Hello. Can you hurry station about why attitude everything our connection in the previous one? So can you hear me now? Yes, I definitely can you here? Okay, but yours is no clue. There's no comments or anything like that. You think okay. Okay, I will start but just some waiting listeners to be here and I will start explaining. Please write something if you are listening to us, I'm gonna tell some tips to improve your attitude. Okay, continue. So as I have mentioned one of the most important steps, you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn the to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance relationships and everyone around you. So we all have a choice we can choose an inner dialogue or a cell of self-encouragement and self motivation or we can choose one of several defeats and self-pity. It's about where we all have each of us in characters Hard Times Hard feeling hot egg and physical and emotional pain. The key is to realize it's not what happens to you that matters. It's how you choose to respond. You mind is a computer that can be programmed. You can choose whether the software installed as productive or unproductive your inner dialogue at the software that programs your attitude which determines how you present yourself to the world around you you have control over the programming whatever you put into it is reflected in what comes out. That's a good point from you a lot. Thanks. Okay, what else? So someone is asking who is mr. Donnelly. He is a civil engineer is interested in psychological topic and self post so and he is hosting my podcast and he is and I will come anybody who want to talk about any psychological. Yes has a skin do miss a lot to share with me her knowledge about psychologists like Topics different topics like you can find her bro file. She talked before about self confident and she's talking right now about why to do everything and we have a different. Topics we are sharing together. Yes. so let's continue what we were saying. Yes, please. So just let me know your prospection about attitude and how we react in some situations. Okay, so I think about that. If you try to use everything, I think it's a good title for our topic as ever think that you would be able to think. I like like the title. I have the attitude. It's what Define us and what make people think about us and it gives first impression about us to the real. So if we are a good to the people in the first Just like with the first situation between us we will take a good idea about us. But if it was a bad situation, they will go to an idea a better idea about us. Okay, so this symbol of so or a good situation it's about how we react in that situation. Yes sure. So we have to like to control of that and we have to deal. Good and we have to think before we are taking any action or reaction. Like if someone like did anything bad to us like he used a bad word or something like that to us. What will we do? Like we will be like him or what we are going to do. Okay, but let me explain something. What is the difference between a good day and a bad day? Is our attitude so how we react how we respond to the situation. This is our attitude. So it's not about what others say about us. It's about how we react. Sissy Okay, so let's continue what we were saying. As I said our mind is a computers that we have to program it and have to put our own idea. Not any other ones so many many of us have Behavior batteries today that way programmed into our brains at a very tender age. The information that was recorded by our friends could have been He inaccurate or cool. The sad reality of life is that we will continue to hear negative information, but we don't have to program into our prayer brains. So the loudest and most influential voice you hear is your own inner voice yourself a cricket. It can work for all against you depending on the message you are now it can be optimistic or Old Testament stick it can wear you down or cheer you on your control the sender and receiver. But only if you consistently take responsibility for and control over your inner conversation. So I think about the attitude like you said, thank you for that point. So attitude like I said before it's Define ourselves among his people like how we are act and how we are dealing with people. So we have to give good control on that. Yes before we react and put our first or Impressions and others - We have to to learn how to build or improve our attitude to the birth to more. Sure, so Alex married, and I don't know that really weird. So what do you mean about weird? Like we are do about the topic you are talking about. All right. I think he's talking about that our mind. Is that computer and how you have to program it? This might be somehow weird, but this is not weird. If you do this, you will succeed in programming your mind even your subconscious. so like I said before I could use the defining ourselves along people and if someone have a better idea about said like we sometimes like we give an impression about the people from the first sight like we say someone I saw just so I see like I feel comfortable to the person and I feel like I wanted to deal with Emily want you to talk to him and sometimes other times we when we just See someone from the first sight we say like, I don't want you to deal with him. Like I feel about feeling about him. So this about if only the first sight but the in the saw real judgment before we should give about that person should be after we are you hear me? I cannot hear you. Well, yes, I can hear you. Okay second. You heard what I said? No. Okay, I think if you get about get out the application while you're talking you won't hear anything. So let me repeat that again. I said sometimes when we see someone from the first sight we give and inversion Bowser Bears or shorter and shorter bursts. So we just say that the person