Hello. Hello. Hey buddy. How are you? I'm really good. And I'm very very excited about what we have planned for our listeners today me to be excited and stays around the corner. I think this conversation is very essential. Absolutely, I couldn't agree more because I think not just women's day, but we should call it like a woman's month because in March, there are so many initiatives that are done forgiving right across the world. So it just feels good and trying to make some changes for women that they love in all the women who love themselves out there. Yeah. Yes, I think we had an interesting topic in mind right we're talking about I think women who Define content and women tend. Yeah, so part of a I wanted to ask this question. What do you think of women branding themselves? Like self branding for women? All right, interesting question. So, you know, it kind of just comes back to the fact of how how women in general perceive themselves. Not just women. I think this this is quite important. And branding is really important and as well because I think a lot of times people are talking about things about the organizations that they work for they work. They talk about a lot about companies and we talked a lot about their teams, but they do not highlight that personal achievements as much, you know in the course of talking about themselves and branding themselves. Also, I think chance to Brand yourself gives you an immense amount of confidence. You start respecting the Work that you do you suddenly realize that? Oh my god. I've actually done so many different things in the course of one career one job, and these are some things that I should totally highlight and probably share with my network out there whether it's in your professional at work or whether it's your personal Network. I think personal branding social peers is a very easy thing for individuals because everybody is on Facebook and Instagram and you know, you do a lot of your personal branding up there, but there's very little in terms of your professional brand. Especially, you know valuing the amount of time you spend at work away from your families evaluate your own I think skill sets valuing what you bring to the table in a team or an organization is super important and I think you should talk about it and there's a way of communicating that and there's a way of creating content around it so though, yes is extremely more important for women. I think that even men because I think women by Nature will we don't try to take too much of the Limelight automatically We prefer being part of teams. We prefer being in the sidelines before being the sometimes be behind the most successful performers in the team on the company and and there are some go getting women out there some super ambitious women out there who just naturally stand out. They don't need to try too much just for their friends with what they bring to the table. They just naturally stand out. So I think this topic is super important for both kind of women and people men as well who are out there just to tell them that you know, Times it's good to talk about achievements and you've done in the workspace and try to make content around it, which is really important, which is really good and helps you become better at what you do respect your work your time yourself a little more on their face, you know, get the respect of your peers your colleagues your bosses. So they start noticing what you've done and you know, appreciate the effort you put in than just a performance review at say at the end of the year. I don't think that does complete Justice the what are your thoughts on? I think I think it's really important. Now that we are we all work like almost all of us. We work at corporate offices. I think it's really important for us to put ourselves out there and you don't stand up for yourself and sure like like you have to put out what you've done absolutely will just come and say oh you've done this if to just go and go out there and you know, tell them that he have done this. Stuff. Absolutely, I agree. I agree and I think as we talking we get a lot of would call request by I'm really happy to see a lot of women callers calling in today. That's great just to tell all of you. We just want to take a few more minutes to you know, just talk about certain important things and then we'd probably open up the lines for y'all to join the conversation and share your thoughts as well. So to all the women out there who are listening to us the men out there. We'll listen close want to probably share their experience or their thoughts about this topic. I think towards the end towards in Other pair of 15-20 minutes, we'll start making some calls in and we'll get you involved in the conversation. How does that sound? Perfect great. So we're I think we were talking about the fact that women would need to you know, develop content about themselves another another very important thing. We keep forgetting is women are amazing and communication. I mean most of the time women are constantly dealing with multiple people multiple stakeholders multiple parties with The home women are pretty much the first point of contact for the in-laws with parents at home. They're the first point of contact to their house helps the staffs that come in to make our lives a little easier. They are the first point of contact for all the windows will come in and out delivering supplying things that we need to run a household. So communication is extremely extremely easy. Once you're a woman because you do it on a daily basis. Sometimes there's no choice because nobody else wants to take on those jobs. So you're the only one else to do. So I think that's an advantage to already know how to communicate and you already know how to curate content for different kind of audiences. I mean if it's somebody who understands certain kind of context certain kind of examples of the kind of the language then you talk to them in their way and if it's somebody who's your local grocer, you know who's a guy who's delivering all your Katana items and your monthly items to talk to them in a very different