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Hello, good morning. And oh buddy, nice Sunday to everybody. Well, today's topic is weekend with Queenie. I have done two three successful podcasts about heartbreaks and stories and I think since it's Sunday today people that are at home. They are calm the quite I mean a little population working population is at home today enjoying the weekend. And I think today is the day where we can talk about our plans of what your weekend plans are and hey, this is an ill and let's take this call. We have a caller right now. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, hi Winnie weekend. Yeah. Yeah. I'm from blank been low. You're welcome. Okay. We can plan is nothing else. I used to ingest what? Hi - yeah. Well, hi in the comments. Thanks for sharing your views. We've got another call here High brijesh. Hello. Hi. Hi Whitney. How are you? Well guys in the comments section put your views on how you are spending this weekend efficiently. And if you are traveling or you are from a particular City, what's the best place to visit? So if people are around your city, let them visit the best place that you know, and if you're calling me you can share the details about it and we have a caller British. Hi. Yeah, hi Whitney. Yeah you from I'm from you in India. You're from you putrid Pradesh. Wonderful. Okay, so British what made you interested in this car right now? Yes, but leaving now in good ground New Delhi. So there's a lot of places we can switch it to New Delhi and we can with it and and on the weekend, it's also like like like Lotus Temple and and yeah, you are from you P which part of you pu are from I'm from east up' near where honesty is city of God's I can say yes it is. Right and it has been my dream since childhood to visit Varanasi and I do want to visit wanna see really really soon. So if you can tell me since you are a local Like from you pee, so can you tell me and our listeners? We have 19 people listening. So what's the best places to visit and how if a person is going there and how efficiently you can spend if an efficiently and look into other places and for stay and stuff. yes, Varanasi is you can reject by the train or bus or anything else and by Airline also, but and there are a lot of you know, the temples and good places like Jan temples and viswanatha Temple and the other temples are also here and the you could Nature's and You can do there is no much cost here to you know, the living or widget on the Varanasi location and the people and the people's are very good to talk all the in very much, you know, the respectful person here leaving and they can also discuss talk with you in Hindi and English also as well. That's fine. And yes and one other language also is To be speaking. Also in the Verandah see there are some person is to be also speaking. So the definite I'm sorry to interrupt you, which language is it? Yeah daily three languages they can speak easily and English Hindi and bhojpuri because they teach in touch with her. Yes bhojpuri. It is touch with the Bihar something not touch very much. But but they can the person can speak some time if that's really nice. Is so what exactly I'm in is close to Camp or what you're talking about. Yeah, kanpur kanpur is only can speak in Hindi and English only not much. No the virtually and kanpur is about Varanasi and I can I think that if you will go by train, so it will be take approximately five to six hour. I know six hours. Yes. I was really nice knowing and the so which is and Actually from the Western guards to be very honest. So this Mongol Western guards. Okay, it's very versatile. It's close to Goa Pune. Okay, so I belong to that belt and whenever you plan to come down to these places, I think we fall in the guard sections and people love to visit because there is a lot of Scenic Beauty around here. Yeah small towns with you know, kind of developed places on the western coast. Like there is a car wash Europe among Guru then Belgium then go and then Pune in that same belt if you travel that belt that belt is really beautiful. And if you ever come down with is really cost-effective also and people usually go crazy. Visiting go well for the beaches and stuff but apart from that if you just travel down the bed, you can actually see real beautiful Forest Reserve area and wonderful climate and it's always suggested that it can be travel during the time of rain and cold season. And since climate is moderate the whole year in here. So it's always good to visit. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Oh the kind of Tell me, you know, the and the Goa trip, you know approximate. It will be take two days is enough for widget or one week or two suggested is they will to do is here and I think that it's very small is small and you can just travel from one city to another city within 15 to 20 minutes the same. Waited it is not a decision time and the traffic is left for usually the season September onwards September October onwards are up till me or March. Okay, so people still stay after that. So between March to August September it's offseason period the costs are very low, but you don't, you know since the rains and stuff. Is there so I don't think that is a really good time. But the best time is if you can visit in the early season, which is after September, okay, and before the Christmas season arrives and stuff and if you really want to see the carnival and all the other Beauty you should go to go around in the month of February. So where the carnival is there and there are people from all over the world in there and they All right. So yeah from in and around the cover there are beautiful waterfalls the places of visit like caves there are sanctuaries and if you are a foodie person someone who loves food, you should really travel to Google. Yeah, I am I from go. I think whatever City falls in the western card is like a treat, you know, you can plan accordingly one week is more than enough to plan on your charts. And if you're planning with friends, yeah, that would be more cost-effective. Yeah, definitely. I will try to which it one time in Google so because I have already thinking about that. Utility, that's just great British because really wonderful talking to you. We have few callers waiting in line. Yeah old age. Yeah, you don't giving his info about your city and how to visit it. Thank you very much. Yeah the same to you. