Your Attitude v/s Your Expectations Podcasts in English

Okie dokie guys back again with another podcast today with the new topic which is your attitude versus you expect ations. Well today, I'm going to challenge two things regarding the actitud that we hold in our life and expectations that we have for our life. Of course, it's a very difficult subject to talk about. However, I accepted the challenge today. The reason being guys are like I like challenging situations. I like to speak on, you know certain challenging situation topics. Also, that's my style of podcasting guys. Well, that's the way I think and I feel and I act and I can see that the time right now is exactly 10 a.m. Indian Standard Time. And this is Run Deep died while broadcasting live from Mumbai India with a new topic your attitude versus your expectations. So guys, how did I come up with this explanation? It's very interesting yesterday. I did a podcast on expectations and it it was very eye opener for me all the winners speak on a topic. I get an Insight also about the reality. I had multiple speakers coming on the line and sharing their views about the expectations of their life. However, What happened is like we realize that by the end of the podcast that you know? How do you tackle your expectations? This is very important thing that they asked me most of them. How do you tackle your expectations? Because even if you have you know, even if I give you the ground rules at this is what you need to do when your when your expectations go for a toes. Or sometimes you expecting something in your life, but they are not getting fulfilled and sometimes relation to disappoint them. And then how do you react to that is what? Boss a question in my mind. And based on that question. I suddenly, you know realize that, you know. Something has to counter the expectations. Otherwise what's gonna happen is there is no solution to the problem. So I found out and I realized that you know, is that something would be something called as your attitude? Yo attitude guys, it's all about your attitude. It's a very simple word is attitude, but it is God very deep and very strong meaning and that is what I am going to talk about. The how does attitude play a crucial role with your expectations as I told you guys. It's about you know, Many expectations we have over life at then. We need a solution. It's not about you know, just getting The Brood over the problem. It's about finding some resolution or some solution to that problem. That is how you can counter certain things. That's what I feel. Like I can see somebody has come on the line. So Kumar as come on the line. I sort of am not taking call right now because I'm just trying to decipher as to what I'm going to talk about because it's not an easy podcast to talk about today. That's why I'm composing a I talk to you after some time. Okay, if you don't mind, thank you. Okey-dokey guys. Sorry about that guys. So lies, let me just right. Eight that you know, I have already done a podcast yesterday morning, and it was about expectations. But when I do certain podcast it always enlightens me also. And when I thought about it rationally, I realized that you know, there are certain other things in life, you know, which are very effective. However, however what I I see what I see is that you know, sometimes we underestimate the power of that that thing for example the power of the attitude is what we underestimate a lot. Probably, you know, maybe we understand those meanings very literally. We are not fake what it is actually mean. Those who have felt those things they will realize that what is that word attitude? It's not a small word guys because it can Define your entire life. It can literally Define your entire life. I can I can bet on it because long time but this was the only principle which I was falling in my life and that was about attitude guys a simple word rack attitude. But how many of us understand? What do you mean you don't and you don't even know what is the power of an attitude? Sometimes you know, we underestimate that's what I want to tell you when you take information literally you'll never understand the deep meaning behind it. Unless you have experienced it in your life. So it's all about you know, how you how it's not about. You know, how you take information? It's about how you feel about that information is what I am going to share with. You know, I feel that attitude is something very powerful guys very powerful. I dunno it's been one of my rule of my life long time back and I realize this importance of attitude when I was in my first job guys, 20 years ago when I was a teenager, I clearly remember at that time. I landed my father hardly 15 or 16. I don't know. How old was I but I clearly remember at that time. I remember that, you know, I was totally life lesson. When I was working in a American Marketing company, that was my life first job. And I remember very clearly these people the Canadian company had come down to India and I was working for that and I never realize the importance of attitude unless until they prove that to me guys. So that is what I remember that, you know, this word attitude is not a small word. That is what I feel. If you look at this definition of attitude in Google, you will take it information literally, but have you ever felt what is the meaning of this word attitude? Because today after so many years when I did a podcast on expectations, I realize the best way to counter the expectations your attitude only nobody can come. Close to it. It is such a powerful thing. This is what I want to tell you. Why I am talking about attitude today guys. Why because I remember that without that, you know, I would never say I was in the marketing company. I would not even have sold a single product. I am telling I can bet you for that. It was that attitude think they were teaching me certain things, which was like a philosophy. It will not about selling ice. It was about you know, what was inside you Voters actually you were born with but you never used it. They were just telling me that to use. And then enlighten me when I was in the Practical world when I was doing it and then when one day I went to my boss and asked him this question is name. I still remember his name was Coleman Coleman jockey was a Canadian Canadian like really remember this white American boss of mine. I went one day and asked him this question, sir. Can you tell me how do I sell all this thing? I don't know how I'm Selling it's happening. Automatically. I know that but how what is it happening? How is it who going on? What have you taught me that I am, you know actually begin to sell me because I was expecting the I'll never sell anything. But dance really I'm selling. What about is happening anyway, so there was philosophy with that. We were asked to follow certain rules and follow it blindly guys and all of us follow blindly all of us were getting sold out and we never realize that what is Is working and what is not working? But by the end of the day guys we used to make our money and go home. I guess it surprised me because after working for so many days, you know, okay after working for so many days. I realized that you know, it is it's not possible that I've learned something about is that magical thinking which is happening. Now, what is that magical thinking and that's what enlightened me that I should ask my boss about it and he told me I asked him Coleman. Can you tell me what is happening? What have you taught me how this thing? Why are you talking only about attitude attitude an attitude in your company? Why your why your concept about your sales marketing is only about attitude attitude attitude, and I was so shocked and I asked them the question Point Blank and he told me looked at me for a brief moment. He looked at me and he told me listen run the water. We teach you in over here with Teach You for Your Life. And I was startled I said what kind of answer is that? But it was true. Whatever I said it was a Word of Wisdom. He gave me this is what I want to know. This is what I want to tell you the reason being because in that company I experienced only about attitude attitude was the only thing that was caught and then I realize that you know why he said that word that your attitude is something which you'll remember for your rest of your life. And that is the reason why is I am I've chosen this subject today your attitude versus your expectations. Those who are very new. Let's reiterate yesterday. I did a podcast on only expectations. But when a while I was doing that podcast, I realize that there are there has to be certain certain counter thing which should counter the expectations. Otherwise, we don't have any solution to a problem. And today I feel suddenly from nowhere that it was it is your attitude which will counter your expectation. Nothing else. It's the only attitude I'm constantly talking about attitude active button. I'm going to tell you now. What is this thing why we should not take information literally and try to understand the deep meaning behind that word. Many a times you must have notice in your life, you know people tell you point blank change your attitude change your attitude. What are they talking about? I will notice that guys change your attitude. You have a negative attitude. You have a positive attitude. Are they talking about your mindset? Are they talking about? You might know they're not talking about your mindset. Your mindset is something else only guys mindset is more to do with your perception. It's got nothing to do with this word called attitude guys. So what is this attitude? I'll start by saying something because this is what I read in that company. It was or printed on the wall. And I was I went and read this thing and it enlightened me so much. Because this was the principle on which that that thing was working and I never understood I underestimated it so much until I started working and get making a sale after that. I realized that this really works. So that was about attitude but I'll start with something what I read on that wall and why you know, I was so startled with that information that even today after 20 years. I still have that painted on my wall those lines which were written by somebody called Charles Swindle. I don't know who that gentlemen is, but it was printed something else. I'll reiterate and say it again Bo bottom. I will rehydrate and Seed will bottom so that you can understand. What am I going to talk about? So what I read over there is something like this. It started like this the longer I live the more. I realize the impact of attitude on my life. Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past then education then money then circumstances then successes than failures then appearances giftedness or skill. And then what other people say or do? Now look at what I said guys understand what I said I said attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past. It is more important than successes and failures. It is more important than your experiences giftedness or skill. It is more important than success at than education money or circumstances. And then more and it is more important than what others say or do. What was that line guys? What was that line this entire thing about attitude guys, you know, it is such a powerful word. You will realize that slowly when I continue what I have what I read over there after that this it says after it said that it's more important than your past. It's more than important than your education money circumstances. Then appearances giftedness of skill than successes and failures. And what other Co do it said it will make a company. It will make or break a company a home or a church. After that, the next line was the remark the most important it said. It said something like that. We cannot change the past we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The the only thing we can do is play on just one string that we have and that is our attitude. And then it said the remarkable thing is we have a choice mm Choice every day to embrace the attitude. That we are going to embrace for that day. And the final greatest line. What I saw was I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how we react towards it. Now. Look at the Slime Guy life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react towards it. And so is with all of us. We are all in charge of our attitudes. So what was that thing guys? This is what I read 20 years ago in that sales companies, which was a foreign company. However, however guys that left a deep imprint on my mind even today even today. I follow that principle guys. Because what was thought to mean that company was not sales and marketing. It was they taught me only about attitude. Because there was nothing else they were teaching me. They were only telling me don't lose your attitude have a great attitude. Don't use your attitude. Have a great advisor. What is this? Why they're harping about attitude attitude attitude is the company about only attitude is sales and marketing about attitude. It was not about that guy's has marketed is not every field guys you go. It's all about having a great attitude and not losing your attitude. You will sooner or later realize that what is the importance of this word which we take literally and half of us even don't know the meaning actually of what is the attitude? What I read over here. I will just give you a jest about it. What do I read? It is just talking about one thing action and reaction. You can call it about the Newton's law also any other law also, whatever you can put it it's just talking about action and reaction. So no matter whatever the situation is in your life guys, no matter whatever circumstances is there in your life. No matter how people behave in a certain way in your life guys. It's your reaction towards that that makes a difference. How you feel and act about it is what makes a difference not what is happening in the surrounding sky in your surrounding a thing will happen and it will be not of your choice or it may be of your choice. Your circumstances may be hopeless guys. Let me tell you your situation may be in turmoil. Oh, your people are not never nice to you. But still you have a choice about the reaction guys. How are you going to react towards that sir stupid circumstance or that stupid situation or that stupid people? Is what attitude is about? Attitude is only about reaction guys. You have a choice every day regarding the attitude that you will Embrace for that day. This is the only thing that was talked in that wall. Nothing else was taught guys because you cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. You cannot change your path guys. You cannot change the inevitable let anything happen guys, but you are reaction That's The Power of Choice guys. This is the Power of Choice. You can Embrace any attitude at any given point of time. That means you can react in a positive way or in a negative. It depends on what you chose. And that is the power of attitude. And this is what I learned in that, you know sales and marketing company. I don't know what concept they came with that time. I was so surprised guys that you know, even attitude plays a big thing in no in that thing organization. Six months I've logged in that company and all I was told I have a great attitude don't lose your attitude. Now I will tell you guys I will tell you guys why they kept on harping about have a great attitude and don't lose your children. What is that have a great attitude that is nothing but your positive attitude and don't lose your attitude is nothing but your negative attitude. But when you change that line, you know menu instead of saying positive attitude, which is a literal information change it to have a great attitude and now see the feeling that you get every your mindset in your perception changes instantly. so and when you change the negative attitude word into don't lose your attitude see the difference it makes When I say have a great attitude means you have to be excited about life. It's about your excitement guys. You are happy. You're cheerful. No matter what happens. You are going to be happy and excited and cheerful. That is what it means about. Have a great attitude. And when you say don't lose the attitude, it means you hold onto that attitude. No, I'm not no matter what happens in my life. I'm not going to leave this at my art. I'm not gonna lose it. I'm gonna hold on to it because that is what is like a light in the Darkness. And I don't know why I'm talking about attitude after 20 years with I learn this concept 20 years ago guys, but I never knew subconsciously. I was following it in my life. I used it guys. I used it. I remember what I learned in that company. I use in my personal life. It was working over there. Also. It was working in any profession where I went guys and it surprised me a lot guys. How can having a great attitude and not using your attitude Define your entire life. How can a reaction to an action define your entire life? This was what perplex me guys and that is what you know, I'm talking about today when I join this open Talk FM platform guys at that time. I remember 30 days of for 35 days ago. I remember I only wanted to talk about this subject attitude, but it took me 35 days guys to you know, actually come to the conclusion that when I'm going to talk about avoid a finish 67 podcast guys after - almost 68 podcast and in the 68 pod cars guys. I am talking of what I wanted to talk about 35 days ago when I started on this app, and that is the funny part guys. Because of all this while guys it took me a lot of time to understand this powerful word got attitude. And that's a reason I give this podcast for I am doing on this day with which is auspicious holiday. Holy day not holiday. Okay, holy day, okay. This today is a podcast which I wanted to talk about. And that's why this podcast is very close to my heart now. Because I know for a fact how important and Powerful this were attitude is. No profession of mine could have been successful if I had not understood this concept of what it means to have a great attitude and what it means to not lose your attitude. I can tell you I can bet on it guys. I'll tell you in 20 years of my life every field. I went whether it was my personal life over that one professional life or whether it was my other line everywhere. I use this concept and it worked it worked. It started with the sales company guys those Canadian morons. I don't know what they got from there, but they taught me something a lesson of my life and I kept following it blindly. Or even understanding how it works. All I was interested in okay, it's working fine. It's okay. I know the concept. And the day I never use this concept guys. I was in turmoil believe me but a day I started using this principle. It works. It's a magical thing guys. I'm just going to talk about two things about acted you guys. It's having a great attitude and not losing attitude. I will tell you why I talked about this thing in that company. I remember I was in a sales. I was given a products to sell go anywhere go and sell I said, what the is this? What do I do? What do I say just taught me something go don't lose your active just meet people and come back and Enduro day. I went out, you know first day I went I didn't know whether I'll be able to do it and I remember it was I was able to sell it anywhere was getting very excited and the next day when I came back they said we are only asking you to be excited. I said what the only XR there was to make me excited every day. There's to make me cheerful laugh around play on you. Jump Around get excited in the morning so that you're ready for that job. I said, what is this concept? Anyway, excitement part over in the morning all of our shouting and we go on the field all of us went and then God, I don't know what happened. We were very excited and charged of we used to pitch to any Tom or Harry like as if you know, the whole world is a customers only and that I don't know what of the confidence came from nowhere guys. Until one day in 15 days transferred only one day. I lost my attitude one day. I lost my other I went and sat in some place. I was feeling very dejected. I said what the hell? Yeah. I'm not getting a sale right now some disappointment came our not getting said I was in a territory where I was not able to sell I sat down and that day. I came back to office and I told them listen today. I could not make a sale. You know, what do you For me, he asked me this question guys, you will be surprised he didn't ask me why you didn't sell. He asked me how many times Run Deep today. How many times today? Did you lose your attitude? I said what they what is this question? I said no actually what happened. I was not able to make a sale and then I sat down somewhere. Yeah, so you lost your attitude, right? You lost your attitude. I said, yeah, but then what is that got to do it? So I remember he asked me psychological questions that how many times did you ask lose your attention? I think once or twice in the day, I was very honest. He told me to tomorrow we'll teach you to have a great attitude again again, because you lost your attitude will big bring it up again the excitement thing guys again exciting everyday weeks to get excited in the morning. And we used to cheer and clap and do whatever we want till the time. We are ready for the job lights for it was like fighting guys. You know how people go for war we used to go for walks and every have you seen the soldiers guys how they cheer them to yes in the award. Yeah before they fight that is the kind of inspiration. We were getting in the morning as if we are going for war. Anyway guys are excitement played a clear crucial role because The moment we lost of excitement that is the time we could never make a safe as long as we were excited all of us made a sale and that is the principle guy. That was a principal were having a great attitude and not losing attitude. The next thing what I want to talk about guys, I will tell you they taught me something very important. They told me one thing listen all you need to do meet 300 people in the day. Go me 300 people. You will sell all the thing. I said, what is that? Okay, I'll meet three and how can I meet 300 go meet go meet and any person I said, okay, I'll go I went to office the residence here and there God knows where I went and I don't know. I don't didn't even meet 50 people. The day and I got sold out eyes of I was asked, you know pitch to 300 people. I am in 50 people only I got my soul sale I said, this is great man. So I don't know what happened then I realize one thing they taught me one thing don't stay with one person just keep meeting people and that was a principal guys. They were following a law of averages said after 10 after every nine knows you will get one. Yes. Just remember that so you are to meet those kind people no matter what just tell high and then by that was what I was doing guys. I should not sit around and you know convinced that pillow I suggest, you know, raise an impulse and impulse try to make him look gray greedy or whatever it is and used to buy it guys. It was aggressive marketing, but it was guys. I don't know how I did it even today. I am surprised how I did that job. But it changed my confidence guys the confidence that I got from that job was amazing guys. Because next day when I used to go back to the company this to ask tell me to give a speech of what happened during the day yesterday. I said this is what happened this car this fellow actor. Like I didn't then they asked me. How did you react I said, I didn't lose Much Ado I give this thing that did this thing and there are soul ever all clapping. Yes. Yes. Yes is good. Good. Everybody's reciting something but they told me like, you know who ever tells you no, think about the yes after 10:00. People get yes, and that's what we were doing guys. But it was about having a great attitude and not losing attitude. Six months down the line guys and left that company. I said, okay enough. I learned everything. I don't want to work anymore. I came in the live at that time. I had many I remember I use the same concept of the gulf and also and it worked over there. Believe me guys those Concepts whatever they told told me, you know, it worked on every human because I think I was taught the weakness of human beings. What