way. You'll never talk to them the same thing you talk to, you know, your I think your tears in office or your boss and office. So I don't know why but in the workspace Sometimes women shy away, they don't express themselves that much they should probably come out a little more and talk about their opinions on different aspects of you know, what the team is doing what the company is planning product discussions. Sometimes project oriented things and call out people who are stopping them from making their comments your opinions out there because that's super important. Again. This also happens to certain men who are also not always active in discussions do not want to be the voice that is heard do not want to pick out and you don't say something different from the rest of the team. So I guess content understanding how to create it how to communicate is super super important. Yeah, but why do you think women shy away from all of it? Why don't they speak for themselves? Why don't they put absolutely I think it's a great point and I think I mean you being a woman yourself a girl yourself you good. This is going but I think it's just Our level of Tolerance is really high high level of taking is extremely high and which is why we don't often express ourselves. We often remain. Shy we remain we just feel that okay. Let's just avoid a negative or unpleasant situation by not talking about it by not bringing certain things to the Forefront. I think the thing to do right just ignore it. Absolutely absolutely just take it and you can just tell yourself. It's okay. It's okay. Maybe they're going to abandon, you know the temperature Approach them didn't have that you understand. Everybody else is problem and you just make it your own and you know, then you start overthinking things. That's something I admire in men really do. I think they don't overthink and they don't overcomplicate which is amazing. And I think we should take a lesson from them. We should really learn that from them. Then don't overthink. It don't overcomplicate things. Just sometimes a task is a task a situation is a situation don't relate it to some backstory of something else and learn one more thing about women, I think. You should learn to totally separate their personal person sentiments feelings about a particular issue than their professional feelings and sentiments about the issue. I think women are learning that now a lot more but earlier it was very very easy to mix the two up and you know, and then it's detrimental for their growth and that organization including so I think that's why women are lacking and I think that's something that they could do better. What do you think approval? I mean in your experience of Life, what do you think? I think I think that's really important and sometimes many to they mix the person life with professionalize not just women I think men do it too. Right? Right. Absolutely. Absolutely. I've seen in my opinion and my experience of life. I have seen women do that than men I've seen that they are kind of straight arrows which is both of which is both an advantage and a disadvantage something. It's amazing to you know, think of a situation from all angles from all perspectives and then take it. Session which I think women are extremely naturally gifted to do so which men lack and they have to develop that skill and sometimes I think it's just nice to not think about everybody else's feelings and problems in that room. And sometimes it's go out and Achieve what you need to and do something that you need to for this series. So I think that's something that we need to learn a little more. Yes, and what are your thoughts on the men presenting themselves at work? Okay, great. Again, I think things are changing and things are moving and I'm so happy that you and I are part of the generation of working women who are part of this chain and you seeing it happening. I think now our male colleagues are mailed superiors are report. He's peers they are a lot more respectful about, you know, what women bring to the table as well because they understand of diversity in opinion. The perspective change that happens and the wholesome experience that it becomes the discusses a team when you have both male and female colleagues in a team during the whole discussion become super rich. It's enriching the topic is covered from a 360 degree angle and I think women are really putting themselves out there in terms of telling you know, in terms of calling things out as they are in terms of contributing to the best of their abilities. So women are doing the changes Leaps and Bounds, which I can. See when I started I think 10 years back. I was a young female entrepreneur of business, which is very Legacy oriented. And a lot of I had a lot of conversations where I will be the only young person of around 23 24 in a boardroom where it was everybody 50-plus and they were all men and I was the only woman in the room a lot of times we use to happen and it was really very difficult to get past that for them to see me beyond my Gender beyond my age and just you know, somebody we of some who bring something of value and the one thing they couldn't believe ten years back was. Oh my God 23, you're an entrepreneur. Are you kidding me? Rui you representing the company walking in you're saying that you're going to be my key account manager. You're going to be handling my accounts. You're going to take care of my requirements. I don't think so. Let me talk to your Superior that that's how it used to be. And yeah, it took a lot. It took a lot to break that ceiling. You know, you have to one thing women should not not shy away is sea life is always going to be full of challenges. There are different kind of challenges for men and there are different kinds of challenges for women, but you need to understand that it's never going to be easy. You have to be at it every single day and you have to just approach it as an individual don't approach it as a gender oriented role, but approach it is an individual do your best at work and try not to give excuses about you know home and home related issues at work try not to because