your screen Yes, perfect, and we are live so welcome Sid. Welcome to open talk. Thank you, honey. Thank you so much. Right. So for all the people who are listening in now or we'll be listening to this conversation later on said Sid is has 10 years of senior level experience, especially around marketing and in the education sector more importantly, he more importantly he is he's a best-selling author and a co-host of a very popular show called the bespoke show and today sitting here on God where we will want to learn more about what the bespoke show is and and would really urge sit to also get a show similar to started on opendoc as well. So welcome against it great to have you here would love to you know start off with just a brief introduction about you and and you know all your professional achievements. Hey, yeah, so thanks so much es una first of all for having me on open dog. As you rightly mentioned have been writing books and incidentally this the bespoke show and my first book happened to be around the same time that we started off and now since been more than a year and my second book is also now coming up in the month of February. That is next month. So the bespoke showing something station that we eat when Universe candid discussion bespoke is very candid and straightforward. So if it runs in the typical panel discussion format that we do and the objective is mainly to bridge the industry Academia Gap in terms of contemporary topics. So we pick up topics which are really really relevant to the to the audience right now. So let's say we take up automation or we take up blockchain or we we just take a managing multi-generational Workforce for these are some of the diverse topics that we have been taking up it shows so we have experts coming from the respect in school. So which is which is for the benefit of the audience, so we go beyond the standard textbooks in curriculum and make it more lively have case studies have real life examples of how applications of these topics happen on the ground. So so students really enjoy this and and of course for a wider audience it's available online also, Hello. Hello. Yes, Maria able to get it at SUNY. Yeah. Yeah said for some reason maybe my voice was not going along. So what I was trying to ask understand is that how long has a bespoke show been there? For our for how long have you been doing? This this has been going on for more than a year now. Wow, and what sort of and you mentioned that there is this is all done for the students. So so what at what level is it done? What kind of students are these people are the students who are in colleges or still in school or post-college? What we say is is a target segment spoke sure. These are mainly undergraduate or postgraduate students. So we are doing it for we have done it till now in the an incisor Business Academy, which had become BPM students way. So done this in Garden City University fantastic fantastic and handsome in his litter of Journalism. And we've also learned last week done in IIT Hyderabad. Oh and that's thing and through this. So what I understood what the through this Medium you're trying to reach out to students and make them aware of what is happening in the industry, especially in certain fields. And the latest the latest knowledge in those fields, right? Correct, correct. And so white when you do send out what has been your experience, you know conducting conducting the bespoke show for last one year. What has been your experience. Is there is this Gap really big and is this getting exposed to talk about it has been really effective students. What has been your general learning learning learning you bye. Hello. Yeah, yes, it can hear me. Hello. Did are you able to hear me? Hello? Yeah, I lost you in between somewhere. Okay? No. No I said I was just asking what has been your learning for the last one year while you've been running bespoke show. Okay. Well, what what Gap were we found out was you know, there are there are a lot of experts coming to colleges and talking about their experiences and stuff. But that TS. Seems to revolve around the personal experiences and personal Journeys. So when we do this TR bespoke shows in the colleges and universities. So we we tend to stick around a topic that we are picking up so that the topic is contemporary and it is relevant and the discussion goes around the topic rather than the person so that that way I think the audience finds it more useful. Understood understood and stood right and what has been what have been those two or three topics, you know, which has which is a field which feature felt are the most relevant topics for the students and which we should discuss more about we should have more platforms where students can reach out and more no more about these topics. I wouldn't say there are some specific topics that are very relevant whereas others are not because each of the shows that we have done. The topic has been We don't do a topic again. And again because once we do a topic the discussion is already available online. So each time we have a topic right? Right, right, they're interesting and and then to what depth said do we discuss any of these topics to what depth typically is, it is good for or experimenting or for knowing about a topic again that depends on the audience. So if we have undergraduate students in the audience, So maybe the depth may not be that much so it's so that they get a general overview if it is postgraduate students. We might get into more details. Right? Right, right. Fantastic fantastic sit. There is a request by you sure sweet to join the conversation. Should I should I bring him on sure? Why not? All right. So yes, yes. We