The big deal it is very interesting topic. I are taking some concessions also and I prepared some notes. Okay, great just for five minutes. We win. Yeah for what by the time we can have a chat. I think Meenakshi was having a podcast right now. I think she was doing teatime something on you know, yeah, maybe Right now I have busy with my schedule early. So where you were there in? Dr. Wynn is like I said just as soon as she started like how to fearless and non-public skipping the something perhaps he was saying so I just taken some apps. Hi everybody - Shaun Jolly man. Yes, you can join Sahara girl. I was we are also. Waiting for you guys. Yeah, I think five six minutes. I think people will come down and you know by the time we start discussing and getting you know a little bit comfortable or Zulu is your high Sulu. I know your is a gold digger, but then both of them have no option. He's finding everywhere man on this open-topped, you know, he's very tough. Actually, you just making some fun. I think because he's my Yeah, he's your close friend. I've never talked to him. I I think Ari, I've never talked to him because I think he has committed a lot of my podcasts but I don't think I've collected ever on phone. Yeah, they are already created. Actually. We are created a group ma'am, you know. Yeah. Yeah, what's up? You can't be connected on WhatsApp. Also, very good MP blogger is that you are pathetic by any chance? Hi. I am I hiding watch The Sound I think background noise Too Much German. Just the sound is not take my name, please your nation. That's your name is Shawn Kumar Dubey. Shriram hi Ari, bro. There's no Arch the cookie only Zulu can say that I think that's only trademark to him and I think only you can use stock. I think I think Zulu Zulu feels a little bit special right here because he was upset, you know in my previous four. That's when I said yeah, I remember Gotham Gotham got of Tunisia, I guess. Yeah, so then he was saying, you know Vinny I come in all your podcast and you won't talk about me and that's so mean and stuff. How do you are you there? Yeah operator in my direction. I'm preparing a notes just for five minutes. No, it's great. Hello other Pratap Singh ji Hye. And B Block were high you come on Pace to my worker just that's very nice. But I have never seen you comment or call or so I would be more than happy to let a man talk to create actually nisshin Maru bacon. To join you, of course, you can you can call us and you can get connected. We are going to talk about women empowerment shows our Sher Shah Jee. Hi, welcome very nice topic. Yeah. I think he can take all the credit for the topic. You know, he is very much interested about talking about women empowerment and stuff and all the while also Lou August Suraj Hi-C Bluetooth headsets. Let me just connect to a proper pirate. While I do that I guess hurry will take charge hurry. I'm here this time. I'm just such a yeah, actually, I'm waiting for some people. This is really really interesting topic so that if you start some favorite people got the way. Yeah, I'll just connect to my headset. Sorry. Just give me two minutes. Okay, I'll be on the call, but then you won't be able to hear me for some time. Okay? Hi guys. Our topic is now women's empowerment. So we will talk about the woman temporary employment. What we will do. So first color through Patel is game here. So we'll take the call. Hi Drew. How are you? Hi Ru hello. Hello. Hello, go get a life man. Just leave your gold digger out. Okay, I think she's much empowered and that is why she is holding. I love what do I do? But it is connected over to us. Can you hear me? Are you there? Yeah, I'm here. Can you hear me? What happened? I don't know something at work issue. Is there some your said maybe in it? Yes, I did not sir. I think hurry connect your you know had and connected. So we just eliminate that I will come back. Okay, just disconnect your headset and connect them back. And by the time we'll just say hi to everybody. Hi Nia. What kind of disturbance is it? Yeah. power you how can I lose? Bye everyone. The serious because I want to know if I'm audible or not because I'm not able to hear anybody not even hurry. Not even the Sean nothing. Hello, and I smile. Hello. Help me use my water bill, please. Oh my God. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, I'm hearing you. Okay, Benjamin, very nice topic. Thanks Rupert a light. Thanks, and I have thanks. Yes, absolutely. I can hear you. Okay. Alright, so we are talking about women empowerment. You are all audible Crystal. Okay. Thank you for the say gee thank you. Okay, Mission. Yes, sir. Hello Wally Shawn. Okay, okay. Okay. Alright. The relation is over. Can you start the topic? All right. So guys we are talking today about women empowerment and I think a lot of people have spoken about it a lot of times. I think hurry himself has spoken about women empowerment quite some time hurry. Yeah, man. Yeah, I'm here absolutely. So why it is such a vast. All fake I think you can talk about it all along either you can just go on and on and on with it. Alright. So before we start today and go ahead and talk about women empowerment and how it is important and how it is. Helping women. Yeah, how two women become very yeah humans are also with this is not as people are really woman surfacing so much problems, ma'am. I think you know, they are not getting freedom to go outside and they're not getting freedom to study will in though after 20 years their marriage during their parents are managing in the child mother just because of the situations are actually the situations are not correct nowadays in our nation. So that is the problem. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think in India, I think you know in the most Metro areas and quite a lot of cities. I don't think they are facing this kind of issue as such but then in the Google ideas, yes, I guess I've heard about it. There are a lot of people who get their daughters married and just to avoid huge. Hello. Yeah. Hi Johnny D. Hello. Yeah. I d-- Yes, Vinnie Heidi, how are you? Do you know me? Oh, well, I've heard these guys talk about you, but I have not personally got a chance to talk to you or I have never seen you in any of my podcast. I'm sorry. Actually, you know, he's my group member. Okay. That's why he knew well and we talk each other for practice in this conversation. Fantastic Rupert else is talking in the room. I will talk in Hindi and some time. Okay, I will definitely because a lot of people want me to talk in Hindi. I don't know how but do I yes, I will do that. Okay. So Suraj, I agree with Harry what's happening? What's happening buddy? You can send again request again something that work issues there from your side. There's some Network issue and that's why I come out come out of my house, and I'm standing Outside and talking in the you know open. Okay - yeah, just wait for one minute. I think you set your network issue. I think maybe something that work is there from? Hello? Hi. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, so congratulations. You guys have a really good topic. I mean it would be fun discussing on it women empowerment. That's great. Yeah, thank you for watching about this topic. Whether can you give you a shift views about this topic? I guess. Yeah, and you alone lately. Hello, they are you can listen to me. Yeah, I'm listening area. Okay. So, how do you what do we understand by women empowerment? It is basic right at this. It means that we have to empower women in terms of our financial economical and psychological support each kind of support that we can give to a woman that will Empower but the question is what is the need of women empowerment in the present context of India like in the metropolitan cities in the urban areas, if you go women are actually financially empowered they are lat. Italy and they are emotionally empowered actually parents and the society they are they are actually giving a lot of freedom to women, but when it comes to the rural areas, they are not given that much of access, you know it because in the rural areas suppose, I can give you an example of the marriage thing. Okay, let's take an example in the urban areas like Mumbai Delhi or even in my state sick him women are actually given a choice whether they want to get married or not or you know, they are not pressurized whether family but in the rural areas what happens that at the family does a lot of Monopoly they actually decide to picture of a woman that whether they were worried that whether she wants to get married or not, or she wants to study or she wants to be an entrepreneur. It just depends. So I think it depends upon the surrounding and from the background - coming. Okay, brother actually brother, but the parents are not giving any chances for Rural people because of they have so much fear about the Situation's was a society Society because If they are giving some freedom to their children's what's happening there now it is this rapes and kidnap these type of things are really fear about the situation. The parents are really fear about the Situation's brother because of this comes only a matter of time are facing this problem these type of problems in the rural areas. What do you say brother? Yeah, but the reason is because they are lacking development. They are lacking what we can say emotional and Financial. Financial stability if you go to a rural area there, they are not proper schools. There are not you know what I can say proper public Distribution Systems from which they can give they can get grains to eat. So because of that they are actually lacking a lot of financial stability. And so that's why they're actually forced to you know, they do not send their children. They do not send their women. I mean a girl child to school because they think because if we send our girl child to school then what will happen. She will get chill has to get married one day, but if we send our male child He will only will actually, you know be a backbone of our family so that type of mentality is wrong. We have to change the mentality. Yeah, and one more thing whether you know, I was asking a question. Can you guys still about mahashakti? Kyndra's I will tell you about the - 60 cameras in Maya because of these things some in some places. These people are really using these things. I want I have taken this topic because of this type of things only I will you tell you is share share what's happening nowadays. It is also using the powers. You know, what you say about this weather sighs place is misusing. Okay, you used a lot of places. Yeah. Now we take the woman like that really how much if you go to any they don't give you any chance to the any boy, you know, I seen so many situations brother. Because I belongs to a city paid District. So I know what's happening in the relationship to areas. They are very really is some rude Behavior. You can see