I don't care. Yeah. Hi Whitney. How are you doing today? I'm doing fantastic and thanks for asking. How are you? So I guys today we are here and today with me. Oh of the most all. Favorite and most beautiful. I think yeah, he's here and has the rest. Yeah. And today we are going to talk about why people scare to talk with women and yeah, it's a very beautiful topic. We will find out why they are scared or shy Yeah, you'll find out from lot of people look at what actually is the issue. Okay. Whoo-hoo even I don't know much away such fear and everything arises. I think Rocky the other day when you talk, I think the stick a spoke to you on this particular topic. Yeah. I have a high Prague with him. Yeah. I have talked with him. Yeah one day and I also, you know asked that day of him. Means you know that that they actually I was a problem because all you can say like, you know, usually whenever I talk with people girls and women's you can say and that time I feel very nervous. And so yeah, that's why today so that day I asked him for him. Oh, yeah. That is mr. Kay had me. Hmm. Yeah said me. Yeah if you have fear and at all a lot of know The day example and all all see. Sorry. I he gave me so who what do you think about weenie? What's your opinion about why people are scared to talk with women. very natural he first of all shy to talk to women and yeah that is there in them from the start. Okay, like some people who are from co-ed. I think they don't have this kind of problem. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo. Yeah. It is. Just I think that way I don't know because a lot of people who are from co-education. Yeah ready together. I think that fear goes away. Whoo. Yeah. And there is a lot of thing. I think some people I think sign nature. Yeah, besides nature and loss no self-esteem and self-worth and no social confidence and the skills. I think that is also a reason to scared about the things yes. Yes. Yes. Rejection. Yeah, you know so fear of being made fun of you know, such things. I think that is why a lot of people are scared and shy to talk to people talk to a woman. Yeah talk woman. Yeah. Hmm General. Yes, a lot of times. There are a lot of people who talk to their teachers or anybody. Okay, but when it comes some time, Who is the woman you know because of that also happens. It happens. Like people don't people are not able to gather the courage to talk. Exactly. Absolutely right? I totally agree with you Vinny. And another thing is that also the rejection rejection and you know fear of embarrassment embarrassment and I think that is the most important causes too scared. Yeah, I think right right. Why are people embarrassed I think why they shouldn't be a reason why someone should be embarrassed the Air Reserve Base Russ is just because Luke again. Yeah, that is what we are talking about fear of embarrassment assured. She does that come from where does that come? You know is its put to put into our minds from the start. I think love me - I love Niche. Allen is welcome. Embarrassment meets Ranjit has asked him if you say if you want to share about this thing. And if you know about if you want to know about this thing, then please come and join embarrassing me means has already given him an answer, but you can sing. Yeah, you can say fear. Yeah before that. I got Cowabunga that is how it is. I think it should not be Rocky. Yeah, me too. I think shiny says one thing but it's not just to talk to women. I think if there is someone has a shiny turd. The person does not talk to anyone in that case. Yeah, right slim says fear of rejection most of the time. Yes, absolutely fear of rejection. It's a big thing Rocky CPR. Sometimes it is. Yeah fear of being insulted in front of girls. Why why does one feel insulted why okay, Russia Mishra wants to join. Let's let him join. Yeah. Yeah. Hello Hi, how are you? Are you doing what is the reason? I think it's like, you know look Erica hanging thing. Just because yeah, okay. Yay, upper body country's major supporter indeed. But in India the case is just opposite the Haku support Nicaraguan. In fact Arco just dominate the secretary cui any other company has automatic level down here, I think. Sable there is a body butter is over. There is a one thing Juliet EK of kefir here and look after hanging but one thing is also their cmt's to has a pooch Joe activities am currently active activities. Ladies Korea or sarich is a cook, which I like planets to cure him. Thank you. It's not because I send your psyche up challenge yo Casey for Sharia me the same num num by Elizabeth. Overthinking yeah, absolutely, right? Hmm. Thanks a lot Isabella key before approach. And talking to her. Her you guys actually over think a lot about it. Like what will be the after effect of this or how she's going to respond and you already accepted in your mind that it is going to have a bad effect or something. Yeah that it with a very positive approach and let's let's just first at least talk to her know what idea she has what about you and then once she talks will have no eventually, isn't it? You should G. Hello. I think their network issues. We've lost him. Hmm. Yeah. Hello. Hello Winnie. Hey, welcome welcome. So yes, you're talking about people's gets care to women. Okay, I do feel like some time with It's scary to speak with and okay, I won't touch your laptop. Hello. Get em. Continue. Yes sister was scream. Yeah. So what I was saying is yeah there I mean, even I am scared to speak with moment. I mean some I will give you like normal. I spoke with women don't get scared to speak with computer my I feel like They are having a little bit so it feels all like less confidence because if you are man, you know that you don't good then it's very bad to approach a woman who is looking gorgeous. Do you agree? Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes it is. You're a good dad Rocky because I feel even every every guy over your face the same good for them. Billy you what, do I say Enlightenment or something? It is a revelation. It's a revelation for you. It's just new thing, which you got so yes, I loo look into certain things. It's like if a woman have a crush on a guy so she should learn SQL closer. It will be easier for guys to approach him as compared to wearing glamorous with so that she is the only one and getting that attraction. Then he will think everything in two ways is looking very good every guy is behind him behind her so sorry, so it's not good. To talk to her. It is just it's a lose-lose situation right Rocky. It's not just yeah, you're talking in case of Crash. Okay? Okay. Yes, Rocky like said some time back when we were talking like in any case right? We literally start stammering or Okay, so you won't see you want to know what is because I read lots of books nowadays. So why it is happening, you know, it's so just simple thing, you know such a simple thing when somebody is ahead from you in the society. You're always be scared by its look by the luxury sky and oil if they can hurt you as well. So our professor professor just abusive or just tie to trash-talk him and I to say that he is Godzilla. Wrong, so it will fill a shame because for that so that's a scare. So right now it goes for same podcast people don't do podcasts. I know I had a podcast without girl. Yeah, and she was scared why she was scared because she was thing in a table will judge him her story. So that's the only reason people get people are very afraid to be judged off. And if thing doesn't work out so the negative in certain point of life, so even I've see right now. I told you the same thing. I am scared. So I'll give you the through incident. I never went to make D never went to Pizza Hut as such because I had that you are that people are looking at me. All right, I mean so there is a fear that people are looking at me and rich people go over. There are poor people are normal. We are like middle class people don't go over them. So they are after that. There's a sincerity. I came across when I went with my friend as well. So I had to go with my friend as well. So I was being very Cloud clumsy. I can say yeah, I was being like very yeah, so that's the only reason I feel I don't know because even I face that because they are after I know how to control the fear. I have to go it again. And again, then they and that time we'll have a habit to go over there and come ordered it and mentality but I feel that there are very few beautiful woman alive right now. The best way to come out of the fear is face it Rocky. Yeah once or twice if you face it