew it is going to Happen when I ask them. Do you know whether your father is actually paying the taxes, which he is supposed to pay the government then nobody was unsuitable. This this other I advised them that you go. I'm giving you an exercise go to your homes sit with your father. Say it with your mother asked them after pesach a Mario Casas up near taksim. And are you sober up capacity whether you are doing your bit towards the country or not? And what happens later is that The principal called me shut up. They bolt the tune of it pretty big category yoga, and he was like he gave me a lecture for 20 minutes that I shouldn't have given such an exercise to the students. But later many contacted me on the person levels and they said okay, sir. You were right. We never thought this way. The problem is humne up in a generation cushion Colonel Izakaya where to question good question because he begins at home even the pointing. It begins at home. If you are pointing it to finger to some there are three fingers the fingers towards you all so so up Carnegie. Do you have to just start this and I'm sure anybody who's listening you might not have even thought about this that how make Abby puts her we have May pop up a little bit on there is a beret anymore and you will be surprised to know this service class program showed the Ajay huijin context Pelicans are gonna have nobody I can say ninety-nine Point some percentage of the people are not paying their taxes. directly to their correct value now if you are not paying your texting if you are the tax being right next to the government you have no right to criticize any government you have no right but what we do is we instead what we do we on the doors of the government we do whatever think so some mr. Armitage me that you are a lawyer in your legal there are so many legal oh yeah you have no right to question yeah see if I become see I can tell you one thing my father is a lawyer he has the standing of 41 years now in last 41 years I can proudly say donkey get your egg just go you could perish with me Cleo but how many people can say I have been practicing last 12 years I can say this with utmost priority you can check from anybody my equal to execute this code is for the data why why I'm saying so is the maximum I could do was change myself not to get lured by the things around me not into that the My father taught me this good thing. He said you better take over colored Hogie Hogie Mayo in the yogi up new shul Subs importantly. My father is very important in Legion for this kind of things. And so this this travels from generation to Generation Now from for the Next Generation to come definitely I'm going to pass on this set of instructions this set of good values and moral Behavior. I am going to definitely pass on and tell them if I have poised for acne. But yeah how many how many corruption the person eat Roti come College? Him he went and gave an entire lecture on corruption for half an hour. And that is the most corrupt judge known to everybody now. That's the irony. Oh the irony we see on a daily basis and there s any Ahmad like a legal loopholes cup which they are named they died. There was a lawyer who reported a judge for having a bribe for ninety five lakhs of the lady judge. She was arrested. She is been taken off a duty. Oh and he's racing the title also right now this happened in Theses are in Delhi. Also looking as a Christian a looker but there sa Catherine Lowe. Guess it is over liquor Kathy. Nahi lakatos computer boss re reasons then tune in later Kathy because he doesn't find a support in this graph support in the family as he was saying made him about Darla Ghia krsna complaint first. We have to overcome our fears. We have to educate ourselves. We have to educate our family. We need supported every level what what Like I can have friends I can have family. I can have everybody to support me. If I if I do a bit. I am going to produce a very big support structure for entire group of people for a come whole bunch of people who are actually ready and willing to take some bold steps towards nation-building but yes, they don't have the support and that's why they are not able to take it. So by making a little little progress on a daily basis we can Actually create a very big support group for such people to come forward and not be afraid and do the things healthily and prominently in pursuance of nation building so that our nation becomes a very very very better place. We actually where we are to live in where our generations to come are going to live in. I think I've spoken too much and yeah get back to you. Let me go and say grab some water it all the points that a has been discussing. I would like to add one point here that we are talking about taxes. We are talking about everything which is greatly important. I will talk on a very smaller scale that the day we decide the day we differentiate between the need and the greed of us. I think that's where everything will start getting started out like we So much into greed rather than the need like a there was a movie there was a dialogue in it and I would like to share it Miri Zarate. Come here is Liam a resume or Madam have you know, I'm Angie spoke about the values. I think Jeb homophony. Zaroor tacos sought out Colonel Locke time. We know that ye hamari sorority. Huh. Miss Kelly aging is occurring and Bobo had come here to get it is very less just a minute should what may be cocky people. People have an abundance and people don't have at all. So the day we sort out these two things. I think maximum will be achieved then and there humko potential diagram because qg hum Jomon email again. Hey, come on in but hum saath. Jeena Nikita. I think these simple things simple life covid alayka cello bust were here and but a scale page on a Kiribati haircut kornacki. Your corruption Peabody here. So I