I'm adding you to our conversation. Please do introduce yourself then you join in. Hey Are you here? Hello. Hello. Yeah said I think that uh SP has joined in but for some reason not able to oh, he's mentioning the comments and so said for exactly when you went to IIT Hyderabad, what was the topic that you discuss then was especially for the for the And for the whole Professor Community there because see lot of these things the whole Gap exists because maybe the system is rigid. Is that is that why this whole app in the learning outcomes is there well, I think the Academia industry Gap that we talk about will always exist because you you cannot actually have the real work that is done in Industry to happen in the college. So there will be some amount of Lag and that is where you know, we would step in. So even in I-80 we had four different topics that we pick it up and the audience comprised of obviously the students of the it and a lot of Outsiders entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs because this was organized by the E Isa love IIT Hyderabad, so we discussed about Automation and the impact of automation on jobs. That was one Topic. In fact, we had four sessions in total on 18th and 19th of June. One of the other topics was on the role of secondary sector in India. So we are for India as a nation. We are focusing so much on services that somewhere we have forgotten about manufacturing and stuff. So that was one of the other topics then third topic was about how Indian companies can look at or why are they not looking at penetrating foreign markets? So what is it that why are they shying away from expanding? So that was the third topic that we had and we also discussed about research and And why India is lagging. Goodnight, sounds sounds really good. And I think this is one of the biggest I think this is one of the biggest gaps in our whole education system here where where some of the lot of graduates Who come out of colleges are probably not prepared or they really don't know the ground reality is when they hit the job market. So I think that's fantastic and lastic Gap that the These folks show is filling and I do hope that said once your you know, whenever you start your show here and open Talk lot a lot of such learnings. A lot of such experiences can be shared with the listeners as well because tons of our listeners on open talk or also in this age group where it is about 18 to 30 years of age so they will love stand and understand some of the key feature of picking up now a wave the fair the work where the job market is going. And you know be ready for those those things make sure in that stochastic. So maybe maybe as one of the last questions from outside would love to touch upon the book that you read and you know, how how did that come upon? And what was the whole what is the whole theme around it do mention that story with us as well? Sure. My my first book that was launched in 2018. The name is its official stupid. So it revolves around work place harassment and availability in women. Okay. Okay, so that that is the first book about I would not get into details of it. It's about a small town girl who is an MBA and obviously faces lot of harassment in the workplace and how she comes out stronger from that experience and my second book that is getting launched next month it again revolves around the liability in people in general and it's about time. Trafficking in particular, okay. Okay. So the name is we are keeping right. I didn't know it's a very very serious and pertinent themes their said and I and I think it's fantastic that we are doing this and it's great to hear that, you know, you are taking up such relevant causes social causes and especially around with your bespoke show just picking up the education segment and filling those relevant gaps their eyes. It's a great Endeavor and open up would love to be part of this and join whenever and wherever we do with spreading this message across sure sure sure. It was great being part of group and talk now today. Thank you. This is one more request. I'll see I'll see if mono can join in otherwise. Sighs one second. Maybe we will try if - man of can join its connecting mon of are you here? Can you hear us? Yes. Yes, I can hear correctly. Yeah. Yeah someone of it's it's me and said here you have a question for us. Yes. Yes. Thanks for joining me. Okay, please share your question as talk about the Q dot talk there that in the field of science and technology. Sorry in the Science and Technology. I think I think this is just we just suffering from tightly bad in and all across so I think one of has not been able to just question. Maybe he was asking something at on what are the latest things to girls latest things or fields in the field of science and Technologies, which we should think about. Hmm. Have we typed in the question? I don't think so. So finally if you're still listening to this, we will wait for another 30 seconds if you want to type in your question, and we would be happy to answer just be seen for you, since you are not able to join in live with us. Please feel free to drop in your question and answer. Sid anyhow, we will be able to whenever we see their query see their comments we can take them up in the next open talk that you have or when we start the show Trot. It was a pleasure date problems in the social and education sector division really the best and all the support from everybody here at open dog and all the listeners that we can do to be ensure that this message and work that Doing can reach as many people as possible. Sure. Great great. Thanks so much actually. Thanks. Thanks. Have a good day. It is the guy my