once or twice if you actually talk, yes. Confident and mature than us or you know because we tend to seem stupid or dumb in front of them. So yeah that is that is the over thinking that we are talking about Suraj. Yeah. We were thinking blue player big role. But yeah, he's asking clumsy comes the awkward situation like you are not confident enough. So range it that's clumsy. So yeah, I mean when you when you have that clumsy situation that embarrassing situation you come across and you have that idea that you have to Behave certain thing in certain situation. I mean the I have read certain things in embarrassment agility. Is you a lot when you go and get embarrassed or ashamed of you will know that you have to act certain way in certain situations. So don't be afraid of being embarrassed. No, no, you're saying something. I just ended up in between. after the first time you say so yeah, if you just face your fear and at least get into it, then I think it will eventually change your mindset probably that is what yeah, but see my safety she has actually yeah. Okay. So yeah, I understand that mindset plays a critical role when you go to and speak to a woman but it's like even the experienced a sudden people have abused you in your past that will clear major role suppose. You went to a school and our teacher just expelled you out of class without anything and you were not able to speak of its software problems the authority which he has over you. I mean, that's the only formidable thing. It's which you had seven Authority like people who are well-dressed and all they have a good authority. So if you were I mean normally if you go, I wear a simple clothes so I can communicate so lots of people have given me the compliment that you are very simple and you talk very well and you're easy to open up with you have to have that sort of dressing as well. And I sort of communication skills to get open people up. So yeah, that's the way you have to so you have to expect that so and I have been speaking with or also woman As well well beautiful as well. So I mean, it's good. I came across I understood the concept. I came to know that there are three brain Without Beauty. I think they're times the fear is because of the unknown I think because yes don't know how what is there I mean what in the other person's mind or no? Yes. Yes. He's dressing beautifully. You don't really get as much concentration to think that what that person is thinking because we are already lost and you know, you're like, oh my God, this person is so beautiful. That is where all the yeah. Yeah only absolutely I thought is not given their kiha. What is she thinking at this moment? Yes. It's like oh she's beautiful and you're thinking like, oh, what is she thinking? Oh, no, she's beautiful. That is that is? Okay. Yeah. She's beautiful. She's beautiful from me. So I want to approach her the theory is an eye and week X is this as I you don't want to approach we do make a mean we overthink and we make excuses that we are not good enough. Look stupid. Oh, no it if I say something stupid. Oh my God, you know, this is the kind of thoughts that you know, I think that is why it keeps people from okay. All right. Yeah, so I needed one more one more. What do you say a revelation for you? I'll say it will be a very informative to talk about this. So do you know about analyzed by Paralyzed by analyzes? Yes. Yes. Yes, so we are Doin It. Lies a lot. We do. I analyze a lot and then we come to a conclusion even though it may be through or not and we don't go to it. So even I have the same situation, I do analyze a lot and I don't go ahead with that mindset which I have so that's a real situation. I do, you know about that Rocky. I mean if you know of any knows it, I don't know about Rocky so you get paralyzed when you just To analyze it is beautiful is she is getting his talking to some so many people you just analyzing it on your Paralyzed by that. You're not going ahead. You're just thinking about it. You have to go ahead and act upon it. Hmm. So you will get a wrong information as well. So yeah, it all depends by how when you start it. You guys want to enhance your English communication skills? No that is not the case. Actually. There are a lot of good people who are writing. Some people are running or some classes in here, but I think that that yeah a lot of people Okay, I know I mean I came across Gotham and I don't know anyone else who is doing a lot of people at home. Okay. Yeah, actually, I don't know what's wrong with this app. People think that they are using it for like improving the English. It's fine if you want to improve your English is fine, but it's popular podcast shape right in my wrong. I mean people come across over time to improve the English, but it's like it's will depend on which topic you're speaking of on so you won't beat master of all trades, right? So you if you want to speak about certain topic will be good at that topic as compared to other people. On to the idea is you know the art of listening lets them grasp a lot and build their sentences accordingly and you know, all these things helped a lot. So but yes, you are saying like that they are the art of listening and all its through when I understand you're saying there are lots of what cars they are lots of topic which they come across and they can speak on the topic by the way, but they have to participate to speak ill otherwise, I came across a lot of people who are just listening and they're not able to Connect the afraid of it so they have to try to speak to that podcast. Music whoo. I think I don't know this open-top. I think at 90% 90% persons like, you know beginner who only here to improving Lisa and communication skills are I think and 10% so, you know all well English. So I think yeah, so that is the reason means in the beginner at the beginning like no other they have a lot of fear about how how will I speak with them like this type of here? So that's why I think the don't know connect the core. Okay, see we spoke about it in a podcast also before but yeah, okay, so I'll give you one more Enlightenment. I'm so sorry. I mean I work for my concept. I don't know if you are good as well. So when you master certain things like suppose, I have Master bodybuilding. I'll do know that concept and alls, okay, I can speak well on that concept as compared to all the concept. Any chance you could go to an English-speaking or any podcast as such if you go and ask them how our society operates they won't be able to give everything, right? Hello. So if you go to an English speaking coach or any podcast, which is running through go and ask how doesn't work tell me something about surgery when speak for an hour or 30 minutes. They won't be able to they will divert the topic into something else something else. So it is what happens. What is the concept is that you have to know certain things to speak up or Denali or vocabulary will enhance yeah on certain topics. So if you want so you are from different feel like if you Form given elect normally engineering so have to go a podcast where engineering is talk about lat. So when you go over there, you'll know what engineering is how to communicate a Core Concepts are there when you go for interview, then you will be clear with your Concepts and you will be able to communicate better as compared to just going all around the bush. Which I had. Yeah. Yes, so yeah, I mean maybe you agree with that concept as well or not. I don't know but yeah, I have that state logic that if you want to master menu can be jack of all trades and master of none. You have to be Master one thing and I am saying for sure that I don't know plenty of things, but I knew mostly about how body operates and all so I can be a good speaker when I speak in more detail things things. Who I spoke a lot. Thanks for connecting with us. I think is there and he's like, oh, yeah. Yeah, how do you left rattling beeping literally consistently beeping? Yeah. It's okay. We all whine about certain things which you ordered that it's okay. Thank you for joining me. I appreciate that. I think I think it will come here. Come here a lot of things about that topic. So, let's see what yeah. Yeah. Yeah Frank you started your podcast. Is that every time okay Harry? Yeah. Yeah. I'm going to connect. And next happy Zula. Hello welcome. What are those comments tell me about the hairy actually nowadays living, you know, a fresh fleeing lad hurry. So hurry, please I think you will have lot of things about this topic. So please go ahead and share with