would like to say that corruption also starts at home just a charity starts at home corruption starts at home hum of an eye, but chunky but funky bribe Lena psychotic. Level 2 I will leave kiiis ret is it showed up a man a fish Rojo? Okay, buddy and the job As normal citizens kakkar sector thumb up say cheese' start cursing and a mangy Karina coffee. I think that you know to create a great change in the world. I think every little bit counts domain Ebola hekia ger her individual opening up become career. Or a Consciousness may actually woman de aqui há, um resume Daria Molly Jo. So if you believe yourself to be responsible to ye may regret is case. I'm Nikita yamagishi go to Canada. But her verchota Jaga her watch her cheesecake from responsibility later Hagar to possibly mm Korea. May I put the q key government to obtain a career vodka? The Heap a look at it that way because The Minister's the party and the people work together for it Logan Japanese imadori some G. So I think or a BS example, okay. Look in many example is Lydia cookie - oh no, MM. Okay, so, I believe he Joe Hey Joe G details years. Hello something of energy. I am just interrupting in between. I'm sorry that they said let's please go to Goodwill price and bribe and guess I guess absolutely correct earthy by what we need you. Was saying she's also correct. I will differentiate between the two things you have misunderstood what her point was prices finally other PC, but uh, uh come here to surprise milega like a new skill knowledge. believe it can achieve but bribing is something else and prizes something else actually they're both are differentiated so this is another point which I would like to bring from this confusion there is another point that yes please we should appreciate people who are doing a bit for the society we should appreciate people who are speaking of this process of nation-building you should appreciate people who are giving their taxes on time we should appreciate people who are raising their voice again the system we should appreciate such people who are actually doing small small miniscule a bill could shoot a strategy to Korea we should actually appreciate all those people this is we should actually give them some price so that they should not stop doing what they actually are doing so are they to see thank you very much for raising this point because this has given us a good thing for us another point for us that yes very nicely it has been taken mr. Kay's been long with us and I think mr. K would you like to add something or she'll yes sir waiting I was waiting for my turn because you guys I thought I'd talk a lot but you guys talk more than more than yes we know when we talk about a lot of stuff like practicing rather than preaching so I bought the Thinker the coaching we don't participate in any programs like swachh Bharat abhiyan prime minister can play in India we have to do it by yourself and second I was thinking about when we when it comes to our culture or tradition we guys don't appreciate it we don't appreciate it until somebody is it is good for example I'm not saying all but many of the Indians they think India is bad I don't know why when the one when we talk about ramayana claiming ROM say to is a human structure we don't we don't believe in that but when NASA said something like there is a human major structure proved So people start believing. Oh it is true. It is true. But when ramayana says it most of the people are on people deny it so that do not acknowledging what we have. We're not going to get something good out of it if we don't realize how good it is if we don't appreciate what we have how lucky we are. So when we talk about taking India to another level or to make it a better Nation or double up Nation, what do we call it? So we have to appreciate whatever we have. It's not all bad but then - yeah, right got it you saying that in sports and education every individual performance or for certain certificates or copper prize money Etc other thing. I again I am respecting your point of view price is definitely price. it could be a goal to achieve that is fine enough but as you have correctly mentioned in the last sentence you are saying that it depends on intentions what is the intention actually is so what when he was trying to say is that we shall not unknowingly teach our kids to following grade to a corrupt system or depend on it that's fine if you get 90 I promise you I will buy you this that is perfectly fine but R32 DG's can learn a lot of chocolate cognac should be taken care of certain aspects should ring Thousands first, we have to create a sense of responsibility within ourselves. And then we have to go beyond that parenting Casey Hoagie logy mother's KC Carr me RTF. I'll curse of the whole milk. It pushed. This all comes later part first at least acknowledge that yes, there is a duty which I have towards this nation acknowledgement goes first Miracles duties hemu Jacobs Karma. Hey, there is clear - Mira. Hey, right mister. Kiev has rightly telling us right now was that people are feeling India bad and saying the NASA puts care they got ramalingam our culture comic no turning it. So we should firstly then again, we need his point comes into picture Education First educate yourself, then go educate others. Definitely. We have got to educate people Each one teach one lay low could go play some Halo PC a cozy condo and I am sure India is going to Boom like anything. It's going to flourish like a in of energy we've been talking for more than one car 10 minute and I'd request or the typical you please come on call because he is also one of the wonderful speakers and he also has a his own kind of understanding and making people understand I request him to come on call but right now we need you again I will take you to the very essence of our topic today huh more Quixote should easy