you try being yourself. Supposed level of a check try being your first boss yourself before somebody else tells you that. Oh my God, you're a girl or you're married. You have kids who have you know Elders staying at home? Oh my God. So, you know, let's not give this job to her because there's always gonna be some excuse me. She's going to be running off and there's I think there's no problem in you prioritizing family when family needs to be prioritized, but I think when you've taken up a task own it and do it completely because that is what the change the mindset of people around the weather is even female bosses. Times they don't hire more women because they know what the problems are. And sometimes you get the most encouraging female bosses out there who you know, just help you perform your best in that particular in that particular situation. So I think it's both ways men get off a little easy because the entire home is managed by women mostly but now things are changing. We are entering a society of equal partnership equal parenting, which is amazing. I mean kudos to all the men who have Are bearing the equal load of everything whether it's you know, being a stay-at-home dad or working three days from home work from home while your wife is going out and achieving all actually wants to or you know, stepping up to take care of elderly parents. That's a big concern because now most of our population is moving from the young adult case to the responsible adult phase where you have families to run and you have both The Young and the really young of Toddlers and really old of parents being there so that balance and managing a work-life balance. Balance in that kind of situation is super challenging. So I'm glad that the men are stepping up some more women can get out of the house travel the world achieve run verticals and run businesses as well. So that's that's amazing. I think that's the change that's coming across a Pura and Men these days are really supportive too. Right they support your career. They understand that you to have goals YouTube you to have some ideas you to have goals that you want to achieve in life. Sure. Managing a family or being a wife being a mother. Absolutely. They understand that, you know, even she has some things to achieve in life some goals to achieve in life. Absolutely. I think absolutely absolutely I think you said it really well because see everybody gets an education or everybody has a passion to do something in life. I mean life has to be productive how how productive you want to make is up to you. Like if you're very very happy. I've seen a lot of men with If their careers and decided to be stay-at-home dads, so they are, you know responsible for the education of the child the homework of the child there be responsible for all the deals that happen at home while the woman is out there and you know, she's the main Breadwinner of the family and that's wonderful to see because that's a decision. The individual has made the individual has made to step back and they feel the happiest at home and that's a great decision. And if the individual feels that know my potential is reached when I go out there and I'm performing and you know, I am I'm probably paying dues to the edge. That I've received and the Ambitions that I have. I think that's amazing to us. It's totally an individual's choice. I come from a family of a lot of women who are extremely Highly Educated they're all phds and then they decided to take a step back and be home Runners and homemakers and I'm very proud of the fact that they chose it and it wasn't forced on them and I'm very proud of the fact that today the way I've turned out my belief system about the world is because of the amazing care. I got at home is because of the amazing parenting I got boat from open. Sirens so I think it's a choice that individuals have to take what do you what do you at that stage of Life think requires your attention more or you think that you can manage all the different Milestones that are happening in life and that's amazing too because there's so many working parents out there with children and they doing so well and then also so many single people out there who single women out there who are now living life on their own terms. There is no societal pressure that they are trying to comply to and there is no kind of, you know, external expectations. This has to be done because this is what's his eye. This is what is actually good for me and this age. I really like that aspect of you know, women being a little more free to make the choices. There are no Traditions traditional rules that are applying to them anymore. And if they do then they're fighting it and you have they're trying to live life on their own terms, which is wonderful. It is amazing. Yeah, and back like yes, some ten or fifteen years back women used to be pressurized as soon as your 2425 you're expected to get married. Yeah, you know what start serving your husband and not nowadays. We don't see that a lot. Absolutely. I think the trend is changing in the last few years because I come from the generation of you know, being at my 20 21 22 10 years back. So I Come from the generation and I know what you were talking about. But I also think things through even back then because a lot of women are being encouraged to take over businesses. For example, I come a family business where my father started it and he decided to give it to me a girl who will eventually probably move cities get married have a life of my own but despite that he trained me into the business and he made me understand the nuances of this. He really wanted me to take it over. So I think things started changing back then itself and I knew so many such people like me not just me. Me I know a lot of my female friends a lot of my male friends who supported their then made our wives to go out there and become whatever they wanted to become so things are changing right then but today like you rightly pointed out things are a lot more easier your parents have understood things a lot more in general. I think even a tier one tier two tier three person today knows that