us. Why people scared to talk with women This is My Talking brother. You taken my tablet? Yeah. Just left me like that and he's gone. Okay, no, nothing like that. I think it has been great. Always talking to Heidi Heidi. So yeah, Heidi, I don't think my who you are scared of talking to women. Oh my God, that's a lie her is. What is your name? Sorry. Sorry to interrupt you. Sorry. So what is your plan? Whenever you go to interact with the women not women now desire at least you can say like girls. Okay, then actually I would do you feel that time? Means wire wild do not go to interact at first because I have seen many times, especially you. So what is your problem exactly? What do you feel? Yeah, but then something fear fear is coming for info in your body yet which type of here which type of here could you mentioned a few different elements together? Why not a thing either when we talk with the person we don't know that lady. If so how she feels okay. It is not good cause we don't want to talk like that. We feel like that but but harikrishna, it's an autocomplete to means, you know, you are going to first interact first. At a first to girl then you're not going to tell a lot of thing are but at least you have to I have to approach Hi, how are you? That's all yeah, that is not good for you brother. First of all, we are going to actually brother. Our main problem is actually like me. There are so many persons are there where they are studied from only boys school and boys colleges like that. So they went home. They don't have any interaction with ladies. I mean girls. So what? Happened brother. Of course, if you are speaking with the person opposite gender person. We feel something very serious iron lead will be really very planet to speak in the pulses even now I can make some fun with weenie, but I cannot make some fun with any other person because I have to collaboration within me. Sorry Benny Program is the reason if you given the same pulse to other person, I think this epic impossible. I can just leave the conversation and I can just disconnect the collaboration. According to you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I go to take Julia. So I think Hari Krishna, I like it according to you. You don't know more much about that girl. Yeah woman. Okay, so that's why I think you have a lot of fear to talk with right? Yeah, not only me brother. There are so many good ideas, but they don't have any actually they don't know how to whether if I will. I will give you one task whether I will tell you one thing whether I'll tell one one exactly thing what happened. My college I in front of me, I will I will share with you that pops up is correct. Yeah, actually watch out in beat it after my college. I mean are in the fourth year what happened? There is similar is conducted by my lectures within okay. Actually, the seminar is like a live seminar we want to explain about the something is that is the similar actually so first question the morning session within the similar color to buy the materials and all the my school of my boys only like that the seminal I have to then I got out of full. Okay, not only me one of them is also OK after that after. Time given one more task was some other other other students are also there like UC and CSU students also there but is the combined intercession like combined into a seminar so much chance of ladies and boys all the all the verses are there with totally fail in the position of though. I didn't speak for 5 minutes. Also. I totally failed in mind like the seminar not only me. Something 50 if we are not 15 to 20 people are fail in the seminar because in the first seminar, he got a lot of pull but the seconds on your we fail and we will not get at least shovel pass marks also in the just to really push it to our materials, please then he was just passed in the interview. I mean signalization know yeah show her occasionally, I hear fear brother. Fear, that's all there is nothing is else vegetable fear, but we're at which we can say here why nobody's going to she's not going to eat you up? No, she's not a Monster. Yeah, actually, I think they're not God to do the model. You can speak with the new person in this application. It is not possible. Why I think in this application at least you can speak, you know, I think yeah we are comes when you are right in front of the person and when you look at that person and then you start thinking oh my God what she's thinking because here you cannot see anybody's face has I guess so it may give me I don't mind. Okay. Okay, you want to you can speak with the boy new person. You don't know I am speaking every day know your Not his personality Rocky no may know in is this all persons, you know, they become into everyday new people come in. Oh so many new people come so many of them come like I just join the app now Madam and I joined your call and you see so many people are talking about you. Yeah right in front of the person. I think that's where all the trouble begins because Looking at the person then you start judging. Okay what this project? Yeah, that is time. Actually now I'm speaking with you at least two but that time I will be actually one kilometer away from the base. Oh my God. Is that you this is correct. Now we want to we don't want to make full system for me. That is very good. What is the use of entering into a seminar online fooling me in front of the seminar of time for me? And I have seen you a lot of time. Are you whenever you talk with girl? Are you feel comfortable? So why saying here so I know now we know. Who got globalization and I want to say okay look at the comment section hurry. I don't know English. You will forget the spelling of girls. Oh my God. Okay, please see zulu say somebody help me. I don't know how to speak to girls and I'm very scared. Please. Please, please. Uh look, come on. Okay. I heard you speak in Pre Aragon walls podcast now. Yeah. Okay. I know how you speak anymore. Totally perfect copy to speak with any person because that is serious stuff is gonna make fun of you because you are into that mood like otherwise, I think that that insecurity is there the fear is there and everything is there. Oh my God, I will teach you to put our lurky. No. No, we are not talking about dating tape. So we are talking about the fear to talk to girls. Okay. We are not here to do anything. We want to try to speak with. College life or in our Reno or job time, you know a professional life be it really is PR people who cannot talk to women are really facing a lot of problem. They cannot be in the league in the group and you know, they start loading them self and know it is a huge issue. Actually we are what but we need the we need the people like But why is that human being just like you see it sleeps, you know, Bob's and wake up in the morning just like you and everything is does. Yeah, brother. That is the human being is a human being only that lady or boy. I will give respect to the human being I ladies also. I don't miss being anything brother. We will get something scary when I will get talking with the lady but not like that. I am not giving any I mean any respect I will give too much respect to ladies and I will I will not s be with any person but I don't know how to speak and that is the very scary situation, you know, but I will tell you one thing that is really very actually after four years. Our friends are there to be decided to go to someplace like oh something to like that. something like and all the like A fear hurricane. I got it. I would team up here regards here. Either given people should not get so scared that they started getting fever. And well, I think ER there are lot of people who are very confident while talking to women and they can get along very well and share the ideas very easily, but they're also a lot of people who knows who knows really Panic like Buddha it It's like you know, what do I say? I'm sure so that people start sweating and I'm record. How do I talk and you know, a lot of times I have seen a lot of people, you know, they cannot speak the words don't come out, you know, so yeah. Daddy, that is a very good food actually, but we see in the ladies in the door. We just to cancel the tour not die me and my consolidation pressure on things he got here. We are not cutting you guys, but I could not lose your career doing a lot of people lose. Their career because they cannot communicate to women. Yeah. Exactly. Absolutely. I've been yeah, I totally agree with you and you cannot find a place where you know, you're an IT guy