are the general we This and how it works all over the world not in India guys all over the world dispensable works. So I said okay. I have a magic formula. Let me try and every Tom or Harry now. And I remember very clearly guys every profession. I try to every personal life affect tried this principle work and it was only one simple principle. Have a great attitude and don't lose your attitude. So if you go to definition of attitude, you will get this definition. As you know attitude is a way of feeling or acting towards a person thing or situation. It could be something like a passion for a sport dislike for a certain actor and negativity toward life in general. Whatever be the definition guy, but I'll tell you what, I know about attitude. It's about the reaction your reaction to your circumstances your reaction towards your situations and your reactions to the people that you come across. That means you have a choice to react also. You just have a choice and that for that is why that line came that every day. We have a choice every day to embrace the attitude for that day. Measure is our choice. You can have a great attitude or you can keep losing attitude. Think about it. I'll give you certain examples guys. Think about how much reaction plays a crucial role in our life. A and a boyfriend the keeps on you know playing with the boyfriends emotions. Let's understand this hypothetical empower the boyfriend feels very dejected. He thinks I can only have to keep pleasing or that way. She will understand do you think that will work guys? How do you think what will this will work you show indifference to your Okay, you don't want to come don't come and see the difference your come back after you how does that happen? When I just showed plain indifference guys instead of pleasing. My attitude changed. I was not having a negative attitude. I was having a great party. Okay, don't come I'm going by and the person came back. What was that another situation hypothetical example, the tells me that okay, I you know tells to your boyfriend lesson. You you are you no not, you know making me happy. You're not making me happy. I think you know this relationship is not working and the boy and now the boyfriend is worried eat things that this is not a good stretch. So now it's attitude comes in this fashion starts at pleasing the Gulf War. No, no, no, please, please please don't leave whatever it is. Do you think that is going to work guys or d'you think this is gonna work you tell us listen. I know how important you are, but lesson you will not get Person like me tomorrow then don't tell me I'm going to some other person. I'm going to somebody else. Is that okay with you? You will lose me. It's okay. All right, I'm going and see the government coming back. Why because she had this problem of losing that person and then you have the fear of losing someone you don't know what to do. You don't know what the person comes back. Just given you two examples guys when I change my attitude people change. People change and when I have a lousy attitude, like pleasing attitude, nothing works for me. You try pleasing your boss guys. I can bet on it and you try, you know, showing indifference to your boss. See your boss will come back to you. It works on everybody guys. It's not about boyfriend. The more you try to convince a please anybody the more negative reactions are going to come. That's a sign of weakness guys. When you try to please and convince when you try to go away and keep your self-respect now. That is a time thing start work a funny word, isn't it? Can you imagine guys having a great add-on? Just keeping my attitude. Well, I change my reaction to it. I don't react in a negative way. This is a negative reaction when I go to and please someone and when I go and convince them, this is a negative reaction. But I change it to positive by not reacting that way instead. I do opposite I go away instead of going closer I go away and that is the time the person comes closer to me. This is what happens guys. It's a magnetic Universe. It's a magnetic universe. Everything is getting attracted to each other. But what is that attraction principle PR to understand? Have you seen magnets guys? Have you seen two magnets when they come closer opposite poles? They will attract and you know similar pose will they will repel have you seen that so this is how it works. You have to do something like this or change your attitude and reaction is such a way that people have to come to you. You don't have to go through him situations have to come to you. You don't have to go towards them circumstances have to be in favor of you. You don't have to favor your circumstances. Then this is what attitude is about attitude is a reaction that you give to the situation to your circumstances and the active come in the world Believe me guys. I don't know. What is this concept I learned in that come from my first job. And even today I do it. I will tell you guys one more simple example, which we experience everyday simple example when I go and you know, catch an auto rickshaw from my house and you know today is in Mumbai, there are rickshaws. They don't go you know what I tell him. Okay, don't go I'll go to the next person the moment. I say this thing. I'm going to next week. Me running after me, but when I asked him will you take me and politely no is not is going to do all the knocker has when I tell you okay, no problem. I'm going to make sure come come come make sure you want to come. Okay, no problem. You're not going no problem after 10 rickshaws guide. I'll get one first one ricksha who willingly taking me. Because I've never lost my attitude guys. Remember what I said, I don't lose my attitude no matter what happens always believing in have a great active no matter whatever happens in this world. No matter whatever situation show that your attitude that you know, you are always positive in any negative situation and see the miracle guys I can bet on it guys things happen in your favor. It's a universal magnetic principle. I don't know why scientists are not discovering this part, but it works in our life. It works everywhere guys. Think about it guys. How do I convince Rickshaw fellow? I don't please them. I tell them are buying a negative. Okay, Corey Bartley Exotics are ready. This is what I tell other insurer ready. He is feeling oh God. My work is going to other Asia. No, no, no stop Begay III next week temperature Etc. They are we back on Reggie. Let me back a bit store little Elbow Room with an Asiana we can do sexuality. Okay the copycat then you submit action button Diana module. What am I doing guys? I just change my attitude. I am getting very positive. Excited about life every time I show this excitement to people people don't like it and they come in my favor. I'm just displaying excitement guys. Don't you think guys this thing works? You show indifference to your She comes back you start peel pleasing and convince your she doesn't want to come inside Institute runs away. The more you go closer. She runs away the more you go away she comes and it's the same with boyfriends. Also guys this principle works every way. So you want to try this principle? Remember one thing somebody else can also try and you okay. So the drawback of this principle it works on everybody. It will work on you. Also, then you have to bear that. Okay user principal others. No problem. Somebody can use it on you also. It's like a dog height, Alba. Guys tell me something I went to a job. Okay, I when I was in this marketing company. Okay, I went to a shipping company to sell something. You know, what happened when he when I walked in that company. I told him Point Blank. So this is what I've said. This is what is doing how many how many things you want? He was so shocked. He was shocked at my skill the confidence that our displaying and you know, what happened. He told me listen. Can you do me a favor? Can you work for my company? And what I told you no, no, I can't do that. I'm already making a lot of money in my company. How can I come in your no no, please if you can just join my company, we have a lot of opening for sale. I said no, I don't have the time. Sorry about that guys. What am i showing guys? I'm just showing indifference. I'm showing fear of losing. I'm showing sense of urgency these three things guys sense of a I'm in a hurry. I'm in a hurry show that people will come after you. What is that that is change. McAdoo you're displaying a positive attitude guys. You're not getting caught up in the Trap when I show something you lose it. You lose it. Don't remember you lose it. You lose me. Remember we are in love, but you will lose me everything happens and when I show something like, you know indifference, no problem your problem next person's ready. See what happens. See what happens. Guys this positive attitude rubs on everybody. Because people don't understand the magic of this having a great attitude. When you change your attitude that me some reacting certain other out of 10 people and the only person who reacting in a different way the nine people are reacting the similar way. That's the difference guys. That is the difference about it how you react not how others react. Then people go and watch a sport then people out of the 9 of clubs are clapping. One of them is not clapping who will You observe more? Definitely the person you know is not clapping right now observe another situation 10 people go and watch a concert. out of that one person clapping 9 are not clapping who will You observe now? What is that guy's the reaction? That one person reacting in a different way that nine people react reacting in a different way. What is the difference guys you can understand very clearly? It's your only own individual reaction towards things which changes your life how you react whatever you may be born in a poor Family Guys hopeless situation. No money, no work nothing. Think about it guys even in that you have a choice of reaction whether to embrace a positive attitude or lose your attitude whether to have a great attitude in dire consequences, or have a great attitude. Think about it guys use this principle everywhere guys how important this principle for attitude is and that is what I was talking about. I will compare attitude with the expectations after some time with somebody on the line called disha. Let me see what she wants to say. Okie dokie those this is the First Column I'm taking right after 45 minutes. All right. Disha, how you doing today? Hello, just Lisa. How are you doing today? Oh my God, how Let's go on. Okay. Did they get who is this this I know you. How do you know this book to me? Right we have that's why I know you. Okay. Well, I'm DP Gates. I know I know the heart. Oh, wow. You know that. Okay, I guess I would I thought I didn't tell you was some time. So sorry doesn't matter. I have a spell, you know, I can smell people. Well, that's really nice. I can smell names. No. No, I'm not. I'm just kidding. So tell me. Yes. So, what's your name is Deshawn or your name is D PK today? What should I address you and so is the it special? - all right, so that's okay. I'll address you I can I call you this disha, or should I go back to D? What should I do anything? You smiled suddenly you tied the shop because I was so used to Dee Dee Dee, you know this D, you know that and now you know, so let me go back to my day only okay, I because these are difficult for me. Okay Dee was better. Okay. All right. So D tell me something. You know, we are talking about, you know attitude and your Ins okay. Now I want charge. Sorry. I'll trade in very short very short. Okay. I was in a I was in a part of part of my life where you know, I had no one around me. Like I was all alone like all alone in this like all all adorned. I didn't have my family support. I didn't have friends. I didn't have anyone around me, you know to actually be with me in my life Journey, you know. Is all alone and that's like three four years back. Okay. No, it was really very very tough situation, you know to deal with a really yeah, it's really difficult to stay alone. And you know, it's very difficult to face everything alone, correct. So what we actually do is we