you know. Yeah. That is very miss miss miss using this all the powers of the doubt. The ornament was giving so much Powers because of the Situation's very bad happening in the in India or in our nation. So that is the reason why government given all the powers to woman's like there are so many powers are given to them now generate peace. Yeah gender appeasement is not the goal of women empowerment. You cannot appease a particular gender and say that yes, we have done the permanent committee does not mean women empowerment is actually different. On feminism sometimes people confuse that feminism is equal to women empowerment. It is not it just means that it is equal rights equal rights male and female is what we can say gender women empowerment. If you are talking about preservation of women in Parliament of India, then it means that you are actually appeasing a particular gender. They don't want reservation. They just want equal rights suppose if I am contesting an election F and if my female counterpart is also contesting in the election than that both of us have to contest the election on our on the on our Edit not on the basis of our gender, right if people have to cast quote it will cast on the basis of our Merit and what we are going to deliver not because what not the basis of our agenda here. Yeah, I agree with you brother. So what do you want to implement on our India Brothers to get environment takes time he put time it takes time in our India because India is a country which is a which is mode which is you know, it is united united by 2,000 more different ethnicities. And here the condition of women is not very much worse. I can say this it's little bit. You know, what if you but it's not that worse we can change it. There are some rural areas in which the Condition of women is not good but still it is developing. It is improving day by day. The government is taking very I mean Tom beating what we can say steps in this matter like examples you can assemble the yojana you can take example of step and you can take example of working women who are still there are a lot of steps that government is taking and we should appreciate that and we should all have comfort and me so differently whether we should appreciate that because Indian government is taking so much. Good thing nowadays. I am the if any P if in any home like any ladies were giving any bond to any lady so they are giving some gifts also nowadays in Telangana government. They are given not a gifted other like they are giving some money and they're giving some good response for up to five years. They're taking care really very good thing brother. Yeah, you are right but we have to understand that gender appeasement is never the goal of women empowerment. It is a different thing. So if you want to give if you want to make the real women empowerment that you have then you have to make sure that the women in our country beat from rural area or urban area. They have a proper access to the education. They have a proper financial stability and they also get freedom. I mean the parents and the society they actually you know, who is the part of society you need. We need to be at the actually the part of the society so Have to you know, educate our children. We have to you know, bring a change. You can say that it should be a revolution from within ourselves just to make sure that the women in our country feel safe, correct. So I think I think I would also like to add up some things like you spoke about feminism and empowerment. I think people have very wrong idea that women empowerment means just so you know accepting what women say, okay. That is not the case. I think equal rights is what is women empowerment because in the olden times they were not, you know given education or they were not given a right of choice for welding or you know right of choice for jobs and all these stuff. But right now I think you know conditions in India are quite okay. I think there are a few countries where it is not as as in India. Okay. There are a lot of Gulf countries. I would like to highlight that you know, just in women do not get there. It will use the partnership right to choose education, you know, all these things are not given even in India. I think it it has been taken into a very vague way. I think a lot of times, you know, people think that charge whatever Tarzan doors is women empowerment and that is not true. Yeah the right and it happens in each and every country not only in India. It also happens in u.s. It also happens in Canada. I can give you an example when 2016 presidential elections in United States was you know, you know happened that people would put Hillary that time it was a survey done in United States and people said that just because we don't want a woman President we voted for Trump. So that's something we should understand that it happens in each and every country. So you cannot play the victim card and say that India is the only No, followed Prairie. This know India is not alone. We are in a group. We are not IC IE, you know, I choose to talk about India because I belong to India and then I can talk about it. I yeah sure the Fort before I address any country. I don't want to really talk about it because we are the citizens of India. I think we have all the right to talk about it. Yeah, you're right the good and bad about it. But it before I talk about any other country. I think you know, there are a lot of things that That have to be taken care of and I try to avoid that stuff because they in India. I think our thoughts matter here a lot rather than the yeah. Well, I think we can make a difference first here. So let's that is why I just consider this particular Circle and I think if we achieved certain level in India, then I think Global on a global thought we can you know talk about it, but be rational differences on the basis of by comparing our country to other countries. attrition Yeah. Right. What do you actually you're a woman? So, you know about that thing actually what what type of implements are needed to do equal rights for women, SOL, SOL. SOL. Can you give some ideas but then I think if she tries clearly he has given a very simple example and this is an important point if somebody is competing in an election the rights have to be equal. It's not that they should be seats reserved. Okay, that is only you know a piece. A particular gender is not pop empowerment. I think empowerment comes when you give equal opportunities or you go out of the way like sometimes there are in rural areas that are women want to work who want to who want to do stuff but they are not capable of doing it. Okay. Now what is empowerment is government takes measures, you know, it reaches out of the way and helps them to you know stand on their feet and do something that is their empowerment. Okay? Yeah, it's an empowerment is not that government give them money and stay at home. And you know, that's not empowerment. Okay, Roman making Provisions like you know Pradhan mantri kaushal yojana and stuff where there are three courses offered and these courses are not just for women I think for men also, but there are a lot of courses which are women. I mean concentrated, you know much on women. I mean the concentration is much on women and their empowerment like there are stitching courses that teaching courses and a lot and a lot of other things and they are also treating And to motivate women to be entrepreneurs by giving them more opportunities of Investments and Loan facilities and stuff. I think that kind of empowerment is empowerment and there are also now there is a permanent Commission in the defense for women writing that is empowerment, isn't it? But um since yeah, but since you mentioned difference, I would like to add some point actually what happened that you know, we have to also see you have to also go by Logic in defense what happened that central government was not ready to give permanent commission to women. I mean at this they said that they are going to give but at a later State because right now we are not ready to have women in Indian Armed Forces to take up the command post because the situation is quite different. We can't allow women right now to take up the guns and talk with the enemies because that's something you know, which we can't imagine even the developed countries like Real and United States. They also don't allow their you know, women infantry soldiers, maybe yeah. So in India, we have to actually think by Logic even the Army Chief. I mean that then Army Chief General between route. He said that right now we are ready to have women in Commandos or in combat roles. Yeah, we will do it, but it will take some time. I mean we have to also think yeah, so that is something which we should also look upon which it will not happen overnight. It will take some time but it will surely happen. I think yeah empowerment is not an overnight process. I think it takes time not just women empowerment or any any good thing happening in a country. Okay, which is gonna have great effects ahead. I think it doesn't just happen in one night. Okay takes a lot of time. I think the men like well why we are talking about depends. I think there was short Service Commission. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It did have a lot of restrictions then but now I think after the permanent commission they have actually thought over it. They have made certain protocols and you know, they have yeah. When a very valid kind of thing in there, right? Yes, you're right empowerment. I think it has to be in all fields in all Cycles. Okay, and now is sometimes see I will talk about the most basic women empowerment. Okay, we come out and talk about women empowerment. We talk about, you know gender equality and stuff. But when we go home, okay, what are we actually doing? How many of us are taking empowerment to our home? Okay, are we thinking of it in that terms, you know, but at at our homes it is all very serious or tight. Only the women do certain jobs, you know men do certain jobs in that is how it is. There is no flexibility, but II do I'm not I just don't want to give a general statement about there is no there. There are few people like in the Metro cities I think is if there is a certain understanding between people because both men and women are working and you know, there are adjustments that are made and stuff, but there are some still there. Some places in India that cooking is termed as a woman's job or you know, household chores are termed as women job. Okay. So these things we have to come out of and like Heidi said women are getting married, you know at early ages. They you know, young girls get married at early age parents do that. Okay. So I think that is a mindset that is there and unless and until parents break that mindset is not going to inculcate in the youth and you know, Being taken forward ahead. Right? Yeah. Yeah, so