or even in mechanical. I think there are women now. So a lot of women The field right in the office, you will find everywhere. But if you just give this reason that I belong to a mechanical engineer back room, and I have never spoken to him and I cannot speak with students that this happened right? We need actually actually harikrishna has a good example because he said me one day he is lost one interviews job actually job actually about because he has a lot of fear to for girls. Am I right hurry Krishna yeah, actually, we need to know one thing. I'm the top of my list the incident there is a long queue. Okay, so complete hurry. Yeah, Harry, please go Harry. Yeah, okay. Okay, just I got the chance to join into MNC. What does a good job till now? I got more than 50,000 Salve 60,000 like that really wonderful white better. But because of one lady brother my career was good to see Star Wars. Anyway, one minute one minute. Okay, I just interrupt you guys. So it is asking how many of you have a successful career and think I how I'm doing graphics. Yeah, you got it. Yeah, so go ahead guys. I think we're getting really hungry on our work, but I'm telling the truth. Not only me there are so many people are just living like this condo they are using their period also that shouldn't be anything any fear your career or any of your peace of mind. I think if you have to fund to face that fear, I think Lemon, I think I don't think it is something for you. I don't know people just exaggerate it to so much level that they are just you know ending their careers. Okay, because I've seen a lot of people there. Yeah while I started working. Okay, they work. Yeah, both of the sentence Bolta. Sorry a lot on bigger can understand the feeling of like hungry. I mean hungry. Okay, they don't know what to do how to influence the food. So hear me out like big girls because we don't know how to talk. So we that is under person fear, but a billionaire means he who know how to talk with ladies are right. That is how I get it. So you're talking about lack of experience because you don't have women in your life. You have never interacted with them. And that is exactly there has to be a first time somewhere. There has to be a first time talking to women, you know, see when I talk to women. It shouldn't always we shouldn't always talk about relationships you guys I think yeah, right. Okay, but I think he moves to it. Howdy, you should be go and do Mary. Okay? Yeah, I get married. Yeah God, that's all. In front of my in front of my divers that kind of mindset. Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead Nene. Yeah. I think the doctor Aimee has put up some wonderful comment in there. I think we would like a clock tower Amy world, you know join us on the dryness. Yeah. Exactly. Dr. Me please as and there is a one option. Dr. Limit plus option. Okay. And press the plus button will never be married. Oh my God doctor has given the Judgment already the kind of mindset. We have and the environment. Oh my God. Where is hmm environment? We grow in will create the prospective. It's a similar to some things. Oh my God. Hmm. It is in lettuce. And this Vania cries situs inversus secret settings. Hello. Yeah, we need can you hear me? How? Hello. I think the call got disconnected one persons. Who was maybe maybe maybe I think it does only environment. I think Rocky earlier. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, let's see what he has about this topic. properly hierarchy. Yeah hired me welcome. First of all. Ah, keep. Thank you so much for letting me understand how to put a call asking. So this is the first time you're having a conversation, right? Probably. Yes. Yeah, so why people scared to talk with them and when you first of all I would like to know about you you just before we start any conversation. Weenie, hello. Are you there weenie? Hello. Hello. Weenie, are you there? Yeah, I'm here. But the veneer on here winning a please call her. Dr. Amin. Okay. Okay, I think can you hear me? We need yes now I'm clear now I can okay. Okay. Dr. Me go ahead Amy. I was asking could you just tell me about yourself before we get into the conversation? And then I come back home. I get some time and I write a little bit online. So as a hobby and this podcast here I come and I talked to all this wonderful people and share ideas and learn a lot of things. And yeah, that is how I landed up here. Okay, we need so this is so true that birds of the same feather flock together flock together. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a graphic designer. I'm a beautiful visual effects and filmmaking. I wasn't allowed to yeah. Yeah, why do some writing I'm an author of Book understanding women is easy. Show a great joining us. I mean great talking though, and I'm glad you joined on this topic. I think Rocky has really been Keen about this topic. So we are talking about it. So yeah, so yes Rocky would you just enlighten me on the topic which are discussing here because actually I was a problem and dr. Amy and I think I have seen many people see this type of problem liquid whenever like, you know at a first-time go to talk with the girl and woman, especially I can say and that feel, you know, nervous and scary. So I think why why this type of thinking so yeah, please if you have any about this topic then please share as okay. So what I believe is that it's entirely depending on our mindset and the first effective but I'm saying this because just imagine first day of the school when you are entering the school what kind of feel you had in your heart the first day of the college when you finished your school The same pnpn comes to approaching a woman if you approach a girl the same thing happened because at is the first time when you're trying to speak something because see, we have a kind of mentality that if they take it in a wrong way. My character will be ruined. Yeah, even at the good for spent in your mind, but still there deep inside approaching a girl and talking to her. She if she takes it in a wrong way then I'll be inserted on top and I will be humiliated in front of everyone. So this kind of fear put in our mind will make us miss care of the situation. Hmm, so we have to consider into the similar fears, which we have the view of other things we could try for the first time. We are scared to talk to women. It is the same fear which we have when you try something new it could be riding a bicycle could be a joining a new course. It could be like joining a new company because it's Newton's we have never tried that and why do we do that? Because We are always meant to stay inside of our comfort zone and our subconscious will be always telling us that stay in your comfort zone so that you can be safe. That's why we feel fear. Hmm. But Here is totally another thing is that not a doctor email rejection rejection is the I think most important reason sorry causes and you know, I think as after that the people, you know understand like, you know, if I go and Girl, yeah boo means I will slap me. So this type of series also Hannah if you go to slap you tightly to women and approach them with the right ID I think know But is just going to slap you for talking to her. I don't think so. Is it has it ever happened with anybody? I don't think so. I have no yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I agree. I'm just kidding actually. Yeah. You sent the request to have about on by people's care to talk with women right before before before before putting that question forward to win before sending the request by you scared. I have no idea and so actually this question you should answer it is regarding our topic. Yeah, is there a I guess yeah, you're absolutely right. I'm trying to connect with a live example because it will be much more familiar for us to discuss in such a way. See when you are putting the request. You were like. Oh my God, she's a girl should I do that? You have this kind of fear in your mind. But even though you did it and the way we need ask wanted to you and you're having a discussion at all talk about the topic. Now, we've come to know that approaching towards a woman with the right idea is not a wrong thing. Mmm, I think we meet. Dr. Amiya peel. Yeah clapping. Thank you. Rejection like, you know when someone is trying to approach a person he likes okay emotionally, there's emotional connect and he's trying to you know Express himself and he has a pair to know the other person might just reject that person. And the main problem is at that particular time. I know the