you don't pressurise into you know, getting you know getting into a marriage or getting into any kind of settlement unless you want to even pay In all these areas of supporting women to go out there and achieve their dreams. It doesn't have to be a corporate career can even be a small boutique business like running a parlor or you know baking there a lot of self-styled chefs from home there. A lot of people are influencers. There are bloggers the instagrammers. The work is opened up and downs of careers. You don't have to go to an office 9:00 to 5:00 anymore. You can sit where you are. No one a passive income or a very active income from where you are. You just need to apply yourself put some thought into what you want to do. Set some goals for yourself and then start exploring opportunities. So I think that is very opened up now in terms of multiple career paths, which probably were a little less so tell us back. So that's really changed the game for women. I think Financial Independence is what is needed for women then start making their choices and decisions. And now that you can see that the woman brings in as much as the man or sometimes even more or sometimes sufficient enough for running the family comfortably. I think that has really changed mindsets of the the older people there degeneration. Parents with another woman is financially independent. You can support the family as well. Just as much as someone else. Can I think that is really made the difference. So yeah, that's right thing has happened now, that's so true. We are so I think we were talking about drug another pointed pieces well for you know, women and content and women designing content. I have a personal experience of that myself to my podcast series because I was never someone would talk. Talk too much about my work because I like anybody else thought. Oh my God, I should not be about myself. I should not be showing off what we do or what we achieve it's okay. I mean, I know and my clients know and my you know, my peers and my colleagues and that's more than enough, but then when I discover the world of podcasting I've realized that this is not about me this women defining content is not just about one party week or you know one approver. It has to be a bigger conversation. It's about talking to both women out there who want to know things that I have it How am I going to about it? What was it entitled? What was the route? They probably can take what are the errors that they can probably work? And so it was this content that you create as a woman right? It's not just for yourself actually a community content that you've created. It's a crowd content that you're creating a new putting out there. So you can somehow change the mindset of 1 2 5 10 50 million women out there or their parents or their partners because they should know what is happening in the world around them and I think women like like you and me who have a platform say like open talk or to my podcast people who matter I think this is a spaces where we are coming and we're sharing our stories with sharing what we have done so far and this will definitely give insight to so many others who want to do something different with their life. Probably a lot of women want in their current 40s 50s or 60s want to just reinvent themselves. They've been in a corporate career or they've been a stay-at-home mom for too long and they want to do something totally different and it might not be for monetary these it's just for you know your own confidence to Tell yourself that this in our discovery that everybody's talking about self-discovery is so important because without that you are not refreshing yourself as an individual. I mean here we can't go without refreshing on Google News or Google pages every 5 seconds and I do not refreshing you as an individual, right you've been trapped in that body and mind for so long that you don't know how to think any different. You don't know he doesn't so I think content what I was trying to say is for that it is to create content. In that can be passed on in a community which makes a difference to people who are listening in who are adopting it seeing how you and I have lived seeing how they can adapt from that and we know probably just becomes something different something better. Yes, even I feel it's really important these days. Absolutely. I mean we have to end the best thing is we're living in an age where content is King everybody every I mean everybody is talking about creating content, which is useful not just for me. It's not just for my life journey is for everybody else out there. And I love this attitude of people who want to share and who don't want to restrict it among themselves. They want to really put it out there on a social platform which which is free and it's easily available. I think for all the women out there. There were a couple of people earlier who asked a couple of questions. I think if you are somebody who's interested even a man in for that matter, we have a lot of men listening in as well if you're someone wants to create content. Okay, and you don't know how there are very simple baby steps that you can take start small start by creating say online account in one of the platform's a My Chosen platform where I am posting mostly is LinkedIn Twitter because these are my Look sites and if I'm posting something which is a do with my personal space I use Instagram. So I think these are great spaces for you to just start small create an account and put up a photo. That's just creating a profile Rider one line about yourself who you are and who you are does not have to be general manager something or lead technical consultant something know who you are is literally who you are. I am a passionate leader. I am I'm passionate about like our Guru has I'm passionate about movies television. CDs and music that's pretty cool. So I think I write I'm passionate about podcasting and content and I'm an entrepreneur as well. So I think right about things that you're passionate about. It just doesn't have to be about you know your work it can be about you as a person and once you do that start