expect things, you know, we expect that in family supports us from supporters. There is someone who listens to us and all those stuff. Yes, even I had that well I I don't have really good relationship with anyone around me. Like I don't I'm not in good terms with my family. I don't have any friends to be really honest even today. I'm quite single but you know one thing which I actually learned in my part of Journey was expectation actually hurts your order to lead to disappointment exactly and later. What happens is like see when you don't have anything to do you actually see so many parts, so no, okay. Saw two parts in my life one, as you know a good one on one is the bad one look. Then there is no one right what we actually tend to do we actually choose the path which is quite easy. Okay. Now I easy and another around as right to ask what we are doing. What am I doing? What's what am I going to do? What's happening? Nothing like that. So there was a path which is called as bad part where you know, everything is there smoking drinking drugs, you know hanging around with bad people, you know. Don't examine and all those stuff. That's a worst part. Okay, laughter something that's that was one but and there was an other part which is you know, which is a very difficult path to be choosing where except water it is around me. Okay and move on start a new life and try to wish something out of your life. These are the two parts. I had in my life. Okay? I don't know. Why did I choose this difficult part? I have no idea because I have seen so many people who have Two other part okay because of a lot of things because of disappointment and all they choose the wrong path. Okay, they really do that. Absolutely, correct. But what I really liked about your dish. Ah, yeah, but one thing I liked about the shaft. I see a lot of excitement in you every time when you speak to me know I see a lot of excitement in you now, this is something which I this is my personal view Okay, the reason why I am saying this is because when you talk also, I can feel that excitement that you McKay's in a very excited Manner and type is because Randy I didn't get a chance to talk to. For that's the reason I'm able to express things now good thing that I'm seeing right now. I wish I could say this to someone for years back. Okay that that is the past now you are in a present situation where where you want an excited disha, right or excited D do it? That's something really nice that I found a new person in me who is not having any sort of an expectation. Absolutely, correct? I feel so happy that I choose the one which is a right one where I had freedom to go to the wrong path. I didn't do that. I don't why I didn't know what I have really no idea. I don't figure it out. I I'm not like I don't drink or something is I do but not regular. Very occasionally or socially something like that. Okay and do it. I'm not into drugs nothing like that as well. But I did cup freedom to do all those stuff. Okay. I knew there's no one was gonna come on asking I did have a lot of chance to hang out with guys and to every single stuff that a person would like to do in the life, but I keep that's not the right time for me to do all those stuff. Okay. No, but then I remember I really have no idea from where did I get so much of maturity that I had to choose another path that was a difficult path and I started to figure out my life in such a way that right now. I'm really happy with what I am. Absolutely, correct. So life teaches you a lesson right adversity in times of adversity. You learn a lot. That's what has happened with you, isn't it? If there is no adversity. How will you learn? What is right and what is wrong? So it's a learning experience that you matured with your learning and your teaching yourself all you know that this is what I saw. Yeah, that's all we go through. You know, we all go through certain tests in our life and it's important to go through the nest and examination. Otherwise uofa fear not Instead you are useless. Otherwise, you have a comfort zone only you understand when you are tested know. That's the time, you know, or a God. I didn't know how strong I was. I did know and it's also at me you understand here are discovering of yourself. And the more you ask about yourself the more stronger you get inside and the more stronger you get inside things start happening automatically for you. Because now you know that you are a very strong Hanuman. I'm putting that word. And I feel was something very strong, you know, so you feel like that. You know, I'm powerful. And this is whether this is what the attitude is all about. Your attitude has changed completely. Thanks so much life. And that is what happened person. Oh my God, I'm such a stubborn person. Like I used to my life. I used to show a lot of attitude a lot of people around me. Okay, because I was expecting and when my expectation was not meeting its point right? It's like, okay now, it's my time to show the attitude that winter. And then I started doing that. I realized you know shit. This is not something that I have to do. Absolutely, just because my expectations for not needing that doesn't mean that I need to show my other but other face to people I need to keep my attitude to myself talk said I don't want to use mapreduce or anywhere else. Absolutely collector. I believe that what is happening with you the moment you expectations were not mad. That is a day you realize I have to change my sir. I have to show that I am strong no matter what happens let the And not be met. It's okay. Let people behave in that way to I'm gonna be very cheerful. I am being going to be happy. I'm gonna do this way let the person Ria so you are reactions to the world change you no longer were reacting in a subdued way. You are reacting now in a very strong way and that is what is surprising for people. They are getting scared of, you know, no here have your names but normal person. I use that word scared is because they get they get to this person five years ago was just silent person. We could, you know have control on this suddenly. She's controlling now what has transformed and you understand now what I'm trying to say not to mention part is what they're scared about. How did this happen? And how can this happen? You understand what I'm saying? Now? These are very what is it happened? It happened because I was hurt. Very well. Now what has happened. I'll just tell you that it wasn't an easy Journey though. It wasn't an easy Journey at all to be in a right path, of course, but it's a good thing because he I tell you one thing about you you spoke to my podcast couple of times and what I remember about you you're very spontaneous. This is what I know about you in the fact that when it comes to the spur of the moment, you know, the spur of the moment at that moment you are excited to know. Do whatever it happens, you know, so we had a conversation if you remember agonda childhood memories and you went on and on with your childhood be you know, you're initially you're hesitating. Do you remember that day? I don't remember it like, oh, I'm not forget that podcast was true because what we've got I had so many things to see so many things to share. I had like, you know, I guess Even that was very less time. I guess for the permanent was a real. There's actually we should have given you two hours knowing that this mess. Absolutely. I'm just trying to show you were poor getting broadcasted all over the world. You are not getting podcaster to me unionists to understand these me I had to cut down my bangs or legal give my fine and he's quite a busy person. No, no, so understand that even the next time when I spoke to you that's I change the subject and you talked about your Antarctica experience if you remember that. Yes, I don't remember it. How did that come suddenly out of nowhere? Yeah, because I'm a very good listener. I understand the perspective of the other person. If you notice I listen very carefully and I ask you a question relevant question. I don't ask you any questions. Yes. I lost 3-2 which are related. What you are saying not which are related to me. Okay. So now what happens if this job I know that according to your life you are have got a great attitude. This is what my topic is. Also you are following a great attitude. You're not losing your attitude five years ago. You were losing attitude today. You're not losing it you no matter what situation is there no matter what circumstance no matter how people behave I am gonna show not lose my attitude. I am gonna that person who has got that transformation and that is with the moment. They see that everything happens in your favor. Then you will see this happening the more you display this attitude to people people are going to automatically react to it in a positive way towards you. Do you understand the shh because I am here right? I'm also doing right now same thing. I'm reacting to your positive attitude. Only because the way you speak spoke speak no is displaying an extra form of excitement. I can sense that excitement. That's why I told you that when you talk you talk in a very excited Manner and that is held and I guess you could hear me more of course, but then we can't I have another 45 minute session. It's not like, you know, you have to go with the complete a big deal. I I'm feeling so proud to say this. Like I have tubes in a carrier right now based on my skills. I don't know what it is. It was a right decision that I took or not. But the right decision wrong Daddy just display your excitement because that will make it right to his right the wrong way. It's not like only you who said that, you know, I speak in an exciting way. I speak really good. It was like so many people who have said me this and yeah. Right now like I have chosen a profession that was the reason that I was not on this platform for a very long time. I guess it's more than a week that I came here on this platform a Bia was more than a week. But I was actually planning something with my own skills. And also right now I did get a job based on my skills. And that's like I got a job of RJ. So I have like it was a dream of mine to be an RJ. It was a biggest Don't need to be a radio jockey and finally I'm into it. So I'm actually extremely excited for my new journey of life. So people can hear me anytime. They want to I like so many stations and also so you don't have the 45-minute buffer over there. Right? Like what we have over here. You will have you thinking constantly talk to you for 24 hours, right? Yeah, they can absolutely so nice to know that you know, you have landed in a job where you're at. It is gonna speak a lot true attitude. It's not about you know, what how you were born or what design your made nothing about that. It's your simple attitude that is going to speak in that job and no matter whichever job you take in the future again. The attitude thing is going to display typing exactly because that is what people observe and that is what people are scared about. Also. I just wanted to wish you Happy Holi. I don't know if you're gonna celebrate our you know, how long it's going on in my building. There are a lot of noise and music going on but I'm not participating you guys like my old time. Holy, you know, they're not playing the playing with plastic ball this thing man. And that stupid color Chinese. Hi. What if I get coronavirus that thing has come uniform Noah alone play Holi coronavirus every bullshit. I mean that I know I'm being holy right out of my home and everyone is enjoying but I'm like Coronavirus. Yeah, absolutely. Correct. Just just blame the world. Tell the listen. I'm not playing Holi because coronavirus every way give them this. Excuse me, the good excuse It's a good excuse. Sorry. I'm not paying today for Holly because you have a valid reason now, you have a validation you can tell look at the television everywhere. It's coronavirus and you're ready to play with Why should I pay money to play, you know get coronavirus you understand how I'm actually I did have a plan to go to Mumbai. Like I just have a platinum moved to Mumbai because I had some work in do so. I have to plan everything. Okay, like everything I planned but the stupid