is a good person and I want to like deal with them or talk to them and some other times we from the first sight we see. I feel uncomfortable about the beers so I don't want to talk to him or her to hear. So is that attitude? Which should Define the person or should give us an edge and a judgment about him. So it's not about are only seeing the birds like site want to give us good judgment back to the birth. So we have to like first give it a try. Gives a person a try to talk to to know about him to have a situation between us. So after that we can give a better judgment. What do you think about that? Do you think that attitude should Define that or what? Okay, we don't have the right to judge anybody who ever he goes, but just before explaining this concept for you. Let me just explain someone who who said that subconscious mind saved the feedback other said about us and we cannot forget even we try so yes, we can not forget what we can it change and edit what we have thought of this. So if you think That if you if you hear someone say that you are ugly. So and you you take this as an insult, then you think in it like this is a bad ugly and you start reacting and thinking in this this is wrong. The right way to react with situation is to rethink and it's you're thinking a little bit you you are who you are to judge me. Who you are to say that ugly? So we are different if we just ate it all we think in this situation Everything Will Change you you will never forget it because we have a memory, but you can when you when you remember this situation, you won't feel sad or you won't feel any bad feelings. You will feel satisfied about yourself. That's it. So, okay. That's great. We have a And request from Alex married, so I'm not sure if we can accept him with us while we are talking gold. No battery will give it a try. Okay. Now, how are you? Oh, good morning guys. Good morning. So introduced to so foolish. Yeah. My name is Alex and I'm from Lebanon. Yeah, and I'm 21 years old. Nice to meet you guys. Let's meet you too. Thanks. So, what do you do? Yeah, I study it information technology and computer science. Yeah, but I didn't come. Yeah, but I didn't complete it like right now. Yeah, what about you? I will civil engineer and other here she is psychologist. So what do you think about this this topic? We are talking about like why attitude is everything. What do you think about it? What were you talking about? We said we're like right now we should sit like how to judge people and what do you think about people like it happens? Sometimes like you see someone from the first sight you say I don't feel comfortable with this person. I don't want to talk to him. But after a while you get in touch with this person and you get deep in this relation between this version and you find That this person is a good person and you just say it from the first sight you are not comfortable. But after a while you will find that that titude is giving users the good judgment about version. So what do you think about the have you ever faced like this situation? Yeah, I think like most of the people they just they judge others because of their like style their clothes and their like face. Face and the body something like that, but it's really it's not the thing. You know that the important thing. I think it's like your soul, you know the way that you think that the way that you talk that's the the important thing is not important that yeah, I gotta like I got six packs and I got like money, you know, and I'm like pretty that's not like important is what do you mean is that attitude can Give us a good judge of that, right? Yeah, that's right. So have you ever had that situation that someone Georgia do from just as the looking is a way you talk the way you walk or where are you from or something like that? No, I didn't. So there's no one ever judge you doing a bad way? No. No one had had just me and I weigh like Yeah, always they always say that like you're like you're you're pretty or something. Yeah, but it's okay, but I like I really respect others. Like I've seen others that had this problem they are being judged by others like because of how God has created them. You know, what you will observe like they're there to look. Yeah. How do they look like how God created them? They like they are Fat not fat like their faith their color, you know, so it's really bad to judge others from like the outside look, you know. Yeah, it's also very bad. So have you tried to help someone before had that situation? Yeah. I have I have helped people that at that were in that situation because you know, you have to give them hope and support them. And make it make them feel that like just give them confidence, you know. Yes, it gives them more confidence about their self. So I have you tried that before and someone yeah, and it works it worked before because that's a great swing from. Yeah, because the people just want someone to be like for them the backup, you know, help them give them a positive information about themselves something like that. But everything everyone has like you need to be the person who motivate yourself or give you of Gary or give yourself without power to resist the others judgment on you. Do you think that yeah, I think like for real like to be honest with you. I'm really I'm a person that gone don't give a shit for other for like four other for others opinion. I mean like opinion about me, you know the feet back, you know, they can see your good points that you have a self-confident and you know who yourself and you defined yourself and you know who you are, but still you need to listen to others like sometimes you don't like you don't care like they give sometimes comments about you and your behavior and your attitude and they give you like An idea to try to yeah, I understand you. I understand improve yourself, you know, I