concentration is he the same rush to the romantic see apnea be point out key of parenting parenting is a very important aspect a mangy just a up like a hockey you questioned a bunch of students like do you guys know where your parents are getting the money from yams are the soch thin name because for us the comfort is what matters like may open a up Cooper sir Carmichael many could beat Minnesota Nike pop up a second okay unless I started working unless I Did working and I got to know the struggles about it. Okay, but Jay say it but we hum Coretta just a bribe ski bottom and creaky how much fun to Parenting board matter Carthage the way if you start putting things in the brain of your child in the right way at the started self Zapata archaic Vision here, they say up who have been following your father your father husband. You know a lawyer for so many so many years and at the same time you have been doing it and you are going to pass on that to your next Generation Kabhi Kabhi as a hota Hai Ki hunk of cheese a secret sometimes our parents might not know Jesse the pastry board rather key many RTI file Cordy. Marry Papa midgar Braga to we you know, it's a two-way thing parenting Jesse up came up core Pata nahi Hai kuch easy to apply and as parents. They have to you know set an example. I think Joe but Jessica whoa, maaaah boldness, and he selected if I am righteous my kid will be righteous because that kid has watched me from the start that kid has observed me. But if I am ignoring my child if I'm ignoring my child's question if I am, you know, putting a full stop on my child's question. other budget curious as a valkyrie scoffs shut up Cairo to I think Bobby care of your kid starts moving on to sources of information which may not be right for him or her okay and job information gullet sources say but choco milty hat over colored ideas later ye may easily karaoke agar apni dish up now you know a parent here coming back to the smaller level of the parenting I think parents Co-op Nisha madurese imagine each area as parents or as the youth or whatever we are into position You can find out the right answers and educated educate kids Arena. Hey Kima Bobby up in a bunch of new knowledge there as a host of tie up gourmet Cupcake wasn't so bitchy. Ho yo ho ho ho they might not question you but you guys as people can create that interest into them like my bot simple example. They think I have started doing podcasts, but nobody in my house new but now my cousin's I have shown them that I do these podcast and I talk about serious stuff online. Now these people who have never taken me. Seriously their life are listening to these pods and going back and checking these facts. So I'm not saying that you have to do something like that. But every little initiative can create a curiosity in somebody's mind and if you can Channel it, that's the greatest thing that can happen. We have other Tip Top Singh joining with us. please welcome other tabletop singing. Oh, you know what? people took some examples like saving water saving electricity filing RTI is appreciating people there are so many small small small things which we should actually do acknowledgement is there and more many things you have taken but what is your take on all this he can you give a few pointers on yes what we should actually do so that her are the McKinley Asana a company are here to collect on basically can you give certain such things if you could please yeah I'm a genius a I'll be up a topic we the people we the people means we are considering each and every individual of this nation and that is what exactly Nation means we when collaborate together a mindset Devon week is a thought then that becomes a nation otherwise it's a country just haven't officially bought be worth getting country and Nation big difference of the whatever we are doing let's say if I'm doing something negative if I'm saying doing something positive to sorum a contribute control whether I'm contributing it in a negative way or in a positive way but majubi activities May perform Quran that I am According to my nation yattaman scheme is corruptor know you have to scheme is body after Rome now obviously needs your optic for the chibok boutique e-education. Hona chahiye, but precise point I agree key parenting role office way, but tell me one thing skip parents May ignore my youth Ki baat Karu to specially made an appearance in the movie attendance at an Izakaya mere appearance in America. Jock in Izakaya so much capable. He met of my parents keep DiNapoli was ret sector around. Why not? I can contribute a nation. Why can't I like raise my voice give it which color to wrap both parents in Izakaya copy because after a certain age you get to understand give me a cookie eek human Totaram hamesha evolution of those call who Nene Cheese's eat the human race could also think about them more involved with the guy. Yeah. She's okay according if we are so blessed kiha Maria Posada internet a hamari. Was it now so coach at why we are not getting into positive reason Casco if we are stuck between two things. And is westernization and one is the Indian apparently. Mr. Kay said key home Western media keyboard follow current a reason casca reason gehe QV. The people don't know about our nation see what our nation is. First of all, we need to love our nation or love carbonation car. That is a something to appear in the sixth period on its way to read about our country. Once you start knowing your country. You'll get into love and when you start loving something then automatically after juvie contribution over were positive wave over for all may go up any responsibilities of the me buddy. Rather then you may blame kroenke. Imagine again a curve in Aegina comments in the era that is part of life problem will be always there. Just take a life problem where he Greg but macarons me I need to ask