people didn't give him fight against are like we are not you know, I loving anyone's town from one city and another city. I'm like fuck. I don't have a Corona virus. You can do the check out to Please and let me go. It's not bad. You mean that are poor people are doing this regarding are you coronavirus tested? Yeah. Well I was like, oh God, I was like about each other today morning. I had been to the airport with my two kids and all they were like, you know, yes, sorry. We can take back your we can we can refill your ticket amount, but the we are not allowing to travel people from particular areas. I'm like, I know I don't belong from a industrial area, but that doesn't mean mean that I'm having coronavirus, please please check me and then you can even send me. Please are that I can know I was like, okay fine. I don't care. It's absolutely correct. So tell me something because it's topic about your academics. But what do you do like to tell the 161 people listening to me about your experience about your expectations? And how did you tackle with your attitude? If you could just briefed this audience OHS 161 people with your experience so that they also come to know the how do you tackle expectation with I could do. Only one thing that I would say to people who are listening to us and that is it's not only my life. That is it's not only my life that you know. The only I'm having expectation whole world is dependent on expectation itself, correct? Okay, each and every person on this world expects some of the other things from other people. Well, I don't say you don't expect I'm not saying please don't expect, you know expect but don't overdo it. Okay, what I would I didn't over to okay, I have to talk about how you change your attitude because now you are black. How did you come in? The RJ was suddenly man with you excite when you're bubbly nature when see what happened was when I was in a journey where and I was quite a donor had no one to talk to and watch I was like this for a very long time. Trust me even in my school. I never made friends nor I meet friends in my college. If I don't not like I didn't try it I did try it but I don't know they will it was really difficult for people around me to accept me the way I am so I was like, okay fine. It's okay. It's okay to it's okay to not have friends it is okay to not expect it is okay to I actually understood that point. You know, when you start expecting know you start getting hurt. That's what I have to say started expecting that I would mean III started expecting you. That one's I would reach my college life. I'll try approaching people. I'll expect you know, that some other one would become my friend. But what did it have what happened at the end? I landed alone again. So what I did was I stopped expecting and from there my at you change I started to figure out what the was wrong that people started ignoring me. And then what was I started speaking, you know started speaking about what I actually wanted to speak what you want or what I actually wanted people to know more about okay, and then they realized you know that what they did was actually wrong after recording the moment you change your attitude. Yeah, the moment changed my attitude those people actually realize that maybe you know, I wouldn't have been this person this kind of a person if people wouldn't have rejected me. I am really so so happy with the reductions that Phase in my life because of them right now. You know, I have a really good attitude towards life click seriously happy with what's happening. I feel really very proud about it. Like, you know the kind of people that thank you for rejecting me every moment of my life because of the origin Resurrection. I have come up in a place where you know, I really don't even care about people. So in other words they were trying to help you out. They were not they were help you out. Actually, you know you transform is it it looks at the moment to accept the reaction your attitude changed and suddenly you got transform and then they had to change their attitude towards you is a correct and that is what happened really in reality correcting a totally changed. You know, that is the only thing that happened and that's miraculous and hopefully these sharp when you go to the RJ job the moment you change. You argued over there. I'm sure that your audience or listening to you. They will also react in that way. I read the same what happened? That's the way of the Work Work World works you had this practical do as you know, it's the same thing which is going to happen the radio life. Don't you think your attitude speaks a lot the way you conduct yourself the way you react to situations is how people react to you true again that same month. A key principle we are come from the family monkey. See do whatever one does the other just but nevertheless they shot. Thank you so much for putting your point. I'm sure that you know, this was your first radio jockey podcast. Okay. Consider this your screen test. Okay. And now when you go live, you will go with a lot of confidence. I'm sure about it. That's really true. I mean like it's not like I'm going to do the wood for the first time at ASI. I had before but I had only one chance before to grow myself, but now it's okay. I have a lot of chance to go myself again and again and that platform and I'll do it. Yeah, very nice to know about your thought process be shy and keep it keep that up and do join me again with you excited attitude, which you display today are sure first and I might create another podcast on a new topic do join me and speak in this excited manner. What are you Saying okay. Thank you for coming on the line and have a wonderful day yet. Yeah, thank you. And thank you. Happy Holi dear. Happy early. Bye Bye Bye Alright guys. So that was Deshawn the line. That was nice to know Akash is worth waiting on the line storyboard this Akash. I think akash. You were playing busy playing Holi all these days Holy Mass reported to be playing for last 15 days. Yeah. Tell me occurred. How you doing today? Look, I know complain man. Thank you. Thank you for asking. Happy Holi to you. What a happy little yellow. I'm enjoying because that music going on my building man. You know how buildings are it is a very large music. I don't know why every Festival they have this loud music. Is it important Akash. Do you think every Festival you should have or you know, this loud banging music, you know whole building is hearing. I mean, I'm if I want to sleep I can't People also wow, I have a question to ask you today. And why are why are you like no suffering as like making to support us because you are such a nice speaker on this app. And whenever you turn on we just forget the holy so I can say we have next junior college novelist like you was it him? So you must understand Akash. I am affected by coronavirus. So all 175 people. Please be careful. I'm affected. I might affect you last night. I was just reading some news about coronavirus. It's so horrendous. So petrifying news. It's saying that some they have some ordinary search the saying that 42 40 to 60 percent people around the world going to affect it somehow, okay. So it's locked Squadron petrifying isn't it? True? Because the shock came on the line before you she said that she was trying to get airport tickets and didn't give either coronavirus can going on before they get the tickets. You have to be Cornel Wilde virus testify. I don't know how to yeah, do you think that is in the Hong Kong? Yeah in you know the in Hong Kong, so if you want to eat in restaurant you have to do testing each person has to be in a queue and line and they have to be tested like Like I'm not really and everyone has to have the mask all the time lots of other protections. So not only they ours if we just see in the Italy Italy they are all they can't fly anywhere. It's like completely sealed. They are out like, you know, they are they have no connection with the wall physically no connection. So are you saying that now just quarantine the entire city or Italy is getting quarantined? Yes. Yes. That's right. You can read the news. That is a bad guy. Is a very petrifying situation because this time the Corona virus also came in 2000 what's called two thousand two and three that time but it was like not proliferated not a spreading like the way now it is spreading. Even you see we have South Korea also a lots of people and also in Australia, we have reported in New Zealand USA even in India the problem in India, there will be so many Corona virus infected but it's not on the report because no no Akasha when Colonel always come to India coronavirus will be affected because of hygiene conditions are so rubbish that the Corona wire is run away from here array after either by taken a coronavirus Square factors. I feel that correct Corona. Where is you know in India is the thing is at least we have we are not doing some quality know so killing of the animal in a public place. It's been banned in India, and that's the Then still we are like safe, but you know China Vietnam and also they the animal and then at the spot they eat it even the eat like raw meat. That's a that's a problem right came it it transmitted from some of the animals and they still can't find it which animals they transmitted it. What do you think a vaccine has been made now? I think I read somewhere that yesterday British people. They have introduced a vaccine Nana if they made of x Scene, I'll be the first person to buy it. You know, if I come to know any time you have that no put it on. Yeah, the Chinese here so many people are dying in China and all because of this petrifying disease and also in India, there's a lot of you know, chaos and confusion right now. Because of the thread now it started spreading it is no longer one area. It's getting expect to borders in Crossing Borders and coming to everywhere is that what is happening here? Just see in the Italy two and 300 people there in just in one or two days. Okay, and because so many news they don't want to put the right figure because people will be more panic and also it makes sense, but it's really affected and I also know like where I live very near by one. Doctor watch Corona affected, you know coronavirus affected. He came from USA. I'm going to count a virus infected and he transmitted to 70% in Australia just in three days and he had been caught in isolated here has kept in isolation, you know, you have to isolate man. It's like a dangerous animal. It's like a caged animal you have to keep in the cage door Newman know no matter what happens, isn't it? And yes these days. It's very hard the but the funny part I would like Who's here with you here in the shopping center wearables? No, no sanitizer notices paper. Nothing like all hiding for work has been gone of a like so we have to only rely on online shopping. Absolutely, correct. So it's like, you know, I don't know how to explain that I catch but that was very informative news. Yeah, it's information. Mm. Yeah need to do I need to read it a little bit. It's really petrifying I'm telling you and in India socks. Luckily. We don't have much in India. That's a good thing. But if it coming into our then I don't know how you are going to control it. It will take lots of lives. Isn't it? Absolutely suddenly just say love mask will go for Hi, isn't it? Somebody is doing a mask business will has already started collecting isn't it? My and swill mask mask will not control this coronavirus because the the size of coronavirus is much smaller than the air like, you know air quality that goes inside it will protect you from some other disease but suddenly mass is not going to help it but people they just buy it for by yeah, like just imagine tomorrow if I come. Face-to-face to you. I'm very Mass. You are wearing a mask. And the person we're going to meet is also varying on how funny we'll look. I mean I am just imagining man. What kind of man he is imagining. I am just doing a whenever I go to my work today at work. Generally. We used to have handset but nowadays no handshake only leg Zach, you know only what only leg both legs legs ache, you know you what other workplace you you know, shake hands