understood I have sometimes to listen. Yeah, that's right. When someone tried to give me a comment or a feedback about something that I can be better and you know like to improve myself I listened but most of them they just like they say thing to bully about you and you know, they want to laugh at you, you know make fun of you. They just want to laugh when they want to have good time. Yeah, and like you are the victim. That's right. So missile that can you share with us. Sorry. Yes. So what do you think about what we said? Okay. This is a good points of the your views but we we don't have the right to judge anybody. So whoever is judging other people. He's just not even good. Things about that other person. So the tool of your attitude is not to judge people be judged by anyone. You have just to follow your inner voice your inner. So nobody will judge you yourself is the only jobs of yourself. That's it. Okay. So Alex here say they like he is a tries to give some people they're more confident about themselves after they good bullet or judged by some people. So what do you think about that? You think what Alex did I think it's a great thing is that he did it, but still the other person he try to motivate or give them more confident in their surface. They just have to be the person Himself who refused others opinions or judgments on board link. What do you think about it? You need to be motivated. We need to Define ourselves what we need what we are who we are so then we have to be motivated. So the first row we have to learn is by anyone we don't have to care about others that said you are so you are short you are you are not you have muscles. You don't have muscles are thin or something like that or the some judgments like that is not don't pay any attention to wait and just judge yourself. So I'm good at have to know your weaknesses and your strengths is didn't work on your strengths has and in decrease your weaknesses then work on yourself and be with yourself never look behind you or even beside you. That's so what do you think Miss Alex? I think the muscle thing is not a big problem. They can just take proteins and go to the gym and start to bloody to build their bodies. Yeah. We are not here talking about the bodybuilding. Okay, so I let what do you think how we can help the people who get bullet or get judgment to be like from others? You have to put in you mind that no one was created to that. You know one is better than you you are the best you have to know yourself. You have to Define your step. We are who you want to be and just focus on yourself your girlish anyone else. The situation we can say something like that to choose a person whom good bullet order judge it okay, if I know myself and someone said that something which is not in me, so I want to care so I have to learn how to do this how to think and other opinion. Then I will react so if someone was bullied by someone else we would just have to be himself how to find himself and not to pay any attention about others opinion in himself or has herself. Then you have your we have to say something positive sentences or words to him or to to hair. Like you are beautiful and he is he was not permitted to judge you you are perfect and some positive qualities to hair or to him. Hello, you must continue, please. So what else can we say in how to improve our attitudes? Rick and just listen to music it would be amazing to me. Okay. So let me continue how the power of visualization studies of the psychology of Peak Performance have found that most great athletes surgeons engineers and artists use affirmations and visualization either. Consistently or subconsciously to enhance and focus their skills and Nelson Mandela for example has written extensively on how visualization help with him maintain a positive attitude while being in versions for 27 years. He said I thought continually of the day when I would walk Three I fantasized about what I would like to do he wrote in his autobiography visualization work as well to improve attitudes. So if you if you just visualize that you are acting in this way, you will act exactly the same you visualize before so this is the best. This is the perfect way to to improve and enhance you attitude. Yeah, that's a great idea. So what else can we do? Can you tell us to improve our attitude and have to be like more like we want to be that person who people come to when they are not feeling? Okay? Like we want to be the comfortable side for the people. So how we can do this. Okay, we have to talk positive internal dialogue. So attitude 12 the way to override the north pasture negative programming by erasing or replacing it with A continuous positive internal voice that helps you face a new directions your internal conversation that little voice you listen to all day long acts like seed in that its program will bring and efforts you will be If you take a closer, look at what you are taking to you, we have another Quest other. We would like to acceptance, okay? Hello Hi, how are you? Can you introduce yourself? Hello? Yes. Yes, we can hear you. Oh, I'm really sorry. I'm not that much into it because I just is doing the girl. Okay, please you guys can continue know you want you to share with us? Okay. So here we are having the conversation, right? Yes. Okay. So Allah was saying something please continue. I was just doing in between Okay, that's great. So still with us. Okay. Yeah, I'll be with you guys. Yes continue. I was saying the power of word is once a relief to the universe. I would want this cannot be taken back. Learn the concept of Love which I would largest what we speak reflects. What is already in our horse based upon all the things we have come to believe about ourselves. Find ourselves thinking fundamental and disappearing things about our circumstances or those around us. We know the condition of our hearts need