Good, you've worked with Founders across the globe know any common things that you've seen in successful Founders, like what stands out for you of the 15 coins? I mean, especially those in China the commonality ends up being the funders extremely driven 9sx actually walked like 97 if not told double sided. Yeah, and they are they're very passionate about the things they do in division is transformation. Oil, so I'll be willing to be part of their Journey because the vision makes so much sense in changing improving lives in that country in a father soon to be extremely thoughtful and analytical analyzing what works what doesn't work. They very open-minded to try a lot of different things. They either extremely quickly. So don't waste time analyzing they test with MVPs all the time and continuing to figure out ways to make the product robust and Powerful in touches the heart of the users they all the common. The of the ones that do well to be product manager in their heart. So all the world tracking and subsidy other stuff come later. It's trying to make that product as Superior as possible to make sure that the users can get very good word of mouth effect to what they do some of the pitfalls the lessons we learn is tend to be that even the company scale. Wow, initially if the funder gets very big headed and race too much money and Chase starts. Hissing evaluation then fucking about a user and try to expand to quickly doing too many things and use experience suffer. Those company don't end up making it at the end many of them fall by the wayside because they lost touch of what's really important got him to us particular Milestone. The first place got it. So the ones I just want to recap and if you have anything so vision is super important and being the product manager. The guy was thinking customer first is the founder himself then you talked about About being open and willing to learn and then being fast and iterate jumping thoughtful in analytical. Yeah, those those two thought thoughtful in an altercation fast nitrate to a certain extent. You have to play against each other. You're smelly right? Right and then passion most Founders we meet have passion but then these other things need to be added to that as any last words being level-headed level H-E-B are hurt as long take meditation or mindfulness kind of exercises sure to kill himself sharp because you need to have that and I do this by waking up early in the morning. All the time is the winner is extremely calm around you you can think very critically what needs to be done today this week and next month and next year be able to constantly think about what's important today in a thing about what needs to happen in the future and keep that both both kind of lenses on it's not easy. Yeah, but the best ones do that extremely. Well, yeah, so to be able to Envision the Each of think of strategically as well as operate tactically today Russian making that balance. That's true. And eventually I see a lot of companies that had great chance to break through. Yeah didn't because the trying to do too many things. I hate the word Focus because everybody here and talk about it so he can focus it just do one thing and evil restaurants not competitive be fine. The challenge to not focus is figure out power. The power station is to figure out of all this I could do. What is that? One or two things. I need to be all in if I do that, right, you'll take company to the next level and being able to look at the choices of nine or ten things and say I'm in the do that that's not important. That's not I didn't do a later but not today and if they go party you're still trying to do all 10 things, but you spaced out over a you know, two three phases and Achieve that systematically and strategically not that is when I see leaching doing that with the new iOS and then Try Me Talk didn't work out but the first show me foam and then make decisions within certain to do with let me phone and then build them and some ecosystem by funding all these other companies that your product for them and it was yummy brand and then offline store he for him to be successful he had to do all those things but he cannot do that from day one how to sequence them correctly was key. Got it. Okay. This is awesome. And you touched upon a couple of pitfalls also one is chasing validation or too much money. Just write anything else that makes teams not succeed right show to watch out for For the First Time founder when things are going tough. Everybody is very driven to make your work that's hard. But now that not a hard as the hardest part is after you think you have a right after you think you know, what makes sense. You know, you were a lot of money to scale and you feel like there's nothing you do that can go wrong. That's actually the most dangerous moment and we are The couple startups that reaching unicorn status but end up staying as a unicorn as it resolved that and aging went through that as an angel investor as well. I think not taught him how to be more fearful and respectful of competition. What's going on? I shall me and took Sean me this far because it's very easy to take a Victory lap because we work so hard you want to celebrate and you feel relieved and that's actually when trouble happens. Yeah, so never never think you're Of are right. So these from the outside man, that's for work. And you call me life is not very good. But internally it just so thrilled to be doing that. And then when you make the right decision, they have the right strategic implication result. You have to be a derive Joy from doing alone. I think Kobe Bryant from NBA Lakers has that saying a lot of people things like that. I have to just be eating vegetable the nice great. Says, you know, I love vegetable. I love eating vegetable. So I don't like getting up like four o'clock in the morning to train 20 years in row. He doesn't think that's a shitty way of life. You think that's the fuck. That's the fun part of that. Yeah and always being the hunt for NBA championship year after year. Yeah. That's why I'm they seem happy. Yeah. So the best father has that characteristic in the yeah on that note really appreciate you taking the time and sharing a lot of wisdom yourself really appreciate thank sounds terrific. Yeah.