Shake, right? Yeah. Yeah now now Did we just do lexical like I'm not I'm not cleaning the pool. So you mean to say tomorrow when we come and meet face-to-face. We will kick each other, right? Okay, let's say is that more like you guys? Imagining what you say? I don't know how the leg shake is possible to modify start kicking everybody. My leg will go for a talking animal. How many legs we used to have so at my workplace? What what we have to do we have been instructed. Okay. Okay. So whenever you come to work first clean your keyboard with sanitizer, so we have to clean our everything with sanitizer and then sit down and then when you go home then again you do the same thing. Absolutely, correct. And you know and every hour I mean when you talk to like Shake knows this guy commented Namaste Namaste gonna chat. I don't know if they'll become a leg number say no, isn't it? Akash, don't you think? Yeah are people generally they say like, I'm in general you don't shake hands even with you our manager or something like hey, you know just by a speech like no I just A man how we doing today? Then that's it. But earlier is to have all this and also we do not have any party anymore. Yeah, is it so bad that you know the mobile device we are using do you have to clean that also switch sanitizer now we are not allowed. We are not allowed to take mobile phone inside the workplace. So we have to hand over like so but they give you okay, once you get it, do you have to again clean it? What is that Motors honor they give it we put it in the negative plastic bags. So to throw a throw away, you can put your wallet and everything in the plastic bag and take plastic bag with you. They're gonna throw it away. That's it. But your workplace workstation like keyboard mouse and computer. You have to start cleaning. I mean like yes, we have been inspected before sitting up there. You must clean it before you sitting up there and yeah once you like, you know, once you end up you're like job then yell again. Clean it for the next person as well. So you press a for nine hours. If you're working, you have not touched anybody now, nobody nobody your knowledge and one body continuously cleaning mopping bathroom toilet every hours and doing all these things and if anyone has any cold or flu or something like that, they can get a paid leave a stay-at-home my goodness. Such a thing are you you are already experiencing that current Ina the semicolon time. Yeah already but luckily I always work from home sometime only have to go to work like physically to office because sometimes we have meeting and that meeting cannot be done on a webinar or some other places other app, but these days they are planning we even we can have a meeting from home as well. So yeah, they might they might ask you to stay at home or to take calls from Home Improvement. Don't come to work. Take care take a sanitizer in your house. Yeah, it's a bit like taking sanitizer that will at least last for another 2-3 months. But yeah, so you have to buy your own sanitizer. Did you say you have to buy your own sanitizer? Yeah you at your home. You have to buy your own company not going to give you if you want to use sanitizer at home. Yeah. Okay. I like your house at your company the company provides you right now. Yeah, there's lots of tons of you can take it you with you as well. So we're just an interesting isn't it that you have not touched anybody in office for nine hours? So almost all Unix even for talking to people do you sit very far and talk to the door by at least a three meter game 3 meter game 3 meter game completely free meter. How does it feel like how what you kind of conversation is that man? You are here and 3 meters other person. Your Chile's erase would make a border my room either either let us up. generally, generally, you know, you know it sector you have Okay, I lost your voice. I cash. Okay, last year. Why sorry about this Akash. If you're listening to me looks like you know, I've lost your voice. And if you're hearing me, I need to inform you that I'm not you're not audible. Okay, so I don't know when your voice will come back. This is like the same thing what we say in India in a but legally, but teacher League temporary body has gone Akash the body. I give a thumbs up. Yo, what is coming slowly slowly, but he's coming. Hello, and I will but he has come. Yeah, like circum Go Go - go go on. Yeah. So so you choose any very nice topic attitude versus expectation. Wow, after lie after lie he has I was just beating around the bush and letting you know that like situation over here and because value are reciting that coronavirus poem, you know, there are so many charts. Look at the charts. It was all about chorus Corona, you know, something like that, which has come And finding it very interesting. The reason it's a alarming thing half of us don't know also maybe I don't yeah, it's alarming to see you know, straight other thing is here. Everything is speed of oops if they catch it like there was one, you know One hospital. So somebody has grown up as the whole hospital is filled out so nobody can use it the similar thing in one Aeroplane. It has been found one person coronavirus that's plane is Completely sealed. Yeah, the entire cruise line worship. Right? I mean, I think this Princess Cruises in America, they're trying to seal that in California is going around. I'm not sure but here this is happening. So if some anywhere they found it the completely seal it. So I told you the 70% they are kept in isolation place. So you can just imagine how they are working and they're working with a hardly any plane come to the Australia Zoo before lat. The check each person whether they are infected or not. If somebody says that means that means the airport security is tight because if a virus can come it can come over from overseas only that means yes while flying from flight the person has to fly from one country to the other. That's the only way he can transmit that to the country. We cannot come by bus or border bigger borders always check right? He has to come back that is the reason this security scan is so much at the airport. Isn't it he has the subsequently right and you see the Australia's cancel all the flight from South Korea China, but people are still clever, you know, they are coming through other way. They go from China to other but Austrian also very clever. They find it which coming so either scan, you know, whenever they scan at the other end. They understand. Okay. This guy is coming. Okay. Well what's their origin? So they have all the data where they have flew flew away in last seven years based on the data. They can easily detect. Okay, this is the I come. Okay, let's get his test that the airport everyone has to go through the test. Absolutely. It's actually very I don't know how to explain that akash. You are just enlightened as within the next couple of months. We all will get a clear picture as to what is actually going to happen. And then probably this podcast will be only about those topics where I was can like this I was kind about this. I didn't like this I didn't like isn't it that's gonna happen sooner or later man. Now we have to incorporate why this is good for all of us. So we should cooperate or whatever. Absolutely correct because it It's actually in human also to some extent because a person nobody likes to be quarantined, you know, like to get that feeling that okay because of me others are going to get affected. You understand what yeah, this guy's cards of catch him now put him in the jail. No matter what happens, you know and in China, I heard that they people also they people all over not just exterminate them straight away is a what I see. This is a snow. News, but why they will the people just tell me about the problem in China is the one doctor so doctor told this alarming situation to Simpang. Ok, but what happening because of this, you know, very horrendous disease their economic can go down and they have they have been suffering. All right. They Australia is not buying any single product from China. Okay. Yeah, so so similar thing is happening around the world. Nobody is buying things from China and this is this is what they do. Scared of fear of so so they just lock up those doctor and that doctor also got killed don't know how who pointed out here. Look we have to stop these things. We have to stop these things but that doctor have been like, you know, put inside the bar and somehow either they killed us and that's a very big debate but this is happening what he predicted. It is also in the news and now right now they have suffering with but sometimes I just don't take it in serious way, you know some of the prediction but his prediction was absolutely right and people in China what have been many people have died, but they don't want to report it because Chinese media is so controlled. Okay too much control. They cannot publish a lot against the government and they also have control on Google. They also have control on everything. They don't have much access to the social media. So so only what happened whenever because what they understand this Virus will even the bodied people maybe this virus will be more so they try to burn it burn the people who are like died due to this disease. So they just try to burn it in the open air. I don't know why but the world who they took the pictures because if you are burning the people they have some different flame and they can easily identify. Okay, if you are bunny in a mass deliver, so they have some pictures and they identify that they are burning so many people, you know, In a mass levels and these are they have some satellite pictures are still lots of you know investigation going on here and there but preliminary level they are saying not only three or four hundred people have been dyed in China. They are guessing probably more than more than at least 50 or 70 thousand people have been denied due to this virus. I understand. Yes. Thank you so much for your point of view, you know because it looks like you know, this was something, you know, very alarming and you have come across with this. And most of them are related to this because after all after all, you know, this is something very sensitive to talk about and it's important also to null because if nobody is making us aware. Nobody will take it. Seriously you understand but so it's important that somebody has to talk about it man. I don't know why we refrain from and we I don't even know sometimes I even I crack jokes on Carol coronavirus, but now I'm understanding the seriousness of that issue, you know whose card series if you If you even if you say them nobody take it jokes here at least just say coronavirus. They just look at very weird. Okay, everyone is scared man because there is no cure. No if there is a cure then yeah, it will be save it but hard like somebody claiming Baba Ram they bring something Judy Baca or something like that. It's all are the jokes. Yeah. I'm gonna get how about somebody I don't know. What is that? They will come with this Exchange. Things I don't know man, but thank you, but nevertheless Akash. Thank you so much because somebody else wants to join. Okay, I'm just layers fine, but I want to talk on a few things on your attitude versus extra boost. So so tell me a time when you converted your negative attitude into positive one and how it benefited you and share with share with us some of your experience. Hmm, very interesting. I tell you it's a very funny thing but it was over there. Okay. This is not related to my work life. It was the time when I had my second okay in my life and every time to retain her to retain her eyes to show, you know attitude of indifference indifference of fear of losing the listener. I'm going to go away listen a actually to come running back our I felt so great about our Cosmic it will change, you know, secondly I assure you know, Sometimes like listen, I'm in a hurry man. Come tell me what you want to say Q quickly, you know, and the work is to get done quickly with Megan and this is a time a practice my attitude version 3 years of practice with that and she taught me that having a great attitude. So wonderful. It's a funny way to explain what it worked