to change. You can create a direct reference what you say when you say something about your attitude what you do to improve it. Eliza's wanted to ask you one question is that is okay? Okay, like you know, like sometimes we are having this so much of angry angry word inside us and we just can't control how we deal with that. So we definitely portray something something active attitude. So, how do we deal with it? Let me first make you angry. Yes. Yes. Let me Pierce know. What makes you angry. So you cool made what kill it? Okay, for example, if I'm in the situation where there's so much of the pressure because of my work and I just get angry on myself not because of someone else. I like that. I'm angry at myself because I'm not being able to come to some sort of server and just not being able to An exclusive what people are expecting me for expecting from me. So in that situation that serve angry state so how so / situation two levels. So the first level is that you are in pressure and you have a lots of work for example, so the second one is that you are thinking that you are not finishing this book in the yes. There are much work on it. You don't know what to do. For example, so the second one is that infliction of thinking which is our feet that we are getting married and getting anger and get really bad feeling right. So we have to edit what makes us angry. So what makes us is our souls. So if we just click Those for a little bit our angry we gonna change completely. So for example, it means it's a plane. So we see that you are in pressure. Then you put in your mind as thoughts is that you gonna I'm not finished this line and then print I don't know what to do. So you have to think what can you eat? What did you ask me to play? So it's about how we think a lot right? Yes. So just say that what should you do in this situation? Hello Luigi, yes, I am. I mean listen to bed goats with good one, which is that okay everything. Okay someone now, we'll finish it in on time. So just calm down himself and positive things to yourself. Why is just before you reflect to your feeling or feel better? So yeah, that's that's very true like fears and like, you know, like sometimes in certain situations you just so optimistic and you are being so happy, but there's some people around you were negative about were so pessimistic about everything and that negative energy also affect you. So how actually we can deal with the situation so you try to censor person and Even if we try to say this person that person is not going to see in so how can we deal with that? How can we protect ourselves from that place in the static environment? I think it's all about inside us. It's about how we think about ourselves and we need to Define our self and don't know how to deal with that right other talking about people who surround us and we are optimistic and that other one this domestic, right? Yeah. You're giving us a negative energy aside the people who are optimistic and far away from people who are visiting sticks. That's this is okay. That's it. So what else? Okay, I think since I joined in between and maybe there was so much of the discussion that has already been done. So I'm just running out of Graces know we working all okay. So like I want to ask this question to Omar. I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right way or not, but that right. Oh my God. Okay. Thank you then. Like, how do you if you are meeting a new person? Let's say you're meeting a person for the first time in some sort of the work you just Happened to meet the person and how do you define like that person has a very good attitude what actually makes that person of a good attitude. I could how is it defined? How do you feel it? Okay. So the first thing like we say to sometimes we are when we see someone from the first sight we give them judgment. Sometimes it's not about how they look or or your face look or something like that, but it's about what we feel about them. Like you say you say you maybe something from that person in a situation or something like if someone was working with you or something? That's why you see how he is. He's dealing with people around him. So you give maybe a judgment about this person. But after you start like talking to the person and you will get deeper in this little Nation like how they are talking to is his plight has he's just trying to be nice or he is nice to you and not nice to the other persons. Of are around you so it's about that like you need to listen carefully and it will start analyzing what he is saying what he is doing and how is acting and after that you will start to Define that person like you started to see active this person because he is good. His blood is nice has to watch everything like that. So but after a while you will start if you get But if you wanted to be a friend with this virtual and you want to like get an audition like a friend or something like that, so it started to Define this version to yourself like you except the people who is like half so too much jokes or something like that like that. Yes. So if you like people like that and he's having so much jokes. So you are accepting this versatility face. Is like a hard person or something like that all the time. He don't like to you don't like to have like a jokes or something like that. So you started to say no. I don't accept this person as a friend, but he still I go birth, you know. Yeah, that's that's true. So it's about what do you think from the first was this person is good or not and you accept him as a person and you start judge me. Or not reveal like accepting people. We don't have to judge you Marta never judge anyone because you don't you want to like to be judged by anyone right design because we are not in the same piece of the life, right? Yeah, where is different? Yeah. This is that life. Yeah. Yeah, and I think this