we have to think we should look upon women as a human right rather than between them between me and they can be huge. Well, if a person is trying to miss being with a lady how have I was miss being with a little brother because they don't have proper proper. What can I say bring ya in if the if the parents are given perfect responsibility food to that live by from the childhood then they cannot miss be with any lady, brother. I'm right. Yes. Yeah. So the parents that first of all, then I'll just show you live in Kansas themselves in front of others. I can say this. I I think I hurry I think she is, you know, sometimes even when the parents are good and they teach proper things to their kids. Sometimes the kids also don't take it like, you know, if you can see in the cases of there are there have been so many rape cases in India. The most talked-about is nearby area and there is another one. Which was in Hyderabad right the line ready? We are currently yeah, I don't think parents, you know kids learn these things from parents, right? They you know, they have a I don't know what kind of mentality they have what happens it's not nice. I don't think none of the parents would want to teach their children that you know, you have to treat women this way. Nobody. Does that Mom? I will ask you one question William M. I'm sure several. Now how many parents are taking the onion taking responsibility to they put their children through that. I will ask you one question. No one is taking the yeah. There are some to parents are taking the responsibility of the children's but most of the parents are just doing their their jobs and they're not taking any care of their children's they are just they are just giving some money and they're giving some proper education but education before going to education here. There's some Most important things are there with a like how to behave with the lady how to how to like the the type of things are most important whether to give them in to give equal importance to the boy and girl. Hello, yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, so here parents are not taking care ma'am. Actually Madam, I will tell you one thing. If we want to reduce this type of rapes and kidnaps here visualization effect is the vonlee way to control the this all the things ma'am other than visualization affect. The government will take the very most powerful like most dangerous rules. He will take it then only we can Control these things man. Otherwise other than this we cannot control anything in this world or anything. Anyway, if you seen my diamond earrings, if one good example hurry in schools, like Japan's and Canada, I think not Canada, but there are a few schools in other countries where these things are taught in school at the basic level. They don't start directly with ABC DLC. They start with values. I think Japan is using this technique, okay? You know the etiquettes our first thing that are taught in that particular school. He cannot blame that parents are not taking care of their children, you know, sometimes there is no option. Like what would you do when both the parents have to work, you know to make a future of their child, you know, you cannot say that you have to you have to leave everything and you can stay but then I think they're see upbringing. Okay? Yes somewhere there is some effect of you know missing care there is okay. So I will ask you one question who you both if Paris are not taking care of their children's then who can take care of this that person's kid who can take care of them. Tell me Mama. It's not a good guidance minimum. The parents are not giving a good guidance then how can we get the good things? Like I don't want to lady. I don't want to do something like this in front of you. Ladies who can teach them? See basic thing. You know, how do you sure you want to say something about this? Well, I think that this should come from the parents, but we should also do some changes in our education system as said by The Honorable apj Abdul Kalam at set by the our ability president He also mentioned that our education system lacks value system in value system is added in our then these problems will solve. Absolutely. I think these are the basic things that children need to learn nowadays children are being Put into school at very early ages of around two years two and a half years, you know parents put them there because they want them to learn faster. I think acts such such places at such stage. I think these are the things that have to be inculcated into our children like, you know men or women. I think if we say only men are behaving bad that would absolutely be very wrong. I think men and women equally has to be taught the etiquette so that further the generation which will go Further I think that would be more smarter in terms of such things. Okay, true because and if you see only no training a bunch of people is not gonna help. I think India is a huge country and people come from different backgrounds. Okay. There are a lot of people who cannot counsel their children, they cannot guide their children, you know, it's they have no option for that. Okay somewhere. Yeah, the poverty in our country also is higher, you know adding to it. There are environmental effects. I think there are people the community Is I think some communities teach their children that men are more powerful than women and they can do anything you want some some people do have such values. They just put it in the children. Okay, and I have seen this but you know the we cannot generalize the subject on that basis. Yeah, you're right. Mr. Have some more thing here. If you are implementing only one thing like we are just we cannot improve if I view I can I would say maybe cannot control these things. Now we the parents will must take the responsibility and the government is in the schools. Also, they will give proper education and also government will take the street rules if this type of situations happened so they will take some stew. It's not a ruse what we can some yeah, we can see how we can say rules then only we can easily control this all things ma'am. Because if you are just two hearing proper education in the schools. Also, it may work. It may not be Works in all times. No, no no education education is not study is it's not just academic education is overall ever anything that the child learns is education. Okay right now We are getting educated. We are talking on the subject. We are getting info about it. That is also education. So when Shay said that these values should be incorrect are inculcated in school value system, you know, what is value system values are etiquettes love compassion principles honesty. These things have to be taught to children at very early stages. You know, there is something called as moral science in a convent school model business. Yes this education Is it look like I'm much more just in the theoretical books. I think that has to be packed in practicality people have to practice it. They don't have to teach it but they have to preach it. They have to follow it in their lifestyle children. Look at that and learn. Okay. So I'm listening to this happens at the very root level. I don't think there could be any change in this country. Okay, it's not just the parents. All right. It is every aspect and if you really think parents are only to blame for this. What about the children were orphans? I think they have there are a lot of candy. Children are deprived of love. Yes, they behave in certain ways deprived of attention. Yes, they behave in certain ways. But apart from that I think in school, we spent maximum of a lifespan in school. Do you agree with that? Because Vinny what happens at suppose if I am a father then I'm gonna send my child to a school. Why will I send my child? Because I trust on that school. I trust on the tourniquet. I let my child spend most of his time offered a in a school because only because I am I'm sure that he's gonna learn very good things from that school. So that's why this model based education is very important. But if they are not put into our stream mindstream thought process at the early age. Okay hurry at the later stages. We wouldn't respect The Minnow forget rim of the men in general. We wouldn't respect each other, you know women don't respect them in our mind. Respect women, you know, the concept of values has to be hella should never be gender specific. Okay, if these values are inculcated in children at early stages, the person will respect men life. He respects women. Okay, and if this kind of system is there I don't think you know, you really got to empower women. They're already empowered at the you know, most basic stage. What do you have to say say about it Okay. Shh. Yeah, you're right. I agree with you. We need for each and every Point your true. So the answer is quite clear. If you want the problems to solve then the question is that then the answer is that send your chat. I mean we should make some changes in the education system. The value based education system has to be inculcated as set by the president, dr. Apj Abdul Kalam former president this thing otherwise, you know, this is this is not utopian. It is practical you can make it practical to start the change from ourselves and in the whole nation has to adopt new. In policy, so I'm just waiting for that day at it's not an overnight process. It will take some time. But I am very of India was a country of Nadia stupid gently and it will become one today. I'm sure it will become one very soon. It will become one. I think yeah. Okay. Yeah, so we need to really good talking with you and hurry. And today I have got to learn a lot of things those since it seems like most of the people are in the queue and thank you Vinny for letting me in and okay research actually. Thank you very much, bro. Okay, bye-bye. Good evening. So yeah, I think strategically think the video I think he was your own he's gone. Yes, the VG and orator G is we have faith. I trust and how are you doing good and I like Aang and all that good job. Can we go outside without they are just beaten with sticks policies. They should do that that they are doing that good nice job there because if you are not stay or to home day by day. It's a increasing like yesterday. It was 80/50 now it is a hundred thirty. Sorry 1030 not too. I mean, I'm not complaining but this time saying you just like fun that is yeah. I'm also agreeing with the people. So people are not listening what Is that problem news is Big grieving? Like they are not releasing only first, is that a problem and they are not also everything of that how to do all these things. That's the big problem. Yeah, so okay bring it on. Our topic is women's empowerment brother Joe. Can you give some point socket? She can you share about this woman empowerment what you say and how what type of implements are needed to give equal powers to all Yeah, I