on her. She was kicking me like to me like a leech and I was so happy this principle works everywhere man. So nice I said sorry, but this is what I can say right now. Because it was a very abstract example, but it actually did but in professional life also many a times when I didn't get a job. Let's say I didn't get a job. I was getting rejected from interview the way back when this will be back. Okay constantly getting rejected now, you know what happened, but I was told this principle of having a great attitude in one of the sales complete long time back. Okay, I like kept being smiling kept smiling and every rejection know I kept on you know, understanding rafter 10 I will get one person who will hire me no matter who is I just have to find him and this is what happened the third or the fourth company, which I went I was accepted and then I realized this principle works. Just keep going and find that person. Who and you don't lose your attitude. Don't lose your did in the sense keep on trying and be smiling and keep on saying thank you. Keep watching OK no problem. Thank you so much for your time. It was something that that And I used to come out happy happy always happy even a rejection occurs. I should celebrate and that is a mighty to change when when a satis is celebrating rejection when I select started accepting the know as yes, that is a time, you know things change. Okay. I have I will ask you one following questions. Very good one very good point you made it, you know that you saying some rejection so we should also not avoid talking on a deduction. Even confessing ourselves India if you confess yourself, probably you got a again it gonna like develop some of the positive attitude as well. If you do something some mistake confess. It is the best way to confess it and that way you really analyze. Okay, what's the wrong has happened to you? And then you can find some positivity into it and this attitude can help you in dealing it to do situation, isn't it in the future? Any things we can talk about attitude Akash, but what I feel is that, you know, sometimes the circumstances situations and the people not in your favor. Yes, and that is a time if you don't react so you have a choice Akash to react this is only choice you have how you are going to react you. Can you have a choice either react positively to the situation or Circle or negatively? What do you choose matters now? The moment has been for a good choice like no matter let's Be a stupid situation man. I am going to behave in a positive way. And that is a time I feel because you reacted in that wave people start reacting in a positive. I don't know how that happens Akash, but I've tested it many times it is I have tested it as well. One thing I can say with you one of my experience. So so my supervisor my manager said to me like okay, man. I'm not happy with you. So even though I was working hard enough and I was producing lots of result and filling up the gap of others as well. And I had lots of mind a lot. I had lots of things in my plate and I had so many assignment and I had to do it in the time and don't know where like where that me neither has gone. So I just took attitude to say them. Hey man. Look, this is the things I am doing, but I just changed my mind the way I wanted to speak with them. Let's change my just did a some good. Communication and say look these are the situation and where do you want me to improve? Okay. I am working on the behalf of three poor people. They are on holiday, but I still I am making a still I am staying here and our like more than you know the office hours. So where do you want me to so I like I don't have this kind of attitude like to ask the person doesn't matter. How big are they and where are they but if I find a way to ask them, okay? Stay out of it. This is also attitude, isn't it? Absolutely, correct? Absolutely, correct, because you are reaction to a situation or Changes Everything Changes the perception of the world. If you see it's a choice of cash you can react in any way, but then the more reaction you given a positive frame no matter what situation is straight will happen in a positive way. But if you look at with a negative choice, if you make like I'm going to react in a negative way only to an egg, then it's going to be negative only yes- I think cultivate negative things right negative things can cultivate your negative thoughts. And that's never going to give you positive thoughts. Absolutely sir. It's a good way to put it. I don't know what said if you want to see that change become the change, so I don't know who said that. Somebody said if we want to see the change view be the change. So that means you have taken something in yourself your reaction and the world will change I think Mahatma. Gandhi said, I don't know who said my I forgot I'm not much. Reading all this history with by the eyes. It's a very good sentence to good good your thoughts. Yeah. So yeah, you're making a good points and what is expectations I really want to ask from you expectations are a little busy. Did I am little busy so I don't come suddenly jumped is something that you want. It's about your belief. It's about a believe you want things to happen in a certain way. My example you're expecting your salary, but the next salaried income and you're disappointed but you expecting yes. I'm going to get the salary after the 30th or first of the month, but it didn't turn up. Something happened. No will pay you in the second month. What the I want but sighs, you know, whatever it is, but you're disappointed that is realistic or unrealistic expectations about friends family workplace, you know, and when those are not met it leads to disappoint, this is what what topic was yesterday. Most of the people they described expectation is something very negative it hardly turn over in your favor. So good idea is you don't have any expectations because it's a magical thinking you are doing some magical thing that this will happen this way, you know that you know, but it is magical thinking because you know, the other person may react in any way so other person may not do what you are thinking because we are not we are not talking communicating and telling him. This is what I expect. And the moment we don't do it it becomes magical thing if we expect no, no, no telepathically is understood by thinking he can read my mind. I give you some example. Okay. Okay. I'm a contractor and I asked my I was when I was looking hunting job and under three months ago, and then I asked some of the common like employee like I had gone through some interview and how they met. He asked me. What's your salary expectation? Okay some places I give them like Inch I need 600 to 800 dollars a day and some places I said, okay. I just need 600 some places other negotiation. Then what happened some places. They gave me lower, you know there I thought I would have asked even more money. So that's the variable expectation, you know, so this is quite funny like sometime I mean You are challenging yourself some time. You know, you have to be like once you get once you meet your expectation, then your expectation. Keep Rising know. Yeah, because expectation will rise the moment it gets full faith. That is a drawback. And then if the second expected doesn't get fulfilled that leads to disappointment that is in time. We are coming with the Arca tube. Your attitude will help you out of your because now you are it's reaction time. That means how you react to this negative situation whether you're going to take it positive or negative choice. That is what I was talking about attitude today. Yeah, we all are human being I will have always positive mixed mixed bag not mix bag of attitude. So if we have something positive or negative, so it's better to talk on both things and has and like, you know has the pros and cons of both things and then he decided which ever you want to go and because we were yesterday when I did the squad cars Akash, I stopped that expectation because we could not find a solution when when expectation get pointed what to do. So today I came with attitude because attitude is a reaction towards a situation or circumstance. Now, if you take a positive attitude, maybe your attitude change the perception of other, you know, that could happen that could be a we are just hypothetically speaking, you know occurs probably attitude is a very powerful thing. Like you mentioned your example about your attitude. You know, what are you talk to your boss? That is why don't we do this way, whatever that issue aside and these are due to Is it something yeah, that's that's a residual a speaking attitude. I don't don't ask a round doesn't matter what position you are if I believe that this is wrong and this is as I find a way I find the language to speak with them, but I certainly speak to them state to state absolutely scurried out that is your choice that you made a choice. I should react in this way. Not that way not the other Akash this today. I'm going to show a different Akash. Yeah, and if so, tell me how do you find like sometimes I found you you have been speaking continuously 61 hours. So how do you manage such energy? Actually that were three our podcast now is reduced to our I have only 20 minutes to go. Believe me give you like, you know, so to talk to you so long. Okay. Thank you so much for telling us about coronavirus. The vaccine airport and the current time thing and how many sanitized three are buying for your house anybody that much in advance for it will last for three months at least. You know, I have ever used it to get some sanitizer from your office, please Supply to us. Also. We also tell me send me your address. I will suddenly send you absolutely free. I'll email you my address send it by email only anyway. So much for talking to us. Yeah, and thank you for coming. It is pleasure talking to you. Bye Bye. Bye Bye Alright guys, so that will occasionally guys I have just 20 minutes to go. Now before this podcast will end the topic today. I selected your attitude versus expectation just to reiterate guys just to reiterate your attitude is your reaction to any situation any circumstances or any people no matter how they behave you don't have to change your behavior. You have a choice every day to embrace the attitude that you're going to select for the day. You have a choice. You can always be positive no matter whether whatever negative situation you're facing that's about attitude and expectation is something if an expedition gets fulfilled, then it leads to further expectations. Heading further expectation. There are chances that it will get disappoint. You gotta get disappointed if it does if it is not Matt, that is a Time guys. You have to tackle it with your attitude your reaction towards the situation and that is what my topic is about. So guys, I have only 18 minutes to go over wants to pay me can join me in the meantime. Just going to take a 30-second breather and I'll come back. Enjoy the ads guys. It is free. Thank you. All right guys, thank you so much for your time and patience. Sorry to keep you waiting. I see that I have 15 minutes to go before this podcast will end abruptly the topic that I selected as your attitude versus your expectations just to reiterate for the people who would join me attitude is nothing but your reaction towards the outside world suppose in your circumstances your situation or your life. People are reacting people are acting in a way. Different way which you don't like you have a choice everyday guys to embrace the attitude of your choice. That is what I use the word have a great attitude and never lose your attitude. So don't have a great attitude means having a positive attitude towards your reaction towards our action and not losing attitude means that not getting into the Negative Zone not reacting in a negative way. And that is what attitude is about your reaction to the outside walls. No matter what happens guys. I would say that, you know always be cheerful and happy no matter whatever your circumstances situation other and see how your world will change now because you changed something inside guys and your world also change. I think it was the words of Mahatma Gandhi that