looking at what other people are putting out as stories. What are they? What are they saying in terms of you know a Content are they writing about themselves? Are they writing about you know, just the the everyday happenings because I know a lot of people who write stuff about what happened. And that morning, for example, we all take most of us take cabs to work or when you drive to work or we take an auto or a bus or train to work. So some incident that might have happened while all this is going on at that point of time. You must have income in encountered something you just spend that down and some lesson that you learned out of it. For example, something very interesting happened to me today approval while who is coming earlier today. I was on the road and I was just about parking my car and I found this. Little kitten making there was there's a kitten that had there's a cat that had you know, just had babies and there were multiple small little kittens in my parking spot and I of course the first my first reaction was oh my God, so cute and my second reaction was oh no, where am I gonna park now and you know India and parking problems, it's like Mammoth task and it was getting late for meetings in the morning and I was like, oh my God, what am I gonna do and somehow I realized that there was another person who was parking the car next to me and they stole my problem. We saw my dad. And they were like, okay. She's getting really getting it to work and he see me often because we park in the same space but we've never spoken to each other. So he just walked up to me tapped on my window on a car window and I just lowered the window. I was like, I didn't know what he wanted. So I was like hi. Can I help you? And he was like, in fact I can help you and I was like, okay and he's like actually have an extra sparking spot today. My colleague is incoming it. So I see the probably situation that you're in and I know by your expression that you're getting late for a meeting. So if you want to use his parking spot, please go ahead and I thought that was the most selfless amazing thing that happened to me this morning because usually mornings are full of, you know car honking and traffic snarls and you're always late. I thought this was oh my God, so amazing such a human moment that happened and I just thanked him profusely. And then when I park my car just click the quick picture of the kittens to send to my mom and then finish up with the left and went, you know to my building. So these are small little incident, you know, it had nothing to do with my work it has nothing to do with who I am. It just happened to me this morning and I thought wow humanity is Life in Her extremely nice bill now and you know things are I mean things are amazing. If you if you just look at it that way if you have the perspective of looking at it that way and if you if you can spare a minute to help someone sometimes I think that's amazing and that's what I wrote about today morning. So I guess you know, this is the kind of content you can build as well. You can Grill anything as content. It doesn't have to be about your work. And if sometimes it's good to have your work, you know, also being there displayed. I talk a lot about my podcast people who matter and I talked a lot about the fact that it's on. Alexa and apple and Spotify a podcast, but sometimes I do talk a lot about these personal experiences and happen in the morning that kind of Define my day. So I started my day with a big smile on my face and then that was amazing. I was so happy to have that so back when you started your podcast. Did you never fear being judged or how people what people will think about you have you did you ever think of that? Very interesting question and I think that is the Crux that is the reason why people don't put themselves. This is the reason why people don't make content because the reason why people don't want to be seen or be invisible because you have this fear of being judged, so I'll tell you what my secret is. I don't care what people think about me I care about what I think about me and that's my attitude for a very long time now, it's not today. I think it's done. That was my attitude since the start of my entrepreneurship. Journey because I realized very fast that I am going to stand out because I was different I was young and I didn't fit in I was a girl I was a woman and I was running a business and which was and it was a HR Consulting business. So I knew I am going to stand out because I don't fit in of the regular definition of the Roll. So from then on I realized that okay, the only person I have to please his meet your personal tragedies me a fighting my what I'm saying today is is good. Then that's about it. I don't care about how many Makes and I'll be listens or are you people doing? Yes, it's a validation for sure. I agree that number of people liking your post a number of people listening to you. What reviewing your thing. It's a great validation. It's a great ego boost. Don't get me wrong. I'm just going to someone else. It's a great great ego boost, but I've realized that you know, the more you think about other people. Sometimes you really limiting yourself and you're not living a life to the hundred percent of yourself. So I have to be a 100% bhargavi And I don't expect everybody to understand me right? I don't think One man, or woman can expect that the everybody to understand every single time. They do something. Sometimes you just do things on a whim on a fancy on an instinct for a gut feeling and you don't have an explanation for it because somewhere deep down, you know, you've done the right thing because you can live with yourself. You can go to bed sleep. Well, that's my parameter to understand if I'm if I've done a good job if I can go to bed in the night and just my head hits the pillow when I sleep I think it's a good day. I think I did the right things and I'm not afraid. And I'm not shy or I'm not judging myself for putting it out there. So that is my criteria of you know, just making sure that I'm not sure if putting things out there but yes, there are a lot of people