like when I said like, you know, all that woman said earlier how the term like Mary Society coronavirus called like that. Mary suspect economies. It's all these things to form the starting from nari only like a woman's only before Mary is not you know your home we see if you think that everything k2j to work is they're giving okay from like Supermom from starting from normally all the starting work from morning to end Mommy. Ling all these okay, if they give some more for efforts in outside, okay, so that it'd be good if the how much they are giving that in a home only if they are given from outside like Ronnie Jo no fancy our all if you see our history is because they are starting point of the what they can or they can do that. You cannot do that. Yeah. Yeah, so you have whether you are given such a good good information with the other two women. So what type of implements are needed for entire nation, so that is for whom you are given such a beautiful information. So can you give some ideas to implement? So enter Nation like okay, I think when he went somewhere simulated call. Okay. Are you listening to me when he jaw Willie's I think Very nice top brother Amar. I am also their governments listening to guys. I'm here only. Yeah II thought like he went some something like okay fine. So the thing is I was thinking like a, you know, if they give that like how they are reserving that lady's Kota and all that. Okay. So from that, you know, they're supposed to give that like nowadays everybody's equal right? But some guys are that telling that why they are giving the everybody they want to do put a equal why they're giving them ladies. Okay. So that's the main concern of what say about your concern about this like if you go to process and all they're giving the lady's coat and ladies things, but now does that telling that everybody is equal see what I want to tell you? Is she reserving lady scooter should be you know, what do I say? Who are pregnant or men who are handicapped? I think reservation should be in this condition. If the woman is normal. She's okay. I don't think she does. She does need any reservation at the yai. Yai, Banglore. I was traveling some like some somewhere from who yet widely Widefield one place. Is there and there why is there or old man? Is there and on ladies there? Okay. So the think he is. Old Mill Place the lady sitting okay, but there is not leaving that without any notice how we can see where our artists we had the suit of rigorous but where is the given linear region? Okay. So what will we say that that coaches in? Is there what government supposed to do that? They cannot do that because they returned to the city government both sides in the Syrian government now government has you know made provisions and then when don't get harassed or women don't face problems and You know all these rules are laid for women who are back trodden background in a sense who stay in back to couldn't you were head and their lives. Okay. This is for such people now in Metro city is where women are working and going all stuff. They're all healthy and they're sitting on a reserved seat and a man, you know, a poor old man attending that is wrong that is not empowerment. I think that is lack of principles. Okay, that's kind of cool. If you are an educator you sure do. Do that. So what will be like, you know that old man, you are not able to stand only so I leave my seat. Okay. I told come here and that okay the think he is the woman like she's I think young woman a little but she was not able to like she was not ready to leave. So in this case, so how to how do you will be like tell to the hydrogen at older mentioned that how do you like you gave to comment suggestion to do that? Because of already government given the senior citizens of Austin? Has to clearly put a notification that if you're a healthy woman and you're not relating to hear citizen city was punishable. Okay, if you to Bangalore sometime like you will feel that every seat they cannot mention that they will Dimension senior citizen. It's not like that you are little senior citizen. I will show you they can evolve or 60 only the conceit but still that you know lady was hitting their book series also like around 40 to evolve. I feel think is nobody's respecting and what kind of sauce Someone who will give the to government I think you cannot do anything. In this case. I think the parents of people or you know have to understand like, you know have completed their children like you do when you see a senior citizen, please stand up. Okay, how far is government gonna go and make rules and regulations and government can't go writing in every bus that if you are a healthy woman, please stand up and give you a future old man. I think that is common sense. It has to be if you are a woman inside you feel it. You stand up. Okay, you cannot be telling I think that is utter ignorance and languages, you know, yeah, I guess so you are correct only so I will just I will be here around like one more minute I want to spend so because a lot of give and don't want to sit. So one thing I want to say you was just whenever you are getting childlike Woman poem empowerment if you want to do that, so you need to spread that news where humans are coming. They They need to save on with so always where you are going and coming so government has to take a brief state has to take like Delhi state of their cabin that one situation. Like if you call some number police will come and police the helpline number that number supposed to work out very strictly and it should be workout or morally so government have take the Des initiation and everywhere in every state not like Delhi only like, okay. So that's the actual my request like that is done means Do it again move every you know things I think ultimate is making Provisions for that. You know, these things cannot be done in overnight because they have to adjust Their fines. They have to adjust their Manpower and strength and everything. I think slowly slowly it would be a you know made in all over India and taken care of and I think these days women are getting more stronger and aware of such things people are able to see that independent and stuff. I think yeah that that should help. So I was thinking like I was thinking that in or 21 days of lockdown in India, so that a rape a rape case and that the thief case and all these it will be like reduce my sister told yesterday. Someone here sixteen-year-old 16 years one girl got raped. So I was like, you know really amazing is happening this year to our do such things in impermanent how it will be empowerment because it wants its generic. Do that from starting from your if you know manage an order, you will not come outside only so that that Cycles in are you? Okay? Are you guys nuts? You are Telltale something in I ought to go also just I think I spend more you say one thing whether V 16 years of age girl was raped by some purses. I will tell you the other five years of lady was already a re put in our nation. That is the worst situation Contour about the situation like asifa, you know. So if that case is happened was we can that's what was happening because of there is no visualization effect is working in the in our nation research effect, you know, whether it is a visualization effect means whether if the person is miss being with a lady that person will think about their mother that is called visualization effect. So it will there is variation of f is works on the people. They're not live it can control is whether this type of a particular because of If the parents are taking Taken the responsibility then only this type of reservation we will be works on the this type of persons. So that awareness has to have like have to have everybody converters like that. So every everywhere you have to think that is my mother. That's Martha bugging you have to call. Uh, so it's like if you was more like, you know one lady is can keep the your life life. She can give her is taken like a she can take your life also, right so she can you. One more. Yeah, I agree. Totally that is also most important whether other than that government is also take some very strong wind rules. Whether I will tell you another if any person do the type of think they must the person finish this how that kill. So that should be happened only okay near Vegas after nine years. They call close re supposed to close in one within like two to three months. They have to close all these but to their moment supposed to take like if this is a situation where you know other country if you bought two Sharia laws and all that if you do such kind things immediately they will they will the pups or more if you goes to act is what happens, you know, sometimes even if the person is not guilty. Okay, what if it's good if he can you talk about Sharia law and all you know, sometimes there are a lot of misunderstandings happening Sometimes women, you know, get get their Revenge. People which cases have already happened. Okay, what investigation is required? You should wait at least for nine years, but in such cases should be addressed earlier that that you but it should not be taken like you come to dare to come to data. Like I am purposing lot of a debt is coming. You know, I'm getting fully retired because this kind of things is if you delay so like this is one not case several cases is there okay. Like, you know all the crime it will be reduced totally agree. I agree totally agree with you possible to there's with the little so most important mother if you there's any possibility like women empowerment like that, otherwise equals 1/8 equal values like that. There is any subject also, there is no problem. So it is also not like, you know one subject in Hindi supposed to put and women empowerment they supposed to port and whenever they are getting such kind of things like all these this should be happened. So it will be like very good. So my sister was crying on that when she was test planning me is it was crying that much so see I felt great of morning you touching your like, you know, you are seeing your father or his mother face if your mother is not there you will not survive only you are not life only you and not come to this that place of Earth only so mother is the point where that shooting but when they're drinking first kind of think so, Do you like are you what from who people like you and me who talked about empowerment and who know these things we know these values don't get into such things. Okay, a lot of people who don't know about such things why they are doing it and you know, there's no proper awareness about it. So one more thing. So any I explain you will explore that question brother. I will explain okay. I just I will leave okay other guys are right. Yes. Yes. So, thank you, honey. Grateful some time bro. Just yeah, I think Stewart says I like the way she lead such topic to Next Level elaborate. Thanks. Thanks