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you so much. Hi. Okay take you. Well guys that was British from uttar Pradesh and he's going to be staying in New Delhi and he gave us some information about kanpur and Varanasi. We have Oliver waiting in line and let's talk to Oliver less. This is the weekend and I think it's the best time to discuss plans or make plans. So we have little girls here who would be interested to give us information about their cities and how to reach out and if you are a solo The or a group traveler, you know Google is is a good option. But when you have a person who's a local and who's telling you the information it is really more authentic and that will be really helpful. So we have Oliver here on call and I'm not able to hear you all say I'm still here. Oh German troops in a phone call part of this research is like waiting for a few more minutes in here thinking about how you doing. Hi. from Dallas You're from Dallas. Fantastic. Yeah. Yeah cool currently but Oliver today's topic is weekend with Winnie. So we yeah, we got to have a shadow day here and sweet like a so. Yeah. It's almost 33 here. That means to me easily. I'm going to work at a couple of radio station. So you gotta just wait for about you know, like almost 10 20 hours a day working out and you know, really working up their to do the work. So just pretty weird. So, you're welcome with the Fox News, you said? Yeah, I mean, it's actually not going to be broadcasting obviously not being a sound engineer just kind of broadcast a couple two channels or looks table podcasters. Just what are they going to just you know, obviously working in the back and in the front I can do it. Okay mostly in the back end, right? Yeah. I mean the part of being an engineer want to do my lot of broadcasting television people want to watch me and just kind of discuss about politics. So no Want to do that is we are going to be putting my life in danger in the first place. What about you? What are you working for college work? Well II work with graphic designing. I do a bit of editing and digital marketing stuff like that people to be it and whatever spare time I get I do a little bit of writing, you know, and I do a podcast where I can talk to people and share views and ideas recently. I have done to podcast where I I if you have seen my profile you can see that I was speaking about heartbreaks, you know, like hey, I mean Adam got to be super active in here because for example to certain applications like can apply for I can just pick up my brain or any Protein. That's pretty much before I was in a lot of sessions a lot of people here, but the part is that for example, it's got to be nice to hear morning over there. So we just kind of been almost six hundred seven or listening but the part is a lot of them are learning up. They're going to tell me oh, you know where you from what? So I want having a lot of conversations. I prefer to go and somebody else's seraphin podcast portage's top for a while, but possibly I can do that's fantastic. But yeah, so well, I usually do podcasts. I'm not really a regular podcast when a person I've recently joined us after interesting because it's really interesting that there's a platform that connects people adopting and that of people listening to it and where We're in the this is experience is helping the others even if they are not you know involving is a conversation. They are there that they can break whole mean feel like you have a lot of Phoenician here. I don't know just the final couple of few westerners here, but very few of them the rest of them like almost 90 percent population got to be like almost operation Filipinos and or in the nation waiting Amusement couple more people. Makes pretty cool other people in here are the Germans and other people like yesterday. I have spoken to Jacob stand someone from Nigeria, you know sharing this story about the Heartbreak and stuff. So heartbreaking. Okay, I was speaking about because it's a really important topic these days, you know. Dolph and it's really difficult for them. I mean the party's unit. Do you know the real reason why people actually are these constants or situations in case nobody want to actually talk ready to part is when you talk with people in the phone calls or not. Your college is quite different we talk with people and situations and kids. I mean, I still a lot of people observing and doing a little research on this for about a few years. Now people actually don't want conversation. That's the sad part and yet stigma cell phones time. That's the whole reason I wanted to talk about it because it's Hmm. Yeah, pretty much. That's how the world works. All right, and the current scenario where in the world is really chasing people. It's all about Show Business and nobody just wants to accept the reality of the I mean we have forgetten be how human we are all used to be. I mean, I remember my mom's page work for about a couple of years when I was like a little kids: somewhere in 2007 and it's just been you know, people were actually communicating and being social. Animal this really a part of our situation our top example, if in general don't like out of her cares, nobody come in and listen enough to you at all never it's like a fake world. Yes. It's like fate well because right now there are so many social platforms people wanna it's a world full of wannabes. It's just a you know, so you keep another picture of you to stay in the league and that is really difficult. Yeah, I mean, I guess sometimes very hard to understand people really works. Well people have thousands of friends on social media and its Founders who decided to fake world. The field are connected is not even think about it. And if that's something good can happen. So why not right pretty much. I mean, I've been out of college for about a few years and it's just been you know, like throwing a lot of around my shells a lot of people who feel like they're connected to their not their families children apart or marriage kind of just got apart because of some stupid reason up these social medias are going to see you have some sort of from misunderstanding about a person for example, they're going to have some tech coming up and they're just, you know, waking up a weight and they feel like their families for their not because wanting exactly what's gonna happen or I'm gonna just take very real situation example in here because This one I've been observing every single day going to UNI colleges organizations who are wherever you're going to go. So train people and they're all they got to do is there was for example, let's compare a person I was telling about the same things to a lot of people in the past. They give to people who are pretty young and twenties and they gotta be going some people were in 60s or maybe probably some 150 for now and there's today's era those 20 years kids are these kiddos can actually what they're gonna do is they're gonna keep their self in front of their face and they got to work. I'm going to work going to just