location that I have learned is as much as you get exposed to the outer environment as much as you get yourself out of the comfort zone to move the less you become judgmental and yeah, that's that's so true. So what else do you have in do you want you to ask us actually about attitude? You know is a misunderstood like dude that has I didn't give damned so conception right? Okay - it is not about do you experience is tonight doesn't know what actually that you do it in the simplest wrong attitude. You got my question, right? I've can you repeat it again, please I didn't get it actually, you know, sometimes people Miss Define like misunderstood attitude as someone who doesn't give damn to anything or the the quality of not giving them do anything, but actually it's not like that right so good way they might think that's need something. Sorry, I'm really sorry. I couldn't get you miss Andrew Stone. You're at it. If you do something good or you smiled then then in they might thought that you are just tricking them doing anything like that. Yeah, so you thought you in when you smile to burst onto strange person like they think bad about you or something like that. That's what you are talking about and not here about misunderstood thought. Yeah, actually, let me repeat the question. Once again, I'm just saying like when it comes about like definition of the attitude most of the people are like misunderstood or muscle people think it has like the quality of not giving them do anything like I have attitude so I didn't give them the things but actually that is not the case. So, how do You explain what actually is that it should do such person like how is attitude defined as a whole so I just wanted Max equation. So you want you to Define attitude to grow as a person yet was a person and within you like how I actually like what actually is attitude. Like you're talking in a situation like someone asked you about the attitude or you just wanted to tell them about Earth attitude. Yeah. I just want to like like really feminine about it. Well, Define attitude. Yeah, I I got it. I can answer if armor allow me to answer. Yes. Sure. Okay. So you say what is attitude what does additive how Can I book a great or a good attitude to be able to judge me correctly or perfectly that's what you meant. E Yeah, like yeah, basically that's what actually is attitude does the question. Yeah, right. You got me, right? So the first one as I say that you have to know yourself with then you have to I Smile to Beaver. So when you talk with people you will swing so I am on it or when you start talking with people. Then you will be honest. Then you have to put a good feature or aggregate rates in your personality then Express or show it to the bleep by doing a reaction. And actions to your talks in your behavior, and you were talking with people whoever they are. Okay, that's it. That's a nice answer. Thank you so much for that answer. You're welcome. Thanks for sharing. Okay, I think it's all I guess I definitely love this on you guys letter on thank you so much for the nice conversation. He was greatly Jewish. Thank you. Thank you make a conversation with you with you like young. Have a good day. Yeah, you too. Have a good day. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you for your continued listening to us. Yes. I will continue listening to you listening to you, but I just leave the conversation. Maybe someone else good for you. Yeah, thank you. Okay. Thank you. So we have another request from our seam here. Yes. Hi. How are you? How are you? I'm good Homer Homer from Egypt and you from okay. So what do you do? Tell us what about you? I work. Here and a privilege to be here and all I am a little bit interested to go to when I was studying my roommates who was studying about their ecology one is thought that okay. This is topical little and they can you use the mic a little bit just further now. It's better now. Okay, so I get that like psychology is the subject that attracts me a lot. So I thought okay, let's have that topic. So you say okay. So we have a lot here. She's psychologists agree to us. What do you want to know about I call you? Okay, like I have heard that when you Lake girl when I was a studying one of my friend told me that he was because he was doing his graduation as a time when I was doing my engineering told me that like when the first people I mean with the to be able to talk with each other and the way the person sees other face person per phase of other person that defines a lot of things so like can explain me everything that make it. Is there any kind of it's like reading - if I'm looking for that person I would know his best and he has experience and so on. Yeah, it's kind of thing. Yes, because you know, like if I can understand this question of the person then it will be easy for us to convey talked in that way talk in touch with that person can understand easily. Okay, just let me clarify something that we are psychologists not magicians. So with okay, we know people from their gestures not there is a body language. We know that mean something else so we don't know this from from the year. We know this from a long study. So if you act like you are your hand is shaking so we know that you are feeling tension or you are in pressure. So this is it. Simple example for knowing people Behavior or language Behavior. Okay. Okay. That's it. So like um, like when a person supposed is it okay the whole that kind of question I'm asking is it okay or just will we need to be very much a decisive good attitude? No, we will still many kind of question really considering the thing is I think People here is interested in all kind of psychologists equestrian skills. Okay, because it that that kind of thing or I think is my opinion that that kind of thing also comes under attitude because the kind of I feel that kind of