who are shy of putting content out there. That's why I said, you know start small put about things that you're comfortable about. For example, a lot of people enjoy music. A lot of people are great artists very good Skechers tacos catching. A lot of people are very good at baking or cooking or recipes and things like that. So why don't you Start with something you like stuck by liking content created by others. Listen to the content created by others take some tips from that take some cues on how they are doing it. How do they start? How do they continue the conversation? And how do they end it? These are great. These are great markers for you. They're great help points for you. And once you do that, then start putting out your content a little by little you don't have to go all out and do a podcast. That was just me because I know the audio medium very well, so I worked in a The Communication business before my hedgehog business, so I know how this thing works. So for me, I took an extreme step of putting out a podcast where a million two million three million people are listening to me, but you can start much smaller and do some things of you know, just being safe from behind your computer and behind your laptops and mobile phones and just putting out some basic content about things that you like or about things that you've achieved. Yeah, after this, I think we give up also too soon, right? Yeah. Yeah. So I think consistency is the key one is you start but we maybe that's why I think women are good at this because we very good planners most of us. Are we can check out our journey. For example, I know I want to only commit three months to this this content thing which I want to do. Okay, and in this three months, I have to have my plan in place. How am I going to start? What am I going to put up? And where will it end What will what will probably the last thing be? So if you can plan it in advance a little bit is just a little bit of the roadmap just the first month first week first five days that is a victory in itself. So once so, somebody great said that it takes 21 days for something to become a learning or for you to adopt and it takes 90 days for something to become a habit. So if you give yourself a 90-day test and continue creating and being consistent on that given time and date in the day and you go and put up something about yourself or you will record something or you just share some content. I think that's it. Just The practice after that then it becomes second nature. Then you wouldn't think twice about it. It's like how people have taken up to, you know, gyming or yoga or keto diet. They're all hard and they're all alien to you initially. But once you start dedicating some time to with you you realize that you can actually do it. The human mind is a very very powerful thing and we underestimated too much. So you need to make sure that your potential you totally realize it and plan it out. Okay, you don't have to do it immediately. You can do it in the next six months or the next one year and space it out and you know do it In your comfort level. Nobody is out there putting a gun to your head. It's you who is your best judge? It's you who's your best critic? It's you who's your best fan as well? Your biggest fan is yourself. Your best critic is yourself and the best judge of things is also yourself. So yeah. Yeah, that that's really true. Yes, I think if people have some questions now is a great time for you guys to you know, either call in order for you to type out questions. We have a good amount of people listening towards the lunch hour. I'm really happy. Thank you first for being with us through this and you know just about spilling into the lunch hour, but we just a quick do three questions and you know, we'd be happy to rub it up. So yes guys girls women and men and everything in between if you have any questions on women on content creation as Men as well. We're happy to help you out here. So I think there's somebody calling in called ranjith. Do you think we should add them in? Sure. All right. I think we're trying to connect it on Jeet the lines a little iffy. I'm not sure. Yes hydrangea you there? I think you went offline. All right, okay, he's calling back and let's just see if that works. Yes tranchida you there or he's off again? Okay, it's nestled fabrication. That's fine. That's okay. And then you common thing that people ask me abura when when I'm talking about content and everything right the asking about good content what is good as content and what is bad as content? So if I asked you that question, what is the first thing that comes to your mind and don't think too much? Whatever you think is good content is good content. Okay, I think this I thought of it. Okay. Okay, that's interesting. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I think if you have a DG in mind, right like if you if you have a target audience in mind and you know that this is the kind of terrorism creating tool for example, my podcast series people who matter it is a startup. Entrepreneur Journey Series, so it's targeted at people who some point of time want to work in startups. They want to join startups. They want to become entrepreneurs. They are in their Professionals in you know, right from the stage of 18 year olds who are in college and coming out and going to start their first business down to 45 year olds who want to reinvent themselves. They've been in a corporate career for too long and they want to come out and they want to start again and they want to start their second Innings and they want to do this through their own Venture. So that is what the podcast people who matter is. Tater to so we do it like a talk show and we invite a lot of senior people from the industry. So the previous episodes of people are tuning in if you want to go check it out. We've had the country head of Facebook. We've had the founder of money control. We've had one of the CEOs of future group. We've had the head branding of godrej group, one of the leading partners of Deloitte Consulting and the list goes on so there are some really crazy people with crazy ideas