myself. What is my duty is? What is my responsibility? They stop nebula Pawnee exactly. We have to think on this capable of Camilla kg of CO2. This is the small small things which come with an ourselves don't could go to realize during a rather than key or emoji. Tell Congress I kehoe's a couple so maybe image. Oh so you can complain always complain connector for more time. electricity Parenting or education's on a muscular. Kooky Mary Poppins a mako. Shark Apostle EF you can be triggered by mugabi Shekinah gareki. You should go and smoke but I'm smoking. Okay, American Research is an easy game for house. It is easy to understand easy coin will maker of the conservation has been changed 1K passwords are access later. Gob Mary pass a but what we do we are certainly like key from acids. You just happened without the negative G's or compose or they follow curve then again would- deity case. Are we the people of Of India, we don't we are like always in a denial mode. We are always in a complaining mode prsa Carlo a supportive a soda bottom nickel carbon is out there, but for that we need to set a Searcher education system job exactly. How many year proud feel colorizer Ki aapke snitched sensible Anker through what you guys are capable of after science Catherine Advanced topic cheesy to our Core Power Yoga democracy TCP roboticize the bottom was kind of sound Kappa give when you wanted to so much love when you believe kids. Is my D CK education system between Chicago or is give you proper syllabus change on a chair. You showed you you that voters are some Jake you should be proud on our nation first when we want start crowding on something. So I guess key problem to resolve which I give up. I agree keep taxes key Tori whorie, but that is a big debate of some a big Texas. Kachori Curie government Nokia szostak it access kachori Cube airing Mac you curvature E3 government often accompany curly again. We blame. Miss Ada that's what this actually we've been talking or the the by talking about week we doing and as far as education comes is concerned we need told that this is a two-way process that ho sakta parents to have hamare parents they operated very rigidly humming so we should start educated our parents so it is actually did a beautiful process with which should actually be adopted so bad when he heard a friend who's No Good Karma Hey Joe just be bhoomika made this big of a job a be here Him do this mobile phones. I mobile phone say because we could change our social media go to unequal thumb do smart will be emerging generation of the some of the pictures logo be smart cursor 10 people are actually doing it, but we don't see we don't actually write we don't get positive things to publish it e so what we can do another Point comes up from discussion is that are positive judoka fellow very positive kazuko share career. If you come across something which is positive. You just share it on your social media as much. As possible as much as possible because of the earlier day. Also I was talking about this thing's only the TG is head. I was telling them why we are actually attracted towards the negative. This is our problem Moldavia the cook avoid again. I will quote the same example up with a ceramic example, if they do you see a few thousand who are not taken care of but there are lakhs and lakhs and crores and crores of old citizens were actually being taken care of very well by their families own. goodbye lightning so we should promote positivity algorithm kissing on the couch positive they could promote the supposingly I'll tell you very very very small example we need is doing great podcasts what I do is but there are two ways of getting it Nom I Kathy care Korea Korea homage on a yellow icon again but when you tell somebody that okay if you go to Vinnie's for first you will definitely learn a thing or two now what happens is in he can vindicate our if what you're promoting something good which is actually happening out there so I'm not saying giving a broadcast of the other cakes be fell out okay after the West Acres of to but my point of saying this is that you should take up at this task at least if you come across some positive articles on the internet if you read some good books if you see some good videos you promote them don't only spread negativity at least you can do this much in nation building comic a cheesecake promote Korean culture shock or promote career she article Cooperative mode courageous has positivity but the right so it's another precursor chemical look the egg minute of the internet Across America with a surprise this in the toilet how do you find certain articles which you come across if you don't come across that's fine but other of do drive or a purpose miljacka here all of a sudden they will the other to at least have a beaker do so what we have been discussing some Judo points Ted Cruz may give point or red curly GA K hum social media platforms to use kilkee positivity flying it they should Exxon this of coding so that it could reach maximum number of people he SQL support curriculum I could kinda chunky little things keto there is one thing yeah what's up how many messages are there people blindly believe I would urge people to go and find the actual facts check the authenticity of that particular message before forwarding it and you know if you think that there is you have received a message Stitch okay I got Kobe Shekinah Jo Jo looking forward maker in your school I got a pointer sneha authenticity find out Carnival to delete a career in the correct order then but don't forward it in the for the sake of it you just forwarded and then it keeps circulating for no reason and seh he's a felt in here seee negativity but in a year agar hum positivity Ki baat Karu positive Jesus spread Karne Ki baat Karu at the same time we can be the full stop up to the negative things and other