So hello guys, we are back with another podcast and this podcast series is in the topic of learning English and this topic is about why it is need to learn English. Okay guys, so let will be going to make this concert will be very short to be clear. And what are these things that we are going to learn about why there is importance why there is a need to learn English and why there's so many of rush to the people in their mind subconscious. Mind even in their mentality of learning English, right? So we will grabbing all the clues and all the information all the knowledge and we were going to put it together. Let's talk about there are many many reasons why learning a new language is a good idea. Right? And it's allow you to communicate with a new people and it helps you to see things from a different perspective and get a better understanding of another culture knowing something different will Really going to help you in your life in order to understand things in different ways in different perspective, right? It helped you to become a better listener being able to speak English is not just about able to communicate with a native English speaker, but it's most common second language in the world. So you must have to understand this concept that English is a second most pronounced or commonly used language in the world. Words, so what this mean I'm learning English is an important as it enables you to communicate easily with your flow Global citizen. Hi Anand hiking. Hi everyone who is committing and loving my podcast and appreciating it. I really appreciate those people and let's begin this talk way and a common sense in a common way so that we can understand it. So it with all the prospective area so as As I was saying and this is a fact right guys. It's a fact and what's the fact is Obviously, there are more number people like 1.3 billion people there in India and which you used to speak Hindi language right was the first of the okay Anil Kumar is asking the right question what the first of them? Okay, what do you have right actually I kneel by I really I don't know about what's up first then it may be not obviously not Hindi neither could be Chinese. I it maybe I don't know. I'm not sure about what it could be. Mostly it could be a Chinese language. Maybe you can check it out in the Google and you can please let me know because I am also a I do know about it, please until bye. Okay one caller is wants to connect with us. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Hello. How are you? Yeah, I'm good. I'm good. So what do you like to say about the topic? The topic is good because I think is good because there are some people's are Hindi speaking Hindi. Hmm. So in Mecca improve and I need to English I speak English language. They poked my eye will definitely take you cold once I end with an asylum. And as a nurse you you said English is so important subject and it is been made as as because in today's world as I express the second. Most speaking language is English. So there is a gradually Demand right? There is a gradual Ed, but if you want to study about if you want to get a handful of job and if you want to do something in your life greater rights, You must know something in English as because either you learn either you want to graduate from high school Daisy degrees if you want it. So even if you are learning a high just assume that if you are going to take higher education, you need to learn English in order to understand all the subjective areas that you are learning, right? yeah, absolutely, right because some high qualifications rather speak some fluent English speaker and Okay, and so can I know that how much time and how much time you have put in order to learn English as you are speaking right now how much time it took to you in order to enhance evening one hour and sorry morning one hour and the evening one hour two hours. Asan, English subjects subjects the English subjects. It's the more important subject because they're there and you ask you ask you ask, you know English. Yes. Okay, so I'm trying my improve English. No, but that's great. That's good. So, can you tell me about yourself that what's your qualification? And what about your introduction? Can you introduce yourself? I'm just I've worked with his studies and have a completed my diploma degree and I have I have work today. You know what? India like - okay Department air conditioning and other parts. Wow, that's good. That's good. So Anil Kumar as I said and as I said to my listener that anything could be the one of the language which has been widely used right? So as Anil Kumar the one of our listener has thirst and research on that and is just find all the In the comment section, so I really appreciate what's Anil Kumar did and so, okay. So okay guys. So first of the first Chinese language that is which is widely used languages because it is been used by spoken by 1.3 billion people and in in so many of other language Regional languages like bangala thought of milk and Gate was a tidy, but there are lots of other languages and that was like what what honest um this that's more than India's culture. I have have languages because then both fully and they're working in Hindi Tamil moratti and more than languages are in India, so, Just not perfect making English. Hmm. Look honest what actually happened since what my childhood nobody actually Express or tell us that what are the quality of Education, especially in English you really need right when a person or a child born, but actually the parents are the family says he wants to he must become a teacher. Dr. Engine. But they never say that he must be good at this in that subject and either we especially focus on English a areas or English language when we are child, right? So there are a lot of things that there's not just one thing there's a lot of things that circulate around and we have to focus on all the areas and that's why we are lacking somewhere and we are struggling with the financial condition of the life that we have. only right there are most important for your areas belongs to your areas belongs also down there city city areas the very develop areas because there are the high highly prestigious job there and electrician disqualification there and but in villages Villages areas knots comes to highly qualification there the So very tough villager areas making making focus on English and high qualifications, but actually on is there at least trying and they are really trying and they're working really hard. So I really appreciate them. Right so they are really working hard in order to achieve whatever the target they have in the life. They are really working out best because they are lots of privileged Society there. Lots of society you are really privileged but the amount of work the amount of things that they do is far more beyond the work that unpublished to right. So there's a so many thing in order to understand things but specifically in this podcast we were talking about why it is need to learn English as because in India, if you want to work aboard then English was necessary at that time English was a reasonable thing to learn but at this time of scenario what actually happened All the context all the chapter all the money earning sources. It could be a digital technical or it could be a socially could be a texture anything that has been converted into English English materials, right? It is converted into English materials. So what actually happened so it is a basic mean right now. It's it's could be a basically that you have to understand a basic things in order to achieve all these things. Your thing is it's always good. So you you need to learn English because you're not working not working. There are some that are some things also also other other sides and You making a you focus on your focus on studying English English topic. So you don't you don't learning you don't learn English Okay, so Anil Kumar is saying but my present generation is not like that why I am saying as because there is a that my days in my in my area. There's a kid who speak good English are okay. So let me tell you one thing that today's generation is very well aware of the quality of education and the need of Education, right? So there's a lot of people who are interested in learning. So if the person is interested, they will be going to study right. So whatever the velocity whatever the area of Interest the children have they are will be going to learn these things. So honest it's really well to talk to you man. So I would like to end end this port card right here is so if anybody has any Kind of query you can contact me you can message me either. You can follow me adjust click on my profile follow Vicki cater either then request me a call so that we can post any talk in private, right? So whatever the things goes on. Okay, so I'm good. Okay good down. So, okay. Deeper guy. I want to read I want you to request a call so that we can talk in the next podcast. So the / give you a listening me you can decrease me talk. Okay, so if you can request me, it will be a greater.