amazing enthusiasm. Action and the other style like energy they've achieved so much in life and despite that the best thing about them is they store child like, you know, when I when I told them I'm inviting you for this podcast and would you like to do it and then like, yes, it sounds like a great medium and they were very excited about the podcast medium because it's new and it's another way of connecting with people in general like you and me. They also want to create content and change people's lives and probably affect them in some way or they want to share their stories and maybe Inspire someone or just tell people out there. Don't worry. You're not alone. The overall in the journey, we're all in it together, so don't worry about that. So I think that would happen to the people who made to seem so I knew who my target audience was so hence. I created the content which is suitable for them of anecdotes stories life lessons failures of startups everything. So this is what we did. So I think good content for me is when you once you identify who your catering this content to and you define the content in those parameters, then that's a good content for me and if you have defined a Target audience or Target group and then you create content which has no connection to it and yet you want to see response from them then we that becomes like that content. So I think any sorry go ahead but sometimes what you think is good. I will not the thing the same I may think it's not good sometimes. Yeah, yeah. So, how do we deal with that? Right. So I think it's fine. It's fine to have a difference of opinion. I mean that happens right from the state of us being children, right? So right from a young age to wherever you are today, you always have come to our opinions account to view what your view is and sometimes that use very constructive it helps you to come back to track sometimes, you know as individuals when you start talking about yourself or your own thoughts. Your own passions is very easy to lose focus so easy to go off track and need sometimes these negative or these Absolutely opposite of premiums conflicting opinions to get you back on track as well. So I think sometimes this is good somebody giving you a negative review somebody giving you a bad criticism is a good thing sometimes for you to just realize. Oh, okay. I moved away from my actual original goal. And this is where I'm supposed to come back to so I think that is wonderful in that's what opposing views do for me and it's fine. If not, everybody agreed to the content that I've put out. Like I said if I can go to bed with a smile on my face that's enough for me. So you are Or best view the contents of you if you yourself feel what you've created is. Okay, there's no my best work yet. And this is not something that you know, I am proud of this. My name can be attached to this then. Yes, that's a bad content. Okay. So this is what we're doing Ranjit is trying to call in again. Let's just try him one last time. If not, then we can just questions in ended. Okay, I think Ranjit is persistent High Ranjit. Are you there? And he's off? Okay. Sorry about that. I think you've got a terrible Network my friend. But yes, this is what has been moving my world around now. I think it's been a lot of content that I've been working. One and we coming up with some new stuff what we've done so far as a start-up entrepreneur Journeys, but we're going to do some we do some great podcast and investor lessons were going to do some good podcast on Tech on Art and artists and museums and things like that a lot of stuff coming up in the contents page that I want to create and I think for every woman out there don't be afraid demand. What is absolutely naturally deserving of you and and don't ever shy away from thinking that you don't add value to the space that you're in whether you are at home. You're at work. You're the boss. You're the employee. You're a homemaker just doesn't matter because both you bring to the table. No one else can and what you are is a dimension to any conversation. Nobody else can and that's a great gift that most of us women. Have you would agree with that a program? I totally totally agree with you. Absolutely. So I think never shy away from who you are own it. And also one more thing do not try to become a man try to become a man in a man's world kind of situation. No, I think those days are gone the as elegant as beautiful as amazing as a woman that you are and hold your own and you know standard all your dignity UT respect grace everything in a table full of men as well in a room full of men as well and trust me when when you hold your Hi and you are constant from within and you know exactly what you were here, you know for in that conversation. I think that's it. You've done it. You don't have to worry about what everybody else would think your own Inner Strength will tell you that you did the right thing and you're in the right space and you deserve what you there. So I think this is my take backs from being a woman and being a woman creating content and running a podcast so and being running a business think these are these are my kickbacks from that this it was known as the rebar. We thank you so much. We really need did this push the right thing all the time? I think I think what you trying to say is we we need this push. We need more women like you and me to come forward and do these talks. Totally. Yes, just like lift each other up, right? We're all here is the Quarry men and women we here to support each other with your to make each other be the best version of themselves. So let's lift each other up and let's just go ahead and have a great Women's Day Women's week women's Month women xià men. The month year week everything just let's all be really human about the whole thing and just be here to support and encourage each other. Thank you listeners. Thank you guys for tuning in and yes, please. Go ahead and enjoy your lunch is now and we'll catch you sometime soon with another interesting topic in space that I come from. So, thanks again for tuning in. Thanks Sakura. Thank you for talk. Thank you. Bye.