there is a mindset. Okay, they might have a good connection while talking even if they are not talking, you know, there must be a what do I say familiarity? Okay, but then what happens is if Anjali when a person directly expressed a certain kind of emotion to a person then after that it could get things wrong with you know, it would just break that chain for that comfort and then I think that clear of rejection somewhere hits people a lot. Yes, definitely because when it comes to like men's boys growing style they are grown like you're a man and that kind of add always is inside their mind saying that you are a man you are a man you are a man. They are not thought to be like human. They thought it like Thinking about women they have this inferior feeling subconsciously. They might not be having in their conscious mind. But in the subconscious they have an inferior feeling towards women and when they feel that if she rejects me and what will be of my value this is also kind of fear that put them back from doing the thing which they want to do. You know, even before trying to talk The person has already assumed it. Okay, I'm going to get rejected. You know, the other option is clear for Eva because if we go to some interview we try to have rehearsal victory at an interview that what are they going to ask? What are we going to say it right in the same way? We'll be able to see what she's going to say if you accept my request so we can have a power cord that is enough courage to protect cluster you all right helping like, you know talking to a person. Okay, you know that person talks very to the other person. So you have a what do I say assumption in your mind that okay, that person is okay. You know may talk may speak but then again you start analyzing. Okay, that person is talking to that person that particular portfolio because she he or she has a certain quality and maybe I cannot stand up to that level and if that person might not treat me the same way, okay. Mi can only destroy this fear. Can we do a podcast on this topic image? He was saying like no. I'm so scared to talk with girl and literally the time he was just speaking with Vinny. Yeah, he's like great man. Yeah the first time when he spoke to me also like Madam madam. Waylon stuff. I'm actually making all that up. He makes itself everywhere. Oh my God. Yeah, we've got just do you on this one. He doesn't have any fear regarding any woman. That's for sure. No, I know I have You know, you're caught red-handed. The time, you know, it's all you sure I'm here. Yeah. Guys, just let me know if you have any other requests. We haven't have we don't have any right now. But yeah, once we get will definitely let you know. I think Rocky a lot of questions answered today. So yeah, I think a lot of your busted I'll be back. Thank you. Thank you for having me you're doing what? You don't scare me. Okay, okay. Oh dirty, please request BGA join Curry, how may I join you certainly having be a challenge. I think she hello. Hello. Hello. How are you guys? Yeah, hello - can you hear me? Yeah, hmm. We are good. What about you? I'm great. I'm good. Okay, so a shisha for the thing about this topic you have any ideas and then please share? Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Yeah because they are not a fact. Too much practiced. Yeah, and and people are conditioned that from childhood that you have. Yeah, you have a nice to girls you have to you don't need you don't need to say this these things to girls and that things to girls but they never tell that you can talk these thinking things through those and those things to girls. So that's why class. And they are so many things and the time is changing. That's a big thing because inner if we see ten years ago girls are very much in control of their parents, and they are told that you don't need to talk to you guys. Most of the girls are blessed today this please just speak speak up, please. It allowed under yeah louder. Yeah, and but nowadays A you can see that girl's dress up to date and they roam in moles and everywhere, but they find that in no guys come to them and say one hello, right and nobody is there at home or in their friends circle who are who are very much. What can I say? Coach them right? That's true. I'm so many things that I so many things right if we so one example a girl then thousands of guy things think that they they also get a slap right but ya never analyzed that maybe that that guy had done something wrong, right, but I don't know why but I am not. This category get to the root of it. You know, why why someone fears maybe someone sometimes saw someone getting inside their door, you know certain things happen, you know that so that that is created. But I think people have to move on and understand that women are just another human being I am talking the right things to a woman. She's not going to clap you off think bad about. Yeah, right right wing. Definitely gonna think of you as a very nice person if you be a nice person, so it all depends on your intentions if you always have good intentions and if you portraits as such then yes, I don't think any woman is going to treat you badly. I think sometimes and of people should we understand also why is the fact that she has beautiful looks affect you so much. I think you don't even know of a way that she is. Good person or not? I think she might even be an adorable person fact and you won't know that until you talk to her and contact. I think I would you feel more or less knowing that I think your fear is much of unknown. Okay. You don't know. Okay, exactly react. Okay, the fear is of the unknown. It's not the fear of the woman okay to approach a woman if she Is a nice woman and she understands her intentions with your classmate anybody could be okay when someone knows that your intentions are right, they will definitely entertain you will agree. When I say entertain you is they let you you know, they people when they feel about certain situations and I think that's okay. Plus I can say that when I approach a girl or they always have a mind that okay, the I she will be my and they and that's how he started reacting people should talk to each other to know each other faster, but they have another certainly a matter of time. I think these days, you know a lot of people Touch with people with the intention of dating or with the intention of a relationship. Okay, but I think apart from that also, there are a lot of reasons why men and women talk. I think they work together. They study together. They share ideas. I think when they actually find the route okay of there for fun with this the reason for their communication. Explore quite clear person so it into his mind key. Why am I talking to about this person? You know, you might just be talking to find out something some information and when you put that in your mind, and then with that mindset you go to talk eventually you wouldn't feel so scared about it. Hmm, I tried but I think there is all another thing we need because I have seen like this in people who have achieved a lot in life, you know Millennials. I think yeah that type of you know what class in a scientist and in intellectuals and people who have done and achieved so much in their life leave Anna and we are to still act that little I know and inviting voice I When finished with a woman, so I think that's because that's because they have had a little social interactions and instead be focused their time and effort on you know, valuable and Monastery achievement instead of developing their social confidence and putting effort into interacting. So I think with with other peoples especially women, so there is also a different type of think is also available. Here is whiny so we should ask that how she wants to be approached in. That's how we can also get to know some new references all women C in general talking. Okay, women women appreciate if people approach them politely and talk. Yeah politely whatever the intention whether it is information or anything. Okay, even though you are approaching a woman for a relationship. Maybe he won't approach. Directly saying that you know, I like you if that doesn't happen Okay, you first know her intentions. You try to move when you find out interesting. Okay, you know when you actually find out her interest and once you know what she likes and what she dislikes and eventually what happens is you get a chance to think over. Okay? Okay, so yeah, actually guys guys are very much needy and they have a the scenes for many years or so. That's why they