Rog. I'm really humbled. I am again telling you that it is really when you guys say such words things where it's really nice. I'm not getting flattered. But I think that was very nice guys like you Sarge. I think I will tell you one day. I will tell you one thing before this. I have taken two sessions on this Loop. Woman empowerment only where discuss normal things only but some people are came we are discouraged. But now I was discussing with you. There are so many good points are really covered. You know, this is the you know control. Yeah, this is enough to this. This is enough for women empowerment. I think this is the last session, you know, Zulu says area sometime if I keep listening to you. I will be a monk. No. No, please don't do that. What about your Who's a gold digger man? Hello. Okay, or it'll grow Hello. Hello. Hi. Very good job, bro after speaking English. Yeah, okay, bro. I mean speaking English in which I am comfortable. Yeah, this is the topic which I believe it will. Let's go. We'll come on you can do it with you up and go to Target you herc. You're going down. Kissable Kate Callahan Gigi Bella, okay. Schedule Matthew with chocolate with that goodbye to get you the hotel. Going to be hard to get what's our happy hour. So I'm just another song called pseudo. Buscando una satyadev Dubey Jesus. Mahalo. Well, that's about it. But on it, but I will not go home and a home which is consistent with my girl 50g. He remembers because and Because he drops a common the he licking licking SE Bharat KO Beatty ahead. So in Surah halitosis lucky again, and ammonia is covid Ki Duniya mein aana waist and a heater. So I think not just such women, but I think there are a lot of women who cannot speak about it, but they do their level best. Not just the people who come out. Out in the society and work for it. I think a lot of women do a lot of things from home. Also. I'm not okay guys when I say we do things from home Muslim, I'm not talking about work from home. I think women who are Homemakers, I guess, you know these women also do a great job in that is that is one thing which we don't forget one more thing. I will tell you. Actually, you've been we are talk about gender equality here ma'am. The doctors are all that is the doctors are doing this such a variable stood job, ma'am. I will tell you one thing because ma'am in rural areas. The people are abortion abortions are happening. I'm like I am talking about female feticide female feticide. That'll get a huge huge huge thing. Yeah. Yeah, we'll discuss. Okay, so They said baby is boy or girl. How can we know whether there is no option because of this cannings this type of Russia things nowadays things are happening. So first of all, we want to remove from this side. And from this side, there are so many links are there whether if we done this all the things they know need the nation will be very nice and very good. Hurry. I would like to tell ya. In which we have to work on harassment of women empowerment is not a bunch of any part if I'm not wrong and we have to work on everything. Okay. And as you have said about the doctors and all that, okay, if the abortion issues and all that's what the mentality I mean, I believe like there are certain people. There are certain people who believe like okay efficient abortion is one of the finest idea but I don't know that what is the psychological mind? They have like suppose if this abortions occurs on a daily basis and what will be the ratio of girls and then the girls will be not present to whom we will call Mother how big will get into this Earth and so those thing and we have to understand sad if they want a girl to marry. They want a person. They want a mother to sacrifice themselves to this person, but they don't want to give a birth a lady. What is this group? What is this little tiny area if they stop giving birth to women eventually the world will you know cut short on the population? Okay and eventually It will be over. So, you know, let's not talk about that right now. Okay, people's ideas is not based on gender thing sometimes yes, but most of the time people I don't know what mentality they have. How can someone have the heart to a baby? You know in the Man, that is a very inhuman thing to do. Okay. Absolutely. Yeah, I think they think about the future and if they're so concerned about the future, I think it shouldn't in first place happen Okay. So yeah, actually Jordan was given a such a one comment with me. Can you do you agree with this that comment? Absolutely, absolutely ER Jordan, I think a lot of times what happens is women with Man in certain areas certain places, especially the mother-in-law's who are at a certain level, you know, they don't want it to happen. I think that mentality has changed quite a lot but I think there are a few places or you know states or cities or not cities. I can say rural Villages where women is still looked at as you know a burden because he you know, when people look at women, okay when someone looks at a baby Girl being born did start thinking about the expenses of it. Okay for them. She is outgoing and she's taking all the wealth with her, you know, the marriage the study. I think all the jewelry that is what people think about and I think that is Portal shit. I think women can do way more. I think they can be, you know Homemakers as well as they can be you know, the what do I say the backbone of the house? I think they can do Do that, but when women themselves start looking at women as a curse, I think that's where the problem is rising. Okay, but which I think has been addressed to a certain level and maybe within some time in, you know at some point of time in life in some point of time in India. I think people will reform their minds and you know think better on that thing. Yahoo local bill for the real cops about yeah, really? Thank you very much for your joining with a Georgian with has he given such a good suggestion. Thank you, bro. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for connecting. Okay. One person is weighted so much long time and it was just this character this to know the page come on. Yeah, brother deepest just highly be shy to be because we'll just wait for few minutes ago, and I'm Rob. I just connected this now, it's full time. Yeah. Hi. I'm Margaret. I also I would like to tell you about your topic. Okay, you know, I think there is no comparison or nowadays. There is no comparison. Sorry. There is no difference between men and women men and women are absolutely in and women both are equal and how it is when you're a woman can do everything. She if she wants to do. Yeah true. I don't mind is not less than money. These are not less than mine. I think like jelly. Yes. Absolutely. It's a reality. Yeah. Yeah a woman who are in a job have to also a fulfill the job responsibilities while managing home and which is very high which is really of the shaver. Yes. Yes. Yes. I know. The life is woman is really hard. I'm telling you little I'm telling you the life is a life of humans is very hard, but She gets no appreciation. True true true. I mean a few women don't get in the city is yes. There are a few mil women who are considered great and they get all the appreciation but there are a few Homemakers who are working 24/7. I think they don't get as much appreciation that they deserve. Okay, exactly. So growl like you said and there are a lot of women who are extremely talented and multitasker, but they have no recognition in society. True true true absolute and I'm sure you all those people. I know we are always listen to a rape incidents, which is really bad thing. Yes. I'm telling you to very promising. I'm telling you those people who has committed rape should be punished severely because it's true. It's not good thing and it's yeah, I think it is all in the value is a mother. I think people have certain psychological. I don't know what problem how can people get in. So such be smart because like a hurry said sometime back. It is all the upbringing and stuff. I mean II do agree certain part of it as yes or bringing but I think we cannot blame it all on upbringing, you know, some people are even educated. I think a lot of people educated people also get into such things as rape and stuff. I think that is misuse of power, isn't it? Yes. Yes. Exactly. Correct and a little your Very amazing and very unique and very good topic for a by a mirror the device that is how do you stop it? Totally hurries topic, but I'm telling you he has been honey. I'm telling you you up abroad current discuss apnea both the chairperson of knew she was here yesterday. Thank you very much time. Where you to keep up Logan it now model of sorta, I think actually when I think see guys when you guys support women in such a way. Okay, when they come out and talk about good things when people start supporting. I think that is the true effect of women empowerment. I think Jeb have woman who s it is a kurta worked. You know, you know, what do you say you support them? Okay, you motivate them doing such things. I think that is actual woman empowerment not where you know, women are just treated as You know, what do I say materialistically? I think women should not just be hockey. Ha looks cael EI. He woman woman has Authority or nausea. I think when appreciating their efforts in all the fields and Joe but love behavioral joke. Yeah other koichi's car real Guru posco appreciate correct? I think this is also a form of a woman empowerment I think and this thing has to happen. In in every household where he says you don't want us again Tiga they will covid I also belongs to our village, you know, so many they chi chi bahat, pero más Alta. Women okay when they got married they married them okay, and they got them educated and they empowered them. So I wouldn't say that kissy garni other concealer Dickies Alicia. Diodati a kavaja time at epitomize Veronica. Thank you. okay, actually, we should mentally go is your perception banana high school, but I know and you know and every citizen in the country, you know, both and both men and women should And that men are not only the power of the country. Yeah, I'm right totally totally totally indeed. They are the half power and it takes both women and men in the country to take it forward toward the path of development. Correct. Correct. Correct. Yeah, I'll totally totally totally weenie. I will suggest one book if you given me permission sugar, this is the wonderful book we need this is a very good story unbelievable by MC Mary Kom. She is a lady put that in combat and comment, please. Okay, so that lady was faced with so many problems in their life. I am shiv has gotten Fi gold medals in the boxing. So that is the very inspirational story for all the layers because sometimes the ladies also get to something strong inside them. So this book helps to that person's so I'd recommend all the ladies are all the boys. Also. This is