up but up doubt my ho I'm going to show her how to basic array bin discourage pay the Rock Quarry Lake in our up shore nahi Ho Chi Chi's camera just because of the doorstep shigaraki H is color theory that does not mean Vogel ethology find out Korea grew up Co gonna lock the first very authoritative like to add something more Embassy last a bowl of chum gonna Circle the supply curve what shape all across those make a water problem is that key there are people who spread negativity and there are some people like I'm including myself Hijos go forward and he got there but parallel evening but at some point the Hakeem Arabic responsibility burn tacky I should promote positivity just indicative of T the speed say REM WhatsApp a rather than to sit an idol we could be a counter Colonel Chi this is my responsibility thank you for acknowledging this very good okay thank you thank you so much guys okay bye bye bye Wendy thank you Just because you can positively cheesy Apple fell on it. You don't stay idle. Okay caliber as a hotel Key hum and Johnny may we come across certain things which we think oh, this is great. But sometimes we don't choose to spread it because home a lock the camera appears Mayhem are insulted. I used a chroma key Aragon bar and stuff which happens a lot with me Jason Mexico could forward curve a team of metal bar system Kira Kira gun battery, but then eventually if I think it's important then just leave the fact chiaroscuro Somali no Somali do MBTA solo is a subsidy is I so you know delete the Carnage abanda Finally checked okay Kiki away even if that person is not interested in the content unconsciously who's got the mummy each subject even job apologized useful I think really important Co information maturity but in unity Jesse Jesse we are poor my bad caramel is disgusting I'm sorry been interrupting you again and again this what what I said about saving the water and brush kit I'm pay use current the mug instead of just turning the tap this I heard from Radio FM Butler a killing at least hard caramel of this is something of my FM Peak message circulating and then I thought you are a bundle could say bhattacarya you see that change my mind so like we are talking absolutely correct the a hose o'clock is Enoch in the bud lovely you should do what you can't do yes please continue correct do srebotnik a I was giving an example of the army Like Home Alone up now but underestimate curriculum area killing a Balenciaga there's but like a blind man leads a party for her 4G associate here miracle He our medic is cushiony. Yoga is a very end there. You should read this adjective. Stop singing many start Cordia m&g along with my room partner glass of water and brush. Absolutely yummy. This is the change of you're talking about sarkoja Metal poured how my report exactly if even if it changes is going to impact greatly That is a comrade. It's a date. You are the official start of a new Revolution. You are the official start Rod that Revolution basic idea. Caya Lincoln is particle Burger King. So I think yeah, I appreciate her now this I want to talk about other tajik appoint figure. We'll talk about other physical point. We should appreciate you have appreciated other. This is also important guys. You should appreciate me. You're actually doing it. So congratulate everybody here, please congratulate our the TG for his small step towards saving water towards making India a better Nation. I should I think we should all congratulate as it says he and his room partner. Of course when exactly he met is about panettone just a detachable rotation bright keyboard, and now right now other things he has done a great thing. Now, we are appreciating it. This is the price of it but I did, you know, it didn't happen that key other Theory. Arup bite you mug and yelling at the hum aapke liye for pay appreciate occurring yaku marketer again. So the a bribe over the price and bribed cajoled hamari, but already I think life is Kai example create. Okay, so everything is a great great great job it is you think you did. Yeah a good gesture towards making India a better place to live and what I'd request everybody else also because of some look podcast Cathay what I am requesting I think there's my personal request to everybody up up no JCB podcast real Seeker a moussaka re-interview language speaker Rio up egg open the door and take a podcast a combination building a bad car instead of a responsibility towards this country gets fulfilled at least you can do this much other up eggs in May depart the ratio of some minute applicable there or other push a community may be seen every optimism and kalki could be alcazaba he taught us of the effect dollhouse kinder to hamara Dish definitely better whose eigen value of point zero zero zero zero zero zero one percent they can but Lady Gaga you have to take these chances because if we will just stop taking chances we cannot develop you do this thing positive chances of Michelin H in Europe or do something positive after or a positive hair up for be positive or and a high up Lumpur to be educated karpovich above code educated about Napa educate gray or Tutti Tutti Jesus of course octave I am we are actually discussing what virtue teacher teaches a Hemlock discuss correct term local culture and at the end of our podcast I am going to tell you what are the major be discussed care of schedules are on jeju-do point something equally will be him up with an evaluation so please guys stay tuned and Vinny G make a point here we met up with anybody other than me awesome the key but a Sienna how many it is adiabatic and just a positivity keypad Cartier kirti hamesha up and I think the result is not important what matters is the process how you put in like app most controversial bath kering Lickin facts case at current like men and I could look out of you're not on collect actual topic laelia