look at the screen o was coming up text or like a coming down and it's just compared to a person. He's actually teach or maybe a pretty old person who's kind of being our mom dad or maybe grandparents age. They actually never do what they're gonna do is switch it off or turn it out there notifications and the going to keep just hot in the table. Then you weren't going to work - Lee concentrate. They're going to give their hundred percent. But the first season 20 a little kiddo never do it. It's the part as productivity going to decrease at the minimal, right? They would never increase or certain level that's reason to feel people don't even feel the sort of connection what their work their families and their to scattering their information around the world for no reason is really unnecessary for a lot of people very weird unnecessary information has been around for no reason. It's not even useful right weird. All right at all of the not even go in here because I'm burnt out for the entire day. Yeah. Yeah, you're just like Anyway, nice talking to you waiting for you around here. Enjoy your day more than whatever is in there. See you later. You have to stay. Yeah. See you around. Right guys, that was Oliver and he is working with Fox News in the back. And then the way he has put things up that saying, you know, so since I was discussing with him my previous podcast about love and hard drugs and he has a real good point of view where he says the youth is completely engrossed into scattering information and he has to really solve for the things according to the age and he has explained it really well, so Apart from that guys. We have another column. I am Gupta in here and I think I'll take this call and let's see how it goes. It's weekend and let's talk your weekend plans. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, my name is not yet. Right so hi. Hi. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. All right, man. So how's your weekend being vegan was? Lizzie ice like this is yesterday. I did some exercise then I'm feeling tired. So I'm taking rest today. Okay. Hmm. How about you? So that when I'm if I can just take my vehicle and traditional world just have a right and yeah, absolutely. But yeah for for us a like leave work for like all five days and then we are getting two days. This will sleep and we'll eat nice food that that's it. Yeah, that's nice. I'm from best clam. From Metropolis, but currently I am living in Bengaluru and you you are currently in Bangalore. Right. So my tank like I was asking what would you like us to know about your hometown? And if we have to visit your hometown, what's the best place that we could visit like if you want to visit my hometown, so there are couple of historical places as well as deputation and like temples and dolls. They're like a if you know if you heard about that pray a garage prayer garage That Yakima my lasso this is the like what's the biggest fear in the world? And uh and and it it is it is the sangam of three diverse like yamuna ganga and saraswathi saraswati's Lisbon invisible people think like a serosa t is still there so you can see only ganga and yamuna I and I and like Warren - is there Okay near to my hometown and if you heard about the name of called chitrakuta chitrakoot. Yes. I have heard about chitrakoot and that it's really a I typically like something that's a very holy place. I wear a lot of drama spent 11 years out of 14 years of a his Forest like yeah, right. So he sews it record is my home this ticket. Fantastic, so guys we have someone here from to you guys as well want to visit such record and you want on any information put your questions in the comments. Yeah the ramp and I will be happy to answer them. That would be really fantastic my uncle and he's do connect with me because while I talk today with different people, I'm definitely going to start planning my travel tour. Definitely. I'm going to get to you guys and you know get your hair so that I would know your city be better. Yes, right? Yeah apart from chitrakoot 27-kilometer kilometers from up' not matter. Which party do you like from my hometown my hometown? Yeah, Mr. Gold is my district, but my hometown name is Monica Okay, so Manik porchetta, if the same meter 27 kilometers and if someone from the south once to visit chitragupta, what does one have to do first has to reach upto which place has to be so they can cover like they can go by flight. So nearest airport will be your paragraphs allahabad, right? And otherwise, they can go by the train. So if you are going to buy trains, so the money could will be the nearest station. even for them 11 years 11 yet. Yes, correct. I have heard about chitrakoot in many poems. And in fact, we had a poem in school while I was studying. Hmm. So if if you're like a watching news and also might be you heard yesterday. And Aaron Moody was in my hometown only. All right. Okay. So yeah, he was a yeah, he was not in our grating that. Especially that is all right. Yes, I've heard about it. Yeah, so yesterday yesterday only it happened. Okay, that's fine. Well, he was he was in chitrakoot only prime minister was in chitragupta. And if you plan to visit, I think Mike is gonna help us. Yes, correct. Obviously right mine. It has been great talking to you need an attorney on this platform. Correct, correct? I will follow you and please follow me on insta and let's get in touch so that whenever I travel your city, I'm going to find you. Yeah, yeah, like I would like to always be happy and always like to explore new places not only inside the India outside the India. We are getting junk to go outside be of India. Please go and explore that only once I get got the chance to visit Nepal and Bhutan not it's not very we can't is but still they are very good countries. If you guys want to those you can go right great my anxiety to thank you for all the thank you. Thank you. It was me. Yeah connect with us do like or podcast. Correct, correct? Okay, I will. So guys that was my guitar from okay, and we have got some fantastic information. There was a prayer Grudge which he talked about prior Grudge is one such place where the whole country wants to visit once in a lifetime because of the kumbh Mela and people from all over the world which there and yes. Actually, it is on my list and I want to visit real garage and guys if you are calling from different parts of India, please tell me about your country your best place and if you guys are calling from out of India, definitely I would like to know which way is to visit. All right, so this is the weekend and we have mr. Agarwal online. Hello. Hello. Well, we are connecting to mr. Aggarwal. Meanwhile guys in the comments. We have a few comments and here.