started saying these things directly write and the but girls are see the thing is I think that thing is you know, what? Okay, being needy is not the thing I think needy is when because people are not trying to interact as much. Okay, once we yeah interacting, I think the media thing is totally going to be vanished because once you start interacting with people, okay, a lot of females, okay, not with the intention of dating. Okay, please don't take it wrong guys. You know when tomorrow don't go and say when you said, you know, you should interact with lat. Women and men try to move the other person first in any case and the meeting will automatically go I think it is being needy. I think the desperation of talking to a woman trying to approach it in somewhere it messes up there. Okay. Hmm guys make me to take calm and then you know, go ahead. Okay, then is back here. How do you have a Mountain Dew or yeah. Hurry, Krishna Hari yard. Archaea gives me the hurry. Now. We have a call Rohit. Let's talk with him why you're not supposed to address whole guys as need. No tarun. They are not addressing all these guys as needy. He's talking about guys who are needy so he's just addressing those bunch of guys. Don't get offended about okay. Okay. So yeah, I think I just requested. Mr. Operator if he could join us again because I think we've lost him and I think it was that he had actually he's good. He had actually connected and then because we were on a different Colour I think he stopped so if mr. Ritter if you're listening, please connect with us again and guys and get a nice. What do I say? Nice suggestion, please. Zulu if you have a Christian shine, okay. Yeah connect. So like other things that I was saying, okay kite on great and great idea when okay. So yeah, like what I was saying, you know Rocky sometime back. Oh, mr. Join us for some time. Like there was a hurry you once he was saying, you know, I love this stuff. The here is your view. Whoo, okay. So he was saying, you know, I had been to an interview and then I went blank because you know, there was a female there and he might totally went blank I couldn't speak to her and everything. So I think sometimes what happens is we mix up the feels like nervousness and the fear of talking okay while he was there in an interview. He was they're afraid because he he had a fear of getting rejected on that interview, which he makes the mixed it up with a Being that he was afraid to talk to a woman. Okay. Yeah, we are not actually clear on as to why we are scared. Mr. Geller case of vodka desert or like Rivera Kauai was taking okay. So we have a call mr. Orator. Hi. Mr. Operator welcome. So so Madame Carla meet certain Capital savvy. Okay. So what are these four European ocular communication improves the opposite gender see jitna Communicator to communicate you were confident world of zartha work here as compared to other him same. And us about curtain closed with Gilda Cheez-It water to thin your remote here, but again the comparison of footage and ricotta cheese a fluctuate with you or the fluctuate with the other development about brush strokes and again growth Celia Moreno officer Soto is a psychological reason behind that that gives you the proven truth I had developed. total scope Sally kohai Bela Bartok The corruption of course, I'm not allowed to install Nevil. She'd accept a river which I could you do. Hmm. Yeah points and bearing subsystem real actor. cyborg strategy Z or we match our rocket team up to actually the same problem. And sesame and Squad AB mess that is fired who are actually is to make Cal Berkeley. Ethically a pursue isotopic fakie coffees fear similar the beam and intact cathode everybody car Carnage at the hospice lieberman's qc2 coffee a nervous feeling of the to my easily is the so Jackie a CUNY is picked up larger then p.m. To death for example, an assessment engage. So a scarf is audiences Millie and Kazuki to hmm. Good point You know, I reject Carnegie slap Carnegie medal apologizes shortly that at least half or punched him. Opteka which are equally correct. And I think men should take it that way that women are not waiting to hit you. Okay, Coach the woman with the right intention right intention. Obviously, they wouldn't be a problem whom he appointed a fear Carnegie 0.9 here if you depend it totally depends on him. Of corner, you have to be with your legacy and also you should have a thick-set about it. Right and it depends on the environment and suppose if you if you have met up with your like you like you have gone for a date or something. Then of course that time we are you want you have to be the first priority will be your soft called the first thing the Gratitude of yours how you're showing your gratitude to her. And of course the words which you are using even that's even sometimes make someone impress or Or make someone down to your towards you great suppose if I have some votes them. There are certain people. I believe that who think who work on Words and all I'm one of them. I believe that words actually very important time in the woods have emotions, right and every vote emotions and the people who have the ability to understand words emotions from them from them said they actually matter the words. So what I want to tell you Somewhere we are into very Progressive world would be turned into a very Progressive world or how many but so many tiny key, you know, we have to work together in this. Okay men and women have to make I know that you're thinking that way about her right losing your your thing because of her like a language. Give me the emotions but I mean how much would sit back that much what I believe and a spell. many parents I like that sort of woman that I suppose. I'm a person who is marvelous and tremendous in English Okay, but I am using those words which are actually getting out of the box. What is the use of my language? Say say a cheap humble feedback my lap see but all bullying is co American Hockey up check will be fashionable, but actually some The Embargo good for nobody because Hoagie so could future planning with it with you met a woman twice over. Do you people you people very curved medium polygamous sociopath So even if they keep education Bachelor customers Tableau of shaky, but I think according to me like up knee up knee Jovi him John tells Kosair carpi groceries. Do we have definition education collection Experience your calmness. Yes, exactly cgt. Say Oscar disciplines exact length of the Niemi SEO weight easily. The subsequent has a tenant math education quality the local Hi little boy up sit up Ki bhaji with you. So badly T.T. Hmm. There's no point is it right? Mmm? Blake oh knitted economy coaches cartel mare is but Bill cool girl at month you and I don't know kidney log is a mail cart a but the point is kiss. Eh - mm. That's true. A cabinet so buddy Sean Walker up up. Give each other a Bocce of the rocky rocky mujib a turkey. Literally, I'm feeling so good. And I literally every day every time I get the opportunity to have a conversation with this intellectual person weenie, and it makes me more and more what awaited by her words and thoughts. Thank you so much for any once again and Rocky archive. Aha. Thank you the Nevada conjure up images of Sardinia. see So anyway, I don't want that. Thank you so much. So Rocky, how are you feeling? I'm feeling very happy. I'm feeling very happy and I have no I don't learned a lot of from you and of any guy many guys, you can say for many guys a lot of a lot of information. I got it. Actually today's I think this is the beauty of you know, like collaborative collaborations. This is the beauty Yeah, and yeah as I told you like, you know, I have a value or one Moto to learning. So I think we should be at do not you especially I I should be doing this type of activities. So definitely, you know, it will be very helpful to me actually. I think it has been helpful to me. Also Rock the biggest see you. You know, we see where I come from. I mean the kind. Thank you for that. I'm working or the kind of environment I have come from but I have never failed the item, you know men are so conscious about women or yeah, this is the kind of fear that they have in their mind. A lot of times. I have seen people mess up while talking but I didn't want this is the reason you know, she's so nervous and it's just because looking at a woman can make them so anxious and panicky then that man that you know that can hamper a lot of things in their life. Yeah. Yeah, I'm also very scared to talk to women God of Gotham. Oh my God. Yeah, if you would join me would love it a lot of thing about this. Yeah, that's why I'm always following that is what know what I'm saying is I have seen a lot of people who have been great with communication and yet the been very nervous or very scared to talk to women. I have heard such people in our in my you know experience. Okay, so I had some people in my office who were great. It is like they could speak so wonderfully but still very it came to talking to women. They used to be very panicky or something. Yeah. So listen, I think Hmm send us requests. I have a word with you actually. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Yeah, okay, except except one, two, three people. Okay, let it be hmm. always always so, you know see it is it is easy to conquer fear. I think it is a fear that we should fear rather than the women. I guess the new guy. So yeah. Hi. Yes, you are. Yeah, I'm I don't want to share my identity. Okay, you are talking about why you are scared of to be the two men. Okay. So what you are saying, I want to just add something. Okay. Yeah, what about that? That way pressing the people who are scared. We are not talking about General. There are a lot of people who had requested as for this topic. Okay you started this is what that purpose. of Corey You have started your this were forecast for that purpose like that. Yeah, we are just trying to address the fears, you know, sometimes feels, you know curtail people's careers. So I think we are just discussing over it. You okay? You are discussing. and it's do you have anything to say about it? Yeah, I think I think he doesn't agree with certain things and that's okay. You know, he's gone. He's gone. Yeah. Thank you. Okay, and he ever did was yell. Let's see. They never listen to me. Oh god of is none life. Yeah, so mr. Kay, I think that is not something to fear. Okay urgent call got disconnected. Hmm. Yeah. Okay, so Hello. Hello. Hi guys. How are you? Doing? Great. First of all read about God of Sir. Welcome. Thank you, man. Hmm. So it was you yesterday who was trying to send me a request to because you change your DPI thought it was somebody else. No. No, actually I said Has Changed DPR. Yeah, I love your topic by the way, it's great. Hmm. So what if Vinny and Rocky what tips do you guys have for me? Because I get Jitters every time I even you know reach that one distance. You are totally good at it, aren't you? I would like to hear I don't think men need to fill woman named God of I think and a person like you shouldn't be asking that question. I think you the other day shared so much of experience about relationships and stuff and I think the to Cherry Hill and I think he quite you know experience. I don't think you would have any questions about this topic. Yeah, maybe maybe you're right. Maybe you're not I'm just maybe asking on behalf of all the other men out there. But you know what you're right actually but this is true though, you know, when when it comes to men they're quiet. They're quite nervous that is because they have a feeling that what the reaction of a woman would be, you know, because let's face it quite honestly in India and not the case anymore. However, but in India is still if you approach a woman, you know, a woman would be most likely You know prone to think that there is I mean, you know, you're hitting on her even though if it's sweet simple. Hi, hello friendship type of you know response. Yeah. I mean that is a this is one kind of mindset that has been created. I mean, you know, and yeah women are living with it right now. So yeah, obviously, but then I think not all women think that way I think there are a lot of women who have, you know, clear thoughts processing these days. As and you know, so it's true we approach okay, if the person is nervous and the way what is appropriate is weird, then obviously she's one of thing. Okay. He's hitting on him. Yeah, it's all about the delivery guys. It's all about the delivery your deliverables really matters a lot very much. Okay, but but I truly believe that, you know, see now these days women are not what they used to be five years ago or ten years ago people. Coming more open-minded. Well, not people. I mean women are becoming more open-minded. So if you approach somebody, you know, I used to have a friend who are no longer friends with anymore, but he was my best friend and we were in a company working together and he him and I always used to know like have a good time each of the random doing fun things. And so one time, you know, we challenge each other that there is there was this random girl in our office and he told me why don't you go Ahead and see if you can talk to her. I said okay, you got it. So, you know, I went ahead and I went to this woman and she was from Northeast if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, I remember that and I told her and see it's all about the delivery. Okay, although the atmosphere around me because it was in the office. So I was able to you know, she may not have reacted but then I reached out to her and I said hey, by the way, I love you and he said where did you get that? I would love to get it. So it really you know, all I have to say is there's no Think to be you know scared about nothing to be nervous about it's just that your deliverables really matter and you know, you have the good intentions in your heart and when you approach somebody with that genuineness and you it all works out really women are quite open-minded now these days and I mean I then asked my friend do you want to go to cannot place and sleepy and challenge me and make me want to approach somebody I would love to do it. You clearly said, you know the growth and the intentions matter, I think yeah, when you have the right intention to approach will automatically be cool. Okay, that's that's very true. Actually, you know immediately like you're okay, you know while I have a proper tension and I can't talk to her because it's only when you have a weird intention you start getting scared and then you go off the road. So it happened. Okay. Most of yeah, yeah and your confidence truly matters, you know, you have to have that because seriously guys, I think everybody loves confidence not only women I mean if somebody is, you know walking up to me even a girl is walking up to me and you know trying to ask something I would really like her to be confident and not be scared of me and it goes the same way for women, especially women are the kind of gender. I think they would like somebody being confident when being approached. So, you know it helps a lot. So without further, you know without any yeah right here. That really helps Rocky. Are you gonna are you gonna are you gonna follow this? Are you going to approach some woman? Nothing like that, sir? Totally. I'm betting actually something you have to put with right? Otherwise, you're gonna not be able to know how this works. You have to try it practical, you know today. I had a lot of you know, things are so yeah, definitely. I will try go to approach next time. I'm pretty sure it is you who came up with this right Vinny. It is hella cool. Oh my God, you have a lot of sense of humor. Oh my God. Yeah. I knew that is intimidating cannot be avoidable feeling intimidating cannot voidable. I feel um, yeah Francis you notice when you Like that's why I say your intentions your intentions really have to be super genuine and you know go with that friendly mindset and sense of humor. By the way, you no sense of humor could be a really good kick start if you want to approach somebody but you know, you're approaching a woman and then, you know, you're sort of intimidating the out of her she's gonna freak out and the next thing you know, she might even slap you so definitely all that matters. Julio when it comes to relationships, okay. Someone is approaching a woman, you know, because at the start of this podcast, I think Anton we spoke to Kathryn Kathryn was saying is there is a woman who's very very dressed and if she's beautiful, you know, it is totally it will totally scare me out like before talking to her because I will keep wondering. Oh my God, she's so beautiful. Oh my God. She's so yeah. Hinder the conversation. Yeah that yeah that kind of mindset really builds up because then you'll know you think that the maybe the person you know that you're about to approach may be of higher status or for some reason, you know may not give to you know may not even give a about if you want to approach but like I said, I mean people love being complimented. So even