controversy but karenga to blogging as soon as you see Bill Porter Chi bottles clinking put the right views ahead tacky Jo aapko Sonia Guru nanaka arada your information and even if you can light up that little spark that is more than enough it will become a fire on its own you can just the other day janica hockey you have to love your country and when will you love your country if you know your country how will we know the country how make a sabotage the Legacy hum kagayaki find out the correct country keep him conscious Source authentic hoga so Jesse how more objects yellow-haired recorded become totally normal platform pay I believe look buddy buddy media platforms page essay RJ is here whoa a casita peon koharu lactulose want to Jesse nation-building Ki baat Karu I think that egg Minotaur so can create a grade change of Napoleon krpa many uh is party like you are a celebrity maybe and then you say you know I read a book today and it's awesome and it had something like this those people are going to go and search that book out like I was following someone and that person spoke about a book about you know the power of present okay we need you you're not already okay marriage The Listener stay hello yes now you are please make marriage any listener stay whose music I own a Mercury Vapors respond to crack a bottle now Mira idea Kita promote Korean economy Hatta better idea of how to ski table get through Joe ideology promoter ew scope remote corner and the Hina kagiyama Cuervo income mentality but Lega What would call lifestyle but leg out car Behavior towards others, but Lega and whoa effect pass on jota jota though. Coming back to again the same thing key her choti koshish. An important naivety Karina kajaki it reaches to a level. This is actually precisely what we have been talking since last one and a half hours apogee Tina up 741 op Jose. basically what you have to do is you have to first acknowledge that yes there is something which I should do personally for my country and think over it but I will give you a small exercise to everybody who's listening right now see after we and this part what you will do some of you will go to another podcast some of you will go for the dinners or something what I am urging you give 30 to 45 seconds 30 to 45 seconds only after this part is finished Kyary a point of in your Amanda body is Killa or coaches or make a certain set of 36 45 seconds then a very small exercise and you can contact me and Vinny G or message any time tell us that very small thing if something comes into your mind because my bottom of Cohutta Gap whenever you go listening to some conversation after watching a movie if you think over it that is a complete wastage of that when I'm not absolutely up other frequent all about dog until ago if you can give some time that's perfectly fine they can what I am requesting you urging you with folded hands I'm saying set of these Sip and Palace second place henco crushed Arena soon egg about not the beginning how my report about the Mauna Kea Kea yeah points the skill of our cows observe oh so Channel again that spark within you which will cause that yes yes there is something which I can also give to Nation I can do something about the nation s op to the magma where X secondly we will hire a lawyer to her Mariah pod Cunningham at Lobby successful Nova Star is big and are we we are not just here to just speak and go we are here to actually practice it I know we are not going to change clothes of people with this the Jessamine believe that he is already started other a kin-san be kind of any nation building is of Tourism Institute of Chicago guitars original purpose you have this is what we are Duty towards nation-building right now I'm looking at Curtin factor that is efficient but right now what we are doing is we are I'm saying eight-minute bathroom the don't want a cap or a pod Korea nation-building either other more Logan take so Beast minute Missy a quick minute kavya grabs Orange Liquor Cabinet Junior chili guy well yeah I'll be right here having about Korea and nation-building Ki baat a told Jesse Abner funny by chanakya vodka reduce ramaiah cannot with Yuki um look travel curtain travel card and deforestation and everything about you know Uncle Jesse's Kiva just use keyword has a the neither of secret knock out I will construct a in Bartow coming back to the little things again cleanliness khabar image of a humbucker the heaviest Jessica jira agile have not taken any country national natural calamities both area flooding both Aria flooding kokoschka q key watercolor channelization saracen aorta Nadeem organic healthy volek bath aw can't open a nickel tour Joe can all say gutters hi o'clock or a cure because we are dumping waste in it trigger though I'll be Puttin ihum Jackie hurricane is T scope product research Kiyosaki quota to Plastics plastic wastes is called chronic Authority Rica up kindly decades now up you know curse at them to get apart from that come you score a maximum that you know just not cut corners and secondly plants man I'm very much a theistic about the environment so I will talk about plants up up an egg her pea plants Nagasaki and oxygen debt as artists each other more and more it is a stress reliever because log depression majority Escobar MN a bot bot Korea Pele okay planting is one stress reliever and oh Percy upper body positivity that the up plants La Casa de sa Joe oxygen boost Korean John Locke Delhi may I please up Sadducees are occurring qkc Kawasaki up a little healthier or ghee Dosa orthotic contribution how about my blah blah blah so other a gandikota to Turkey and Syria and Iraq but as normal citizens correct Cricket so we need you very wonderfully put about the Plastics Jahlil Okafor Cuts they have a bought there are now machines available Waste Management Kelly with ochimp machines are either that transforms