reaction a person to to other other person. This is that is his attitude and and that chain is timely right attitude of a paper about what is attitude. And what does it mean your attitude is your reaction and your traits showing in your talks and behavior. So the way you all behave is called attitude, okay. That's it. So if behaving in a good way, so your attitude is good. You are behaving in a bad attitude Behavior. You have a bad attitude. Let's and who do find it to go to orbit your said not the people so but we all have a measurements like if someone who is who is dishonest. So we all accept that here or agree with the idea of that he is is on Because he lost sometimes or even any situations without lying or cheating or all like that it's still as there's a so his attitude is not guess. Okay, so tell her with honesty. Sorry, I mean the dude is directly related with the honestly. It's not like that but I just said it as example I say the way you behave is the way you talk the way you react is called attitude. So your traits new character in you the way you talk even the way you walk. Is considered as attitude? So if you smiled and talk gently with people that you have a gentle or a great attitude. So if you are tough and talking tough with people then you have a bad attitude. That's okay. It is edited related with the in the Instinct like if like it is my understanding when I talk with somebody I talked very politely like, okay. Okay, I'm gonna do something when I see okay, so or a bad behavior, but we are learning. So I'm how to react in the situation. I was just insulting people and say some something gorgeous. So I I just realized that this is not this is forbidden. This is not allowed to say to other people then I start talking. Cooper Yates way so I'm learning how to improve and use a great or a good attitude in situations. So and now we are talking about how to boost or improve our attitude because we all have an attitude but we are all trying to be perfect and trying to be to have a good one. Good one. Yeah. Okay, I like this attitude can be manipulated by anybody else. Like if y attitude can buy her brother to why somebody else who is watching over me? Okay, so some as I said some traits or some attitude cannot be measured by anyone like the way you talk the way you walk the way you eat something like that. But if you aren't eating so we all we all Read that you are cheater if you if you see if you're 50 or having stolen something. She'll appear to me that you are a thief. Okay. No, so there are some traits or teachers that no one can disagree with it. But as I say the way you talk the way you walk it's like Prestige, you know the meaning of prestige Prestige. Okay, that's it, you know, yes, so if you if you use the best of it and you will have a great attitude. Okay, so like I'm asking that like okay then suppose that there are two things A and B Okay, and like it depends upon the person who is watching A and P voices ringing I cannot I'm sorry. Hit me. Yes. Yes, we can hear you now. So I'm saying that Suppose there are two things one is a minus P. Okay, and any person may be a person X can like a but dislikes p and a person why can you can dislike a and like pee right it can happen in sure. I'm happy. Yes. Yes. So my question, is that like when a person If two different person chooses two different things so that comes under is attitude or I mean, this is preferable. I mean the guy just took I just want to know about that. Maybe my question is not that clear. It's just big question I guess but I think I got what you said like he's asking attitude is something like all the people should do in the same way and don't people should be the same or don't but I think Exactly and at that should be treated equally like okay, we don't have to behave in the same way. But inappropriate one. So in your community is to shake have this is forbidden for example, but in our community is it's a gentle movement or a gentle gesture. So we disagree. Okay. So the point is agenda should be gentle maybe the person likes it or dislike it but that should be gentle and that I want that too can have Lawrence that if the reaction given to another that's what my God created us different because we all have a different perspective exactly. So the way you talk if somebody is talking is eating with his hand. So it's my in my community is a grossing thing. You get it. I know one this way in our communities. This may be considered as a bad attitude here in my community, but you yeah good one, you're good at the we differ even a difference by Society to society to leave never. Okay, not just the society from society even from family to family program of the family from Individual to individual to yes. That's okay. Can you give me some tips about like a Okay, I have a problem Oh Grace. Can I ask you some personal questions over here of my like person was no question for myself. I have some personal problems, but I'm sure we'll dispose it completely. But I'll just give you an idea and I want the answer from the psychological point of view. So my problem is that like whenever I feel attracted to somebody, okay, and if that person either - when I find that person It's a bit dishonest with me suppose just take an example. Okay, so instead of it's enough telling that person directly that you are being dishonest and I don't like it. I try to see that person's mind that if the person is in a right mood to accept what I am saying or I mean more moral moreover. I just try to you know manage the things even when it's going in a bad way. So is it a good thing or it's a bad thing? Because the lot of time I feel the I mean negative aspects of this when I do this, I always I you know result is not good for me. Maybe the result can be good for other person the other one. Okay about know that the mind of the people who will be dishonest or dishonest