be the change if you want to see in the world you be the change. If you want to change the world you be the change, I think that was true eyes, whatever. He said long time back and I agree to that. It's about attitude only guys and expectation something guys just to let you know I did a podcast yesterday on expectations. The problem with expectations guys the moment you start expecting something and if it gets fulfilled your very happy, but you expectation again rice with that person that situation under circumstances. However, what if the second time it doesn't get fulfilled you're headed for disappointment and that is the time guys. It's a challenging situation. How do you react is what comes into picture and that is where your attitude having a great attitude helps you out come out that situation. So this is what I was saying. I just get briefed you guys what you can do when it comes to attitude guys instead of you instead of having in order to have a positive attitude guys always convert the have to get always convert the have to get so what it means is that what it means really is that many times we say that we have to do something we have to do I have to go to work. I have to go to grocery shopping. I have to pay my rent if you change that have to get and say I get to go to work I get to go to grocery shopping. I even get to pay my rent see the remarkable change in your attitude guys. You are suddenly saying thank you to yourself. And when you say thank you to yourself in the form of gratitude. That is a Time guys world starts. Thanking you. You changed something inside you and automatically the world changes and that is about attitude guys. It's a very small word but very powerful meaning guys very powerful. No matter which walk of your life you go guys your success rate. And even the earning wages is also depending on the way the attitude that you display. Look at your surroundings guys, you will find people always cheerful always happy no matter how rubbish the situation is, whether they are fighting with their whether they are fighting with their boss of whatever situation guys still they are very happy and acceptable and they are always positive. No problem. That's okay. That's absolutely perfect. This is my life. This is what I show to the world and suddenly the other person reacts. No, no. No, you're right. You got the Go. Okay. Miss wants to join me. Let me see what you okay guys just to let you know. I just have 10 minutes to go now just to reiterate before this podcast will end scientifically as conditions point about scientific remedies available. And what else is knesset something sir. I've got great insights about coronavirus your current. Okay, my MSU not getting connected. Is it Ms. Dhoni short only right? No. No, it's not MS. Dhoni. Sorry, Ms. So sorry because I doubt you reminded me of Ms. Dhoni hear them s. Your voice is not coming I connected you. Yeah - can you hear me? Okay. I miss you not audible what to do now. Are you a got connected? I can see the the timer started but your voice is not audible. Okay is dissipate. Sorry about that Guys these things happen. So guys, what are your views? Okay beginners Co Parker wants to join me. Let me see what he wants to say now. Hi. Good morning. Happy holiday to you. Okay, very nice weakness. Thank you so much for wishing me. Happy Holi because I can see you're displaying a lot of positive attitude. Yes, you know that the way you're speaking I can yes, please that vibrations that you know us even if I shake hands with you you will shake have a very manly and trick, you know, this is what I can I can you know bet on it because of way you're talking is, you know making We Lively, you know, something like that and that's what my topic is being a weakness about a lie to you know us activity. Will ya go on sorry about your life. Okay. No like a you are speaking with anyone if you are the talking with anybody first time that time you must feel your attitude. You must show your attitude you miss feel your express your skill about that person. It will also feel proud. Yeah. I am talking with that guy he has Lot of knowledge about in top absolutely. So that means your body language. Let's say you are in a face-to-face communication with a stranger. Okay, your body language you excited to have a good handshake you excited to be bubbly and cheerful while you're talking the law doesn't make that make energetic you and the other person feels energy man. Yes. This is some live bomb man. Yes. Yes. Oh man. I don't know who I met and also You must encourage the people I am also right now. I am working as a software developer in Mumbai, but I always encourage my employees. And also I always encourage my teammate you have done great job accepted of it will encourage the people you like. Someone has done fifteen fifty percent good but 50% bad, but you must start to encourage the We will come under you will do a hundred percent in absolutely, correct because something we rarely give to others, you know, it's like cheering someone don't worry. Don't worry. I am giving you one example, like when I was talking with open dog one guy, he told me I am very poor in English. I can't speak with you in English continuously. I that time I told him don't say Anyone you are poor in English. Say you are everyone I am learning this it will motivate you absolutely be baptized and sometimes people till now I am unemployed people and I am unemployed don't say and I am going to you have it you get it you have done graduation. You are not unemployed. You are looking for a job. That's why absolute this is the moment you change the words the moment you change the words from have to get like I put an example I have Have to go to work. I have to go to grocery. I have to pay my rent when I change it to I get to go to work. I really go to grocery I even get to pay my rent, you know, she's a change in attitude and it's feel very good to us. Also and Rich and this type of things actually, correct. So moment we change something in ourselves the world changes don't you think linguish everything changed the Bayview motivate your subordinates that keep it up don't go on and then they get motivated to get her. Person is it otherwise, you have to tell them then what I'd job we are doing rubbish man. You display a negative attitude, you know that more oil goes down their energy of the room goes down. You don't know dope don't be expect anyone accident when I was doing your topic is very wonderful. Actually. I was doing engineering not that time. I got one guy. He told me actually he was doing that time diploma. I am very poor in mathematics. Can you teach me mathematics? And he don't have any money. You told me I don't have me that time. I taught him mathematics free of cost and he got third. He is very poor in Manama. He got her Drank In His polished and he after that he curve to a hope gift while is suddenly he touched by feed. That's how I feel proud. What do not certain that shock what you have. Nice go on go on go on actually don't expect anyone. It will be that time. I feel very proud to us to me. Also. Yeah, I have done wonderful job in my life because my family is not giving that much respect to me, but that guy debord boy families giving me lot of respect anytime anytime I go to their home now everyone come besides me and let's say they We'll start there Tha they start talking with me. It's very weird. Wonderful thing happened in my life. I am whenever I got a time not to express my ideas. I will always motivate people. I always read people you must do. You will not do now. You can't do anything. You must plan about yourself. Yeah, correct. Absolutely because you see what what is the best part about you Vignesh your reaction to the outside world, you know, you have a choice to react in a positive or negative way now, it's your choice and you I see that in you that you always choose the positive part whether it's any negative situation comes doesn't matter. So whatever negative the person is saying the situation. Saying all the circumstances you will always react in one way. That is your positivity. Okay? Yeah. Oh that changes something. That's a you said we gave an example of this mathematical he was negative but you with your positive mindset you change a book a free take it and the moment you gave it to a free. It came back in some other way to you is it that and you are not expecting anything? Yes, not expecting anything and suddenly the world Universe Works in some other way, you know. Just to give you you know, because you gave something up free so we'll get something for free. Yeah. No, but yeah, but that time how to lot of time now, but from studies, that's why I am giving a total time to him that time but but I don't know. I am also working software developer. I am also earning money now, but yeah depends on you that that time I am a matured and I am not that one match word, but right now I am mature. Know how to do how to react and how to affect and what the now you are with a team where you're motivating the encouraging them when they don't make a good performance you more with your positive attitude. Yes, the same positive thing like no matter what negative situation at don't get dejected. Yeah, you know go perform actually don't expect too much also, like surely catch. Someone has done some project like now some has built some small project and you suddenly start Operating about that guy. I you must do it like us Twiggy project. Yeah don't expect too much expect suddenly small small thing. It will help them pack will also encourage them and actually right now the what is happening in every word Inna in parents. Also expecting too much up from their child. Don't expect expect too much. Yeah. Hi. He has capability your child has a lot of capability, but you must On how we will tackle all this issue and how you will see how he will get success in his career and keep motivating them right all the time. No matter what happens keep motivating so that you know is 50% become hundred percent. Yeah explain that is it no matter what happens keep motivating keep pushing and that is the reason why you know, when your attitude towards the world changes the world also changes automatically. Yes. Is it yeah, but nevertheless beginners. Thank you so much for telling me that because the 303 people have literally, you know felt, you know enjoyed your talk, you know, whatever. He said because very inspiring although I experienced and I was not expecting a person like you coming on the line and sharing the experience because you have actually motivated the 3M V people behind me is works because you're a single experience happens, you know and motivates a lot of energy so in the evening, thank you so K, but thank you. So You're coming on the line and do join me later on okay in the future podcast, and I'm very glad to speak you then also. Okay. Thank you so much. All right guys, who's ever witnessed go Parker on the line? Okay - is on the line I missed I'm not taking this call because I have only to one and half minute to go. All right, so sorry about this. I'll join join me on the podcast will to have a great chat because his podcast end in on the minute guys. Okay. Thank you so much. All right, so just to let you know reiterate guy. Guys that you know, the topic was about your attitude versus your expectations. I don't have to explain now guys, you will explain to me automatically people over here come and they have no this Concepts really? Well. The problem is we are never talked about this thing. Luckily guys today. I had to chose this topic luckily for me because yesterday I did a podcast on expectations. But today I have linked it to attitude guys. Anytime you expectations goes for a toss. Don't forget don't lose your attitude. Just simply have a great attitude. No matter what the situation is, no matter what the circumstances no matter how people behave with you follow this principle guys. It has got a magical thing. It is a very old concept but it still goes on so that was it guys do join me for future podcasts and thank you so much for listening to me. Okay, and always have a great. Attitude and remember guys never lose your attitude. Thank you. Once again, okay it was