your waist into manure for your plants what should I say machine a portable obra here I'm saying is your food cost effective will be happy just to have your name construct a have at least proper medical waste Alexander cheap plastic waste energy gillich Kerala has at least it starts from 45 rupees I will tell you right 45 rupees plant Otis Otis and you can start by gum lelou the Scandal has house it read about a chubby the bear said it was an amount which are available below the cost of rupees 150 so our shooter step liquor key of the nation building either of die or bother checkpoint nickname of Ebola came we should also speak about the wrong which are happening about us at absolutely correct Nick that set of positivity me Kalani a Gene appelé bataya km- Guru k- K bar area where Beaker my supposingly octopus categorical exclusion of the year though this is turned out to be a false news or a fake one so what you have to do is other people to be negative after some medical school propagate veganized from our table discussions that you came so absolutely correct you are that our government has become a Google Earth amina's our Elohim used to be point out Colonel Chi and what a Cheesy upload them both REO or F if you guys have anything to say you can please tell us more things like nickel said the Tobias said others also have brought out certain points for us or then we'll be yes we need you please go ahead what you were saying there's one last point that I want to discuss about today today in today's time when where we are into a crisis where there this is there is pandemic people are into you know difficult times so I think here agar hum coach conahey spectator at least we can be nice people and be supportive and you know whenever you talk to someone be respectful so that as Anna who KR but the already person who is in the game and you know we really like each other and stuff that your point by saying may sound right but also but like shushant this case we heard yesterday what has happened had he been in company of few good people people constantly in touch during this time with have nothing to do I think he might not have which is to say that in India we wouldn't have lost such a great asset so what right now we need you as you have correctly pointed out that in this crisis time in this time of desperation and problems which we are facing every day because of the poet situation what we can do is we can at least connect to people we can be smart and nice people to each other and we can at least help each other not getting into depressive thoughts we can help each other getting out of the the depression if already somebody is we can at least call up our friends and say hello how are you and say hey let's all push low so that there are lonely people in the society we shouldn't be left lonely at this time this is a very brilliant Point raised by you and I thank you we need you for bringing up this point because this is at least one can do phone free every subset ultimately he asked a Time opposite of Torrid time devote Karma maybe up search out kurayami occifer up Sebelius think over it if you have any friends or any relative who is living alone so please please please give him or her a call or write today do it today because we need he has advised a very good point this will also indeed help us in building India a better relationship right because you are every every citizen is an asset to the nation every citizen is an asset so if you are able to save one life being wasted you are definitely making something very productive for this nation and I urge you that please listen to Villages point and all the listeners whoever you can think of is alone at this moment please give him a call get in touch with him forget your egos be at least nice at least this much you can do today take this as a homework and do it positively requesting you again and again small small things what we the only aim besides wood behind doing all this podcast stuff is that we should make you aware we should inculcate some sense of responsibility towards this nation in you so that you should do something and then these saying gamma ray call up my friend Coke all keothavong thoris at Nasa incidentally he lost the other thank you very much and if you have already done it and I am appreciating your point and drag mini is absolutely correct correctly pointed out his she's made a wonderful point if energy would you like to say something more so that then afterwards I'll need five minutes to sum up what we have discussed so would you please like to Enlighten us more to support the same point I poured the same point I would like to say Tom 1G right now people are also losing their jobs and if you guys have the information help your friends to get jobs that is all I can say now talk to your friends and I think there are a lot of people here no the online world where you can go and find the right information in the right place if you know that know it give it to the people who are searching it that is all you can do these two things I would like to say from my end I think every little thing counts and every little thing that you would think as a person can help someone just do it be spontaneous about it don't expect someone to appreciate it you to do it don't think that you are doing it so that you get some good things okay you will eventually get it but just do it I think that little smile that you put on somebody's face has just enough it just justifies everything you know and if you are spreading that eventually you are contributing hugely is all from my side I'm going to put something very interesting to you you know I write also so what happened was that yes wrote a poem which was granted than three so it sounded very anti National on the face of it but when people actually heard it but this became one of the point trees which actually