before entering the relationship. Exactly. Okay. Well, you have to ask them so you have to be clear with him a boy whose hair if you are attracted to some body and just to go through here and say what the what they are in your heart or Union mind and just if she if she did something wrong with you then ask her. Why did you why did you do this? So if ya ask if she answered you straight fully and straightforward something and honest then it is then you you who are misunderstanding here. But if she just tried to approve cave or just too I try to change the topic and talk in another thing or try to I don't know the meaning but try to change the topic that you are asking her then she is this on so if she was straightforward and honest in answering your clearly question, then she is honest Blossom time. I think that like some time it comes on mind that if I'll ask this may be the Labor too much questions. So that's why I will I mean I mean vitamin back my feet that's so I think that's not a good idea. Right? Yes. No, not all people will understand this. This is step over this try that you are straight forward to but just let let you just make your mind work for a little bit. So it's hair behavior and here thoughts you have to just know hair well before entering your relationship. Okay, and I have an experience like I had a very good friend of mine and person because everybody everybody learn from everybody and I'm learning is a process of Lifetime, right? So, uh, so like one of my friend and the person teach me one thing and I learned from that person that Express whatever you feel or Express, whatever you think or Express exactly. Express whatever you have questions asked. Okay, so that makes you feel comfortable, but that can make the other person in a situation of uncomfortable. Well if the situation and in the sea and if he if she has this if she has the same feelings for you, she will understand what you are saying. So that's it. Okay. I think we have lost that connection with him, please request. Us again so we have in the Commander's that Nishant say that it's about our experienced achieve our attitude towards different people and things and about life itself that you are. Yes, but like when you say the about attitude, he said like he disagreed with always you about the fire that where there's a fine of attitude. So what do you think about his deal is undefined? And what do you think about what are you ready? I did him we are here to improve our attitude why we are improving our attitude because as you said we have our attitudes attitudes from people around us from experience that we have the situation that we have experienced in our life, but we are here to program our attitude. For example, let us just to say anything. Situation and you will act in that why you why did you act in this situation that you just because your experience and your you're growing up environment? So now we are here to program our mind to to to make the great attitude. We all have we all have as I said, we all have attitude we act and as I said the way we act the way we talk the way we eat even though we will it's an attitude so that in your community you you act in different way and in my community I act in different way, but no one is right. sufficient here I think is talking about like the definition of attitude you talking you're talking about it's like a personality so he is saying like it's the same symbol on the life around us which Define us yes it's a our personality not not attitude so what do you think about the difference between our personality and attitude personality is different so if I am a shy I am introverted person so I don't don't like to talk in front of people so suppose I am was invited to talk in front of many people then I will encourage myself to do this in a great attitude so my personality still introverted Looked at trans parent to any other personality. So we seem here a skit. I have a problem to express his feeling so he wanted to improve his his way to express his emotional. You have to just put some minutes before you react in your feeling. So before we have any feeling we have a stiff which has thinking, so if we have edited and the changing our thoughts our feelings will be changing automatically. So you have to just change your thoughts you safe to assume while he's here on the colors as you said like. Should kill the person you like that you like undertale hear about your feeling and things like that. But I think it's not I think it's not wrong way, but I think it's not the perfect way or at all work with everyone like people are different if he kills someone about his feeling maybe she will agree or disagree with him and maybe that will destroy the relations they have made the Mets. Maybe a friends or something like that. So I think it's not a rule that we can like use it everywhere every time or when every person if you miss something I have said I mentioned that you have to know the person you are gonna talk and tell him tell her your feelings and your emotions. So just no hair a little bit before you go and tell her all you have in your heart or you knew Mind so that that I have mentioned that to know the other partner before you go and say what else you have what you have. So what do you think about how to express our emotions more like we need I think or plan to let me say what I think and you can like try to give me your opinion about what I think so. So what I think about that express our emotion, there is a different ways and that's about how we are dealing with spiritual like we are talking to the person whose person like we are friends or something like that so we can just say the words inside us and we just can be open with dispersal only or if we are not dealing with this person. We can just say how we feel starting with ice contact. And after that if we could have a situation or try