From your perspective for those Founders in a similar role. How do they decide who should be the CEO according to you? What are the things? They should think about the I think someone who is who's able to really empathize and think through the use case of the problem statement, right essentially to whom that particular problem statement solving is coming very naturally, right? And Super passionate about getting the right as in the person is a person in the team who is able to empathize and think through the problem statement right completely you don't heat he really does not need anyone's additional assistance in formulating that particular problem and the passion and passion and energy is so infinite right that getting to that goal is going to be he's going to Glide to that goal with that passion energy. I think in that team right I think Person should be the got it, so that had already high level. So maybe double flicking on that a little bit more. How about ability to we talked about in with Shaker in a earlier thing about ability to story tell to sell the vision and things like that. And then there is a roles which are internal facing to the company and there are drones there are both internal and external like if you frame it in that context any So, Anand I think this I will put it probably more in retrospection like today when people meet me and people who let's say new me two and half three years back, right even my co-founders themselves, right when they give me feedback, right? They actually give me a feedback that actually have scaled multiple times what I was before and what I am now, right? So I think if the again going back motivation being right and the guy who solving the use case that where your problem statement that being right is able to formulate and the passion and energy being right, right. List everything actually develops over a period of time. Definitely. They should be some native capabilities which would be above a bar of like, you know, seven or eight beyond that, you know, accentuating those capabilities to 9 and 10 happens right is what I feel right as in if those three native ingredients of passion energy and being able to independently formulate and being able to without. Without any need for a vision from someone else right be able to formulate the particular problem, right? I think yeah in beat external internal. I think as a CEO you get pushed to various corners and you develop those different ways and means of doing those things. Right? And I think you make yourself scale fast rather than saying that you will scale automatically know you because the guy has so much of passion towards gliding into that success right for the company and also see the journey becomes quite I mean though, In that journey of CEO being quite see worship is being sort of glamorous Etc. What actually happens is that you build a large ship you let's say partner with hundred great people and you are actually signing them up for this shared dream and you essentially commit to them so many aspects right? Then there is no way you don't scale into the position and deliver, right and and essentially the capabilities automatically accentuate because you push yourself that hard to get there right so I think Beyond a 7 on a tick off on some of these which are mandatory requirements rest everything I think accentuate with the context is a CEO passes through got it, we double clicking again on one more thing you talked about growing as a CEO right show. How do you learn how do you grow? Like when you look back what have been the key tools that you used or any thoughts on that? So I think Growing as an individual. I think nobody can take away the first part which is the context I think enough. If you try to do enough and more you will push it into many different contexts, right? So let's say the same journey is BlackBuck has done in two years. We could have very well relax and be there in five years, right? It would have exactly exemplified the way I have scaled. Because it was it essentially would be like my dream is the cap of their BlackBuck can grow, right And yeah, so I think first and foremost is the number of contexts you try to thrive in and you are pushing. You know, how hard your pushing towards your dream, right the dream of BlackBuck rights That's I think the first and foremost and the large share of how I have actually learned the last and two half years , right? Second aspect is that there are a lot of scenarios your face our first scenarios right. And also that and one of the really, you know, fortunate things happen to me that I have been able to get lot of mentors around who have seen this journey, right entrepreneurs who have built companies aren't mature states of the companies or have sold companies, right? I've been able to go in and check in with them. And typically the problems you are facing will be unique, but then there will be a president for that right and typically you brainstorm. And I have gained a lot out of it, right because they not only help you think through let's say how to they will not be to help everything how to solve it. They'll make you aware about what all you know available tools would be there for it. And how should you think about it right rather than give you a solution because I think solution you have to only figure out right I think and also they help you think through that in future you will also be facing a.b.c-more right that has really helped right and third part is I think that My learning has been the something which people, people should know is that my learning actually has been to a lot from the people who've been reporting to me. So the Bar fur people who report to me is equal to that. I actually should respect them so much that I can report to them. So when that Bar clears, I learned a lot right? So I actually don't have to go anywhere right internal to the company the people with whom I'm working. I'm learning a lot from the right. So essentially most of the leaders whom you hire there's any functional leaders in each areas, right? And if you're really building some more competencies and learning things from them and then your cross applying across the organization you also scale right? So I think that's another part I think other areas, which I am trying to develop and not really great at is reading books. Right because I think I was not it's not read a lot before I started at least I finish one to two books in one book at least in two months or if I'm doing well. I do one book in a month and that's helping me and yeah, I think the other things which are which have helped me scale over the last two and half years great.