give me a huge recognition and of the it was there was a time when I used to go somewhere and people over can take a considerable by Sabu been taken by some so this was like this actually happened with me so I also and he was like so so that poetry also to you but before that we have mr.chandu with us on all let me take his call mr.chandu good evening good evening it's connecting I guess it's showing connecting but last moment calls usually don't get connected easily yeah I missed it on the good evening hi chandu g t flying so your we are not getting your voice mr. chandu mr. Chandler evening we need your voice no I don't get is why it's very low yeah we just we are unable to get your voice please can you please or push the micro recap here to your mouth or you can reconnect because we are running short of time lost no II don't think so I'm sorry I had to drop your call mr. chandu please join us some other time and because we are left with only seven eight minutes so I am going to cluding it so before that if you allow me when a child reads that poetry is in fact this good like don't be offended because it is not going to be an international point to don't judge me why this poetry try to understand the meaning why it is been written there is one component Monday before you start reading your part if you could just read it out please next comment you said that I'm working out and listening to your pot so I believe taking good care of yourself or is also very important that's how you can contribute in nation building be healthy be happy and be responsible absolutely correct very important very very important first thing about you be healthy be happy because you yourself are NSA to this nation so if you are taking care of yourself you are doing a greater go to the nation thank you for bringing up this wonderful Point yes are the table I am reading the poem it was like put her arm in a town argue full guard a lie I'm sorry I'm using such bad words yes please go ahead yellow which Harmony down argues with Hindu Muslim Sikh is really food darker shankaranna in caprona mantra the bottom rib and what can I say Shakti has a versatile robotic Isa Khan yoga pants that was fun Iron Man two words but what a way to end this part what a way to end this point I can't appreciate I can't get the right words but the tears in a box I come until I have a and I think I just agree with him I can't agree more on and by I'm sorry but I'm not taking your call right now because we have to sum up the entire we are just left with five minutes very very very very sorry very sorry orangey please forgive me for my such Behavior but right now let me sum up everything what we have been discussing from lost two Wars is what the points we have come up with you all help with help of our great Vinny G what we have accomplished today is I am going to give you a small list of points what we are actually we could do um Lanka cornacchia up near a stronger man May for the nation building first one goes is acknowledgement substep Alia up knee up acknowledge Curry okay Mary is this K protocol is very high I have awesome I have a duty towards my country I have a duty towards this nation and I have to be a part of the nation building process first and the foremost thing is this up just missed it he may just be some I call may just be our stomach and just be haul me up couple acknowledge that no one came with a rush rush to marry zimmedaari hey secondly aperture Carnahan just a little binder for Looker billion brush cutter magma panel a a glass me funny Lily so that waist and he hopes hot daughter time be uploaded on the company after some ways to do you recall that any kind of flow of water from the tap to our Credo segment registers because it generally overflows footage is a water conservation is Cooper mm equal topics are so we'll do it definitely will try to bring up such topics is Chabad up logo Cana punch exactly who Cassidy Cassidy exactly kombucha Houston to update a rational man corruption is a Uganda who are cursor up scale of parenting her two-way process disadvantage in a calm other apke parents have put some Viagra of June in appearance and open About You Kelly your tender age keep the inculcate the very idea of nationalism like pandas for the first two years in the initial age Japan gives only values and not any other education to the children so we should also do this very young age gonna be the young parents Hyuna Valley parents and future open up a chunk of cheese habits they inculcate cream who's bar down logo next topic discussed Each one teach one of Allah above near or aware that they should grow up and tell then we need unique vantage point the car or negativity Co-op Niche stop Colonel spread honey shot positivity Co-op nepheline I have the UAB of coconut oil- newspapers check recognize or whiskey bad arbitrary points I have you seen my passport time commitments to cut shortcut over here with no that'll last point will be when he's in a car key is Norma Jo be improve its efficiency Boozer re at least what we can do is we can be nice people just a nickname because he bought a chop how may I at least of madani the physical well you are an asset to this nation and like we need is said you thought immediately after this podcast up cad-cut then please revert back to us we need you or me and second thing which we have seen a jovial Kayla of cadeaux Smith three are listed on the scope called Carnival that's it what from my side when I G last words from your side and we can end this part I would like to say a big big thank you to a man G first of all that this pod means a lot to me and being with you on the same your parallel line on a pod is a great thing and apart from that all the all the points that we have discussed right now maybe we have left anything if you guys think there is something to add get back to us and thank you