to start a conversation between the spiritual and start to get closer and after that we would be able to express our emotion to this verse so it's about talking or about eye contact for the first if we are not dealing uses virtual. We don't have a conversation between us. So what do you think like how to express it to express our emotions? Okay before answering your and clarifying your questions or wondering let me just explain something to nisshin's he is saying I think experience shape our attitude you are definitely right, but what I'm talking about is to improve our attitude that we have gained from our experience. So if I have experienced bad life with even with hardest moments and Abused from all people. So I would feel shy and week and don't have to and have and fear talking with stranger people. So if I just improve and it is my attitude, which I have gained from my experience from my life. I have edited it or changing or improved it by what I'm doing right now. It really changing by programming our mind. Not our exhibition. So what we have is what we have gained from our experience and old from our life. It shouldn't be the perfect one. We have to change it to the right one. We have to improve it to the perfect attitude. We can sink. We have an examples for that like someone like Mandela or or a lot of people like this they lived in a country under control or under Like as soon as someone who's controlling the country, I would dictate or something like that and he got freed from that and he asked it on the cold for Freedom. So if you are living learning community and they are doing something or they are living or something. You don't have to take the that experience to Define yourself or attitude. You don't have to like if you are in community and Spore so you say I will leave book. Because I just leave it like that and my father lived like that so we have to change to Define yourself and find your own way. What do you think about that? Yes, you are you are right, but we're and that's what I'm was talking about that we have to visualize our attitude as you mentioned Nelson Nelson Mandela stood in our in his book that we have to visualize what we want to be. Be that he visualized that he would be a great leader or something else that we have to visualize our attitude that we are going to behave in that way. Then we will actually behave in that way that we determined in our mind. Yes, like was him here. He said like I don't know how to express my emotions. So this an attitude he can't know me you don't know how to express. Or his emotions to someone he like someone he loved even for a friend even for hers barents. Maybe he don't know how to say the words how to make someone feel his emotions inside him. It's not about liking a girl or something like that like that. Maybe we want you to tell our parents parents that we are angry that we don't accept what they are saying, they are what they are talking about or what they are true GI it see maybe troll us or something like that. So It's attitude and he wanted to change it. He wanted to be more open more have the ability isn't ability to have more ability to express his emotions. And he want to change has this attitude. Okay. So as we are saying that what we should do to change our attitude or to improve it. So the as I mentioned visualize, so if you visualize Yourself saying or expressing you in Motion in the way that you like or the way that you need to visualize it in your mind even in front of the mirror and saying what you want to say in the in the proper way then in the actual situation you will act like you have visualized before or even like you have did or done in front of the mirror. By practicing you will act in the exact attitude that you have bought in your mind. What else? There any other comments or let me discuss or continue that tips that you have to think you didn't answer my question about how Niche and took their our how I seem talked about Express has emotion and I said like maybe it's for the beginning we can use their eye contact after that. If we have a conversation with this person we can start talking to them. So what do you think happened? With how to be more open to express our emotions if he was attracted to someone and just want to say that he have some feeling for her. Then the first thing is to know her better if she had the same feeling or she has the ability to accept him or not. Then after knowing her well, then he have to take the next step which is clarifying or expressing his emotions. Or feelings by practicing or visualization his emotions or feelings. Like I said, he just said in his mind that I like you and I would like to be more contacted with you and would like to know you more and something like that in your mind. Then when you are in front of her you will act like you visualize before in your mind. Then you will see what will lead this relation to that's it. So sorry, so I think it's all about this today or do you have something to add? Okay, I didn't mention the bout in a positive grating when people ask me how I am doing I say super fantastic most people in jail were enjoy working and living with others who try to live life for what it is a beautiful gift. So as some girl talk with us, she said what to do with some people who are The dative and some people who are negative just go aside with people who are positive and avoid people who are have a negative energy and some other tips. I would continue in another approach cast. So thank you for enjoying and listening to our podcast. Thank you so much drama for your time is thanks, mr. Le and thanks everyone who's listening and thanks to everyone who joined our call. And maybe we would like to share more from you and we will continue that on another color broadcast. So stay tuned for that. Okay. Goodbye. Have a blessed life. Yes. Thanks. Okay. Goodbye, everyone.