very interesting book and very important book to hire. I have like to purchase this book. Definitely my partner Chuck Wiseman. So a and higher education are my forehead. And mr. Bhattacharya volumes about thanks for having me. Thanks a lot happening for me connect you abhor the telegram? Thank you so much. Have a great evening. Then. We'll get back to the page. I think the page. Could you please don't mind but he is weight. We want to talk to you. Please don't go. It's game time and I think he was waiting from 45 minutes. Yes. Yes. He is waiting for a long time. I think the way Ing and we are really sorry to keep you on the yeah II just took a screenshot of it right away. So yeah, that's a really interesting book ma'am. I never seen like that book man, because she was God so my if I gold medals and she faced so many problems. I think that Jordan I think the ization stuff. No, I think that is one thing is because of insecurity second else because you know, hello. Yeah. Hi boy. I think we need is hiding something that work issue bro. Having a are there. Hello ma'am. You think certain values at the root level? Okay. Oh, yeah. I think that is how we could do it or didn't hide it. I wish I had a question of how you do today - I'm great bro. let's boring that self. I think is there so we need what do you mean by women empowerment? What is the what do you want to say about it? I mean words women empowerment in your eyes. What's the definition for you of the bombing in environment? I think oh, you know right to equality equality. I should say Okay rather than equality. I think that is all I can say You know women are to be provided with all kind of opportunities and you know ways where they can explore themselves and Excel in their life. But also there are women who are ignored and may not be able to achieve what they want in their lives are, you know into a dark section of this particular country you can say yes, I am totally agree with you that some books some woman's are ignored in our Some women are working with some time. It snowed society which their own fault because some some time humans. They don't stand up for themselves. It's true. Yeah, it's accident. Correct some woman's they don't want to stand up in front of their family or they don't want to impose their husbands. So it's their mentality. So you you girls like you are a girl so you have to change that mentality because I'm getting married. I will give the full freedom of to my would be wife. But sometime full Freedom can give them certain ideas that you can see our own our lives. It's also it's also also possibility. It is totally Mutual. You know, I think it is all depending on the route values of a person. Okay, if you know, thanks respect to your partner. They think they will take you for granted. That is a week. That's a good. They will take you as a graph given people take you for granted and they will start misbehaving or doing things that they would have would not of done if the situation was turned. So it's it's not giving power to women. It's also a responsibility. There is a saying in Spider-Man key with great power comes great responsibility if women want to see be patient. We do know that Hello. Yeah. Yeah, the pastries will hurt know. You were seeing something please. Will you go ahead and no no with great power comes great responsibility. Absolutely, right, but you know, she is your it's not a matter of misusing power. Okay. I totally agree that there are a lot of women who are misusing power and which about which I also spoke about previously. Okay, people women also tend to make Miss user tend to misuse the you know, Is that they are given to them and because of such such a or a bunch of women, I think the entire women, you know gender is been generated judged over this point. You can see the generalize but still still be like, we all know we have five fingers in her hand and they all the all are not the same. So it's the truth like as well as is it goes for boys and goes for girls as well. Some are good. Some are not good some perverse some are werster than worse. So we have to take care of those in a certain way. He I think the pace, you know, just because of bunch of women who treat or a misuse such things. We cannot, you know, we cannot deprive these women who actually need this power right now. I'm okay. I'm not a prank I'm saying like we have good woman's we have great humans. We have bad women and we deserve it. So the Artists like oh so this is what I'm saying giving power to a person is just is just kind of a giving them a gun. So you have to be responsible like the men is also responsible for giving the power to a woman. It's a truth. You know, I'm not denying the fact, okay, I'm not denying the fact that power is power given can be misused but can you know can be misused but it's not necessary. It should be misused. There are people who don't misuse it. Okay for will be misused. It doesn't matter if it's in the men's hand or if it's in the woman hand. It does not absolutely absolutely C power power is such a thing. Like deer like I'm singing this old woman's who are listening to you right now stand up for yourself. If something is something go wrong is going on with you then stand up and make a noise. Just shout just tell someone like tell your mother. Tell your father. Tell your husband. Tell your brother if something is going wrong with you, but keeping keeping that wrong thing think to yourself is will not help you and that will or that will give you like that will break your Confidence if you want to become confident and you want to take charge you have to come out you have to talk to people you have full taste whatever you're facing and you have to chase it with a dignity. It's that what we give you the power the empowerment you are talking about me see the page the empowerment that I am speaking about. Okay, is it starts? Come on an early age? Okay their parents give their Daughter the confidence that you can do the right things in the right way the parents in, you know, give her the security and the feeling that she can share her thoughts with her parents. Okay, the parents or her friends give her all the power and confidence that if anything wrong happens in her life, she can go to them. Okay, but here I'm talking about women who don't get that kind of a confidence. Since there are parents who just push their daughters into marriages and even if they go and talk about it to their parents they say, you know, this is how it works. What about the society? These are the people that we are addressing right now. Okay. So in that scenario right now, okay. You are a working girl. It's a good thing that you're working your own and suddenly your father will call you tomorrow and say weenie. I want you to get married and come back to home. I want you to get married to this. Person and what will be your reaction to that? It's obvious that I will ask them to have. How could you just you know, get me ready for marriage, you know, you'll just you cannot do that. You have to talk because how can I just spend my life with someone? I don't know. Okay, so I will ask them obviously right? What more after that your father will say to you and please and like okay, it's okay. You don't want to get married to him now, but at least talk to who to talk to him and find out. Doubt something about him. So if you have something common in that so what's your opinion on that? But I think listen I think the pace, you know marriage and stuff stuff is not anywhere connected to empowerment. Okay, so I think Really what I'm saying? See if my If the parents okay have you know given a woman the freedom of choice and if they have given her the confidence that she can come and share her problems problems with them? Okay. Just imagine that girl has married on her own terms. Okay, forget about the arranged marriage what you're talking I'll give you even, you know, a worse term of it. She has married on her own terms. She has you she fell in love or dated or whatever. She just got married to that person now, he's facing problem in a Lee okay now now she cannot go and talk to her parents because sometimes parents also say okay you you it was your choice. Okay weenie. It's not an empowerment. You can say it. It's a generation gap that is that is what we are talking. Okay, we are see this is at an impasse. Absolutely. So empowerment is something what we are talking differently like, you know, yeah women married at early ages or forced to be married or women in you know. Price of Education this is the thing that we are discussing. So this is what I'm saying that this this is what you said women are getting married. And this is what I'm saying if it just suppose it's like I'm 30 now. Okay, let's suppose after 20 years. I'm like, I have a daughter and she wants to get married to someone and I cannot force or so I will give her my blessings and the problem that you're facing like they are forced to get married or something like that. It will always happen. As you said because due to some circumstances circumstances the father. Cannot give some things. Like he he he cannot take care of her daughter. So he has to get her married. So these are situational things you cannot you cannot I'm not talking about some time people get their daughter married married at 14 and 12 years hurry told that at the very start of the podcast situation, okay. Obviously it is situation is what I'm saying. I'm talking when I give you an example. So it's what women empowerment can be but people are turning their to something else. Like I give you an example. I know this because that I had a friend to book an income Curry. She was working as a AGM additional general manager and she had a colleague the man was also working as a GM. So his pay was 15,000 more than her for the same post. How is this empowerment? This is not an empowerment if you want to empower. Men, you have to pay the woman similar veggies similar salary as a man is getting right. This is moment 40 via I will tell you one thing the best bro. Yeah, you are absolutely correct. But I will I will not agree with your answer here whether a private company is not giving you the type of things that is not the government problem. First of all do dumb. Oh, we'll wait wait wait harikrishna of it weenie. Like a penis, when is Coca eradication and it's not a government issue? He Ghana in Oni too many cup cocky woman and empowerment. You have a government keshav. When did I said that dreams have brother? It does not matter key if it is a government job or a private sector its own us if like I am the owner of a company, so I have to pay both girl and the boys same veggies for the same post. This is what I'm talking about. This is called code women empowerment. Yeah, I agree with you bro. I what's your point then please now, I don't see any fide bro. Okay, you just carry on so we need yeah, it's what's wrong with the Sweeney and harikrishna. We