if you go there and say hey, you know what? I am. Sorry. I don't know you and neither do you but I have to come in a come to you and tell you that you're looking absolutely Lee gorgeous, I think nobody would like that and would not be slapped because of that. I think there would be a lot of laughter's than you know, and you know automatically it will kick start a conversation that yeah, you landed from sudden. I know because he everybody loves those compliments and especially when we talk about women. I think they would like to get that and even man would love it too. So The end of the day, I really have to say that it's about how you approaching. Like when he said, you know, you are not as long as you're not weird sure it will work for you. Hmm. So Sargodha, sir, so what do you think? So what do you do? Actually when you go to interact at a fast 10 beginning with girl a woman then that time what's actually what do you think to talk with her? You mean I'm sorry. Could you could you refresh can use rephrase your question? Yeah, whenever you go to talk with girl at a first and then that time I want to do actually. Okay, so it's like whenever you are talking to the girl for the first time or let's say you want to strike a conversation how to do that, right? Yeah. Yeah, so that's what I'm saying. It is a really important that your deliveries you have to come up with something, you know, the small talks or whatever. I mean with all due respect. I've been in so many situations where I have exposed myself so that I can become better. And when you are approaching to somebody you have to look for something or the other to actually talk about it. So let's say if you see that you are approaching some unknown woman all together on a completely unknown. And so you have to see what is it? I mean look at her maybe, you know sort of gauge her personality of see there's anything you can find clues that really help believe me, but then if not, then might simply go go with the God compliment. That's good enough. Hmm. I mean the situation will change let's say if someone you know already and you've been dying to talk, but then finally the day has come you have decided that you want to talk to that girl, then, you know, you want to start your you and I start that as though. Hey, you know what? I've been mustering my courage of wanting to talk to you and I haven't been able to but I hope I mean I've done it today so all of those things really, you know, really matters. What do you think, honey? Absolutely. I think it makes a lot of effect that way. Yeah. So what do you think is the Love Guru? See experiences. What makes you okay? Let me tell you something. Okay, it may sound very funny. There was a time I was in tender okay for a straight six months. For some reason. I have never been a kind of person who would you know, go on Tinder never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that I would see, you know, go on Tinder, but I did for some reason or whatever for six months. I was there and you know, I had a chance and when I downloaded Tinder Every Girl's bio every girl Girls, you know info bio that I saw a description, please don't ask me to come to your home don't ask for sex. Don't ask for this and I was like, wow, is that what men are asking for is that what every woman is really frustrated about and then the second thing that they had please be funny, please type. Don't type like, you know, I like you in a weird way. I proper English and then second the third thing to say and please know how to hold a conversation. If you can't hold it. I'm going to unmatch you before you know it, okay. So so those things I saw it just when I downloaded I'm like okay at the time of me swiping all those, you know, looking at the woman's profile and then gradually I started swiping right and believe me whenever I got matched with every woman. I'm telling you with all due respect. I never once asked anybody any girl's number. I was given the number because first thing I have to tell you guys and be patient there is an issue with n. I, Am Telling You Vinny you would know that there is Yeah, there is an incredible amount of issue with me. And why are we so desperate? We are super desperate and we are super impatient as though I mean, even if your intentions are right, but if you come off so desperately if you're so impatient believe me things are never going to work. You're going to push that person away even further that may not sound very needy men aren't yes, that's another word. Yeah, something needy is actually What's up will stop then and there? Yeah, and every time I was you know, I have had the conversation with women on Tinder for about 10 days 15 days without me having to give a about asking for their number because essentially I just like talking and chatting and that's what I was doing. And then finally, you know, we reach a point where it was like hey, you know what how about, you know the standard the chapters and here's the number so that's because I showed the incredible tremendous. I didn't show that I'm the desperate and that work and believe me. Yeah since is the key guys, I'm telling you. Don't be needy. Don't be clingy simple as that. Correct. Vinny truly truly. Don't be clingy. Truly. Yeah, don't be clicking guys. We man have some status to you know, I mean, it's not the always around and and somebody here. Unknown guy when he said that why do you have this topic? Why not the other way around and and I'm like, okay what is wrong with this topic? I think it's amazing. But then I see he was trying to pull that Ginger card and it's not really women. There are women they are also scared of approaching men, but that situation only happens when maybe when maybe it's their crush or something like that, but it's mostly us man who get Jitters every time we want to approach somebody, you know, because we have a feeling that we might just We might just get slapped or maybe an F. Phi R will be there is yeah, so that's it Rocky you go ahead and I see you have this desire of wanting to approach somebody and I see that's why I wear this where all of this is coming from. Sure. Yeah. So I think you're going to rock it. What do you think Vinny? I think he's going to rock it now after this podcast is it off? Rocky's gonna draw kid when you approach this person. Whoever it is that you were you know, you might be referencing ask me what you told me. No, sir. Don't be hurry. So that's why yeah, don't don't be in Rush. No, but then see ya. I want thinking or thinking overanalyzing. So what yeah. Okay, here's what you guys need what caste status. I wonder you're right. I need to change a goddess of actually, it's a similar to like no learning English. Actually whenever I go to talk with Renault in English way that time I feel similar. You know a go to approach at a first two women. So I think both are conditions same for me. So yeah. Ha ha ha. Yeah, I know but hey guys, you know what anybody who has who has been listening to this podcast and do tell us do tell us if this podcast really helped you after this some of you and some of you may or may not will be approaching a girl. Please do share us your valuable feedback and your your you know, your experiences if it really works out, you know, when he what do you think we need to know, right? It would sound great. I mean if somebody comes and tells us you. Okay, you know that Cal said to me help me, you know, I gathered the confidence. I think that would be great. I think it serves the purpose of all of us sitting here and discussing this particular thing. All right, I just like to address one comment here. Mr. K Covey says that God of tell me what one should do if you don't want to get no Kuby, here's what I do. Okay, when I go when I want whenever I want to approach somebody and there is a high chance for some getting know I would tell that person and because right now the time is running slow. So that's how I'm going to make it. I will say I will approach that person and I will say Hey listen. I don't take no for an answer. That's okay. That's what you saying, man. You don't take no for an answer. Truly. Oh, maybe he said number. Not the no. Oh, okay. Well now I didn't think now I don't think we have time to discuss all that but I talked about patience is the key and let the girl give you the number. Not you remember that building. Listen, I thank you so much got upset you Kevin will be gone. You said your lord and I have learned a lot of from you and thank you so much. And God bless I see I thought I had a career coach John detail.