don't even know the meaning of women empowerment and still like we're talking about it. It's it's the irony of women empowerment. See the patient's women were focused upon and try to be empowered these. Is by the government with all these reforms and stuff because all this while they were you know back treated or down trudel. Okay, but now, you know women are at a particular really not in all areas. If you go back to even the edges of kings and queens. There are some points where where certain Kings was like listening to their women like listening to the Queen's to make make make like what you say. That to make their empire greater. You can go to back these it's not about certain people. It's about a minute ality and the situation where the woman is leaving actually, so you cannot go relate those two things. See we have not correlated any such things the page here. We are see when we are addressing women empowerment. Okay, when we are talking about Don downtrodden women we are talking about the women who are facing this problem. We are not generalizing the Okay, let's not think about that. No. No, I know that. We I know that you are particularly addressing these things. We are here too many cars passing this issues. Yes, they have to stand up. See, you know all all women cannot stand up the page. A lot of times women are forced into certain things. Okay now you and I can see no you and I can say this because we have been brought up or we have been given that kind of power but there are a lot of states in India. Okay, there are still such states in India where you know women cannot even speak out. Yes. Okay, and if you say a lot of times they have been killed or Remo molested. I've been so many problems. Yes. I think it would be neat if he needed any other if we talk about government part here. We have Article 15. So we if you know about article in its Article 15, are you ready to but people sometimes Joe like woman is not literate so they don't know about their rights. So this is also an issue. So so what could go Scalia Kathy as I but I get it woman literate empowerment click. Organized geek out Imma Be Baba lokenath they don't even know what the rights are Who police say dirty here. They are afraid of military. They are afraid of police. They're afraid of your they are afraid of their ministers are MPS Moon Cooper tiny. I keep a little thicker the AG Community generation, Johan who not only is he the Bob and I colicky him say they are superior than us. We cannot go against them to only key generation Hyun Ki beti me again. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, yeah, but the choreography first of all we have to retreat the Moon. Copa de una pareja to tell them key. We are all equals so skip bar this you are point and a gender equality Cal. Oh, yeah Pisco woman empowerment care low, then it will be available to all the states of India. So Abby here the cut actual way. This is the main issue. Hello. Yeah, brother. I'm here. Hello, honey. Are you there with me? I think Vinny's having some network issues. Yeah weenies are being slow. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, click terrorism Network issue with whinnies. We probably side. It's okay. Okay her occasional like I'll take a leave. It's it's my time to go get my own broadcast. Okay, bro. Okay. Thank you very much. Hello. Hello. Yeah, we need I can hear you. Yeah, okay, bro. Hurry up. Am I audible? Yeah, you know, I might your double to me. Hello. Hello Winnie I can hear you now. Yeah. Hello. Hi Whitney. How are you? Hi, I'm Gord. Is it is it who is it the page? No this no, this is audit a product using. Oh, hi. I had a question for you. I'm great Road. Thank you for asking. What about you bro? Yeah, once you're doing great. Thanks. OK, let's come straight to the point too. Many people are waiting. Hello. Come on. Yeah weenie. What happened? I think there's some network is hello. Just just you know, how do you how do you just continue? Okay, I'll just check with my headsets. What's the problem? Just give me two minutes? Continue? All right. Okay. Okay. No problem. The our point is like women empowerment, right? Yes. First of all, we need to clear something like accordingly would woman. No. Hello. Yeah, we need my audible not yeah, you are able to me. You're Christian. Okay, so brother you can count in a break. We are messing up that certain things. Okay. First of all, we are dragging rapes into this. We are dragging like into this something which we need to understand is empowerment is giving someone power right when we talk about the rights equality, but we need to segregate key something which is FL which is like so Object to law subject to punishment we've got a quantization is part of that. It is not part of improvement. For example, if I'm traveling to roll some people come and rooted in me and killed me that is not power of man empowerment. That's not point of man empowerment. There's this something the subjected to law. Okay that is subjected to orphans. Okay, this empowerment terms equals 2 equal to right now. We have to find key what is equal to right click. Can you give me some examples where Women's are not equally given right? Equals to man. Can you put some example where women are not treated equally? Yeah, bro. Can you give me some examples? Well, sir not get getting equal opportunities right? Like like like what can you give me some example given such a 1-1 important position but they're now in any part of it. There are not giving equal wages to the woman's which he which was giving to voice. So do you agree with that brother? No. No, I didn't take the program having also 5 Of experience when there is like when you come to the yeah, the work is given to the human see something different whether the work which is give to the boy sees something different the because of the works of literature giving pages. Okay, like the first please all means complete when you go to the private company. What is the motive of private company to get maximum profit? Right? Let's say there isn't a manager position and I am also candidate for that position and Miss X is also candidate for that position. If mix as Miss X is more talented definitely private company would go with Miss X because they are looking for the profit right? They're not going to give that message to other player. Just go and like make these make us suffer with a loss like everyone to the salary. Everyone is treated equally it's totally subject to your capability and quality. Okay. Now don't see me let's talk about the empowerment. Okay, the Rhymes let's start. The very beginning let's go back to the valley cages. Let's go back to The Vedic Age is okay where it has been already derived the world is half as man half as woman ordinary shot at the starting when we go back to the start people used to treat everyone equally. Okay during this journey what we lack relax certain moral values. Okay, like we feel that I'm a man. I'm like I can dominate to anyone right I have power because physically man's are powerful. Not we comment like we can generalize this but maximum answer powerful physically. Okay? Yeah. It depends. Yes. Yes. I can't generalize this but maximum. Okay. Now the thing is moral education how this moral education will come. This is something which we need to say. We need to segregate just say OK when we upload our key when you come to the new problems new day starts early or be certain that there is limited. Dennis what we steer when it comes to new channels what we share is like what we are discussing module. We are discussing on rapes. We are discussing on certain points, right but we are not discussing on Heroes see how the girls out there are no discussions of Rani Laxmi Bai. We are not this boat in there are new e-Bay parents what they want but what they are getting from outside your work you guys have a so reverse order, but they are not getting the positive. Okay. First of all, just a quick slow go Rogue telepaths when it comes to empowerment. Something he human component ology. It's not about the man's it's not about the woman's because if we integrate other, correct, correct. You want to set your Society or has been divided other very mana. Mana, my father is going out is working hard. I am like a girl my bottle cap on ibero mirabai Frangipani correctly. It doesn't mean I froze my Pan American he needs to understand family may be can't always come up with the point. This is sometimes it's very good to like stick to Basics half of the problems will be solved true. But what we do, we just like messed up in the things. He anybody who knew sorry cheese about worry about Burger. Understand which is abou really but finally we need to good news as well. Talk each employee local news coverage is safe and we can set any question where our proxy is a router up at door. Oh look sir. You guys are asking about women empowerment through your PC power of whom you guys are asking for this power amazing men should Empower themselves. That is one thing it's not about the male's but there are a few women. And who are you know, like I said, huh deprived of the power I think people like you and me we can create awareness and mind change the mindset. I think that is where it is required. Okay. Well like mr. I know his name is Arun. I don't you have no future animals drums illiterates forecast and women's are worthy of being beaten man. Who's pretty? Okay when we talk I when I'm talking about the weather case where I think is it always starts with The Vedas and Manu Smith is something which Written by a human. Let's say can I any Pokemon us with him color table - particular when you want to find your origin what I'm saying Get Back to Basics and basic is always great ask when you talk about Hindu culture - method parameters for the of Mahabharata show. The four Vedas are like sufficient to give you answer all the questions just met her cheese purchases and drag your hair Manu Smith is a righted by a man Google Earth for Sofia because Austin case scenarios Billy Katie, so I can't comment on this because situations keeps on changing. True, right and we didn't make my point up these next four required girl. Oh, I know it sounds like a very good topic and people are like eagerly waiting to speak something. So, okay. So, okay. Thank you guys. Bye. Bye. Thank you. So I maroon below if you are interested, you can send you a request blue. I think you surrender your ask you again. Just five minutes. Yeah. Hurry, bro. Where did you vanish bro? In between broad-minded - yeah, you know what? What are 45 minutes I think is is there no. Yeah prince. It's not possible to do a podcast more than two hours know it. It just is not possible. I think. Think the time limitation is for to us 120 minutes. If you are interested, you can join us brother. We have only 15 minutes left. So was create any today's are content to me. And this is one of this one of my more good session. Thank you very much with me. If you given this type of chances are we'll be good. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello. How are you? Got you, bro. I'm also okay kind of an atom. Hi, come out. Sounds good. Okay, but they have cocoa butter beer women empowerment. I believe he has hung women empowerment. The back court has come to the area was clinically humble. It's raining in here topic about women empowerment by see a woman go power to so I'll be Jitney. Sorry women go power D Gagarin GT women are empowered in different ways. I think the actual power to women is when she can do something, you know on her terms and not misuse those Powers. Okay, so that is in true sense of empowerment. It is not to a particular line or particular this thing. There are a lot of women who don't actually, you know, get these rights or don't actually get to stand out or choose what they can do in their life. So such people should be uplifted and power and power. I think that is what we are talking about. Addressing all the women. Who do you think do you think do you think power is given or earn with knowledge and like hard work experience? Hmm truly it is aren't truly. It isn't but there are a lot of people who don't even get the opportunity to learn. Yeah, that's true. So yeah, this is about them and we are talking about that and I think are the tears. He has put that very well when he spoke about these. Points, you know in a few minutes. I think he has cleared out a lot of points like recently. So why kept losing out because of the network, but then yeah. Okay. What so what do you think? Like, what is the tool to like Empower women? Like what is the number one tool for you? How can they impound see a person who is you know who has who grew up in a city who was given the freedom of choice who was given up freedom? Of education and everything it's very easy for me to say that this is empowerment. But I think it is beyond that, you know it it has to be looked beyond that because there are a lot of women who are not even, you know, given the chance or choice of like I think they're of such on okay up there. I have a question for you. So go you who have like, we're all be like, what's the word? Word like luxury of like going to College University do what you want to do and you are educated. But if you are feeling oppressed by own family like men in your family, do you think you have confidence or you're brave enough to break do what you want to do? I think yeah, I think at times yes, but at times no, you know, there are a lot of other things that are up toward. It's like the family pressure the connection and the environment. I think a lot of things add up to it. Yeah. That is the question. Like why do you feel the pressure from the family if you're educated you can be independent and support yourself. Why do you I mean obviously you would care about their opinion. But why do you feel pressured if you have the control of your own life? I think that is how we are brought up. I think that that lies in all the roots, you know, they're not starting stage and say like that is how we are programmed. Okay. And do you think you can change that or women can change this it will change? I think there was a time in India where women couldn't speak. I think before that there was a time where women who'll so yeah times change. Okay today, there is a change and definitely we look forward to work. In India, they will be riots and you know, everything will be all right. That's very Noble woman who speak for themselves like in the family or men in our society. They say skulls keyboard is Yvonne Chow LT about them either. That's the mentality that's a mindset to be changed. And that only women we cannot just say that men speak that way. I think that is how it has been inculcated in people from the start, you know, the parents put it in the mind key hyaluronic acid to your bowl. Shocked I think that is where it's not everywhere. Okay, do you see what do you see women as equal to men? Yes, yes and few. Yes, of course, if given proper equal opportunities. Yes, you know, they have their times, you know, they have their pros and cons. But yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah, actually I'm not there. Actually I came now only bro. My network is hiding something shoes at a topic given up topic everybody at the Hindi movie or TV you just you just you just to have how do you just have nine nine minutes know? How do you also he'll take few if he'll ask you to again explaining four minutes are gone there. I've heard of India vodka English. Shriya Hindi movie of the year. My name is Indian are gonna have dinner here. No, he's he's he's from South India of the topic. Like what you think women can do to like change the icon. Chilled or like the way they are living life like Village. He's like well obviously but women who didn't get the opportunity. So what would you tell them to like change this thing for them do what they want to do? I think her EEG. Yeah, I'm here. I'm not getting her voice is yes. Definitely. I got your question. I did understand that fellow never mind. If you have any of the call, you can take them. Sure. Sure. Sure. Yeah, okay. Yeah, right. Absolutely. Absolutely. Mr. K and mr. K while is so late. I think we are on the verge of you know ending this. This is high both of you both of you. Hi. Hi Harry. I know about the Hurricanes number. Can I can I know about you if you don't mind. What do you want to know about me? See? I'm really I'm yes. Yes. Okay. I'm Bonnie and I'm from Bangalore. I Do by profession. I'm a graphic designer and by interest I am a part-time writer and I also do few podcasts in here. Okay. So let's just come on talking about me. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Hello. Yellow are there. Yeah, I'm here and we need okay. Okay, let me just come on. My what is my order? Yeah, let me I'm just I'm just coming on topic. Okay. So what I really think about the woman I made it here what I really think of other women empowerment is we talk about the feminism we talk about all this. Okay, and as I'm being banned, but when it's come on the proving is when it's come on the proving it's still a bitter truth like a snow is still when it's come on proving. It's all fails completely. Seriously. Yeah still Dowry as they still now. Is there still more? Listen is there is still you know, has many there and the many more thing is still there that week and still respect is not there. Okay, but at the same time, but still we are no we are we are mentally going and the main problem of this is mindset and the mentally okay that we are coming up with and the one thing I would like to add you his why the movement environment is very important because moments are equally to the man but at the same time in a in every ways like what I think is like if the two Some years back where you movement doesn't use to work. Okay, there were many dozen used to work. But nowadays like even in my family when my moment that both both are working right now. So here what I see is like if the moment and when one man and woman both are working there also, you know, women are also contributing in a very much in a you know, in a economic economic and that is a very good study which is very good news about that is very good news coming. But at the same time when it when they are facing this kind of problem like a in a big city is when they are facing the when they are there. Then fill in security where the boy still comments on the where the boy still comments and the wind when the girls Walk-Ons world when girls walk and Road and if we are willing some kind of dresses they still tried are they boys are there who's trying to make like a making them in secret? So it's all the bad thing, but we just talked about but when it's come on the proving we are very much feeling especially on even we are living in a 21 century right now. I'm sorry, right? I can't give you an explanation. So I guess that's why I'm just speaking like a bullet train. Yeah. Yes and let me tell you something. Let me tell you something like a is still you know, like right now I'm in Jolly. Okay, right now, I'm Delhi and here's the not northeastern's are living northeastern's are living here. They are the facing. They're very much racism here and there, you know. Like about the word about my Society of the people. They things like a you know, they things like they do a very wrong work. Okay, it would go a long way and I have seen even I'm just not telling I have experienced a lot of women in these things if there is a 1 if there is a one guy if there is a one girl who's if it was walking the who's walking on the street with that one guy and if they're holding the hand so the all thing like, you know, they persons can hear in caissons carrhae or you know, the talks about the inner like yeah - everything I told ya know anybody about anything. yeah you would give you a conclusion about this topic because we have only three minutes left yeah actually hurry we have only love you have given such a information so we need to give a conclusion about this topic lastly finally you have any points you what you say about this topic finally yes please yeah we met can you come for this point winning so much we are listening yeah I'm listening we are we listening you have any other day it's okay you can give a conclusion I will I will I will hear from you okay give me a conclusion by the way by this please yeah I like to hear from you yeah I will definitely better I will try my best to give a good conclusion so actually weather here is fast yeah they don't actually You just to give you an equal. Yeah, we met. Oh my God, what happened? We are you there. So don't care whether it's okay, man. You can give me a you can give me a I will be happy by you. Okay, actually giving any special powers to any person butter. Yellow human beings are all human beings are equal. So you just give equal equal equal equal value to each and every one this call women empowerment. Yeah, just give equal quality for other for both genders this calling a hairy like said men and women should have you know, the Power of Choice okay their choice and when when I say Power of Choice, okay, they should also be as you know capable of handling the after-effects of their choice then they yeah, you're absolutely corrupted with me, but your voice is not audible. Yeah, Harry and weenie. Thank you very much for this ocean is he? Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. I just think we oughta thank sorry. Yeah using you re I refresh now. Yeah. Yeah. Okay definitely will come back with one more good topic. Yeah, great. You push me on the podcast and you vanish man hurry. Yeah. We really just given all the points but really happy we need. Now I got so many. Yeah. Hi Dad. Hi, you're late. You're ready slate read write and we are literally ending it. So, how is the Porto's women is okay. Which one?